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Legend of Dark Witch 3 approved for NA/EU release

The Legend of Dark Witch 3 (3DS eShop) has been approved by NOA and NOE, now we are waiting for final confirmation, stay tuned! — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) December 1, 2017 Good to know this game hasn't been forgotten. When Circle shares a release date, we'll bring you that info. Sounds like those details should be coming in fairly soon.

VOEZ - Version 1.3 due out Nov. 9th, retail version hits Japan on Jan. 25th, 2018

We never forgot #VOEZ, everybody ready for patch 1.3 ? — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) November 1, 2017 Retail ver. of #VOEZ will be releases on 25th Jan in JP, this is our new milestone, hopefully we can bring more retail ver. Show More Summary

VOEZ - physical version releasing on January 25 in Japan, digital exceeds 45.000 copies

VOEZ physical edition will be launched on 25th Jan 2018 in Japan. The digital version has exceed 45 K copies in world-wide eShop. — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) October 23, 2017

Kamiko hits 150k sold worldwide, soundtrack on iTunes

Kamiko has exceed 150K sales in global Switch eShop. Now you can have all music via iTunes. — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) October 20, 2017 Kamiko is such a wonderful experience. The perfect kind of pick-up-and-play eShop game. Show More Summary

VOEZ - Patch 1.3 release date info coming later this month

Another good news for everyone, #VOEZ patch 1.3 will annouce in late september. Are you exciting? ???? — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) September 1, 2017 A patch for VOEZ just came out, and now Circle is teasing even more updates. Show More Summary

Deemo could hit Switch in September

RT, Deemo Switch version. Targeting This month(September). #Deemo #NintendoSwitch #TokyoGameShow — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) September 1, 2017 We've already brought you news of Deemo coming to the Switch, but now we see the wait shouldn't be long at all. Show More Summary

Circle Entertainment bringing Wild Kid to Switch

Original, exclusive. Created by a Chinese developer. #WildKid — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) August 22, 2017 We literally have no other details than what is said in the Tweet above. As soon as Circle releases more info, we'll bring it to you! Thanks to ContraNetwork for the heads up!

CIRCLE Entertainment announces Koi, Shelter Generations for Switch

Koi, Shelter Generations coming to Switch. Targeting next couple months. Stay tuned for our third secret title! #gamescom @MightAndDelight — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) August 22, 2017

Circle revealing two more Switch games tomorrow

Take a break, tomorrow we will reveal two titles on Nintendo Switch. #gamescom — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) August 21, 2017 Looks like Circle has two more games they plan to localize for the Switch. I've been really impressed with Circle's output so far. Can't wait to see what games they're tackling next!

Alchemic Dungeons hitting 3DS in North America on Thursday

Fianlly, Alchemic Dungeons will arrives NA 3DS eShop on 17th August!???? — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) August 12, 2017

Parascientific Escape: Crossing at the Farthest Horizon releasing in North America this week

Final Episode! Thanks everyone's waiting! ???? — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) July 24, 2017 NA, this week. — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) July 24, 2017 This has been some time coming, and I'm sure fans will see things will finally come to a conclusion this week.

Implosion: Never Lose Hope seeing localization

It's like VOEZ, publishing by @FlyhighWorks — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) June 14, 2017 Yet another title heading stateside and to Europe, thanks to the work of Circle and Flyhigh Works. When they have an official release date, we'll be sure to share!

Of Mice & Sand hitting 3DS in EU this week as well

Of Mice and Sand coming to western 3DS eShop(US this week/EU next week). Thanks for waiting it! — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) May 29, 2017 Circle has confirmed that Of Mice and Sand is also going to release in Europe this week. Show More Summary

VOEZ - free update coming on June 1, 18 new songs to be added

VOEZ 1.1 free update will launch on 1st June with additional 18 songs! Includes The Legend of Dark Witch theme song — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) May 26, 2017 We don't know what else will be added with the update,...Show More Summary

Drancia Saga - first English screens and trailer, release coming soon

#Drancia English screenshot. Its really close to release. — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) May 15, 2017 Circle is just non-stop in their amazing support of the 3DS. Glad to see them taking a similar approach with Switch. Lots of great niche titles coming from them!

Rudymical - Dark Witch: Music Episode - a look at the different difficulties

Rudymical Switch version difficulty testing: from easy mode to hard mode. — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) May 11, 2017 Looks like the game certainly kicks up the difficulty if you're interested in a challenge. I'm always down for a tough rhythm game. Let's hope the rest of the songs in this game are as catchy as this one!

Rudymical - Dark Witch: Music Episode confirmed for stateside release on May 11th

@moldyclay 11st May, $7.99 (same day in Global eShop) — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) May 9, 2017 As we suspected, this title is getting a worldwide release May 11th. We learned about Japan and then Europe, and now we know NA is in on the fun!

SubaraCity hitting 3DS eShop tomorrow

SubaraCity comes to Nintendo 3DS eShop(NA region) this Thur. — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) March 28, 2017 Circle springs another one on us out of nowhere. They are a localization machine!

SubaraCity hitting 3DS in EU/Aus on March 23rd

Yes it is on top download in Japan 3DS eShop, very addictive! Heading to EU/AU on 23rd March. ???? — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) March 17, 2017 Circle continues their string of 3DS localizations with SubaraCity. We'll keep you posted on the North American date when one comes in.

Circle releasing three game demos on the 3DS eShop in the coming weeks

We have a few 3DS game Demo coming in next few weeks, they are Mercenaries Saga 3, Fairune 2 and Ambition of Slimes. For western regions. — CIRCLE Ent. (@CIRCLE_Ent) March 16, 2017 I have to grab that demo of Fairune 2. I'm sure I'd like the game, but I just haven't had a chance to check it out. The demo will give me a great excuse to hop in and give it a go.

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