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Johnston:Was Involvement Of Private Foundation In Trump Event Illegal?

David Cay Johnston (Syracuse), Was Involvement of Private Foundation in Trump Event Illegal?: Did Donald Trump violate the law January 28 by involving his private foundation in his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination? Maybe -- and maybe not, according to three practitioners specializing in the nexus of tax and...

Johnston: Vanguard Investor Fees Could Quadruple If Tax Whistleblower Prevails

Newsweek: Vanguard Whistleblower Could Get Billions in Tax Dodge Complaint, by David Cay Johnston (Syracuse): If you are among the 20 million Americans saving for retirement through Vanguard, you may be in for an expensive shock. The nation’s second-largest mutual fund company (after Fidelity) is under fire for not taking...

Things to Read for Your Morning Procrastination on October 16, 2015

Must- and Should-Reads: Jim Tankersley: [The Great Recession and the Middle Class (with image, tweets)]( David Cay Johnston: [A Rising Tide Does Not Lift All Boats]( More Summary

Things to Read for Your Lunchtime Procrastination on September 8, 2015

Must- and Should-Reads: Robert Waldmann: [Paul Romer has 3 Questions]( David Cay Johnston: [This Labor Day, it's time for the U.S. to catch up with the rest ofShow More Summary

21 Questions For Trump on Kickbacks, Busting Unions, the Mob & Corporate Welfare

'He’s not at all who he appears to be,' the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist said of the Donald. On Democracy Now!, journalist David Cay Johnston talks about Donald Trump, a subject whom Johnston has previously written about for almost...Show More Summary

David Cay Johnston On Trump's Kickbacks, Union Busting, The Mob And Corporate Welfare

From this Wednesday's Democracy Now, here's a side of Trump that's being completely ignored by our corporate media that just loves the fanfare, the horse race and hates substance: David Cay Johnston: 21 Questions for Trump on Kickbacks,...Show More Summary

'Free-Market Dogma has Jacked Up our Electricity Bills'

David Cay Johnston Free-market dogma has jacked up our electricity bills: A new analysis shows that people pay 35 percent more for electricity in states that abandoned traditional regulation of monopoly utilities in the 1990s compared with states that stuck...

NJ Landline Users About To Get Screwed In Secret Deal

David Cay Johnston warns NJ consumers about a deal that gives Verizon the go-ahead signal to stick it to landline users: The telephone will soon become much more costly and intermittently available in the Garden State, thanks to a backroom...Show More Summary

Why subsidize data centers?

A number of authors (Good Jobs First, David Cay Johnston, me, and me, among others) have pointed out that data centers (aka server farms) in the United States create very few jobs, yet receive state and local government subsidies that routinely exceed $1 million per job. I’m sure you already know that numbers like those […]

Johnston: What Would Jesus Do About Tax Policy?

Al Jazeera: What Would Jesus Do About Tax Policy?, by David Cay Johnston (Syracuse): After years of study and debate, the ninth-largest Protestant denomination, the Presbyterian Church USA, has come out with a detailed report that ties the religious duty of believers and government tax policy [Tax Justice: A Christian...

Weekly Tax Roundup

Al Jazeera, How Much Do You Know About Income Tax?, by David Cay Johnston Bloomberg, America’s Most-Wanted Swiss Bankers Aren’t Hard to Find; At Least 21 Financial Advisers in Switzerland Charged With Aiding American Tax Dodgers Are at Large Bloomberg, Rubio Defends His Tax Overhaul Against Criticism From All Sides...

Report: Rand Paul Deal Screwed Pacific NW In $250 Million Deal

David Cay Johnston dissects the difference between Rand Paul's rhetoric, and what he actually does. Mr. Free Market wasted $250 million in taxpayer money on one cynical deal to protect Kentucky coal before an election, but Your Librul Media refuses to cover it. Show More Summary

Johnston: Top-earning Americans Had Shockingly Good 2012

Al Jazeera: Top-earning Americans Had Shockingly Good 2012, by David Cay Johnston: Americans at the top of the income ladder enjoyed an astonishing year in 2012, new data show. Compared with 2011, their incomes increased by half — their second highest ever — while their tax burdens fell to almost...

The Myth That Estate Tax Kills Family Farms

David Cay Johnston, Al Jazeera English: Congress is voting this week on whether to repeal the estate tax. The step would be a huge boon to billionaires and others whose fortunes would forever escape taxation, creating an even larger dynastic class of inheritors who owe their riches to their skill at picking their parents. Show More Summary

Johnston: No, The Estate Tax Isn’t Destroying Family Farms

Al Jazeera, No, The Estate Tax Isn’t Destroying Family Farms, by David Cay Johnston: Congress is voting this week on whether to repeal the estate tax. The step would be a huge boon to billionaires and others whose fortunes would forever escape taxation, creating an even larger dynastic class of...

Weekly Tax Roundup

ABA Journal, Fake IRS Agents Called 366,000 Seeking Money; 3,000 Fell For Scam Since 2013, Investigator Says Al Jazeera America, Don’t be Duped by Misleading Economic Terms, by David Cay Johnston Bloomberg, Republicans Vie Over Who Can Cut Taxes Most as Deficit Shrinks Bloomberg, Tax Season Scams Persist as U.S....

Johnston: Obama and Congress Offer Bogus Rhetoric on Tax Reform

Al Jazeera: Obama and Congress Offer Bogus Rhetoric on Tax Reform: Tax Proposals Favor Political Donor Class at the Expense of Ordinary Americans, by David Cay Johnston (Syracuse): Considering all the talk in Washington about “tax reform,” you might think serious work is underway to adapt our century-old federal...

Corporate Profits Soar, Average Incomes Plummet

Al Jazeera, Economy Grows, Incomes Shrink: Americans Continue to Lose Money While Corporate Profits Soar, by David Cay Johnston (Syracuse): The first data on 2013 incomes show continuing bad news for Americans, my analysis of a new Internal Revenue Service report shows. Average income fell 2.6 percent in 2013, even...

More Commentary On President Obama's Tax Proposals In His State Of The Union Address

More commentary on President Obama's tax proposals in last night's State of the Union Address: Al Jazeera, Obama Launches Tax Ploy Against GOP, by David Cay Johnston Bloomberg, Obama's Plan to Tax College Savings Accounts Is Less Scary Than It Sounds Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, President’s Capital Gains...

The Two Davids Converge

(January 18, 2015 05:05 PM, by David Henderson) Regular readers of this blog know that I was pretty harsh on David Cay Johnston recently (here and here). But David is persistent. He posted an excellent comment on my first post. If I don't mention it here, it will... (0 COMMENTS)

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