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Hundreds of Dog Breeds Compete at Westminster. Many of Them Share a History

Queen Victoria and Charles Darwin helped create today's wide variety of purebred dogs

Charles Darwin, Chagas’ disease, and the killer kissing bugs of California

An insect known as the kissing bug has the ability to pass along Chagas’ disease to unsuspecting people. While it affects more people in Latin America than in this country, this parasitic disease can still be a problem in the southwestern United States. Show More Summary

Washington Governor Jay Inslee Declares Today “Darwin Day”

It's Charles Darwin's birthday today -- and the state of Washington has officially declared it "Darwin Day."

Darwin Day: A personal offering

Two hundred and eight years ago this day, Charles Darwin was born. The vision of life that he created and expounded on transformed humanity's perception of its place in the universe. After Copernicus's great heliocentric discovery, it...Show More Summary

February 12: Darwin Day, Lincoln Day, and Galapagos Day

Today is the birthday of Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln, who were born on this day in 1809. It is also "Galapagos Day," because on February 12, 1832, there was a formal ceremony to mark Ecuador's formal acquisition of the Galapagos...Show More Summary

Outdoor exhibition of 40 images by Magnum photographers opens in Shrewsbury

last weekArts : Artdaily

A new outdoor exhibition of 40 images by Magnum photographers will explore Charles Darwin?s legacy in modern society. Inspired by Darwin?s links to Shrewsbury and to coincide with International Darwin Day on 12 February, Evolution Explored...Show More Summary

Do Charles Darwin's private letters contradict his public sexism?

He declared that women’s brains were “analogous to those of animals”, but conducted scholarly personal correspondence with women, new book reveals Charles Darwin may have held less hostile views about women than previously thought, according to a new book out this month. Show More Summary

Genetics, Evolution & Mysticism

When Charles Darwin developed his theory of natural selection, the role of chromosomes would not be discovered for another fifty years, the structure of DNA would not be determined for another century (Watson and Crick released their...Show More Summary

Darwin & Domestication

In The Origin of Species (the shortened title of his book from the second edition onward), Charles Darwin devotes his first chapter to the diversity observed in domesticated plants and animals. One might wonder why such a well-traveled...Show More Summary

Straight from Darwin

Born in Shrewsbury, England, in 1809, Charles Darwin initially planned careers in medicine and theology before joining the crew of the HMS Beagle in 1831. Over the next five years, he explored natural ecosystems across the globe, including...Show More Summary

Walker receives Charles R. Darwin Lifetime Achievement Award

(Penn State) Alan Walker, Evan Pugh Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Biology was awarded the Charles R. Darwin Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017 by the American Association of Physical Anthropologists.

Release Your Inner Franklin: 4 Tips to Develop a Lifelong Learning Strategy

Charles Darwin once said, "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one most adaptable to change." If there was ever a time to be adaptable to change it is NOW. Driven by...Show More Summary

Darwin´s First Steps As A Geologist

January 16, 1832 the Beagle arrives at Santiago, Cape Verde Islands, and a young Charles Darwin went ashore exploring its geology.

How did Darwin decide which book to read next?

A new study has used information theory techniques to analyse the order in which Charles Darwin read books through his career. By Christian Jarrett

“Take Darwin to Church” Program Urges Pastors to Have Scientists Speak to Their Congregations

In honor of Charles Darwin's 208th birthday on February 12, an atheist is asking churches to invite science advocates to speak to their congregations.

The Myth of "Darwin's Body-Snatchers"

Did Charles Darwin's thirst for skulls contribute to the near-extinction of the Aboriginal Tasmanian people? If you believe certain creationists, Darwin sought examples of Tasmanian skulls in order to prove that this unfortunate race was a 'missing link' between humans and apes. Show More Summary

Jawing away: Bahama pupfish study identifies candidate genes driving food-niches

Within the salty lakes of the Bahama's San Salvador Island is an amazing diversity of fishes that may rival Charles Darwin's finches in the Galapagos.

Antarctica Wildlife

Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin on this holiday to the Antarctic

Santa Maria – the incredible rising island

We know that since Charles Darwin's time. Based on observations made during the Beagle's voyage, he correctly formulated that sinking islands start to be fringed by rings of coral reefs, leading to atoll formation.

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