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NASA released a remarkable 'mosaic' image of Saturn as a farewell to its $3.26 billion Cassini mission

NASA's 20-year Cassini mission ended in September, when the probe plunged into Saturn. The spacecraft sent back a remarkable last batch of images during its grand finale. A new composite image shows a stunning view of Saturn as a final...Show More Summary

The internal ocean of Saturn's moon Enceladus could be old enough to have evolved life, finds study

We recently bade farewell to the Cassini spacecraft, which after 13 years of faithfully orbiting Saturn and its moons was directed to plunge into the giant planet's atmosphere. The reason for the "grand finale" was to guard against the possibility that Cassini might crash into one of Saturn's moons – in particular Enceladus.

Mysterious Molecules Detected On Saturn During Cassini’s Grand Finale Dive

Scientists from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory announced Cassini's detection of some wild and unexpected particles in Saturn's atmosphere. The post Mysterious Molecules Detected On Saturn During Cassini’s Grand Finale Dive appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Cassini Took One Last Look At A Mysterious Glitch In Saturn's Rings Before It Died

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute Peggy is something along the edge of Saturn's ring, a glitch whose source we've never seen. Cassini took a last peek at Peggy during its Grand Finale destructive plunge, adding a final piece to the puzzle for future researchers to pour over when trying to understand this mysterious disturbance. More »      

Cassini Spacecraft Crashes Into Saturn

NASA received its last data transmission from the Cassini spacecraft at 4:55:46 a.m. PDT Friday, before losing contact with the probe as it hurtled into Saturn's atmosphere. It was a fiery grand finale for the probe, which spent 13 years orbiting the ringed planet. Show More Summary

Cassini Grand Finale: Watch Live

4 months agoNews : Trending Now

'It's always sad when a mission comes to an end,' the space agency said.

Space Photos of the Week: So Long, Cassini. Thanks for All the Pics

A glittering barred spiral galaxy, Jupiter's storms, and Cassini's long-awaited Grande Finale dive this week in space.

Cassini grand finale live: Nasa probe begins final descent after 20 years in space

4 months agoNews : The Cutline

Nasa has lost contact with its Cassini space probe, bringing an end to the 20-year mission as the craft plunged to fiery destruction in Saturn's atmosphere. The 22ft robot, which launched in 1997, was running out of fuel so controllers...Show More Summary

Heroic Cassini makes the ultimate sacrifice

Grand Finale tour ends with deliberate plummet into Saturn's atmosphere

Cassini satellite to make fiery grand finale in Saturn's atmosphere

4 months agoTechnology : Tech Talk

The only satellite ever to orbit Saturn is about to be destroyed. The Cassini spacecraft has made countless discoveries about the second-largest planet in the solar system. NASA will now send it crashing into Saturn's atmosphere on purpose. Jamie Yuucas reports.

Watch the live feed of Cassini’s “Grand Finale” here

The spacecraft will plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere today after almost 20 years in space. From  6:30 a.m. EDT you can watch the live feed from the cameras from JPL Mission Control, with mission audio, NASA has announced. You can check...Show More Summary

Cassini Grand Finale: Watch Live as NASA Spacecraft Plunges Into Saturn

4 months agoNews : Newsweek: US

'It's always sad when a mission comes to an end,' the space agency said.

How To Watch Cassini's Grand Finale

The Cassini spacecraft, after 20 years of documenting Saturn, will bid us a fond farewell as it burns up in the atmosphere of Saturn later this evening. We will be on the ground at the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex documenting every step, and here's how you can watch too. More »      

Cassini’s Grand Finale at Saturn: What to Expect

Flying at 76,000 miles per hour into Saturn’s atmosphere, Cassini will be vaporized in minutes. This is exactly as NASA planned it.

Cassini’s Grand Finale: The spacecraft that unveiled Saturn

From magical rings to loony moons to giant polar hurricanes, in 13 years orbiting Saturn the Cassini probe has exposed many wonders. Here's our pick

CU Boulder scientists ready for Cassini mission to Saturn grand finale

(University of Colorado at Boulder) University of Colorado Boulder scientists are readying for the Cassini spacecraft to make one last dive into Saturn's atmosphere early Friday morning, which has been one of NASA's most successful planetary missions ever.

Scientists ready for Cassini mission to Saturn grand finale

University of Colorado Boulder Professor Larry Esposito has been eying the fabulous rings of Saturn for much of his career, beginning as a team scientist on NASA's Pioneer 11 mission when he discovered the planet's faint F ring in 1...

NASA Cassini Spacecraft Makes Final Approach to Saturn, 'Grand Finale' set for Fri. Sep. 15

4 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

The Cassini spacecraft is on final approach to Saturn, following confirmation by mission navigators that it is on course to dive into the planet’s atmosphere on Friday, Sept. 15. (more…)

NASA is about to crash a nuclear-powered robot into Saturn — here's when and how Cassini's final moments will go down in history

NASA has sent its $3.26-billion Cassini Saturn mission into a death spiral. Called the "Grand Finale," the months-maneuver is meant to protect possible alien life on Saturn's ocean-hiding moons. Cassini will be destroyed in Saturn's clouds around 6:32 a.m. Show More Summary

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