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A poster child for Common Core

Today at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference gathering in Oklahoma, Republican 2016 hopefuls (with the exception of Jeb Bush) will be denouncing Common Core and extolling the notion that Oklahoma parents and lawmakers know best how to educate their children. This is where Common Core decriers need a reality check. As a preliminary matter, let’s […]

Quotes: Common Core Tests Restore Some Strengths of 1990s Tests, Says Linda Darling-Hammond

Before NCLB, Vermont, Indiana and Kentucky had students write in different genres and assessed their work. Connecticut and New York had multiday science activities... With Smarter Balanced, the performance tasks will only take about 180 minutes over one or two class periods. Show More Summary

20 of the Most Bizarre RPG Character Creation Rules

2 days agoHumor : Topless Robot

RPGs are marvelous things, with many strange twists and permutations, yet as different as they can be, nearly all of them have certain core concepts in common, and one of the most core concept...

Teacher eats hamster in front of students to teach them a lesson.

3 days agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

The only thing worse than Common Core. "This is going to me more than it hurts you, because I get awful heartburn." (via ThinkStock) Recently, an instructor at a South Korean boarding facility ate a live hamster in front of seven children,...Show More Summary

What’s Behind the 'Opt Out' Protests Against the Common Core?

“Opt Out,” a civil disobedience movement against state-mandated testing in elementary and secondary education, is growing rapidly across the United States. Last year, Opt Out protests occurred in about half the states. This year, the...Show More Summary

AM News: California Schools Already Getting Common Core Test Scores

School districts start receiving early results on Smarter Balanced tests: EdSource: District and school officials can begin looking at the scores and use them to make decisions about instruction, class placements and parent discussions,...Show More Summary

Real Education Reform: Opt Out of Common Core

A transmission from rural New York on how Washington-imposed "education reform" is working out.

Opt Out Tests If Child's a “Mere Creature of the State”

The Common Core War, over the last few months, has been fought on a largely new front : whether students can be forced to take state tests – in the vast majority of cases, Core-aligned tests – or whether parents and students can refuse. Show More Summary

AM News: Common Core Action In NH & CA - Plus New Preschool Data

N.H. Gov. Hassan First to Veto a Common-Core Repeal Bill State EdWatch: The Granite State governor's action is the first time a bill requiring a state to ditch the Common Core State Standards has been vetoed by a governor. Broad coalition,...Show More Summary

Jeb Bush Says He Can Convince the GOP He’s Right on Immigration and Common Core

Jeb Bush is still the top 2016 GOP contender in national polls, but as others officially declare their candidacy, the former Florida governor is falling behind in some early primary states. Amid questions about whether he's losing momentum, Bush has made the odd decision to embrace his biggest liability: former... More »

Gates Foundation pours millions more into Common Core

Bill Gates famously spent hundreds of millions of dollars to develop, implement and promote the now controversial Common Core State Standards. He hasn’t stopped giving. In the last seven months, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has poured more than $10 million into implementation and parent support for the Core, according to grant details on […]

Online Common Core testing lays bare tech divide in schools

(AP) — Nestled between mountains 60 miles from the nearest city, students at rural California's Cuyama Valley High School use Internet connections about one-tenth the minimum speed recommended for the modern U.S. classroom. Across the...Show More Summary

AM News: Little Common Core Pushback In KY (& CA, & ....)

In an Early Adopter, Common Core Faces Little Pushback WSJ: Kentucky is in its fourth year of testing linked to Common Core State Standards, at a time when most other states are counting the tests for the first time. While students here were slow to show improvement, scores on standardized tests have begun to pick up. Show More Summary

Principal: The Common Core isn’t to blame for high-stakes testing and test prep

This is the sixth in a continuing series of letters between two award-winning school principals, one who likes the Common Core State Standards and the other who doesn’t. The debate over the Common Core State Standards has become so polarized that it is hard to get people who disagree to have reasonable conversations about it. […]

THE OPPRESSION NARRATIVE:  It’s coming to a high school near you, if it hasn’t already.  The new A…

THE OPPRESSION NARRATIVE:  It’s coming to a high school near you, if it hasn’t already.  The new AP US History (APUSH) exam is the product of the same progressive ideologues as Common Core.  According to Stanley Kurtz, a Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, the new exam rewrites U.S. history, deemphasizing American […]

Kids Shouldn’t Need Pep Rallies To Survive Common Core Testing

I'm not a teacher or administrator -- I won't pretend to know all the ins and outs. What I do know is that if these tests cause so much anxiety for kids that schools are producing elaborate music videos and holding pep rallies to pump them up -- we have a very big problem. Show More Summary

Quotes: Common Core = Private School/Voucher Increases?

M ore parents are fleeing to private schools with the hope of escaping the standards - whether they can afford to self-pay or they will come to support school vouchers in greater numbers. - Allison Hertog in HuffPost (Parent Opt-Out Movement: Engine of Common Core Unraveling?)

The Common Core Conundrum

Common Core is either meaningless or antithetical to a free and pluralistic society. That’s the key conundrum that Professor Jay P. Greene, chair of the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas, identified yesterday...Show More Summary

Soccer Moms Against Common Core

An article by Jason Riley, a black conservative I highly recommend. Unfortunately, in this brief piece he does not penetrate to the philosophical heart of the matter by making the important point that education is not a legitimate function for...

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