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Casey Anthony Bankrupt, Stiffs Lawyer Jose Baez, But Lives Off Fans’ Money Despite Death Threats

With Casey Anthony bankrupt, the former mother once dubbed as “America’s most hated woman” ended up stiffing her defense lawyer Jose Baez for almost $500,000 in legal fees. Regardless, it’s rumored Anthony still manages to keep her party lifestyle due to anonymous fans who apparently are paying her way for practically everything. Show More Summary

Woman Accused Of Abandoning Fetus In Dumpster Case May Be Decided By Comparing Religion To Science

Purvi Patel, the Granger Indiana woman accused of disposing of her born fetus into a dumpster behind a restaurant owned by her family, has started the process of undergoing a trial for her misdeed. Unlike the Casey Anthony’s high profile trial, Patel’s has remained mostly local in the South Bend regional area. Show More Summary

'Beautiful & Twisted': Lifetime movies let Rob Lowe do projects he can't find anywhere else

With his yen for changing up his image, Rob Lowe has become very good friends with Lifetime.The cable network has cast him in several true-crime films, including dramas about the Drew Peterson and Casey Anthony cases, and they're in business again. Show More Summary

Trial Hype: The Different Allures of the Tsarnaev and Hernandez Cases

From OJ Simpson to Casey Anthony, America has no shortage of highly anticipated and hotly discussed trials. At the moment, Boston is a hive of judicial, legal, and media activity surrounding the trials of two infamous, if unrelated defendants: Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and New England Patriots tight-end and homicide suspect Aaron Hernandez. […]

Nancy Grace Freaks Out on Pot Advocate: 'Obviously You're Stoned'

Telegenic white women don't disappear mysteriously or get indicted for gruesome murders every day, and Nancy Grace needs something to talk about when she can't scrape up a Casey Anthony. It seems she's decided to wage war on that devil weed mary jane, which is ironic, because no one needs pot more than Nancy Grace. Read more...

Weekend Viewing: Nancy Grace, Casey Anthony, Aaron Sorkin and Us

Readers — This is a clip from HBO’s The Newsroom, about a news team deciding if and how to obsess about the Casey Anthony case. Of course it’s fiction, but boy — writer Sorkin really understands how TV works. (He should!) The part where the expert in the news meeting breaks down a few minutes of (continue reading...)

Casey Anthony Trademark Isn't the Worst Idea

Post by Jeanne Sager The name Casey Anthony may be mud just about, well, everywhere. But news that the federal government stepped in to help the Florida mother protect her name from a company looking to trademark it just days after the "not guilty" verdict in the murder trial over daughter Caylee's death is intriguing. Show More Summary

Casey Anthony Pregnant: Notorious Mom Reportedly Searching For Wealthy Man To Get Her Pregnant

Casey Anthony is reportedly trying to get pregnant in a bid to set herself and a new child up financially with a wealthy baby’s daddy. Sources have said that Anthony is making a list of candidates who have reached out to her in the past,...Show More Summary

Casey Anthony Wants Another Baby to 'Redeem' Herself

Post by Kiri Blakeley. Whether it's Jennifer Aniston or any of the Duggar women, people LOVE to hear a pregnancy announcement -- whether or not it is true. But there is one woman absolutely no one is looking forward to getting pregnant -- and that would be Casey Anthony. Show More Summary

Casey Anthony: Planning to Get Pregnant Via Hand-Picked, Secret Baby Daddy?!

Accused child killer Casey Anthony is planning to have another baby, according to a shocking new report, and has already picked out the man who will make it. It’s been three years since Casey Anthony's acquittal in the death of her two-year-old...Show More Summary

Casey Anthony’s New Money Making Scheme: Have Another Baby!

It’s been three years since she was acquitted of killing her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. But now America’s most notorious – and reviled mom – is planning to have another… READ ON

Killer Taste? Jodi Arias Reading Casey Anthony Bio In Prison

While some death row inmates turn to the Bible for sustenance, has learned that Jodi Arias has found another unlikely source of inspiration as she waits for the outcome… READ ON

Facts of the Day – December 01, 2014

Facts of the Day – when Casey Anthony’s computer was investigated by “computer experts”, they found 17 vague searches on Internet Explorer suggesting she killed someone, which wasn’t enough to be found guilty Facts of the Day – Mattel made and sold Wonder Woman’s “invisible jet” as a collectible. The package was an empty plastic shell with […]

Casey Anthony Living Off ‘Kindness Of Others’, Surrounded By Enablers

Reports of Casey Anthony receiving death threats, nearly three years after being found not guilty of killing Caylee Anthony, were also accompanied by reports that positive fan mail outnumbers those death threats 8 to 1. Her current attorney, Cheney Mason, revealed that he and his wife also receive death threats for their support of Anthony. Show More Summary

Casey Anthony A Victim Of Death Threats, ‘She Has No Freedom’

It has been nearly two and a half years since Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first degree murder, child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter. She was found guilty of four misdemeanor counts of lying to law enforcement, but that was not enough to ease the public’s perception of her. Show More Summary

Casey Anthony Absent In Zanaida Gonzalez Case, Ruling Expected In Thirty Days

Casey Anthony may have dodged prison when she was acquitted of the murder of Caylee Anthony in 2011, but her fifteen minutes in the spotlight are not necessarily over. Another high profile name that occurred over the course of her trial has brought her back in the spotlight again. Show More Summary

Casey Anthony Lawsuit: Defamation Suit Could Shed Light On Her Controversial Lifestyle

Casey Anthony will have to wait a bit longer to find out if she owes the woman she once accused of abducting her daughter Caylee, but if the case moves forward it could mean even more controversy for her. A judge in Florida said Monday...Show More Summary

Casey Anthony Case Judge Returns to Private Practice, Joins WFTV as Legal Analyst

The Florida judge who warranted international attention for presiding over the "high-pressure" 2011 Casey Anthony murder trial is now retiring from the bench, according to reports.

Casey Anthony Judge Joins Orlando Station as Legal Analyst

Belvin Perry, best known as the Central Florida judge who presided over the tabloid trial of Casey Anthony, has signed on with Orlando ABC affiliate WFTV as a legal analyst. “I am deeply honored and humbled to be affiliated with Channel...Show More Summary

Casey Anthony’s Attorney May Have New Evidence In Caylee’s Death

Casey Anthony rose to fame as the most hated woman in America after the disappearance, and later death, of her daughter Caylee became the focus of a criminal investigation. Casey was known as a party girl and was caught in lies about the whereabouts of Caylee and whose care she was in. Show More Summary

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