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Administration Drastically Lowers the Bar for Second Year of Enrollment

Charles Hughes Broken promises and lowered expectations littered the first year of the Affordable Care Act. When the law was being debated, Obama promised the law would cut health care premiums for a typical family by $2,500. Instead, premiums everywhere continued to rise, in some places they skyrocketed. Show More Summary

Weekday Wrap-Up: Wealth (Inequality) Effects, Deflationary Shocks, and the Housing Market

Charles Hugh Smith from says Fed policy and its direct influence on wealth inequality in the US has now become a mainstream issue; Russell Napier says to expect another deflationary shock in the next couple years followed by a massive reflation by China...

The Schizophrenia Tormenting Our Society & Economy

Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith via Peak Prosperity blog, What can popular television programs tell us about the zeitgeist (spirit of the age) of our culture and economy? It’s an interesting question, as all mass media both responds to and shapes our interpretations and explanations of changing times. Show More Summary

The Critical Difference Between Rentier Wealth And Wealth Creation

Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds The Critical Difference Between Rentier Wealth and Wealth Creation If you want to understand why our economy is stagnating and wealth inequality is rising, look at the rise of rentier skims and the resulting decline in wealth creation. Show More Summary

Colbert Proves Krauthammer Is a Bigger ‘Narcissist’ than Obama

2 months agoNews : Mediaite

Last week, psychiatrist turned conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer went on The Hugh Hewitt Show and diagnosed President Barack Obama as a “clearly a narcissist.”

Krauthammer Distorts Obama's Words To Declare Him A Napoleonic "Narcissist"

Fox contributor Charles Krauthammer declared on The Hugh Hewitt Show that President Obama is "clearly a narcissist," pointing to the president's use of the words "I" and "my." However, one example he provided is inaccurate while another was also used by Obama's predecessor, President George W. Show More Summary

Krauthammer: Obama Is a Narcissist ‘Surrounded by Sycophants’

2 months agoNews : Mediaite

Columnist Charles Krauthammer joined radio host Hugh Hewitt today to diagnose what he believes the problem is with President Obama: he's a narcissist who surrounds himself with yes-men.

Krauthammer: Obama a 'Narcissist,' 'Lives in a Cocoon'

Columnist Charles Krauthammer slammed President Obama for his self-obsession and for surrounding himself with “sycophants” in an interview set to broadcast on Monday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.” “I decided when I left psychiatry never to use my authority. Show More Summary

Stocks Have Reached A Permanently High Plateau

Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds Stocks Have Reached a Permanently High Plateau A permanently high plateau of stock prices is a marvelous innovation. Somebody said this before, of course, but one glance at a chart of the S&P 500 tells us that stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau. Show More Summary

Is the $5 Bill the New $1 Bill?

From Charles Hugh Smith’s Of Two Minds blog: It’s starting to feel like a $5 bill is the new $1 bill: everything that could be purchased with one or two dollars not that long ago is now $5 or even $10. A few days ago I was enjoying the Butte County Fair in California’s farm […]

Years After the Recession, Welfare Rolls Hit New Highs

Charles Hughes New Census data shows that the number of households receiving welfare benefits hit a record high of almost 33.5 million in the fourth quarter of 2012. While part of the surge was due to the recession, the proportion receiving benefits has increased from 25.2 percent to 27.4 percent since the recession officially ended in June 2009. Show More Summary

The Great Economic Shoe Waiting To Fall: Loss Of Faith In The Cult Of Central Banking - Charles Hugh Smith

``... much of the supposedly godlike power of central banks is participants' faith in their powers to control not just finance but the real world that can be leveraged by finance. Once this belief fades, so will the powers of central banks... "Don't think it won't happen just because it hasn't happened yet."''

Have We Forgotten What An Authentic Market Is?

Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds Have We Forgotten What An Authentic Market Is? Everyone who feels forced to play along plans to exit before the whole rotten structure implodes, but that's not how collapses work. Identifying the erosion of authenticity is intrinsically difficult for two reasons: 1. Show More Summary

Charles Hugh Smith: Here's Why Wages Might Rise Despite Millions of Unemployed Being Available for Work

``... we have a diminishing number of jobs that can be outsourced and a diminishing number of qualified people who can do the work.'' -- We think CHS highlights a number of important issues here, but he does over-emphasize sociological reasons for structural unemployment at the expense of economic ones. Show More Summary

Krauthammer: Obama 'Strategically Clueless'

On Friday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer said the White House is not “near to a correct analysis” on the threat of ISIS. He argued that the idea that ISIS is not a threat because they only operate in the Middle East was “insane,” and could easily pose “a huge threat” to the West. Show More Summary

We Shouldn’t Follow Germany on Minimum Wage

Charles Hughes President Obama included a much discussed proposal to increase the national minimum wage to $10.10, from its current level of $7.25. To date, the proposal has gone nowhere in Congress. In the meantime, some cities and states have introduced or approved increases in their minimum wage rates. Show More Summary

Escaping The Rat-Race

Submitted by Chris Martenson of PeakProsperity, authored by Charles Hugh Smith Escaping the Rat-Race The changing nature of work doesn’t just matter to new graduates seeking their first career-track job—it’s equally important to experienced workers seeking to escape the corporate rat-race or build a new career after a layoff. Show More Summary

Are We Addicted to Failure?

Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds Are We Addicted to Failure? Like all addicts, Central Planners are confident they can manage the monkey on their back. But this is a self-serving illusion. Addiction is many things, but beneath its complexities it is a self-destructive expression of the desire to avoid or suppress pain. Show More Summary

Guest Post: How To Find Shelter From The Coming Storms?

Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds A Reader Asks: How to Find Shelter from the Coming Storms? Some basic suggestions for those who are seeking shelter from the coming storms of global financial crisis and recession. Reader...Show More Summary

Medical Licensing in the States: Some Room for Agreement—and Reform

Charles Hughes Even before Obamacare, many states faced the prospect of a doctor shortage due to an aging population and a limited supply of physicians. Obamacare will exacerbate this shortage by expanding insurance coverage to some degree, which will further increase the demand for care. Show More Summary

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