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Interview: Inside the Nixon Years

Chuck Colson tells the inside story of the most controversial relationship in Graham's life. Billy Graham's relationship to President Richard Nixon was a tricky one, Charles Colson said in this exclusive interview before his death in 2012. Show More Summary

You’re the Next Charlie Gard if Government Gets to Decide Whether Your Quality of Life is Good Enough

We’ve talked recently about who should make life and death decisions when it comes to medical care. What would Chuck Colson have said about the case of little Charlie Gard?  Who should decide who lives and who dies? Back in 2009, Chuck prophetically warned that with nationalized healthcare comes increased government control over these decisions—especially […]

Here’s Another Reason Why Tim Tebow is Such a Good Christian Role Model for Kids

Even with all of our modern devotion to moral relativism, people still know virtue—and vice—when they see it. Chuck Colson liked to quote Karl Barth’s observation that Christians should do theology with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other. Now I’m not sure what Chuck would have thought of podcasts, but […]

Christians Must Vote Pro-Life: “If We Claim to be Pro-Life on Sunday, We Must be Pro-Life on Election Day”

As you consider your presidential, state, and local vote, many issues are important. But a few, like the protection of innocent life, are essential. Tomorrow is Election Day. And here’s some advice from Chuck Colson from a few years ago that applies even during this crazy 2016 campaign. “Vote as your conscience informs you. And […]

The Election Is Coming, but What About the Day After?

Chuck Colson often said, "Salvation won't arrive on Air Force One." Ok, we all agree on that. So, how now shall we live?

Why Cremation Is Pagan, Burial Is Christian

As Chuck Colson said, our worldview determines how we live. And even how we treat our dead.

Depressed About America? Here's Why We're OK

Given the many depressing trends and events both foreign and domestic that have bombarded us as Americans during the first quarter of 2016, I have found myself often calling to mind the admonition of the late, great Chuck Colson that it is a sin for Christians to be pessimistic. And, of course, he was, and is, right.

Chuck Colson's Final Speech: How to Win the Culture (Hint: It's Not Winning Elections)

Want to change the culture? Well, as Chuck Colson told us, don't place your hope in elections — as important as they are. Instead, look in the mirror.

Chuck Colson Influences Prison Reform Even After Death Through Task Force Named in His Honor

Charles Colson, once a prisoner, has been an inspiration to many people aching for a second chance. I am one of them.

Chuck Colson Was Not a Culture Warrior

And anyway, he stopped “winning” his battles a long time ago. W inning,” football coach Vince Lombardi once said, “is not a sometime thing; it's an all the time thing.” Chuck Colson was not much good at football, but he was good at winning. Show More Summary

Chuck Colson’s My Final Word is Serious Reading for ADD Readers

You consider yourself a deep reader and thinker, but you struggle with staying focused when you hold a book in your hands. You like to be challenged and engaged, but your ADD kicks in everytime you —look over there, I think that cat is chasing a squirrel– so you’ve probably already seen the advantage in […]

Kim Davis and Religious Freedom: Chuck Colson Predicted This

Stealth Christianity is certainly what culture and even the US government is pressuring believers to embrace today. County clerks, judges and local officials are confronted with the dilemma today when faced with their entanglement in Supreme Court sanctioned same-sex "marriage." The most public of cases is a Kentucky clerk named Kim Davis.

This Is About More than Abortion

From the diaries... By Anne Morse, compiler and co-author of My Final Word: Holding Tight to the Issues that Matter Most (Zondervan 2015) In the last few weeks, as I’ve given interviews about the collection of Chuck Colson memos gathered...Show More Summary

Why Chuck Colson Is the Ideal Millennial Role Model

Five traits the late Watergate-implicated, prison reforming evangelist shared with Millennials. The post Why Chuck Colson Is the Ideal Millennial Role Model appeared first on OnFaith.

3 Reasons Millennials Must Read 'The Colson Way'

Never heard of Charles "Chuck" Colson? Neither had I until graduate school, a mere five years ago. It was a particularly challenging time in my life.

Chuck Colson's Last Book 'My Final Word' Hits on Hot Topics of Gay Marriage, Rise of Islam

Christian publisher Zondervan announced on Tuesday, on the third anniversary of the death of Charles W. "Chuck" Colson, that the influential evangelical's last published work is set to be released on Aug. 4, and will engage with hot-topic issues such as the rise of Islam and same-sex marriage, among others.

Prison Reform, the Colson Way

Here at BreakPoint, we think about Chuck Colson quite a bit. And I'm happy to say that when it comes to prison reform, Congress has remembered him also.

Two Words for Christians in 2015: Clarity and Hope

I am convinced, especially after the chaos of Ferguson and the response to the CIA Torture Report, that Christians need to be more careful than ever to avoid what Chuck Colson so often called the political illusion. Our cultural divisions...Show More Summary

A Just War? What Chuck Would Say About the US and ISIS

You can call it what you want. Airstrikes. Limited military action. Leading a coalition. But let's face it, the U.S. is at war again in the Middle East. In times like these, I can't help but wonder what my friend Chuck Colson would have thought.

Congress Set to Pass 'Charles Colson Task Force on Federal Corrections' to Facilitate Prison Reform

When Congress passes its omnibus spending bill this month, it will include funding for a prison reform task force named after the late Prison Fellowship founder and best-selling evangelical author Charles "Chuck" Colson.

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