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Are You The Gardener Or The Fundraiser?

In Are You an ATM or a Fundraiser? I raised the issue of how ‘disrespect’ — for the profession, for each other, and for the donor — is contributing to a bleak future for our sector. Claire Axelrad was among Agitator readers who added to the ‘what’s wrong’ list. “The lack of a philanthropy culture […]

What your potential boss is REALLY thinking during the interview

Here’s part one of this interview with Claire Axelrad! If you’d like to learn more from Claire, come to the Fundraising Career Conference! MT: […]

Specific steps that will make your donors happy

Fundraisers are in the happiness business. At least those who are succeeding are. Here are some ways to raise more money by making your donors happy, from Claire Axelrad, writing at Nonprofit Pro: 7 Strategies to Create Happier, More Generous Donors. Show More Summary

Using Psychology To Fundraise

Back in January I noted an article by Claire Axelrad — 9 Valuable Shortcuts to Influence Nonprofit Donors — in which she described how to use some proven precepts of persuasion psychology to improve your fundraising prowess. Here’s another go at the same theme … this time 15 ways psychology can boost commerce sales from ClickZ […]

Read. Repeat.

Agitator readers in the U.S. who took last Monday off to celebrate Presidents’ Day missed a real gem. So first thing today, go back and read Tom’s post, Become a Youtility, based on Claire Axelrad’s brilliant piece in NonProfit Pro. In a nutshell that post and the links embedded in it covers everything The Agitator’s been preaching […]

Become A Youtility

Today I followed a couple of links that led me, late bloomer that I am, to this ‘new’ word: Youtility. It’s a nifty term, capturing a concept that all fundraisers should have embraced by now. I started with Claire Axelrad’s great seductive headline — Want to Guarantee Fundraising Success? Dive Into These 5 Fundamentals. So I […]

Follow The Man In The Suit

I saw this headline — 9 Valuable Shortcuts to Influence Nonprofit Donors — on a recent Claire Axelrad article and set off to read it in a huff. “Claire, you know better than that,” I thought as I waited for the download. “You know donor relationships must be built over time, as trust and commitment […]

Rock your next interview

The smart, engaged and so clear Claire Axelrad of @CharityClairity on Twitter and presented at our fundraising career virtual conference in April. Her […]

Fundraising Career Conference Rocked Hardcore

Whew! It’s over! Wow! What an intense three days! We learned from Vanessa Chase, Tom Ahern, Claire Axelrad, Linda Lysakowski, Kishshana Palmer, Phil Gerard, […]

Want to get that next fundraising job? Learn from this Claire Axelrad interview

  MT: Hey, everybody. Welcome. This is Mazarine Treyz of Wild Woman Fundraising, and I am very pleased today to be interviewing Claire Axelrad […]

[Guest Post] What’s Scarier? Witches, Goblins, or Fundraising? 7 Ways to Stop Being Afraid

It's been my pleasure to get to know Claire Axelrad and her great blog Clairification. I've always said my best Halloween costume was to dress as a fundraiser! As a guy who teaches how to ask without fear, I love the post she's sharing. In it, she asks what's truly scary--asking for money, or what [...]Show More Summary

Thirteen Pumpkin Flavored Major Gift Tips for Halloween

The October Nonprofit Blog Carnival is up! And it's full of Halloween fun. Claire Axelrad, of Clairification, and a major gifts guru herself, has rounded up some of the best tips around for finding and getting major gifts for your nonprofit. Get...Show More Summary

Fundraising Authority Podcast #12: How to Thank Your Donors the Right Way

In this episode of The Fundraising Authority Podcast, we talk to Claire Axelrad from Clairification.  Claire is the expert on how to build better relationships and raise more money through better thanking. That’s right… you can actually raise more money for your organization if you develop a better strategy for thanking your donors.  In this […]

Guides Or Paparazzi?

Commenting on a recent Agitator post, Claire Axelrad noted: “…transformational fundraising is about igniting the spark of passion that brings human beings joy. That’s why fundraisers (the good ones) are to be treasured, not castigated. The good ones are guides and leaders, not paparazzi.” What a vivid (negative) image that gave me … fundraisers as [...]

Why Asking Random People for Big Bucks Is Not a Major Gifts Strategy

Guest author Claire Axelrad has laid it right on the line. You need a plan and a strategy if you want to get major gifts from donors. In her Asking for Major Gifts? Answer These 10 Questions First, Claire starts with "Is this the right...Show More Summary

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