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Logan’s 16 Best Easter Eggs And References

CBR breaks down Logan's biggest Easter Eggs and best hidden connections to the cinematic world and comic book history of Wolverine and the X-Men. The post Logan’s 16 Best Easter Eggs And References appeared first on

Did you spot this Watchmen Easter egg hidden in Batman V Superman?

You might have noticed by now that comic book movies are full to the brim with little winks, nods, and Easter eggs about other superhero franchises but one eagle-eyed fan has spotted something Watchmen-related in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that would make every DC fan’s head spin

Let’s Explore the Shared Slasher Movie Universe That Already Exists

Are they fun Easter eggs, or do our favorite villains live in the same universe? “Shared cinematic universes” are all the rage in Hollywood right now. Of course, it all began with the Marvel and DC comic book superhero universes that have been dominating the box office for the last several years, and in 2017, […]

Check Out The Hilarious Frozen Easter Egg You Probably Missed In The Flash

Easter Eggs in comic book related TV show and movies are nothing new, but it's rare that those Easter Eggs reference non-comic properties. Well, leave it to The Flash to break the mold with a nod to Disney's Frozen in the latest episode.

Superhero Bits: Aquaman Locations, Arrowverse Crossover Footage, Carmine Falcone Easter Egg & More

5 months agoEntertainment / Film : SlashFilm

Which Avenger represents your state in the 50 state variant comic book covers? Did you catch what appears to be a Carmine Falcone easter egg in Batman v Superman? How much has Doctor Strange made worldwide? Did you know Michael Shannon...Show More Summary

There’s a ‘Hellraiser’ Easter Egg in the New ‘Iron Man’ Comic Book

Wait a second. Did Hellraiser just join the Marvel Universe?! Released just last month, the first issue of “Infamous Iron Man” began a brand new story wherein villain Victor von Doom has taken over the role of Iron Man from the apparently deceased Tony Stark. While Doom’s master plan is still unclear, he seems to […]

Did You Catch This ‘Captain Marvel’ Easter Egg In ‘Doctor Strange’?

5 months agoEntertainment / Film : SlashFilm

Doctor Strange hit theaters this past weekend, and as is the case with any Marvel Studios movie, there were plenty of Easter eggs and references to the rest of the franchises and the comic books that inspired them. But there was oneShow More Summary

Some Easter Eggs Revealed From Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE [SPOILERS]

It looks like Marvel's Doctor Strange likes to defeat Trolls inside and out of the comic books. The Sorcerer Supreme defeats Justin Timberlake in the box office and it’s another home run for Marvel Studios. I guess we can say that Kevin Feige brought the sexy back when it comes to dusting off one of MARVEL COMICS’ most classic and iconic characters. Show More Summary

Supergirl Promo Features Major Crisis on Infinite Earths Easter Egg

A major comic book moment is teased, though it's safe to assume the story will be changed dramatically for television. The post Supergirl Promo Features Major Crisis on Infinite Earths Easter Egg appeared first on

Luke Cage Features A Really Weird Back To The Future Easter Egg, Check It Out

Netflix's Luke Cage dropped a lot of sweet pop culture nods, although most were tied to the world of comic books. One exception, though, was bafflingly weird and involved Back to the Future.

When James Gunn May Finally Reveal The Last Hidden Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter Egg

The most elusive easter egg in comic book movie history may not be so secret soon. James Gunn still has another secret left in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Superhero Bits: How Angel Inspired The Avengers Shawarma Scene, Long-Running The Flash Easter Egg & More

8 months agoEntertainment / Film : SlashFilm

How much has Suicide Squad made worldwide so far? Which comic book movie was the most mentioned in Twitter’s trending #Fav7Movies hashtag? How did Angel inspire the shawarma scene after the credits of The Avengers? What item can youShow More Summary

Here’s Every DC Comics Easter Egg Found In Suicide Squad

As comic book extended universes have become the norm, so have the little references and easter eggs that exist within each film to call out to those other parts of that universe. Here's every one that's within Suicide Squad.

Captain America: Civil War Gave Sharon Carter an Awesome Comic Easter Egg

12 months agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

For fans who have read the Civil War comic arc, the film took a somewhat different approach to the circumstances that wound up pitting Captain America against Tony Stark. Even if the film didn't adapt the comic book completely, there are still aspects from the original arc that are just as applicable to the MCU timeline.

What Kevin Smith Thinks Of Captain America: Civil War

Kevin Smith is a pretty devout comic book fan. His film Mallrats is littered with comic book references and easter eggs (he even had a Stan Lee cameo before it was cool). So it was only a matter of time before the Batman loving filmmaker voiced his opinion on Captain America: Civil War, arguably the biggest movie of the summer. Show More Summary

Celebrate Star Wars Day With These Comic Book Easter Eggs!

Unexpected guest star cameos, unofficial crossovers and more "Star Wars"-themed comic book homages!

Why One Legends Of Tomorrow Easter Egg Could Disappoint A Lot Of Comic Fans

When Legends of Tomorrow airs this week, it will follow the team on their mission while also slipping in an easter egg that could mean disappointing things for comic book fans.Click To Continue Reading

'BATMAN v SUPERMAN': Dead Robin's Identity Officially Revealed?

While reaction to BATMAN v SUPERMAN was decidedly mixed, the film was full of Easter eggs and allusions to the comic book canon and mythos that a lot of fans appreciated. Not the least of these allusions was when Bruce Wayne looked upon a vandalized Robin suit in his Batcave before heading to Lex Luthor's gala event. Show More Summary

WATCH: Roundup of 75 "Batman: Arkham Asylum" Easter Eggs

Check out all -- or most of -- the comic book and animated series references you might have missed in Rocksteady's first "Arkham" game.

10 Hidden Superhero Movie Easter Eggs You Never Noticed

Comic book fans are enjoying the Golden Age of superhero movies, as many of their favorite characters are finally being adapted for the big screen. Everything from Batman to The Inhumans is coming through the pipeline, meaning the filmmakers are truly exploring their libraries of characters. Show More Summary

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