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How Chief Justice Roberts and Four Supreme Court Colleagues Gave the Nation a System of Legalized Bribery

The Supreme Court began its fall term this week. This seems like a good time to pause for a moment and revisit how decisions by Chief Justice John Roberts and four of his Supreme Court colleagues during the past five years have given the nation a system of legalized bribery. Show More Summary

NPR's Nina Totenberg Pretends John Roberts Is 'Consistently Conservative'

As the Supreme Court term begins, NPR court correspondent Nina Totenberg played dumb on Monday’s Morning Edition, much like Adam Liptak at The New York Times. Why would conservatives dislike “consistently conservative” chief justiceShow More Summary

Roberts’s Supreme Court: More unpopular than ever

  Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts shied away from striking down Obamacare for fear the court’s long-term credibility might be hurt if it countermanded legislation enacted by the popularly elected branches. Now, ironically, in the wake of two rounds of Obamacare rulings, gay marriage and other controversial issues, the court is less respected than […]

Money in Politics in California: Let the Voters Have Their Say

As Chief Justice John Roberts celebrates 10 years at the helm of our Nation's High Court, there's little question that the Roberts Court's five-to-four ruling in Citizens United v. FEC -- which allowed corporations and unions to spend...Show More Summary

5 Supreme Court Cases that John Roberts Could Use to Win Back Conservatives

Chief Justice John Roberts kicks off his 11th year on the US Supreme Court on Monday, not with accolades for his stewardship of the nation's highest court, but as the target of GOP presidential candidates who think he's gone soft for siding with liberals on the big Obamacare decision. Show More Summary

Supreme Court Begins Politically-Charged Term

“The last Supreme Court term ended with liberal victories, conservative disarray and bruised relations among the justices. The new one, which starts on Monday, marks the start of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.’s second decade on the court and [...]

Citizens United's Legal Roots Lie in the Jim Crow Supreme Court

As John Roberts begins his second decade as the chief justice, a number of Supreme Court rulings during his tenure are once more in the news, perhaps none more so than Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission. The 5-4 decision, which applied First Amendment guarantees of fre

Why We Should All Be Afraid of the Coming Supreme Court Term

The Roberts Court hasn't decided all the cases it will take yet, but the ones on its docket show this term shaping up to be one of the most contentious during Chief Justice John Roberts' tenure. Image: Steve Petteway/ Wikimedia Commons The post Why We Should All Be Afraid of the Coming Supreme Court Term appeared first on RH Reality Check.

NYT's Liptak Defends 'Quite Conservative' Chief Justice Roberts From Right-Wing 'Wrath'

New York Times Supreme Court correspondent Adam Liptak filed a liberal pleasing analysis Tuesday, fervently insisting Chief Justice John Roberts is a staunch conservative, despite what ridiculous right-wingers may think. His reported...Show More Summary

Americans Agree On One Thing: Citizens United Is Terrible

Tuesday marks the 10th anniversary of Chief Justice John Roberts taking the helm of the Supreme Court, and as academics and journalists look back on the cases that defined the past decade, none loom larger than the 2010 decision in Citizens United v. Show More Summary

Landmark cases during John Roberts’ decade as Chief Justice

last weekNews : NY Daily News

John Roberts celebrates 10 years as Chief Justice — a decade that has seen the Supreme Court preside over some important decisions.

Conservatives Have a New Worst Enemy: Conservative Chief Justice John Roberts

In a story which appeared sometime in the past few days, 1 LA Times reporter David Savage notes something that's been nibbling at the back of my mind but hadn't quite made it to the front. It's about Chief Justice John Roberts: He voted...Show More Summary

You Really Shouldn’t Have

Chief Justice John Roberts knows how to keep a straight face. The chief has devoted much of his tenure on the court to gutting modest campaign finance laws, clearing the way for corporations to electioneer endlessly and for oligarchs to give candidates mind-boggling sums of cash. Show More Summary

The Roberts Court at Ten

Ten years ago today, Judge John Roberts took the oath of office to become the 17 th Chief Justice of the United States. Although we speak of “the Roberts Court”—its 10 th term now behind it, its 5 th under its current composition—it’s somewhat misleading to do so since it seems to imply that the chief justice has more power than in fact he has. Show More Summary

The Roberts Court at 10: Election Law

With today’s 10 year anniversary of John Roberts’ joining the Supreme Court as Chief Justice of the United States. here’s another link to my paper in progress, Election Law’s Path in the Roberts Court’s First Decade: A Sharp Right Turn But … Continue reading ?

Chief Justice John Roberts Amasses Conservative Record, and the Right’s Ire”

Adam Liptak NYT Sidebar column: Political scientists say the conservative critique has a little merit, but not much. An analysis of voting patterns over the last decade shows Chief Justice Roberts to be well to the right of Justices Kennedy … Continue reading ?

Chief Justice Roberts' record isn't conservative enough for some activists

When a divided Supreme Court handed down six major rulings in the last week of June, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. came down firmly on the conservative side in five of them.

Morning Docket: 09.24.15

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Anthony Kennedy, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be in attendance during Pope Francis's Congressional address. Here's hoping a certain someone doesn't nod off in the middle of it....Show More Summary

No, Chief Justice Roberts' Judicial Restraint Isn't Admirable

In the wake of recent high-profile criticism of his jurisprudence, Chief Justice John Roberts can take comfort in the fact that he has at least one, perhaps increasingly lonely, lonely admirer. Law professor Noah Feldman, writing atShow More Summary

Ted Cruz Owes John Roberts Almost Everything

It’s quite something that Republican presidential candidates have decided Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is a liberal traitor to the cause. CNN moderators devoted a healthy segment to this discussion in Wednesday night’s debate, one that largely took place between Jeb Bush, whose brother appointed Roberts, and Sen. Show More Summary

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