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At molecular level, evolutionary change is unpredictable

Biologists have been contemplating evolutionary change since Charles Darwin first explained it.

Can Evolution Be Photographed?

Visualizing change over time can be incredibly difficult. Which is why in a new Phaidon book entitled Evolution: A Visual Record, Robert Clark’s vivid and compelling photographs serve as an ode to Charles Darwin’s scientific breakthrough. Beginning...Show More Summary

How a Rare Darwin Sketch Finally Got Published After 183 Years

2 weeks agoNews : Newsweek: US

In 1833, a little more than a quarter-century before publishing On the Origin of Species, with the Beagle at anchor off the treeless shores of Port Desire, southern Argentina, Charles Darwin sat down and drew a flower.  Just one flower,...Show More Summary

Dear Ms. Quijano, Your Debate Tonight Can Be The Most Important Of Them All

Dear Ms. Quijano, I wrote to you last week at your office, essentially saying what I now say in public below. I am a feature director, author, screenwriter, activist and great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin, but most importantly an...Show More Summary

Belief in Macroevolution Requires a Creative Imagination

Man has invented many wild stories over the centuries, but few are more far-fetched than Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.

Some Things Are More Important Than Party Loyalty

last monthNews : Newsweek: US

Legend has it that Henry Adams, the grandson and great-grandson of Presidents John and John Quincy Adams, was walking out of church one Sunday morning when his minister asked him if he had read Charles Darwin’s On the Origins of Species. “Yes...Show More Summary

Move Over, Virgin Mary. Someone Found Charles Darwin in an Eye Scan

If the Virgin Mary can turn up on grilled cheese, and Jesus can be found in a dog's butt, then it only makes sense for Charles Darwin to appear on an eye scan:

The Story of Charles Darwin’s Artist

last monthArts : Hyperallergic

Some of the most iconic illustrations of Darwin's Theory of Evolution are the Galapagos Finches.

Threat of Group Extinction Motivates

Charles Darwin believed that competition between groups cultivates cooperation. A recent study from a team of researchers from Rice University, Texas A & M and the University of East Anglia supports this theory. The study states, When groups compete for resources, some groups will be more successful...

Skirmishing With the Eminati

Look out, Darwin — Wolfe’s coming for you. Tom Wolfe’s new book, The Kingdom of Speech, takes aim at Charles Darwin and Noam Chomsky: “Like an industrial engineer who also makes bespoke dueling pistols in his shed on the weekends, Mr. Show More Summary

Threat of group extinction proves a powerful motivator

Charles Darwin was right: Groups that enjoy an advantage have members who are 'ready to aid one another and to sacrifice themselves for the common good.'

The 4 beards of Tom Wolfe's "Kingdom of Speech," ranked in order of the prominence of the bearded one.

1. Charles Darwin's beard — which appears twice in Wolfe's delightful new book about the politics of linguistic science. First, when Darwin is 54: "[H]e had cultivated a so-called philosopher’s beard of the sort that had been the philosopher’s status symbol since the days of Roman glory. Show More Summary

The threat of group extinction proves a powerful motivator

Charles Darwin was right: Groups enjoy an advantage whose members are "ready to aid one another and to sacrifice themselves for the common good," according to a new study by researchers at Rice University, Texas A&M University and the...Show More Summary

Bango! Tom Wolfe Surfs the Net

Tom Wolfe thinks Charles Darwin was a fraud, a snob, a cheater, and an asshole. And he doesn’t like Noam Chomsky much better. The post Bango! Tom Wolfe Surfs the Net appeared first on The Millions.

This 18th-Century Poet And Physician Designed The First Car And Called It The 'Fiery Chariot'

2 months agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

I know Charles Darwin is the Darwin that gets most of the press (well, except maybe for that dolphin that was in that underwater Star Trek show), but I think we need to take a moment to appreciate his grandfather, Erasmus Darwin: poet, physician, inventor, and, yes, possibly one of the world’s first gearheads. Show More Summary

11 Naturally Selected Facts About the Galápagos Islands

2 months agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

In 1835, Charles Darwin arrived at the island chain that would shape his theory of natural selection.

Strange Four-Eyed Fish Caught in Darwin’s Buffalo Creek

Charles Darwin is still the patron saint of evolution, so it’s only fitting that a fish which appears to have evolved an extra set of eyes was caught in Darwin’s Buffalo Creek in Australia’s Northern Territory. The fisherman claimed all four eyes winked at him but that’s...

How Does Your Garden Grow?

3 months agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

The following article is from the book Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Nature Calls. The way in which plants move and grow has intrigued everyone from the poets of ancient Greece to Charles Darwin, but modern science still hasn’t cracked all the secrets. Show More Summary

Lab-reared maggots may save Darwin's famous finches

Raising maggots may not sound glamorous, but that doesn't mean it's not important. In the latest issue of the Journal of Insect Science, Paola Lahuatte, a junior researcher at the Charles Darwin Foundation, and her colleagues reveal how they used chicken blood to rear the larvae of the parasitic fly Philornis downsi in the lab. Show More Summary

Examining embryo-like fossils from the Ediacaran Doushantuo formation, South China

Boulder, Colo., USA - The origin and early evolution of animals have been a fascinating topic since Charles Darwin. Definite early animal fossils largely appear from early Cambrian, so the fossil records are often interpreted as documenting a "Cambrian explosion" of animals. Show More Summary

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