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Glenn Beck planning boycott of Disney’s Charles Darwin movie

20 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

Former Fox News commentator Glenn Beck has suggested a boycott of the just-announced Disney film about the celebrated English naturalist Charles Darwin, during an episode of his nationally syndicated radio show. Disney’s plan to greenlight a film about Darwin’s voyage on board the HMS Beagle in the...

Glenn Beck Considers Boycotting Disney for Supporting Gay Marriage, Charles Darwin Film

yesterdayNews : Mediaite

Glenn Beck's opinion about boycotts seems to shift depending on what day of the week it is and whether the boycott is directed towards any of the conservative commentator's interests. On the Glenn Beck Program, Beck and co-host Stu Burguiere bemoaned Disney's stance on gay marriage before contemplating whether to start a boycott against Mickey Mouse.

Glenn Beck: Conservatives Should Boycott Disney Because They're Making a Film About Charles Darwin

YouTube See, this is why America is a laughingstock to much of the world: the casual anti-science ignorance of right wing clowns like Glenn Beck. In this clip from Right Wing Watch, Beck rants about Disney lighting up the Magic Castle at their theme park in rainbow colors, then suggests conservatives need...

Disney to turn Charles Darwin into a new Indiana Jones

Charles Darwin is one of the most famous scientists in history for his work on evolution and the theory of natural selection. Before he was the old bearded guy you’re probably thinking of, […]

Which Scientist's Life Would Make an Amazing Movie?

last weekGenres / Sci Fi : io9

We’re seeing quite a few biopics about scientists these days, with films like The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, and now a possible upcoming movie about Charles Darwin. But what other scientist — perhaps someone lesser known — has a life story just crying out to be a movie? Read more...

Disney Plots Charles Darwin Adventure Movie

For many, the image of Charles Darwin, naturalist, geologist, and author of On the Origin of Species, is etched in stone as the visage of a heavily bearded old man, thanks to images like the one above. The idea of that guy becoming the central figure of an action/adventure film is pretty laughable. Show More Summary

Disney May Be Developing a Film About Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin has had a rough go in theaters over the years. The most recent biopic, 2010's Creation with Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly, made less than a million dollars worldwide and was barely memorable.The Pirates! Band of Misfits...Show More Summary

Charles Darwin Is Getting An Adventure Movie Because Science Is Cool

Charles Darwin doesn't seem like he would be the prime candidate to spotlight an adventure movie, but, then again, Abraham Lincoln didn't seem like a vampire hunter. The scientist famous for developing the theory of evolution is said...Show More Summary

Disney Might Make Charles Darwin Into An Action Star

last weekGenres / Sci Fi : io9

As the world waits for a fifth Indiana Jones film, there may be a new adventurer on his tail: Charles Darwin. Read more...

Disney Is Making a Film About Charles Darwin From the Writer of ‘Traffic’

Odd proclamation: Stephen Gaghan, the writer of Traffic and Syriana, is developing a movie — which he’ll be writing and directing — for Disney. Second odd proclamation: it’s about Charles Darwin. As Darwin famously developed theories...Show More Summary

Newswire: Disney is developing a movie about Charles Darwin

As reported by Deadline, Disney—the company behind films about mermaids, genies, men who have been transformed into beasts, singing chimney sweeps, puppets who become real boys, flying children who never age, and people who live inside...Show More Summary

Disney, Stephen Gaghan Plan Adventure Film Around Charles Darwin

EXCLUSIVE: Disney has closed a deal to acquire an untitled pitch that Oscar-winning Traffic scribe Stephen Gaghan will write to direct. Scant details were available, but I’m told that it is an adventure film involving Charles Darwin,...Show More Summary

Uplifted island: The island Isla Santa María in south of central Chile

Charles Darwin and his captain Robert Fitzroy witnessed the great earthquake of 1835 in south central Chile. The "Beagle"-Captain's precise measurements showed an uplift of the island Isla Santa María of 2 to 3 meters after the earthquake. What Darwin and Fitzroy couldn't know was the fact that 175 years later nearly at the same position such a strong earthquake would recur.

Is This Thing Loaded? Only One Way To Find Out: Your Florida Roundup

Florida, being a state with basement-level IQs (but no basements), does its fair share to compete in the Darwin Awards. And this week is no different. Allow us to present Exhibit A: the late Charles Cooper, 49, of Volusia County. Read more on Is This Thing Loaded? Only One Way To Find Out: Your Florida Roundup…

Here Was Erasmus Darwin's Plan To Destroy The World

last weekGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Erasmus Darwin was the grandfather of the more famous Charles, a scientist in his own right, and an inadvertent supervillain. In an effort to make afternoon strolls more pleasant, he came up with a terraforming idea that was outlandish, inspiring, and — looking back — nearly apocalyptic. Read more...

Dr. Arturo Izurieta Named new Darwin Foundation CEO

By: CECILIA ALVEAR AND GEORGE LEWIS Arturo Izurieta in 2014 Galápagos National Park The Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) announced Wednesday June 3 that Dr. Arturo Izurieta Valery has been named as the foundation's Chief Executive Officer. Show More Summary

Midday open thread: Dissing Charles Darwin; celebrating Jeff Davis; trying BP executive

Today's comic by Tom Tomorrow is Privacy talk: What you may have missed on Sunday Kos... The myth of lost manhood in America, by Mark E Andersen The white riot that burned Greenwood to the ground, by Denise Oliver Velez Book Review:Show More Summary

Homeschool mom rips Charles Darwin: ‘If he were any kind of good scientist, he would start over again’

last monthNews : The Raw Story

In “Part 2? of Megan Fox’s audit of Ken Ham’s Creation Museum in Kentucky, the homeschool mom insists the theory of evolution is unscientific before explaining that Charles Darwin would “not be too happy” with his followers if he were to come back to life. (In order to fully appreciate the...

Secrets of Charles Darwin’s breakthrough: The real story of how we got to evolution

The young scientist was stuck on the concept of species. Then something amazing happened to energize his thoughts

Darwin's pink iguanas are all fine after Galapagos volcano eruption

last monthHumor / odd : Boing Boing

The world’s only colony of pink iguanas, which Charles Darwin observed and studied, was not harmed by the recent eruption of Wolf Volcano on Isabela island. Read the rest

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