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Flat-pack pasta morphs into 3D shapes

According to calculations made by MIT's Tangible Media Group, even if dried macaroni pasta were to be packed in a box "perfectly," it would still be 67 percent air by volume. That's a lot of empty space to be shipping to supermarkets. Show More Summary

Billy Bush's Trump Apology Is Calculated, But Is It Convincing?

2 days agoNews : The Daily Beast

Billy Bush has apologized fulsomely for his part in the notorious 'grab her by the pussy' Trump video. Whether it's enough to resuscitate his career is another matter.

Estimated 23 million would lose health insurance under Republican bill: CBO

2 days agoNews : The Raw Story

An estimated 23 million people would lose health coverage by 2026 under Republican legislation aimed at repealing Obamacare, a nonpartisan congressional agency said on Wednesday in the first calculation of the new bill’s potential impact. The report from the Congressional Budget Office also...

Estimated 23 million would lose health insurance under Republican bill: CBO

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An estimated 23 million people would lose health coverage by 2026 under Republican legislation aimed at repealing Obamacare, a nonpartisan congressional agency said on Wednesday in the first calculation of the new bill's potential impact.

Salary needed to buy a home in San Francisco: $161,000

Up $24,000 since 2014 The mortgage site HSH again calculated how much money the average homebuyer should make to get by comfortably in major American cities this week. The report delivered rough news for San Franciscans, but it getsShow More Summary

Trends in presidential pitch II

In Trends in presidential pitch (5/19/2017), I observed that the median f0 of President Trump’s weekly addresses has increased  steadily since January, by about 30%.  As a point of comparison, I did the same calculation for President Obama’s first few months of  weekly addresses, from 1/24/2009 to 5/23/2009, in comparison to Trump’s weekly addresses from […]

To Trump, Human Rights Concerns Are Often a Barrier to Trade

6 days agoNews : NYTimes: News

President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia underscored a calculation by his administration that such concerns too often impede the flow of commerce.

Schlichter Warns "This Is A Coup Against Our Right To Govern Ourselves"

Authored by Kurt Schlichter via, The blizzard of lies and distraction blowing through Washington is not just any routine stuffstorm, but a calculated attempt to bring down a president – our president, not the establishment’s president. Show More Summary

A Few Ways to Calculate Seattle’s Population Density

How dense is Seattle? It depends on what geographic area is meant by “Seattle” and also temporal factors like day of the week and hour of the day. For instance, the Downtown Seattle Association’s 2014 economic report estimates nearly 60,000 residents in the “greater” downtown area (roughly, Mercer to SODO and Elliott Bay to Broadway) with […]

Media Seize on Claim Comey ‘Disgusted’ by Trump Handshake

After Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Benjamin Wittes, a friend of fired FBI Director James Comey, took to PBS to accuse President Trump of a “calculated” attempt to “compromise” Comey simply by shaking the law enforcement chief’s hand at a White House event, the media ran wild with the story on Friday as another controversy for the commander-in-chief.

A Tory minister admits the party hasn't calculated the cost of cutting immigration below 100,000

LONDON — Defence minister Michael Fallon admitted on Thursday evening that the Conservatives have not attempted to cost their manifesto pledge to cut immigration by two-thirds, a policy which academics estimate will force the UK to borrow...Show More Summary

Measles and Morals, Then (Davey & Goliath) and Now (Rights & Pharma)

By Nancy Hokkanen The mainstream media’s hostile, fear-inducing reporting about Minnesota’s measles outbreak is a far cry from the objective news coverage of years past. Today’s online articles read like calculated rewrites of recent U.S. history, which promote monetary gain...

Some Of The Funds Losing Billions In Puerto Rico's Historic Bankruptcy

In the aftermath of Puerto Rico's historic bankruptcy, a clearer picture of losses accrued by U.S. mutual funds on their holdings of Puerto Rican debt is beginning to emerge: the WSJ has calculated the red ink at as much as $5.4 billion over the last five years on total holdings of $14.6 billion. Show More Summary

MDCalc Launches Long-Awaited Android App: Exclusive Interview

MDCalc, makers of popular online clinically useful calculators, has been around for over 12 years, and is still owned and run by the two practicing docs who founded it, Dr. Graham Walker and Dr. Joe Habboushe. Interestingly, MDCalc has seen its largest growth in the past three years, adding dozens of new calculators and swelling […]

Caught Again By The AMT

Like many of the five million tax filers who must pay the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), I am trapped. I wrote a big check to the IRS last month, but that’s not what bothers me. I don’t like having to calculate my taxes twice with two sets of complex tax rules.

What’s Your Net?

Last week I talked about how important it is to truly being able to calculate how much money an agent makes per hour by dividing their gross commission income by total number of hours worked in a given year. For example, if you make $100,000 gross commission and you work 40 hours per week for […]

On Tensors, Tensorflow, And Nvidia's Latest 'Tensor Cores'

Nvidia follows Google with an accelerator that maximizes deep learning performance by optimizing for tensor calculations.

Cells calculate ratios to control gene expression

In multicellular animals, cells communicate by emitting and receiving proteins, a process called signaling. One of the most common signaling pathways is the transforming growth factor b (Tgf-b) pathway, which functions in all animalShow More Summary

Nanofridge could keep quantum computers cool enough to calculate

Quantum computers need to be kept cool, just like regular computers, but an ordinary fan won’t cut it. A nanofridge that sorts electrons by temperature just might

Trump's Tax Math Has a Bigly Problem

Peter Coy, Bloomberg: Math is not on their side. The budgetary impact of tax legislation is scored by the nonpartisan staff of Congress's Joint Committee on Taxation. Judging from its past calculations, the JCT is likely to agree with...Show More Summary

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