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Chief Justice Reports for Jury Duty

Chief Justice John Roberts showed up for jury duty “like other civic-minded citizens and was being considered for a civil trial in a case involving a car crash. He answered two questions in open court about relatives — noting that [...

Even Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Can't Avoid Jury Duty

3 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts reported for jury duty in Maryland on Wednesday, according to the Washington Post. After answering two questions in open court about family members, Roberts was not selected to serve on the jury and left the court in Rockville. Roberts' colleague, Justice Elena Kagan, reported for jury duty at D.C. Show More Summary

Chief Justice Roberts reports for jury duty in a Maryland court

One potential juror who was considered for a civil trial in Montgomery County on Wednesday morning could have brought a lot to the jury room. He’s the chief justice of the United States.John G. Roberts Jr. showed up for jury duty in Rockville like other civic-minded citizens and was being considered for a civil trial in a case involving a car crash. Show More Summary

The Trials of John Roberts

Supreme Court cases on gay marriage and the Affordable Care Act test the chief justice's commitment to judicial restraint.

The Supreme Rivalry That Runs America

6 days agoNews : The Daily Beast

The power struggle between Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy might have more say in this summer’s same-sex marriage vote than you think.

A Response to Chief Justice Roberts' Put-Down of Law Reviews

Chief Justice John Roberts Jr.'s offhand 2011 criticism of law review articles has stung legal academics ever since. Nearly four years later, his comment has finally met its match in the form of … a law review article.       

Citizens United Overruled, Court Announces Via New Cameras

In what court watchers called an "unexpected move," Chief Justice John Roberts announced this morning that a majority of the Supreme Court had voted sua sponte at a private conference yesterday to overturn its 2010 decision in Citizens United v. FEC, which held that corporations had a First Amendment right......

Never Count on the Supreme Court to Protect Voting Rights

Chief Justice John Roberts's decision in Shelby County v. Holder may be the most politically naïve decision of our era. Rooted in the notion that there simply isn't enough racism left in the United States to justify a full-functioning Voting Rights Act, Shelby County struck down t

The Issue for the Supreme Court Is Not Obamacare, But Obama

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was lambasted as a turncoat, traitor and betrayer by conservatives when he cast the deciding fifth vote in 2012 upholding the constitutional soundness of the Affordable Care Act. This allowed states and the federal government to put in an array of measures to fully implement the act. Show More Summary

Supreme Court meets to vote on Obamacare; Roberts likely holds key vote

last monthHealth : Booster Shots

When the Supreme Court justices met in private Friday to cast their votes and decide the reach of President Obama’s healthcare law, the outcome probably turned on the person who spoke first: Chief Justice John G. Roberts.

Seib Video: Reading the Supreme Court’s Signals on Health Subsidies

Chief Justice John Roberts was largely silent when justices heard arguments this week in a case that could threaten the Affordable Care Act. Washington Bureau Chief Jerry Seib and reporter Jess Bravin discuss the case and what Justice Roberts may have been thinking.

When The Subject Is Obamacare, Never Forget About Chief Justice Roberts

last monthNews : Huffington Post

Three years ago, a gruff-sounding Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. asked a question during the marathon hearings on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act about whether the mandate that individuals buy health insurance was really more like a tax on those who do not.

John Roberts' One Question on ObamaCare May Be Huge

In yesterday's arguments about ObamaCare before the Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Roberts surprised observers by saying almost nothing. But the single question he did ask might well have tipped his hand, writes Jeffrey Toobin at the New Yorker. If Toobin is right, it's a mixture of good and bad...

John Roberts in the hot seat: Now it’s his fellow conservative justices playing political games with him

At Monday's King arguments, it was Scalia, Alito and Kennedy's turn to worm their way into the Chief Justice's head

Did John Roberts Tip His Hand?

The Supreme Court oral argument on Wednesday in King v. Burwell featured thousands of words, dozens of provocative questions, two engaged and skillful lawyers—and one very striking silence. Chief Justice John Roberts, usually among the most active questioners on the court, scarcely said a word throughout the highly anticipated clash. Show More Summary

King v. Burwell oral arguments

The Post reports: “Supreme Court justices split along ideological lines Wednesday in questioning during the latest legal battle over the Affordable Care Act, making the outcome difficult to predict. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., who saved the act from a constitutional challenge three years ago, this time asked no questions that would betray his thoughts. If […]

Another contorted Obamacare ruling in the works

Chief Justice John Roberts was the Affordable Care Act’s savior in 2012. But the strongest signal from Wednesday’s oral arguments in King v. Burwell, the Supreme Court’s latest ACA case, is that Justice Anthony Kennedy might instead be the fifth vote to keep the policy intact this year. And he might use a Roberts-like legal […]

Obamacare Arguments Center on Chief Justice

John Roberts saved the law in 2012, but he played his cards close to the vest Wednesday

Chief Justice John Roberts, who saved Obamacare in 2012, stays quiet this time

last monthNews : The Newsroom

Chief Justice John Roberts, who saved President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul three years ago by unexpectedly joining the liberal wing of the court, stayed largely silent in oral arguments Wednesday on a new challenge that could deal a mortal blow to the law.

Justice Kennedy Gave Us a Window Into His Thinking at the King v. Burwell Argument This Morning-- and It Appears to Be Good News for the Government

When the Supreme Court heard oral argument this morning in King v. Burwell, the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act, everyone was eager to hear what Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy, widely viewed as the likely swing voters in the case, would have to say. Show More Summary

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