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Lady Dynamite Series Premiere Recap: Open Arms

In her new Netflix sitcom, Maria Bamford doesn't break the fourth wall so much as she bulldozes it to pieces. Much like her stand-up comedy, Lady Dynamite focuses on Bamford's real-life experiences navigating personal and professional relationships with mental illness. She has a rare knack for playing up the laugh-out-loud ... More »

The Mindy Project Recap: Friends Don't Let Friends Date Mindy

This week, The Mindy Project delivers a particularly New York-focused episode — obligatory Hamilton storyline included — while also giving us a solid riff on romantic comedy. Let there be no doubt: This is what the show does best. (Danny who?)To get our Hamilton fix, we begin with the "Shulman and Associates ... More »

Fear the Walking Dead Episode 205 Recap: A Comedy of Errors

"Captive" The post Fear the Walking Dead Episode 205 Recap: A Comedy of Errors appeared first on

Archer Recap: Lingua Franca

Archer appreciates the simple joys of language. The show's writers treat English (and, frequently, tidbits from foreign tongues) as a complex plaything to be endlessly reconfigured. The characters often act like comedy writers, amusing themselves with puns and one-liners for their own sake. (When Ray responds to Pam's diss of ... More »

Scandal Recap: The Truth About Jake

#Gladiators, greetings from sunny Los Angeles! Mama has been traveling and when this episode of Scandal aired, I was in Austin for a comedy festival, eating my weight in barbecue until I got the itis. Suffice it to say, there's a good possibility I might not fit into my bridesmaid's ... More »

The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: When Will Carole and Bethenny Get Their Buddy Comedy Spinoff?

It's time to come clean with yourselves: You would watch a spinoff of The Real Housewives of New York City starring Carole Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel. You so would. And then you...

‘Book Ball’ Tops and Bottoms: Power Ranking ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ 08×08 — RECAP

4 weeks agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

Now this is a top four!  I don’t understand folks complaining about this season’s crop of queens. If anything, this might be the most well-balanced group of contestants we’ve seen in a while. The beauty queens can do comedy. The clowns can serve look… Read The post ‘Book Ball’ Tops and Bottoms: Power Ranking ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ 08×08 — RECAP appeared first on Towleroad.

'Silicon Valley' recap: Pied Piper gets a new boss

As the smartly droll HBO comedy kicks off its third season, Silicon Valley picks up where it left off with renewed vigor: Richard Hendrix (Thomas Middleditch) has been fired as CEO of Pied Piper and offered the job of Chief Technology Officer.  To say Richard is unhappy with the offer is a gross understatement. Show More Summary

The Last Man on Earth Recap: Miller Time

In 2007, Will Forte wrote and starred alongside Will Arnett in a comedy called The Brothers Solomon. It's a pretty good film! Directed by Bob Odenkirk, Wills Arnett and Forte play siblings attempting to impregnate Kristen Wiig so that they can please their father (who, somehow, is portrayed by Lee ... More »

Time Traveling Bong Premiere Recap: A New Kind of Stoner Comedy

As Louis C.K.'s famously killer bit made clear, time travel could only be an appealing proposition to a white man. For women, black people, or anyone who didn't conform to the restrictive societal mold of a time period, life prior to the modern era was kind of a suckfest. A ... More »

The Grinder Recap: A Family of Liars

The Grinder occupies a weird space on the TV comedy spectrum. As we saw in last week's "A System on Trial," it's remarkably small in scope but big in comedic ambition. This is an extremely smart show disguised as a dumb one, affectionately draping tired tropes over itself in the ... More »

Saturday Night Live Recap: This Is Why Russell Crowe Doesn't Do Comedy

Russell Crowe is not exactly known for his comedic styling - and for good reason. The Oscar winner wasn't exactly a laugh riot on Saturday Night Live, but the first-time host committed to every wacky character the writers threw his way, so he at least deserves an A for effort. Check out the best... Read More > Other Links From Saturday Night Live Russell Crowe

The Carmichael Show Recap: Evicted

As an obsessive sitcom fan, I would love to get a behind-the-scenes peek of any comedy on television. Lately, I find myself doubly wishing this for The Carmichael Show. It seems like the writers start off with one hot topic — Plan B, Bill Cosby, gentrification — and then list... More »

The Real O'Neals Recap: Pornado

This is the episode that seals it: The Real O'Neals should be on your radar. Add it to your Tuesday nights, or at least to your DVR recordings. Variety's Maureen Ryan recently praised comedy's takeover of TV, and from what I've seen, this show deserves to be included. The Real... More »

Baskets Recap: Never Care About Me

Much of the writing surrounding Baskets, including my own, often pays particular attention to the show's darkness. It's a comedy that wrestles with major themes of disappointment and failed promise, and often seems more interested in pushing its characters to pitiful new lows than it is in making the audience... More »

Love Season Finale Recap: A Not-So Happy Ending

If Love were the romantic comedy it presents itself as, the final scene of "The End of the Beginning" would play as a triumphant moment. It would be the moment of catharsis this whole, messy ordeal has been building to. But while Gus and Mickey's kiss is admittedly cathartic, it's... More »

Shameless Recap: The Gallagher Contagion

Is Shameless a comedy? Is it a drama? A black comedy? A comedic drama? I lean toward the latter two subgenres, even though the official award-giving bodies have christened it straight comedy. The fact this this show can consistently bend categories is part of the reason it's so enjoyable, but... More »

"The Walking Dead" Recap: Everyone Learns to Enjoy the Quiet of "The Next World"

In a surprisingly lighthearted episode, "The Walking Dead" jumps ahead to focus on leisure, camaraderie and even a little bit of comedy.

The Fosters Recap: Mom Hugs are the Best Hugs

The Fosters' latest outing contained two things very near and dear to my heart: Sweet stories about the relationships between adults and their parents, and solid Mario Lopez comedy. We'll start with the former, since I'm still crying and won't be able to stop until I talk it out. God,... More »

Baskets Recap: Mad Clown Love

There's no money to be made in comedy. We see that in the second episode of Baskets, where sad-clown funnyman Chip faces eviction from the motel he's been staying in if he can't dig up some extra cash. Working for sub-sub-minimum wage at the Bakersfield rodeo just doesn't cut it... More »

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