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Microscopic crystals reveal violent aftermath of ancient meteor strike

15 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

An international team of researchers has calculated the cataclysmic conditions created when a 12 km (7.5 mile) wide asteroid struck northern Arizona roughly 49,000 years ago by analyzing the structure of microscopic crystals known as zircons. Show More Summary

How Firefighters Calculate Containment as They Battle the Sand Fire

(Photo: National Wildlife Coordinating Group) A massive wildfire in California's Sand Canyon—dubbed the Sand fire—has been burning since Friday, claiming at least 38,000 acres of land and the life of one resident. By wildfire standards,...Show More Summary

Electronic Boleros and Difficult Techno: The Many Sounds of Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker

Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker is one of the more adventurous and prolific producers in Los Angeles, but in a musical ecosystem deafened by the screams of self-promotional hacks, he's easy to overlook. He’s either extremely calculated or overly relaxed. I can’t tell which. Later, as he's about to perform a live score...

PA: Westmoreland County Transit Authority Eyes Rate Changes in Response to Complaints

July 23--Westmoreland County Transit Authority officials said an effort to improve community relations by altering how paratransit fares are calculated could cost up to $140,000 a year in revenue. The proposed change would result in the au

How Many Times Did Hillary Nod During Bernie’s Endorsement Speech?

Answer: 1,292 times. Hillary Clinton nodded 1,292 times on July 12 as Bernie Sanders took 30-some minutes to endorse her in a rejiggered stump speech that just threw in a "Hillary Clinton" here or there. By our calculation, that shakes out to a nod every two words or so. Party unity in action! Watch! Read more Slate coverage of the 2016 campaign.

Small quake felt in Arizona, New Mexico; aftershock to 2014 Duncan earthquake?

A magntiude 3.0 earthquake struck on the Arizona-New Mexico border just before 7 am this morning, and residents in both states report feeling it. The preliminary epicenter calculated by the USGS is about 3-4 miles south of Duncan Highway - US70 between Lordsburg and Safford. Show More Summary

What The World's Oldest Calculator Tells Us About The Ancient Greeks' View Of The Universe

When we talk of the history of computers, most of us will refer to the evolution of the modern digital desktop PC, charting the decades-long developments by the likes of Apple and Microsoft. What many don't consider, however, is that computers have been around much longer. Show More Summary

Kim Kardashian Planned Taylor Swift Take Down For Months, ‘Every Move Is Calculated

Kim Kardashian allegedly planned her Taylor Swift take down for months before she leaked the bombshell footage of Taylor approving Kanye West’s song “Famous” on Snapchat. According to a new report by Radar Online, Kardashian calculated how and when she would release the video footage of Taylor and Kanye’s phone conversation in order for the... Show More Summary

"Planet 9 Enigma" --Astronomers Determine Why It Has Yet to Be Detected by Telescopes (A 'Galaxy' Insight)

Swiss astronomers have determined why planet 9 hasn't been detected by telescopes so far. They calculated the brightness of smaller and bigger planets on various orbits. They conclude that the sky surveys performed in the past had only a small...

Students calculate how to build Star Trek photon torpedoes

Physics students have boldly gone where no student has gone before -- by calculating one way to potentially build photon torpedoes seen in the Star Trek universe.

The financial system is breaking down at an unimaginable pace

``Now it's $13 trillion. That's the total amount of government bonds in the world that have negative yields, according to calculations published last week by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.'' -- Useful to remember, even when the Dow is making new highs" (by a fraction of a percent)...

Art Exhibit Visualizes Boggling Property Tax Disparities In NYC

City Lab, An Art Installation Visualizes the Boggling Tax Disparities Along Central Park: New York City calculates property taxes for condos and co-ops using abyzantine formula mandated by the state. Which is all well and good, except that the formula underestimates the value of New York’s most valuable properties—some of...

The Financial System Is Breaking Down At An Unimaginable Pace

Submitted by Simon Black via, Now it’s $13 trillion. That’s the total amount of government bonds in the world that have negative yields, according to calculations published last week by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Given...Show More Summary

Lagniappe: Mr. F's Legacy and Mr. Pancks

A momentary silence that ensued was broken by Mr F.'s Aunt, who had been sitting upright in a cataleptic state since her last public remark. She now underwent a violent twitch, calculated to produce a startling effect on the nerves of...Show More Summary

12 Tips on Shipping Rewards

Packages being shipped off to backers by the The League of Ladies team   Thinking of fun, imaginative rewards is a must for every project creator, but so is planning how you’ll ship them. There’s no perfect way to calculate what your...Show More Summary

VW’s Plot to Cheat America Revealed

Volkswagen developed six generations of cheating software to beat emissions testsand even calculated the cost of getting caught was still worth it, according to a new lawsuit by the New York attorney general.

GOP speakers to focus on Benghazi as convention opens

Smith has said that Clinton, now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, lied to her by blaming the assault on an anti-Muslim video, instead of labeling it a calculated terrorist attack.

Developer Submission: Tip Jar – A Tip Calculator… The first of it’s kind!

MSPowerUsers! This is not the first Tip Calculator by any means, but Tip Jar is the first tip calculator that rates your tipping over time while being easy to use and nice looking. Something that will have you using over and over again to make sure that it’s updated. Other tip calculators aren’t pleasant to the […]

What's the dollar value of ocean resources?

The open ocean around San Diego, Hawaii and Peru generates at least $17-billion worth of resources each year, according to a study by San Diego researchers. Published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science, the study calculated values for items sold on the market, such as fish, but also quantified...

SwagBot will autonomously roll them little dogies along rough Australian ranchlands

Is nothing sacred? The rugged trails that over history have been trod by cowboys, gauchos, ranch hands, and in Australia, swagmen, are now to be presided over by cold, calculating machines. SwagBot is the vanguard of our incoming steer-driving...Show More Summary

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