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Rowing: Cold, wind and waves derail season-opening Regional Park Regatta

The Regional Park Regatta, the first event of the 2015 Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association season, was cancelled two hours after it began on Saturday when adverse weather conditions threatened the rowers’ safety.Read full article...

Anyone Care For Another Dash Of Snow?

Today's tantalizing touch of warmth (high 56?!) will be accompanied by lashing wind and thunderous rain through tonight and Friday morning, at which point we begin our descent back into the cold, icy catacombs. As Joe pointed out yesterday,...Show More Summary

The Starmaker --Fierce Colossal Winds of a Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole

Star formation takes place in cold, dense molecular clouds. By heating and dispersing gas that could one day make stars, the black-hole wind forever alters a large portion of its galaxy. By combining observations from the Japan-led Suzaku X-ray satellite...

$10.10 minimum wage a scary idea

By Michael Saltsman, Spring is here, which means cold winds and icy sidewalks are replaced by budding flowers and warmer breezes. Unfortunately, it also means the Ohio legislature will again consider the perennial bad idea of raising the minimum wage.

PAX East 2015 community photo time!

Now that we've all climbed out bed, it's time to rejoice over the good times of PAX before we went into PAX plague hibernation. What adventures we've had on this staircase year after year! This time, the cold and wind was back and as bad as ever, but some brave souls still made it for the photo shoot. Show More Summary

David Cameron revives Cold War-era fund to wind up Vladimir Putin

David Cameron announced plans on Thursday for the UK to spend £20 million to help former Soviet states develop market economies and counter Russian influence in the region. Around £5 million has already been spent on helping the government...Show More Summary

Marching on

The cold has returned with vigor. Chilling wind with snow in the forecast tomorrow. The kind that accumulates. Maybe a bit more on Saturday. We got wood. Good clean beautifully split wood. The kind you can just look at. Love....

Windsurf Winter Moments ft. Niek van der Linde

"Winters in Holland can be pretty cold, rainy and grey. But if you keep an eye on the wind direction and put on a good wetsuit, you can have your best days," says the Dutch freestyle windsurfer Niek van der Linde and shares some winter moments with us. The post Windsurf Winter Moments ft. Niek van der Linde appeared first on Continentseven.

Saturday Noir: Bob Schneider, "Chinatown"

YouTube There's a cold wind blowin' down the ninety nine And the ghosts of New York City they all doin' just fine When that little Smith and Wesson went and lit up the night All she showed when she heard were them cold pearly whites None of them kisses dropped down in the hole While...

Try Not To Get The Chills When You Look At This Mackinac Bridge Photo

3 weeks agoNews : Huffington Post

This photo of a worker walking on a narrow expanse, hundreds of feet above a frozen lake in the bitter winds of winter, might bring on an involuntary shudder -- it looks treacherous and so, so cold. But it’s business as usual for one...Show More Summary

Worth Reading: The Bizarre Story Behind Resident Evil's 'Deaf' Composer

Friday means it's time to start winding down the week, reaching for a cold beverage, and being mentally stimulated by a bunch of really great commentary, criticism, and observations about video games. Right? That's what everyone does on their Friday! I better not be alone on this one. Read more...

9 Funny Someecards That Will End The Week On A High Note

Dear Winter: We are so done. We're done with your snow, your slush and your wind. We're done with your gray skies and your lack of sunshine. And, dammit, we are done with your cold. We don't know how to further express how incredibly over you we are, so we've summed up our feelings with a roundup of the best Someecards of the week. Show More Summary

Up the Winding Cliffside Road

…Through puddles and over stones; Nimblewill Gap. Deserted, mind you, but our lonesome Jeep. It’s cold and a light rain threatening us to wait a day. No way José. Approach Trail via Nimblewill Gap was a fabulous decision. Those 500-some-odd steps from Amicalola seem less than desirable. Hiking in the rain, also less than desirable. Most......

Black Diamond Alpine Start Hoody Review

The Black Diamond Alpine Start Hoody is a highly breathable softshell jacket that excels as a wind shirt and protective garment against light precipitation. Ideally suited for cold weather pursuits, it provides excellent breathability without the weight of a heavier technical shell. Show More Summary

How to Avoid These 5 Hidden Costs of Winter

As I type this article, the temperature outside is negative 17 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind chill? Negative 32. And this is, like, our fifth round of this frigid nonsense this year. We've gotten used to the cold, so I complain mostly to establish my clout as a northern girl who knows her winter...

How to calculate wind chill

Wind-chill, windchill, wind chill factor, wind chill index is an estimate of how cold you will feel at a given air temperature when there is a wind blowing. It is a popular tool used by weather presenters to make you feel worse about...Show More Summary

Nefarious Kickstarter update - A cold wind blows

Very appropriate that the level we've been hard at work on has been the ice stage, considering how cold it's been out lately. Ariella is a princess of the north, and the landscapes of her kingdom are covered in ice and snow. But the dwarves of Winterdown have always been a hardy folk. Show More Summary

Tracking America's wind patterns by season and state

Wind generation seasonal patterns vary across the US due to seasonal factors as well as state-specific features, such as the cold Pacific current off California's coast.

Vets help vets stay out of jail through a unique Fulton County court

Outside the Fulton County Accountability Court headquarters, a cold wind ripped through the Bankhead neighborhood west of downtown. Standing inside before two dozen veterans of conflicts from Vietnam to Afghanistan, John L. Walsh, a real estate broker and a Vietnam War veteran, gave his pitch with all the fervor of a seasoned recruiting sergeant.

New York City, February 19, 2015

? The smartphone on the floor by the outside wall was so cold that its glass fogged over when picked up by bare hands. The wind moaned inside the building and rattled on the outside. A tattered plume rose from the top of the glass apartment tower and lurched this way and that as it […]

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