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Abyssion's Psych-Black Metal Masterpiece 'Luonnon Harmonia Ja Vihreä Liekki' Is a 2015 Sleeper Hit

Photo courtesy of Svart Finnish black metal's drugged-up little brother, dark psych, has found a spiritual homeland in places like bustling Tampere and agricultural Laitila thanks to the efforts of bands like Dark Buddha Rising, Oranssi...Show More Summary

Awakening to the animative principle

The Buddha's awakening just doesn't mean the Bodhisattva suddenly awoke as if from a deep sleep and became aware. Rather it means the Bodhisattva awakened to something or saw something he had not previously seen whereby his former ignorance was...

Asian-Mexican Fusion Food in Greece Looks Like This…

Buddha, mushrooms, cactai, sombrero…. What could possibly go wrong? ¡Ajúa! Photo: Laura Martínez, Eressos, Lesvos (2015)

‘Have You Ignored Your Teacher Recently?’ The Making of a Modern Classical Prodigy

On a Friday afternoon in April, 14-year-old Paris Lavidis was rehearsing his string quartet before their debut at BAMCafé. They were readying Paris’s mind-warping composition, “and what do you think of my Buddha?” — which is set in the decidedly adult and druggy atmosphere of mid-century San Francisco — only they were using... More »

Trouble Sleeping? U Might Need A New Mattress Hoomin (Part II)

Yesterday we saw a big ol’ Great Dane who just could NOT get comfortable when he tried to pass out on top of his hoomin. Tonight, Buddha The McBulldoggerson has much the same issue with HIS hoomins. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: dogs, Hoomin Interaction

VIDEO: Destroyed Buddha statues in Afghanistan stand again thanks to holograms

An ancient land in an ancient corner of the world, Afghanistan has consistently found itself at the crossroads of civilizations. The territory now claimed by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has been occupied by humans since the Middle Paleolithic is

Jedi Order (Star Wars) vs. Buddhist Quiz

Bit of fun for you. Yoda vs. Buddha Enlightenment means stepping away from the dark side, something on which both masters of Buddhism and the Jedi Order agree. But can you tell the difference between the insight of Yoda and the insight of the Buddha? From the BBC Radio 4 website. The illustrations on-line for … Continue reading Jedi Order (Star Wars) vs. Buddhist Quiz ?

Global Quickies: Marriage Equality in Mexico, Purification Rituals for Rape Victims, and Light Buddhas

Categories: Anti-Science Feminism Quickies Religion Skepticism MEXICO With little fanfare, Mexican Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage. “The ruling does not automatically strike down the state marriage laws. But it allows gay couples who are denied marriage... (Read more...)

The Health Benefits of Practicing Compassion

Compassion is changing before our eyes. A religious concept associated with Jesus and Buddha (known as "the Compassionate One") is being researched today through brain scans and positive psychology. In positive psychology your aim is to reach a state of well-being. Show More Summary

Alone Together: Finding Friends on the Path

A personal meditation practice is the foundation of Buddhism, but do we need more? Essentially we make the journey alone, but many people find that committing themselves to the three jewels—Buddha, dharma, and sangha—helps take them further. Show More Summary

The Courage to Believe There Is a Different Way: Talking With the Founder of Tiny Buddha.

Not very many people can say that they took their darkest moment and transformed it into a community with 1.5 million followers. Most of us are happy to simply survive and avoid revealing our pain to even our closest friends. I recently...Show More Summary

Mundane and noble right view

The Buddha teaches that right view is noble (arya), immaculate, and supermundane. This is the view of those who have entered the stream to nirvana. This view is not by any stretch of the imagination, mundane. To reach this view,...

The Fork In the Road to Enlightenment

Have you ever tried to achieve a Buddha like level of enlightenment? I tried once and lasted less than 24 hours. Too many other distractions were getting in the way, like my work commitments and a real estate purchase I was trying to close. Show More Summary

Bamiyan Buddhas in Hologram Form

last weekHumor / odd : Neatorama

(Image credit: UNESCO/A Lezine and Liberal Freemason) The largest Buddha statues in the world stood against the cliffs of the Bamiyan Valley in Afghanistan for centuries. Then in March of 2001, the Taliban dynamited the ancient artifacts. Show More Summary

Destroyed Buddhas Of Bamiyan Are Reborn As 3D Projections

“With the clearance of both [Afghanistan’s] government and UNESCO, the temporary revival was the most recent consideration of how to honor the memory of the statues destroyed by the Taliban in 2001, while respecting the gaping void left by their demolition.”

Chinese couple resurrects destroyed Buddha statues as 3D hologram

2 weeks agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

In March 2001, the Taliban dynamited and destroyed the Buddhas of Bamiyan, a pair of monumental statues of standing Buddha that had watched over the Bamyan Valley in central Afghanistan since the sixth century. Last weekend, the statues were briefly brought back through the magic of 3D laser light projection technology. [ more › ]

The Demolished Buddhas of Bamiyan Are Reborn as 3D Projections

2 weeks agoArts : Hyperallergic

This month the two sixth-century Buddhas of Bamiyan demolished in Afghanistan were temporarily returned to their towering places in the Bamiyan cliffs through 3D projection.

3D Holograms Bring Back 1500-Year-Old Buddhas

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

The Buddhas of Bamiyan, which had been destroyed by the Taliban, returned for two nights this past weekend.

Afghanistan Buddha Statues Destroyed by Taliban Reimagined as Holograms

2 weeks agoNews : Newsweek: US

The world’s largest standing Buddhas, the Buddhas of Bamiyan, have stood tall and proud in central Afghanistan’s Bamiyan Valley since the sixth century. Until March 2001, that is, when Taliban militants toppled both statues with artillery rounds and explosives in a crusade to destroy non-Islamic art in Afghanistan. Show More Summary

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