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Rich Middle Class, Poor Middle Class

Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds Rich Middle Class, Poor Middle Class This great generational injustice is the direct consequence of central banks lowering interest rates to zero and inflating asset bubbles. How canShow More Summary

The U.S. Economy Slows To Stall Speed

Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds The U.S. Economy Slows To Stall Speed This long-term weakening of the economy is the direct result of financialization and the Federal Reserve's policy of propping up impaired debt with more debt and constantly bringing demand forward with zero interest rates. Show More Summary

Maine’s Recommitment to Work Requirements

Charles Hughes Last week, the Associated Press reported that more than 9,000 food stamp recipients in Maine have been removed from the program because they failed to comply with the program’s work requirements. These requirements themselves...Show More Summary

Is Hugh Jackman done playing Wolverine?

Because it sure sounds like it.       Related Stories Angelina Jolie looks gloriously happy, healthy after cancer news Happy Birthday, 'Grey's Anatomy!' Shonda's first show turns 10 Aw! Prince Charles gets adorably photobombed by Prince George pic  

Complacency Reigns Supreme - "Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong", Right

Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds Complacency Reigns Supreme--Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, Right? One of the more remarkable features of the Bull market in stocks is the ascendancy of complacency and the banishing of fear. Show More Summary

Why Jerry Hughes Could Be Biggest Signing of a Busy Buffalo Bills Offseason

The Buffalo Bills have done a thing or two this offseason. They traded for running back LeSean McCoy. They signed offensive lineman Richie Incognito, wide receiver Percy Harvin and tight end Charles Clay. They added quarterback Matt Cassel. But perhaps none of those moves were as significant as Buffalo's re-signing of defensive end Jerry Hughes. Show More Summary

Australia Could Show a Way Forward on Welfare Reform

Charles Hughes As previous Cato work has shown, our current welfare system fails us in a number of ways. It is both overly complex and inefficient: over 100 different programs spend roughly $1 trillion each year yet do relatively little to actually lift people out of poverty. Show More Summary

Government Sends Wrong Tax Form to Nearly One Million Obamacare Enrollees

Charles Hughes Fresh off another victory lap last week, Obamacare supporters awoke last Friday to the news that the government had given nearly one million exchange enrollees incorrect tax forms that could significantly affect their tax returns. Show More Summary

Who Benefits When Bubbles Burst?

Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds Who Benefits When Bubbles Burst? Blowing speculative bubbles cannot possibly lead to organic growth because speculative bubbles fatally undermine the real economy. An astute reader recently...Show More Summary

Labor and employment roundup

5 months agoIndustries / Law : Overlawyered

Senate Republicans make noises about reining in runaway EEOC [Roger Clegg, Senate minority staff report, Human Resource Executive Online] Yes, minimum wage increases hurt many low-skilled workers [NBER via Charles Hughes] “Women earn...Show More Summary

New Study Finds More Evidence of Poverty Traps in the Welfare System

Charles Hughes A new study from the Illinois Policy Institute analyzes the welfare benefits package available at different levels of earnings in that state. The authors find that low-income workers have limited economic incentive toShow More Summary

Charles Hugh Smith - We Just Enjoyed the Last Christmas in America (POSTPONED FROM 1975!!)

``Why will Christmas 2014 be the last Christmas in America? It's simple: declining wages cannot support an ever-expanding mountain of debt.''

Medicaid’s Access to Care Problems Persist and Will Get Worse Next Year

Charles Hughes Last week, Republican Governor Bill Haslam announced a plan to expand Medicaid in Tennessee. Republican governors in Wyoming and Utah have also put forward expansion plans in the past month. A recent Washington Post editorial...Show More Summary

Charles Hugh Smith: Central Banks Have Failed Because They Can't Push Wages Higher

``The game has been lost, but central bankers are still on the field, wandering around in disbelief that their unspeakable powers to issue money and credit have failed. You can print all the money you want, but it will never boost wages to keep up with prices. ''

New Study Finds Minimum Wage Increases Hurt Low-Skilled Workers

Charles Hughes A new working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research finds that significant minimum wage increases can hurt the very people they are intended to help. Authors Jeffery Clemens and Michael Wither find that significant...Show More Summary

charles hugh smith: The Oil Price Head-Fake Disruption Ahead

``The price drop is a head-fake: it doesn't usher in a new era of permanently cheap oil. Rather, it unleashes dynamics that impair supply on multiple levels: geophysical, geopolitical, demographic and financial.''

Under Proposed Rules, Government Could Choose Insurance Plans for Millions of People

Charles Hughes The administration is considering a rule change that would allow the government to automatically change some people’s exchange plans to a cheaper alternative. HHS recently proposed regulations that would let exchanges offer alternative default options for enrollees. Show More Summary

Administration Drastically Lowers the Bar for Second Year of Enrollment

Charles Hughes Broken promises and lowered expectations littered the first year of the Affordable Care Act. When the law was being debated, Obama promised the law would cut health care premiums for a typical family by $2,500. Instead, premiums everywhere continued to rise, in some places they skyrocketed. Show More Summary

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