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Getting Out of Prison ~ Dharmavidya

Dhyana & Chains Buddha says that dhyana releases one from "five fetters" - fetters are chains, as in prison. We are prisoners and dhyana is a kind of freedom. The...

Buddha's Ambivalence about Meditation ~ Dharmavidya

Buddha Taught Dhyana The Buddha taught “meditation” in a number of ways. I have put the word in quotes because there are several Sanskrit words that get translated as “meditation”...

The Great Awakening Beckons

Never before have the teachings of the Buddha found themselves in a society as diverse as ours. The post The Great Awakening Beckons appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Balancing Act: Nepal Invites Modi and Xi For Buddha Jayanti Celebrations

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping are likely to meet in Nepal next month. The government of Nepal has invited Modi and Xi Jinping for the Buddha Jayanti Celebrations.

Buddha's Back: US Returns Stolen Ancient Buddhist Sculpture to Pakistan

The US has returned an ancient Buddhist stone sculpture to Pakistan stolen from an archeological site in 1982.

Buddhist Ethics is a Fraud

Episode Description: “Shakyamuni Buddha, 2,500 years ago, taught exactly the same ethics that was only rediscovered in California 30 years ago. He was a feminist, and sexually liberal, and environmentally conscious, and anti-racist.Show More Summary

Meditation teacher Larry Yang voted San Francisco Pride Parade’s Community Grand Marshal

"Who would have thought in the Buddha’s time that a queer dharma teacher would have such a role?” The post Meditation teacher Larry Yang voted San Francisco Pride Parade’s Community Grand Marshal appeared first on Lion's Roar.

The Sutra on the Contemplation of the Buddha Amitayus

NOTE: The famous "Sutra on the Contemplation of Buddha Amitayus" (or simply, "Contemplation Sutra") is revered as canonical by all Pure Land Buddhists, and is one of the Three Sutras...

Ed Moses, 90, prepares nonstop for a new survey at Bergamot Station

5 days agoHealth : Booster Shots

Everything is in motion, not least of all the artist himself. Through a lushly landscaped Zen garden, beyond a fire pit adorned with Buddha statues and behind a grouping of bungalows on the Venice property where Ed Moses lives, a tempestuous storm unfurls. About 20 giant paintings-in-progress lie...

Unbounded Living

Oh Holy Buddha I pray I may continue to fly in the clear blue sky. Falling to the ground I pray I will land on both feet rising again on joy filled wings. Rising, falling 1000 times down 1001 times up. Near or far high or low up or gasping for life itself. Within and … Continue reading Unbounded Living ?

The Bodhisattva’s Engagement Ring

The Lalitavistara is one of the earliest attempts to write a biography of the Buddha although it only goes up to the First Teaching. It is in highly ornate Sanskrit and is full of fantastic details, in stark contrast to Asvaghosa’s much more sober Buddhacarita. Show More Summary

Siddhartha’s Brain: Unlocking the Ancient Science of Enlightenment

The Buddha’s mindfulness practice reconfigures our brains to make us sharper, smarter, healthier and happier, and that it can help treat stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, hypertension and substance abuse.

Eightfold What? ~ Dharmavidya

Buddha Tao The Fourth Truth is called Marga, the Eightfold Path, but in Chinese, it comes out as the Eightfold Tao. I like it. Tao has a different feel from...

The Big Buddhas Of Bamiyan

When I was in India in the 1970s I thought of going to Afghanistan specifically to see the great Buddhas of Bamiyan. I had the time, the money and the interest. As it happens, I kept putting this trip off and in the end never got around to it. Show More Summary

Buddhism, an advanced form of materialism?

The Buddha never spoke about an Upani?adic doctrine of the ?tman (if ever there was such a thing) and he certainly didn’t teach a counter doctrine aimed at an Upanisadic doctrine of the ?tman called An?tman. To contend that he...

Going on Beyond

High is the clear blue sky. Prickly is the gorse and yellow. Farleton Fell, on the way up bitter wind, Sky Larks larking Less on my Sunday walking and more of Sitting Buddha Hermitage where Rev. Alicia is introducing The Scripture of Great Wisdom. Very useful background to this most chanted of scriptures. Let there … Continue reading Going on Beyond ?

Roadburn Day II: Dark Buddha Rising, an Icelandic Wolf's Mass, and the Return of G.I.S.M.

The second day of this famed Dutch festival offered Japanese punks, Finnish prog freaks, and more Icelandic magic.

Letting go of the dream

The Buddha said in the Diamond Sutra that he attained anuttara-samyak-sambodhi (unexcelled, complete, awakening) without attaining anything. Sound confusing? It can be. Let’s first keep in mind that Buddhism is about removing what is adventitious and illusory. If your white...

Fake Buddha Quotes collected

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

I Can't Believe It's Not Buddha explains the origin of the sage's many misquotes. It's collected and maintained by Bodhipaksa, a Buddhist author since 1982 and a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order, They’re everywhere you look: Twitter, Facebook, blogs, quotes sites — even in books by well-known Buddhists. Show More Summary

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