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Shaping of the inner Oort cloud by Planet Nine

Shaping of the inner Oort cloud by Planet Nine Authors: Michaely et al Abstract: We present a numerical calculation of the dynamical interaction between the proposed Planet Nine and an initially thin circular debris disk around the Sun for 4Gyr, accounting the secular perturbation of the four giant planets. Show More Summary

3 Cool Things You Can Do With A Mortgage Calculator

A mortgage calculator can help you choose the best loan, refinance smarter and save by prepaying your loan. Here's how to get the most from this tool.

The 11 smartest pizza ordering hacks of all time

By Delish 1. SOMETIMES SMALLER IS BETTER. There's even an online tool to help you calculate which is the best value. 2. TRANSPORT YOUR PIZZA PROPERLY. Because there's nothing worse than opening the box to a cheesy mess. Are we making you hungry yet? Which of America's pizza styles is your favorite? 3. Show More Summary

Tracking the Jets to Monte Carlo

Article: Calculating Track-Based Observables for the LHC Authors: Hsi-Ming Chang, Massimiliano Procura, Jesse Thaler, and Wouter J. Waalewijn Reference: arXiv:1303.6637 [hep-ph] With the LHC churning out hordes of data by the picosecond, theorists often have to work closely with experimentalists to test various theories, devise models, etc. Show More Summary

Scientists develop an app that measures a tree's leaves' exposure to sunlight

The smartphone app Ahmes, developed by a group of Spanish scientists, measures the angle of a tree's leaves and calculates their position with respect to the sun. Its name pays homage to the Ahmes Papyrus, also known as Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, written during the reign of Apophis I.

New method for making effective calculations in 'high-dimensional space'

Researchers have developed a new method for making effective calculations in "high-dimensional space" – and proved its worth by using it to solve a 93-dimensional problem.

Is AI Making Us Stupid?

At one time, math teachers everywhere answered the age-old, “but when am I ever going to NEED this?” question by remarking that we wouldn’t carry around calculators in our pockets for the rest of our lives. And yet, every smartphone (and many remaining “dumb” phones) have calculators built in as one [...]

This Is the Insane Amount of Sneakers Nike Sells Every Second

Nike sells 25 pairs of sneakers every single second — 25 pairs of sneakers, every second. Every. Second. The mind-blowing math was calculated by Matt Powell, a sports industry analyst at The NPD Group who recently took a closer look at the Swoosh’s $9.1 billion first quarter earnings. He took the monumental figure and divided it […]

Improving throughput by using queue-based patterns

Introduction In my current project we let the users run simulations. Because of flexibility, the calculations are performed by Excel spreadsheets. There are many different spreadsheets available, for different kinds of simulations.

UK Home Office admits most EU expats unable to be deported

The British Home Office has calculated five out of every six EU citizens now living in the UK would not be able to be deported. It seems over 80 per cent of EU nationals in the UK will be entitled to rights of residency by the time the Brexit negotiations are finished and the UK officially quits the EU. The report by the Home Office... Expats Blog -

10 most sampled music tracks of all time

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Number 1, of course, is the source of the Amen Break. But a surprise or two lurks in the top 10, as calculated by Who Sampled, a truly amazing website that tells you the when and where and what of samples for singles over the last few decades. (more…)

The Collatz-O-Matic: a State Machine with Style!

If you have ever thought that working out a Collatz sequence by hand was alright but lacked buttons and lights, the Collatz-o-matic by [mechatronicsguy] has you covered! The device is a type of Tag system calculator. [mechatronicsguy]...Show More Summary

Bumble Bees Learn Trick, Surprise Researchers

Ever wondered how tiny a bumble bee's brain is? Imagine a sesame seed clinging to a burger bun, reports the Washington Post —in other words, it's about 0.0002% the volume of a human brain, as calculated by Science. But that doesn't mean you can't teach a bee a new...

Saudi Arabia is using a new calender to lower wages

Saudi Arabia has announced that salaries for government employees will no longer be calculated according to the Islamic calendar, but according to the Western Gregorian calendar. The change is expected to be resisted by religious conservatives and...Show More Summary

Calif. cop killed by gunman was victim of ‘calculated execution'

2 weeks agoNews : NY Daily News

The gunman pumped several bullets into the deputy's body as he lay bleeding on the ground.

Talented Architect Demonstrates His Clever Method For Drawing Accurate Points of Perspective

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

A video posted by reza asgaripour (@architectdrw) on Sep 21, 2016 at 12:49pm PDT Talented Iranian architect Reza Asgaripour demonstrated his clever method for accurately calculating and drawing points of perspective using elastic string and paper clips. Perspective drawing tricks with thin string :) A video posted by reza asgaripour (@architectdrw) on Sep 29, 2016 […]

Has Trump run out of time to win?

It’s less than five weeks until Election Day — sort of. Millions of Americans will have voted before Nov. 8  by absentee or early ballot. For many voters (up to 40 percent of the total electorate, by some calculations), only a week or two remains to persuade them to change their minds. In the wake […]

Saudi Arabia switches to Western-style calendar to cut costs

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Saudi Arabia has announced that salaries for government employees will no longer be calculated according to the Islamic calendar, but according to the Western Gregorian calendar. The change is expected to be resisted by religious conservatives and comes as part of huge cutbacks in government...

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