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Here are IoT trends that will change the way businesses, governments, and consumers interact with the world

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been called the next Industrial Revolution — it will change the way all businesses, governments, and consumers interact with the physical world. For more than two years, BI Intelligence has closely tracked the growth of the IoT. Show More Summary

How to Become a One Man PR Team

Small business owners -- solopreneurs and of the smallest businesses, especially -- need to become on-the-fly experts to stay atop tech trends. Check out how you can become a one-man public relations team.

One Trend To Rule Them All: The Hidden Maths Of Urban Economies

Our cities may not be as unique as we once thought – a new paper identifies a universal law in the way businesses grow in cities.

3 Key Trends Affecting Small Business Growth: Scale, Analytics and Efficiency

For the last few years, business analysts have been urging small businesses to embrace new technologies if they want to grow, thrive or even survive. Back in 2013, Microsoft commissioned The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to carry out research across five major countries to see what’s currently driving the growth of small businesses. Show More Summary

5 B2B Website Design Trends for 2016

We know from research that nearly everyone considering doing business with you will first look at your website. And nothing deters a prospect faster than a website that looks outdated. Thankfully, even small tweaks to your design can help you to keep pace with design trends can make a big difference. Let’s take a look at the latest trends.

CenturyLinkVoice: 5 Healthcare Tech Startups To Watch In 2016

Enterprising startups are disrupting incumbent players in industries as diverse as publishing, entertainment and personal finance. Healthcare is far from immune to this tech-driven business trend— across the industry, young and innovative firms are giving legacy systems a run for their money.

The Resetting of the Startup Industry

Much has changed in the past four months of the technology startup world and how outsiders value the business. Of course it’s too early to predict whether this is a trend or an aberration but the smartest people I know in the industry are predicting the former. The startup industry may be “resetting,” which doesn’t […]

Ten Important Artificial Intelligence Business Statistics

by Angela Guess Gigi Peccolo reports in Customer Think, “Artificial intelligence is a growing trend in the business world. The IBM Watson Partner Ecosystem, for instance, allows companies to tap into the power of Watson for fields as varied as healthcare and education. Show More Summary

Simons Means Business, Tackles Professional Blue Styles

Simons reunites with model John Halls for a spring suiting guide. Honing in on professional fashions, the Canadian retailer gets serious. Blue is the trending color as the classic hue dresses everything from pleated trousers and patterned dress shirts to impressive ties. Show More Summary

10 Marketing Strategies Your Company Needs in 2016

With each new year, businesses look for great techniques to add to their marketing strategies. Each year brings new trends and to remain competitive, business owners know they should pay close attention to what savvy marketers are doing. As you build your 2016 marketing strategy, here are ten things to [...]

10 Sustainability Trends in the Luxury Industry

Positive Luxury unveils trends and makes predictions for sustainability in the luxury industry. Global conditions, changing consumer expectations and a modern business landscape require sustainability as an industry priority.

The Top 5 Trends for Startups in 2016

Over 600,000 new businesses were started in the UK last year, and Indian startups raised at least $5.6 billion in funding. Every year it becomes more apparent that Silicon Valley is no longer the only startup hub around.

New Plans to Unmask Secret Buyers Rattle Real Estate Power Players

Welcome back to Property Lines, a column by veteran real estate reporter Alexei Barrionuevo. Each week on Tuesday, Barrionuevo will report on housing trends, real estate deals, and major business moves right here on Curbed. Super wealthy buyers in new...

A Trend That Created 2,300% Gains Could Be Happening Again...

As a business strategy, selling to your softball teammates really isn't the best way to optimize profits. But that's exactly how things got done in the prairie climes of Alberta,

IBMVoice: Making Data Easy For Businesses With Cloud Data Services

Big data has been called the most hyped tech trend in the world today. It promises to enable people of all stripes to tap into the world’s ocean of structured and unstructured data and to draw insights that help them make better decisions.

Social Media Trends that Will Affect Your Social Activity in 2016

In a dynamic and highly competitive industry, you simply can’t afford being left behind with last year’s trends, tactics, and strategies. The very least your business can do to survive is to become aware of the current trends that may influence the industry – no matter how significant the impact may be. Show More Summary

PSFK’s Report Imagines the Future of Innovation in 2017

PSFK Labs determines 15 key trends that will shape tomorrow’s creative businesses

2016 Mobile And App Marketing Trends

By Thomas Husson In November, Forrester released its mobile predictions for 2016, highlighting how mobile will act as a catalyst for business transformation and explaining why the battle for mobile moments will redefine the vendor landscape. Let’s now take a closer look at how mobile will impact marketing in 2016. A year ago, [...]

Key business strategies you’ll need in 2016

As businesses plan to incorporate and offer digital experiences in their business plan, they must also keep up with the upcoming trends, to ensure relevance and success. Follow The American Genius on Facebook for exclusive & breaking business stories Get more Business News at The American Genius

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