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WATCH: CCTV host filmed cursing Chairman Mao at private dinner

A video of a famous Chinese TV personality belting out a drunken rendition of a classic revolutionary song sprinkled with the occasional expletive and snide remark about one Mao Zedong (whom he refers to as a "son of a bitch") has naturally...Show More Summary

San Diego Opera seizes the hour with prophetic 'Nixon in China'

"We live in unsettled times," the president sings at the beginning of John Adams' opera "Nixon in China." He has just arrived in Peking (now Beijing) for his 1972 meeting with Chairman Mao, thus opening up relations between the U.S. and China and paving the way for China's global ascent....

Chairman Mao's personal cameraman dies

last monthChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

The photographer behind some of the most iconic images of Mao Zedong died yesterday in Beijing after a long life filled with snapping countless images of The Great Helmsman without his shirt. [ more › ]

Pay Attention to Methods of Work-1969

THERE has been a remarkable and swift development of the situation throughout the country since the Ninth National Congress of the Communist Party of China. In response to our great leader Chairman Mao’s great call “Unite to win still greater victories,” the people of all nationalities in the country have rallied even more closely [...]


The Chinese Communist party led by Chairman Mao Tsetung is waging anti-Lin Piao anti-Confucius great struggle. Huge workers-peasants-soldiers and revolutionary intellectuals are taking part in that struggle. The anti-Lin Piao anti Confucius...Show More Summary


“Remember August 18 1966 forever. The revolutionary hearts of the Red Guards shall burn eternally. Commemorating the 2nd anniversary of Chairman Mao’s first review of the Red Guards on August 13, 1968.” by the Editorial Departments of “Hongqi” and “Renmin Ribao” THE historic document drawn up a year ago under the personal guidance of [...]

Yao Wenyuan: Letter to Letter to Mao Tse-tung, 11 October 1967

“Closely follow Chairman Mao’s strategic plans, and set in motion a new upsurge of great revolutionary criticism.” This time I returned to Shanghai for the National Day festival and stayed there for 12 days. During the period, I made some investigations. I convened several investigation meetings and took a look at the basic echelon, [...]

What’s the Priority for Chinese Colleges? ‘Studying and Propagating Marxism’

Xi Jinping is found of the kind of socialist jargon more reminiscent of Chairman Mao’s era


Chairman Mao said, “Historical experience deserves attention”. By making summation of experience, laws can be discovered and future problems can be solved. As long as classes exist in society, class struggle will be there. That class struggle of the society will be reflected in the political party of proletariat as two lines struggle, that [...]

Picture China: Christmas Alpaca, Mao’s Birthday, More Hong Kong Protests

The day’s China news in pictures: An alpaca is used to celebrate Christmas, Hong Kong protesters demand the release of Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, people gather to celebrate the anniversary of Chairman Mao's birthday and mo...


Chairman Mao taught us, we should let comrades speak and then, mention if they have error so they can correct themselves. Central Committee has given opportunity to comrade Kabir to submit his position. It has been urgent to criticize his errors that has been expressed in those positions and manifested in his activities because [...]

Picture China: Playing for Pandas, Karaoke Fire, Fan Exercises

The day's China news in pictures: A Chinese pianist plays for a set of panda triplets, police officers and fire fighters inspect a fire site at a karaoke bar, people exercise with fans in front of a portrait of Chairman Mao and more...

The Grolier Club is Hosting the ‘Quotations of Chairman Mao’ Exhibit

5 months agoMedia / Publishing : GalleyCat

The Grolier Club is hosting an exhibit focused on the “Quotations of Chairman Mao.” Here’s more from The New York Times: “The exhibition begins at the beginning, and even before, with several precursor anthologies that can be seen as steppingstones to the Quotations, first issued with a white paper cover in spring 1964. Show More Summary

From Bourgeois Democrats to Capitalist-Roaders-1976

Down with the leading capitalist roaders now in power within the party! THE great struggle initiated and led by our great leader Chairman Mao to beat back the Right deviationist wind to reverse previous correct verdicts is developing soundly in various spheres of the superstructure, including education, science and technology, and art and literature. [...]

Enlightenment Values

The whole point of this poorly argued, logic chopping article by Andrew Brown in The Guardian seems to lie in the penultimate paragraph where he claims that Sam Harris is on some kind of par with Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao. Which...Show More Summary

Xi'an restaurant doles out free lunch, diners bow to Confucius portrait before meal

6 months agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

Confucius may once have been denounced by Chairman Mao for perpetuating feudal ideology, but the effort to integrate his teachings into society continues in Xi'an. Hundreds of diners bowed to a portrait of Confucius before lining up to receive free lunch in a restaurant yesterday, reported NetEase [ more › ]

The Risk of Ebola

Chairman Mao once remarked “Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent.” It would appear that we are in a period of “utter chaos.” First, ISIS dominated the news. Now we have the Ebola “outbreak.” The situation is “excellent” from a political perspective precisely because crises (real or constructed) provide windows of […]


You can find the 1937 IBM corporate songbook at ars technica. Aside from the strange lyrics, there is something very Chairman Mao/North Korea-ish about it. Nowadays, of course, people are far more sophisticated. [HT: Gizmodo]

Who Said It? Chairman Mao Or President Obama

“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” While some quotes are indelibly linked with certain politicians - in this case, Mao Zedong - in many other cases, what leaders say can sound the same, no matter what end of the political spectrum they sit on. Show More Summary

Chairman Mao-Shaped Fruit Are Being Grown in China

How would you like a nice Chinese gourd? One that's shaped like Chairman Mao? Or, how about Jesus? Read more...

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