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Terrific Femshep Cosplay

Freya Willia is Commander Shepard in this getup. It's not just a fantastic suit of armour, with some great detail all around, but some awesome weapons as well, including two firearms designed by Volpin Props. Read more...

How Mythology and Pop Culture Influenced Mass Effect

From sci-fi references to artistic nods, the Mass Effect series has numerous connections to the real world—this video, narrated by none other than Commander Shepard (or Mark Meer if you will) himself, looks at some of them. Read mor...

PAX South 2015: O'Brien and Johanson on Guild Wars 2's Heart of Thorns

ArenaNet's Mike O'Brien and Colin Johanson (and Commander Shepard) took to the PAX South 2015 stage yesterday morning to announce Heart of Thorns, the first-ever expansion for Guild Wars 2. If you're not up to speed, check out our post...Show More Summary

Street Fighter Mod Lets You Kick Ass As Commander Shepard

Who knew that Mass Effect would work so well as a fighting game? Read more...

FemShep is Mass Effect's true, original Commander Shepard

Part of the beauty of the Mass Effect series is that you can be whomever you want. There isn't a pre-ordained hero that tries to save the galaxy; you can make Shepard male or female, good or evil, gay or straight. "I'm Commander Shepard...Show More Summary

See Commander Shepard's first steps

Straight from the Twitter feed of Mass Effect 1 and 2 Lead Animator Jonathan Cooper, Mass Effect protagonist Commander Shepard was a woman in the game's very first animation tests 10 years ago. Turns out, FemShep is the OG Commander. Ten years a...

My New Favorite Commander Shepard On The Citadel

Too often, Commander Shepard looks like a Dutch model. So for once, it's nice to see him look like an Italian one instead. Read more...

Commander Shepard reads Commander Shepard [Video]

You may already have heard the Mass Effect tribute song “Commander Shepard” by Miracle of Sound, an artist specialising in writing original songs relating to video games. Now we’ve got the next logical step: a dramatic reading of the lyrics by Jennifer Hale, who voices the Commander in the games if you choose to play […]

Storytime with Commander Shepard

Actor extraordinaire Jennifer Hale sat down to read us all a little Mass Effect story. Listen to her soothing voice and relax a little after a heavy day full of videogame newz.

The Real Commander Shepard Reads Us All A Bedtime Story

Yawn. Been a long day, no? Lots of GamesCom news. Time to hit the hay. But before we do, let's settle in and let the actual Commander Shepard, aka Jennifer Hale, read us all a story. A dramatic story. Read more...

7 Beloved Franchises That Need to Be MOBAs

Here's why Master Chief, Commander Shepard, Pikachu, and more are perfect for the booming genre.

The next Mass Effect might be about you and yours

The next Mass Effect will not revolve around Commander Shepard and crew, according to a BioWare Comic-Con panel. However, Phil Hornshaw of GameFront tweeted that the game's hero will have "something to do" with N7, the military designation for...

Bioware Reveals The Most Popular ‘Commander Shepard’ Names From Mass Effect 3

As we wait for Bioware to announce a Mass Effect sequel, prequel, spin-off or complete remastering of the trilogy for PS4/Xbox One (the most likely option), they’ve given us a new infographic to distract us from a lack of actual franchise news. Bioware poured over Mass Effect 3 player data to deduce what the most [...]

I'm Sarah Shepard, and these are my favorite names in Mass Effect 3

When it comes to saving (and romancing) the universe, Mass Effect 3 players turn to Commanders Jack and Sarah Shepard. Outside of default choices John and Jane, those are the most popular male and female names for the RPG hero in the series' latest...

BioWare announces most popular Commander Shepard names

BioWare has published player data culled from Mass Effect 3 to determine the five most popular names chosen for Commander Shepard, and the top names might surprise you. Sarah and Jack are at the top of the list for both female and male...Show More Summary

Y'all Sucked At Naming Commander Shepard

What did you name your Commander Shepard? Wait. Let me guess. Your Shepard—assuming you went with something other than the default name—has one of the names in the image above, right? Read more...

The Sims 4 Is Going To Be Dangerous For Me

Character creation menus will be the death of me. I love pouring my soul (and my time) into crafting the best-looking cat mage in Skyrim. Or a Commander Shepard in Mass Effect. Or a Jew in South Park: The Stick of Truth. The more complicated the interface and range of options is, the better. Read more...

Oh, Shep: Mass Effect Trilogy might make its way to Xbox One and PS4

Commander Shepard and Company might be hopping aboard the SSV Normandy and jetting off to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. That's because Mass Effect, one of the most revered (and then reviled) franchises on the Xbox 360 and PS3, looks like...Show More Summary

Be The Shepard And Buy Your Very Own N7 Mass Effect Jacket

Commander Shepard’s adventures through the galaxy may have ended a few years ago, but his / her legacy lives on, with the most recent form of remembrance being this nifty Mass Effect-theme leather jacket. More »      

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