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Deforestation is messing with our weather -- and our food

Insight into how large-scale deforestation could impact global food production by triggering changes in local climate has been gained by new research. In the study, researchers from the United States and China zero in on albedo (theShow More Summary

Additional climate policies needed for US pledge, say analysts

Climate Action Tracker says American ambition 'medium range'; not business-as-usual.

What California Can Teach Other States about Climate Change

2006 was a good year for environmentalists. Al Gore had just released his documentary about climate change, “An Inconvenient Truth,” to enthusiastic appraisals, and was travelling across the U.S. to spread the word. David Denby wrote,...Show More Summary

Why decarbonisation is all too hard for some

A recent study of media in the UK and - moreso - the US suggests some major newsrooms focus disproportionately on the doom and gloom of climate change, creating a sense of hopelessness among many readers and viewers.

Hello, state lawmakers: Want to ignore climate change? Prepare to lose FEMA funding

New FEMA guidelines could push states to consider how climate change will affect their communities in order to gain access to funding.

Southeast Asia faces increasingly intense climate events: analysts

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Densely populated Southeast Asian island states such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and the Philippines are likely to face more intense climate events in future, analysts said on Thursday.

Freaked Out By the Lightning Yesterday? Better Get Used to It in the US

3 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Lightning struck fear into the hearts of Seattleites yesterday. A paper last year found that lightning strikes will increase by 50 percent in the US, thanks to climate change. Mihai Simonia/Shutterstock Dark clouds gathered on the horizon. Show More Summary

Concern as Climate Impacts on Gulf Stream Flow

Ocean scientists find evidence of an increasing slowdown in the Atlantic’s “invisible river” that could seriously affect weather and sea levels in the US and Europe.

Spotlight on green news & views: Illinoisans hate fracking, Obama vows to admit climate refugees

See OceanDiver's post here. Many environmentally related posts appearing at Daily Kos each week don't attract the attention they deserve. To help get more eyeballs, Spotlight on Green News & Views (previously known as the Green Diary Rescue) normally appears twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Show More Summary

Abbott's emissions 'safeguard' is only safeguarding business

Direct Action in theory could work, but the design of the proposed 'safeguard mechanism' to cap big firms' emissions - the second key element of the government's climate plan - will act more like a sieve through which pollution will stream.

Right-Wing Media Laugh Off How Climate Change Harms Women

Right-wing media have been mocking a recent resolution to address the disproportionate impacts that women will face from climate change, laughing at the possibility that "climate change will turn women into prostitutes." But the grim reality is that climate change will affect women in ways that should not be laughed at or ignored. Rep. Show More Summary

Russia Joins U.S. In Filing International Pledge To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Russia's contribution to the international climate agreement was, admittedly, a little strange. The post Russia Joins U.S. In Filing International Pledge To Reduce Carbon Emissions appeared first on ThinkProgress.

A Step in the Right Direction: How Costa Rica made me a Climate Change Optimist.

In the first quarter of 2015, Costa Rica produced 100% of its energy from renewable resources, an impressive accomplishment.

Climate warning labels could be coming to a gas pump near you

San Francisco and Berkeley want to apply the tobacco-labeling approach to fuel.

It's Time to Get Serious About Systemic Solutions to Systemic Problems

Co-Authored By James Gustave Speth It's getting harder and harder to be an optimist. A deep economic crisis has given way to a profoundly unequal recovery. Climate catastrophe is steadily unfolding across the globe. And the work of building a racially inclusive society appears to be stalled -- indeed, in many areas, to be losing ground. Show More Summary

They Warned Iran's Ayatollah About a Deal on Nukes, Now the GOP Cautions the World on Climate Pact

6 hours agoNews : Vice News

GOP leaders warn the world that they will undo any climate change deal agreed upon by President Obama.

Mitch McConnell Tries To Tank International Climate Change Accord

If there was any doubt left in your mind about what a Koch whore Mitch McConnell is, you should definitely lose those last shards with this news. Imitating junior Senator Tom Cotton, Mitch McConnell has written to countries about toShow More Summary

Walter Cronkite Reports Climate Change Warnings 35 Years Ago

Walter Cronkite warned of a new ice age and looming global warming decades ago. The American broadcast journalist came into the homes of millions of Americans as the anchor newscaster for CBS Evening News for 19 years. According to a story by CBS News, Walter Leland Cronkite, Jr. Show More Summary

Abusive censorship on Twitter – same word used by Gavin Schmidt gets commenter banned

Not being able to win arguments on merits, a complaint was apparently made to ban/suspend Tom Nelson from Twitter for using the very same description of a graph that climate scientist Gavin Schmidt made. Tom Nelson alerts me via email of this, last week it was Steven Goddard, whose account has been reinstated after massive…

Will Republicans write a letter to Mother Earth telling her Obama's climate plans will be reversed?

White House chart on proposed emissions. When the deadline was reached Tuesday, just six governments had submitted plans for reducing their climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions: the European Union, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Switzerland and the United States. Show More Summary

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