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Five surprising things DNA has revealed about our ancestors

Researchers recently used DNA from the 10,000-year-old "Cheddar Man", one of Britain's oldest skeletons, to unveil what the first inhabitants of what now is Britain actually looked like. But this isn't the first time DNA from old skeletons has provided intriguing findings about our ancestors. Show More Summary

Twitter Bans GOP Candidate For Racist Meghan Markle Tweet

Paul Nehlen superimposed a picture of Cheddar Man, an ancient Briton with dark skin, over Markle's face.

Thanks to Cheddar Man, I feel more comfortable as a brown Briton | Aarathi Prasad

I grew up being told that a prerequisite for our national identity was white skin – that prejudice has been proved false The results of 10,000-year old Cheddar Man’s DNA analysis have hit the headlines in the past few days, accompanied by a striking portrait that needed no words. Show More Summary

Since Cheddar Man we’re all immigrants | Brief letters

British DNA | The contraceptive pill | Deinocrates | G2 staples | London fatberg The most interesting line in your article on Cheddar Man (7 February) is that only 10% of the white British population can trace their ancestry back to this ancient migrant group, who could well be termed indigenous. Show More Summary

Cheddar Man changes the way we think about our ancestors

The study of a 10,000-year-old man surprised people when it revealed his blue eyes and dark skin – and few predicted he would reshape our view of our genetic heritage In 1903 workmen digging a drainage trench in Gough’s Cave in the Cheddar Gorge, in Somerset, uncovered the remains of a young man, sealed under a stalagmite. Show More Summary

'He's one of us': modern neighbours welcome Cheddar Man

DNA tests suggesting man who lived 10,000 years ago had dark skin and blue eyes cause a stir Rachel Andrews, who was tending the bar at the Black Dog Saloon – a wild west-themed cider pub at the foot of Cheddar Gorge – was not going to have a word said against the village’s most famous former resident. Show More Summary

DNA analysis of Cheddar Man reveals early Brits had darker skin

Groundbreaking DNA research has shone new light on the early origins of Britain's early settlers, reconstructing in unprecedented detail the face of Cheddar Man, the nation's oldest near-complete skeleton. The research reveals he had...Show More Summary

Oldest-Known Briton ‘Cheddar Man’ Wasn’t Fair-Skinned After All

Analysis of Britain's oldest complete skeleton reveals the first modern Britons had "dark to black skin" and dark hair.

Cheddar Man,’ Britain’s Oldest Skeleton, Had Dark Skin, DNA Shows

last weekNews : NYTimes: News

New research adds to a growing body of evidence showing how the British Isles received waves of immigrants over tens of thousands of years.

Groundbreaking DNA analysis shows first modern Briton had dark skin, blue eyes

last weekArts : Artdaily

The first modern Briton had dark skin and blue eyes, London scientists said on Wednesday, following groundbreaking DNA analysis of the remains of a man who lived 10,000 years ago. Known as "Cheddar Man" after the area in southwest England...Show More Summary

Scientists reveal 10,000-year-old British man had dark skin and blue eyes

The face of a 10,000-year-old British skeleton nicknamed "Cheddar Man" has been revealed after research carried out by a team of scientists at London's Natural History Museum. SEE ALSO: Scientists have discovered spiders with tails...Show More Summary

Meet a Briton From 10,000 Years Ago

The bones of Cheddar Man, found in 1903 in a cave in Somerset, England, tell us an awful lot about this hunter-gatherer from many thousands of years ago. He was in his early 20s, slight and narrow-hipped, standing about five feet five inches tall. Show More Summary

Cheddar Man: First modern Briton had 'dark to black' skin, DNA research reveals

The first modern Briton had “dark to black” skin, groundbreaking new analysis of his 10,000-year-old remains has revealed. Britain’s oldest complete skeleton, known as Cheddar Man, was unearthed more than a century ago in Gough’s Cave in Somerset. Show More Summary

'Cheddar Man' DNA shows early Britons had dark skin and blue eyes

last weekNews : USAToday: News

DNA tests on Britain’s oldest complete skeleton, known as Cheddar Man, show he had “dark to black” skin and blue eyes.        

Most ancient Briton yet found was black-skinned, blue-eyed and clearly laughing at enraged Daily Mail comments about him

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Meet Cheddar Man. He's from Glastonbury, circa 8,000 B.C. Tom Booth, an archaeologist at the Natural History Museum who worked on the project, said: “It really shows up that these imaginary racial categories that we have are really very...Show More Summary

Meet Cheddar Man: First modern Britons had dark skin and blue eyes

last weekNews : BlogPost

They call him Cheddar Man. He lived more than 10,000 years ago, had brown hair, blue eyes and 'dark to black' skin. To the surprise of many, he is believed to have been the first modern Briton. A new project from London's Natural History Museum and University College London has revealed groundbreaking DNA results that give a much clearer […]

Cheddar Man DNA indicates early Britons had dark skin

Cheddar Man, considered one of the first modern humans in Britain, had dark skin, the BBC reports. Cheddar Man lived 10,000 years ago. DNA analysis shows he had dark hair, blue eyes and skin that was probably dark brown or black. Modern Europeans with lighter skin are a relatively recent phenomenon.

'Cheddar Man's' DNA Reveals Surprise About Early Brits

Think of a stereotypical Brit and you may imagine a pale cast member from Downton Abbey. A new study, however, shows early modern Brits from 10,000 years ago, who migrated from Europe over a land bridge into England, may not have been quite as pale as many of their...

Early Briton from 10,000 years ago had dark skin and blue eyes

A genetic analysis of Cheddar Man, one of the first people to settle in Britain after the last ice age, suggests that his skin was dark

Cheddar Man

It’s hit the news today, but the Natural History Museum posted a story about their Cheddar Man research in January. It’s fascinating stuff, especially the fact that the DNA evidence suggests that he was probably brown-to-black-skinned and had blue eyes. I know I am simply adding to the Channel 4 free publicity for their TV … Continue reading "Cheddar Man"

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