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Watch the Legendary Zlatan Ibrahimovic Read His Favourite 'Zlatan Facts'

A man so legendary that Chuck Norris started writing facts about him, Zlatan Ibrahimovic sat down with Bleacher Report to read some of his favourite "Zlatan Facts." A special thanks to Paris Saint-Germain, the @ ZlatanFacts Twitter account and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. There is only one Zlatan. Read more World Football news on

Chuck Norris Promotes Crazy Theory That Hillary Clinton Will Use Massive Voter Fraud

Walker, Texas Ranger Chuck Norris hasn't found a wingnut conspiracy theory he didn't like. Whether it's global warming treaty designed to turn into a One World Order, but he hit his stride on the pages of WND, where he opines Hillary...Show More Summary

Reader Poll: Which Part Of That Last Statement Was More Disturbing?

20-something guy: His beard makes him look like Chuck Norris.20-something girl: Who?Bartender: Chuck Norris. He was Walker, Texas Ranger.20-something guy: You don't know who Chuck Norris is?20-something girl: I feel like we always talk about Chuck Norris and I have no idea who he is.–3rd St & Berry, WilliamsburgOverheard by:

Grizzly Bear FLIPS Chick in a Glass Box!! (VIDEO)

Grizzly bears versus unarmed human beings are undefeated (except for that Chuck Norris incident) -- so, a Japanese game show found out how one fares against a woman trapped in a glass box. No offense to "The Price Is Right" and "Jeopardy"...…

Chuck Norris Plush Doll Giveaway

2 months agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

Background Image: Stefano Venturi/Shutterstock Here's a fact for you: When the Bald Eagle looks up "Freedom" in the dictionary, it'll find the entry for Chuck Norris. Here's another fact for you: Chuck Norris is too awesome to stay hidden in our warehouse for long. Show More Summary

Kings of Kung Fu

An indie PC/Mac fighting game styled after classic Kung Fu films, with 14 playable characters inspired by famous martial artists, from Bruce Lee to Chuck Norris to JCVD. Each has over 100 unique moves to play out on 15 levels.

Chuck Norris Nails the Issue in the Charleston Shooting

Chuck Norris, in an op-ed, takes on the phony issue of "gun control" pushed by President Obama related to the Charleston shooting.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia Has Chuck Norris on His Bat (Video)

2 months agoSports : Total Pro Sports

There are all sorts of superstitions that athletes adhere to, with baseball players often regarded as being among the most superstitious. And though I can’t say that’s the reason that Jarrod Saltalamacchia has a picture of Chuck Norris on the end of his bat, it seems to just make sense. I mean, if you want to hit […]

Arizona Diamondbacks catcher has a picture of Chuck Norris on his bat

Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia has a special tribute to Walker, Texas Ranger star Chuck Norris on the (...)

How To Be The Chuck Norris Of The Trail…For Beginners

How To Be The Chuck Norris Of The Trail...Ideas of how to get fit for the trail geared toward beginners!...

Faking To Win

In those days, when Japanese stylists threw a kick they never faked or feinted — the kick went straight to the target. They were not accustomed to someone faking a kick to one area and landing it elsewhere. — Chuck Norris on sport-karate strategy, c. Show More Summary

“C___k N____s” to the Orthodox

Teacher: So, “third person omniscient” means the narrator knows the thoughts and feelings of everyone in the story. It's almost like God is telling the story.Student: Or Chuck Norris.–Bard High School, QueensOverheard by: Sunny

Chuck Norris Doesn’t Do Push-ups: He Pushes the World Down

Chuck Norris recently wrote an editorial in favor of an Article V Convention of the States to rewrite the Constitution. Or draft a new Constitution.

Chuck Norris Earns 3rd Degree Black Belt in BJJ

In 2012, Chuck Norris gave an interview to Bloody Elbow, in which he tells how he first came to practice the popular discipline that is Brazilian jiu jitsu. Years ago, the action-star and martial arts legend found himself vacationing in Rio de Janeiro, stopping by all the martial arts schools in town to get his work outs in. Show More Summary

‘Dear Craigslist Photographer’ – What your search for models is REALLY saying

Dear Craigslist Photographer, Can I share something with you that both makes me laugh and want to go all Chuck Norris on a stuffed animal at the same time?  Okay, I’ll take your hesitancy as an opportunity to just say what I have to say:  Either you are just creepy, or your PR agency is [...]Show More Summary

Dan Bilzerian Announces 2016 Presidential Campaign

If you've never heard of Dan Bilzerian, just imagine if Hunter S. Thompson's gun collection and Chuck Norris' beard had a love child and gave it a multi-million dollar trust fund. The man's made headlines for throwing porn stars off his roof. Show More Summary

Chuck Norris Warns Washington On Jade Helm: "Don't Mess With Texas"

Earlier this month, Lone Star state residents breathed a heavy sigh of relief after Chuck Norris promised that in the event a US Spec Ops training exercise inexplicably morphs into a second (and thereby completely redundant) annexation of Texas, Walker Texas Ranger will personally defend the state against a Navy SEAL incursion. Show More Summary

His own worst enemy: Chuck Norris takes on Chuck Norris in a Jade Helm 15 fight both are doomed to lose

If the multistate military exercise isn't an invasion of Texas, then why is it happening in Texas?

Chuck Norris: I Never Said Jade Helm Was a Plot to Take Over Texas

3 months agoNews : Mediaite

Chuck Norris insisted yesterday that, despite what people may think, he never said that Jade Helm was a military conspiracy to take over Texas.

MRs: Iowa takeaways, gay GOP leader, how Savannah lost Volvo

National Is Stephanopoulos’ reputation ruined? Loaded gesture gets California congresswoman in hot water 5 takeaways from the Iowa GOP Lincoln dinner Starbucks employee’s epic rant caught on camera Chuck Norris digs up dirt on Hillary...Show More Summary

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