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Sci-Hub Loses Domain Names, But Remains Resilient

Sci-Hub, often referred to as the "Pirate Bay of Science," lost three of its domain names this week. The suspensions are likely the result of the lost court case against the American Chemical Society. Despite the setback, Sci-Hub remains...Show More Summary

The art and science of glassblowing (video)

(American Chemical Society) If you've ever tapped a screen to send a tweet, opted for a glass bottled soda because of taste, or drooled over art glass in a gallery, then your life has been changed for the better by the transparent yet durable combination of sand and simple chemicals we call glass. Show More Summary

After cooking, biofortified corn and eggs retain nutrient needed to prevent blindness

(American Chemical Society) Fortified and biofortified foods are at the forefront of efforts to combat vitamin A deficiency worldwide. But little is known about what influence processing may have on the retention of vitamin A precursors in these foods. Show More Summary

Pulling iron out of waste printer toner

(American Chemical Society) Someday, left-over toner in discarded printer cartridges could have a second life as bridge or building components instead of as trash, wasting away in landfills and potentially harming the environment. One...Show More Summary

Wine 'legs' and minibot motors (video)

(American Chemical Society) As any wine enthusiast knows, the 'legs' that run down a glass after a gentle swirl of vino can yield clues about alcohol content. Interestingly, the physical phenomenon that helps create these legs can be harnessed to propel tiny motors to carry out tasks on the surface of water. Scientists demonstrate the motors in a report in ACS' journal Langmuir.

Strategies to combat the opioid epidemic

(American Chemical Society) The opioid epidemic is ravaging lives and tearing families apart. Overdose deaths from heroin, fentanyl and misused prescription painkillers have tripled in the past 15 years. Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN),...Show More Summary

Envisioning Chemistry, beautifully stunning videos of chemical reactions and processes

last weekHumor / odd :

As a follow-up to Beautiful Chemistry, the Beauty of Science and the Chinese Chemical Society have teamed up to showcase the natural beauty of chemical reactions in Envisioning Chemistry. To achieve this goal, we took two approaches....Show More Summary

The only detox you'll ever need (video)

(American Chemical Society) People talk all the time about how they need to 'detox.' And there's a line of companies a mile long waiting to sell you juices and smoothies that claim to cleanse your body of harmful toxins. But the good news is your body is working hard to clear out toxins before you spend a dime on expensive products. Show More Summary

Military service members face unique and sustained threats to optimal brain health

(Society for Neuroscience) Military service exposes soldiers to a unique set of physical challenges, including toxic chemicals and traumatic brain injury, which can have profound effects on their health and well-being. New research examines...Show More Summary

New 'sugar-glass' film uses viruses to kill harmful bacteria in food

(American Chemical Society) With antibiotic resistance on the rise, bacterial contamination of food is becoming more problematic. Now in a study appearing in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, scientists report that they have developed...Show More Summary

Better, bolder printing with silicon nanostructures

(American Chemical Society) From textbooks to artwork to newspapers, printed items are a part of our everyday life. But the ink used in today's printers are limited in colors and resolution. Now in a new study in ACS' journal Nano Letters, scientists have found a way to expand the printable color spectrum with a novel nanostructure system.

New needle-free vaccines could mean the end of the flu shot

(American Chemical Society) Autumn has arrived, leaves are changing colors, and pumpkin spice aromas are sweeping stores. It's also the season for flu shots. The good news is that the annual jab in the arm designed to protect us from the flu might one day be a thing of the past. Show More Summary

Judge Ignores Congress, Pretends SOPA Exists, Orders Site Blocking Of Sci-Hub

2 weeks agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Last month, we wrote about the strange and unfortunate decision by a magistrate judge in the copycat lawsuit by the American Chemical Society against Sci-Hub, the "renegade" online repository of academic knowledge. As we've discussed...Show More Summary

Pratibha Varma-Nelson honored by American Chemical Society as outstanding educator

(Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis School of Science) Pratibha Varma-Nelson, professor of chemistry and founding director of the STEM Education Innovation and Research Institute at IUPUI, has been named the 2018 recipient of the George C. Show More Summary

US Court Grants ISPs and Search Engine Blockade of Sci-Hub

Sci-Hub, often referred to as the "Pirate Bay of Science," has suffered another blow in a US federal court. The American Chemical Society has won a default judgment of $4.8 million for alleged copyright infringement against the site....Show More Summary

Brexit fallout: An uncertain future for academic scientists

(American Chemical Society) On June 23, 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union -- and science has not been immune to its effects. The referendum has led to uncertainties in future policies and funding that could hurt the research...Show More Summary

Saliva proteins could explain why some people overuse salt

(American Chemical Society) Many Americans consume too much salt. Now in a study appearing in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, scientists report that people who can easily taste salt have differing amounts of certain proteins in their saliva than those who are less sensitive. Show More Summary

Nicotine's hold: What the gut and gender have to do with it

(American Chemical Society) Many people who smoke or chew tobacco can't seem to escape nicotine's addictive properties. Studies show that women in particular seem to have a harder time quitting, even with assistance, when compared to men. Show More Summary

Jellyfish-inspired electronic skin glows when it gets hurt

(American Chemical Society) Electronic-skin technologies for prosthetics and robots can detect the slightest touch or breeze. But oddly, the sensors that make this possible do not respond effectively to a harmful blow. Now researchers...Show More Summary

University of Delaware's Thomas Epps named American Physical Society Fellow

(University of Delaware) Thomas H. Epps, III, the Thomas & Kipp Gutshall Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and a Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Delaware, has been named a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS).

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