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Diane Abbott on the positives of Chairman Mao

Today John McDonnell has continued to face flak after his attempt at a Chairman Mao joke in the Commons spectacularly backfired.… The post Diane Abbott on the positives of Chairman Mao appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Sunshine of Socialism

Labour's John McDonnell looks completely out of his depth as shadow chancellor and no more so than yesterday when he made another huge gaff with his Little Red Book routine and bizarre references to Chairman Mao in responding to a government statement on public spending in the House of Commons. Show More Summary

John McDonnell ‘disappears’ his Maoist stunt

You can see what John McDonnell was trying to do today. ‘I’ll bring along a copy of Chairman Mao’s Little… The post John McDonnell ‘disappears’ his Maoist stunt appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Sketch: Chairman Mao gets flung across the Commons

That was a funny way to say sorry. Osborne kicked off his autumn statement with a Niagara of self-congratulation. He… The post Sketch: Chairman Mao gets flung across the Commons appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

The Shadow Chancellor just quoted one of history's most brutal dictators in the House of Commons

John McDonnell, the Labour Shadow Chancellor, just did something that doesn't happen very often in the House of Commons. He quoted former communist dictator Chairman Mao Zedong. In his response to chancellor George Osborne's Autumn Statement...Show More Summary

Did John McDonnell really think that quoting Chairman Mao would help Labour’s cause?

Preparing for the spending review, George Osborne must have written two speeches: his own, and the one he expected John… The post Did John McDonnell really think that quoting Chairman Mao would help Labour’s cause? appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

John McDonnell lectures George Osborne on Chairman Mao (yes, really)

With Diane Abbott recently given the nickname Madame Mao by her colleagues over her behaviour since Jeremy Corbyn was elected as… The post John McDonnell lectures George Osborne on Chairman Mao (yes, really) appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Object of Intrigue: Chairman Mao's Maori Feather Cloak

Mao in the cloak, in Inside Red China (Image: Courtesy of George Andrews) In almost every image of Chairman Mao Zedong, he’s wearing the same thing: a simple shirt or jacket in dull gray or brown. But on China’s National Day, in October...Show More Summary

China’s New ‘Little Red Book’: A Shopping App for Foreign Products

There’s a new little red book gaining traction in China – and no, it’s not written by Chairman Mao.

Economic ties won't ensure peace between China and Japan

Meeting of Japanese PM Kakuei Tanaka with Chairman Mao and Zhou Enlai 1972 restoring diplomatic ties between Beijing and Tokyo Will increasing economic interdependence between Japan and China increase or reduce the risk of conflict? The conventional liberal wisdom is that economic interdependence between states enhances peaceful relations — as in the [...]

2015 Toyota Sienna AWD Drive – Three Mans And A Van

A cautionary tale.  Traversing the great state of Wyoming with hundreds of pounds of men, gear (including a Chairman Mao stencil) and snacks needs no fewer than 14 cupholders. (Two cupholders were used for drinks, the rest were used for toy cars and various empty wrappers.) Building a family car isn’t a trick. Show More Summary

Schadenfreude - How The US Is Helping China Create A New Financial Order

Submitted by Jeff Thomas via, Here we have an image of a Chinese banknote, featuring Chairman Mao, followed by a seemingly incongruous German word - schadenfreude. Is there an error here? Happily, no. We’ll begin...Show More Summary

The iPhone as a Weapon

IFAW video of seal slaughter seen worldwide Political power, Chairman Mao once opined, flows out of the barrel of a gun. That was the 1950s. Sixty years later, political power actually flows out of the video screen. What you see on TV...Show More Summary

Chinese scientist Tu Youyou wins Nobel Prize for breakthrough malaria treatment developed under Chairman Mao

2 months agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

Chinese scientist Tu Youyou won a share of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine yesterday for her work in developing an effective herbal therapy that fights against malaria, work that first started when studying ancient Chinese texts in a secret project ordered by Chairman Mao Zedong during the Cultural Revolution. [ more › ]

Proletarians Are Revolutionary Optimists

Pi Sheng THE struggle initiated and led by Chairman Mao to repulse the Right deviationist attempt at reversing correct verdicts has smashed the criminal plot of Teng Hsiao-ping, the arch unrepentant capitalist reader in the Party, to subvert the dictatorship of the proletariat and restore capitalism. This is another great victory we have won [...]

Grasp the Crucial Point and Deepen The Criticism of Teng Hsiao-ping-1976

UNDER the leadership of the Party Central Committee headed by Chairman Mao, the struggle to criticize Teng Hsiao-ping and beat back the Right deviationist attempt at reversing correct verdicts is steadily developing in depth. The broad masses of cadres and people have conscientiously studied the series of important instructions by Chairman Mao, penetratingly criticized [...]

Little-known Guangzhou balances China’s past and future

Studying geopolitical economics was never a goal of mine, and I’m certainly not an expert in Chinese history, but I’m pretty sure there’s nothing in Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book about waltzing. [...] there they were, three couples,...Show More Summary

Dust and Grooves: fantastic photo book about vinyl record collectors

2 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

“Contrary to what conventional wisdom would have you believe…record collecting isn’t about music. Not entirely, anyway,” says music writer Jeff “ChairmanMao in Dust & Grooves. Read the rest

Monster of misrule

Mao Zedong, once the Helmsman, Great Teacher and Red Red Sun in Our Hearts, and still the Chairman, died in 1976. Even today his giant portrait gazes down over Tiananmen… Read more The post Monster of misrule appeared first on The Spectator.

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