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We must rely on science to inform us about climate change and its causes

The existence or non-existence of climate change and global warming can only be determined by empirical observation and interpretation of data. These activities are scientific in nature, not religious. Scientists have been collecting and interpreting the data for many years. Studies analyzing the data have been published and reviewed in peer reviewed professional journals for...

Iowa Catholics Want to Talk About Climate Change

As 2016 candidates criss-cross Iowa these days, Catholics are being encouraged to talk to them about climate change. This week Bishop Richard Pates wrote an op-ed in the Des Moines...

2°C or not 2°C–that is the question

This note by The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley uses methods and data exclusively from mainstream climate science to constrain the interval of 21st-century global warming. In 2009 the Copenhagen climate summit asserted, on little evidence, that global warming of 2 C° compared with pre-industrial temperature [equivalent to 1.1 C° above today] would be dangerous. The…

Throwing more money at homeowners

Move to reduce inheritance tax in Britain are not sensible in the current fiscal climate

Transport Sharing Boosts Health, Wealth and Climate

5 hours agoNews : Truthdig

By Paul Brown, Climate News Network Growing public involvement in schemes to share cars and bicycles is clearly good for the environment, and it also saves money and improves people’s health.

Solar News, Renewable News, Climate News (Link Drop)

It’s the weekend! Time for another big solar energy, wind energy, energy efficiency, climate, etc, link drop. Enjoy! Solar Solar Power Pros And Cons: Is Solar Power Worth It? World Economy Decoupled From Emissions Thanks In Part To Solar...Show More Summary

Warmist Joe Romm: Declaration Of Independence Is Totally Linked To Climate Change!

Members of the Cult of Climastrology have actually been rather quiet in linking Independence Day to “climate change” this year. When in doubt, though, never count George Soros funded Joe

Korea Makes Climate Pledge, But Is It Enough?

The Republic of Korea (South Korea) is one of the 44 countries that have submitted emissions pledges to the official United Nations INDC list. South Korea is one of the fastest growing emitters in the developed world and is in the top 10 (#7, in April) on the world list. Show More Summary

Climate change put mussels off the menu?

Climate change models predict that sea temperatures will rise significantly, including in the tropics. In these areas, rainfall is also predicted to increase, reducing the salt concentration of the surface layer of the sea. Together,...Show More Summary

A Revolutionary Pope Calls For Rethinking the Outdated Thinking That Rules the World

Pope Francis’ revolutionary encyclical addresses not just climate change but the banking crisis. Pope Francis has been called “the revolutionary Pope.” Before he became Pope Francis, he was a Jesuit Cardinal in Argentina named Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the son of a rail worker. Show More Summary

How Bringing Back The Great Whale Can Limit Climate Change (VIDEO)

The oceans are huge carbon sinks for the world. Fish and whales comprise only a tiny part of their overall biomass. Nevertheless, studies have shown that fishing and whaling by humans have altered the ocean’s carbon storage and sequestration capabilities by causing a change in the food chain, or a trophic cascade. Show More Summary

Two of World’s Largest Countries Joining Forces to Fight Climate Change

Brazil and the United States announced a joint effort to address climate change and boost renewable energy during a visit this week by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to the White House. Brazil also committed to restore and reforest 12 million hectares — an area roughly the size of Pennsylvania — and to eliminate illegal deforestation.

Gay marriage is the new global warming

Jason Morrison says same-sex marriage is the new climate change: Here we are…

Oddly, ‘Nobel prize winner’ Michael Mann was not invited to sign The Mainau Declaration for climate protection

This seems sort of odd, not only was Michael Mann excluded (probably for good reason) but the names of the signers seems to be a secret. Nobel Laureates appeal for climate protection The Mainau Declaration 2015 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings To mark the final day of the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, on Friday, 3…

White House: Include Costs of Climate Change in Federal Budget

Well, climate change/global warming costs will be put into federal government budgets whether you like it or not.

A sad commentary on global warming alarmism: Science says one thing, scientists another

Andrew Montford at Bishop Hill kindly allows me to repost this here. Anyone would think there was a big climate conference coming up, because the BBC is pumping out the climate propaganda left right and centre. A couple of nights ago we had Kirsty Wark fawning all over Chris Rapley on Newsnight (from 40 mins)…

Climate Then and Now

(Steven Hayward) From volume 4 of Churchill’s Marlborough: His Life and Times, about the winter of 1708-9, near the culmination of the long war against Louis XIV: But there now fell upon France a new and frightful misfortune. Since the beginning of December there had been a hard and almost unbroken frost. Show More Summary


We need to grow 50% more food yet agriculture causes climate change. How do we get out of this bind? The World Bank’s head of agriculture and food security speaks of a “frustrating lack of attention paid to agriculture” at the climate...Show More Summary

Ramadan and Power Outages Blamed for Mass Deaths During Pakistan Heatwave

yesterdayNews : Vice News

A deadly combination of factors, including poor urban planning, a crippled energy infrastructure, climate change, Ramadan, and freak weather conditions, has led to the unprecedented deaths of more than a thousand people in a Pakistani heat wave. Show More Summary

Scientists convinced European heat waves boosted by climate change

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As Germany and Spain sweated and London sweltered through its hottest July day on record this week, scientists said it is "virtually certain" that climate change is increasing the likelihood of such heat waves in Europe.

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