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Suburban kids with biblical names

The people bankrolling the alt right aren’t guys named Bobby Joe who made their millions on Powerball tickets they picked up at Winn-Dixie. They’re a computer science PhD turned billionaire hedge funder from New Mexico and his daughter from suburban New York: Last December, about a month before Donald Trump’s inauguration, Rebekah Mercer arrived at […]

UTA researcher developing airborne computer network computing platform for UAVs

(University of Texas at Arlington) Yan Wan, an associate professor in UTA's Department of Electrical Engineering, is the team lead on a three-year, $998,803 grant from the National Science Foundation that will develop a networked airborne computing platform for multiple unmanned aerial systems.

Simulation demonstrates how exposure to plasma makes carbon nanotubes grow

At the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), research performed with collaborators from Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Computational Science at the State University of NewShow More Summary

Cost Shouldn’t Keep Students From Taking AP Exams

This summer, news headlines have trumpeted new data showing the rapid increase of students taking Advanced Placement computer science courses. During the 2016–17 school year, more than 111,000 students took the class, up from more than 54,000 during the 2015–16 school year. Show More Summary

Four short links: 15 August 2017

P != NP, Open Source Lab Notebook, Science Data, and Anonymous Feedback A Solution of the P versus NP Problem -- from a respected computability theory researcher, so not the usual crank writing—but will need to withstand interrogation and verification from the rest of the academic community. Show More Summary

MIT’s new AI might solve slow video streaming

A team of researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have developed an artificial intelligence called Pensieve that could make slow or blurry web videos a thing of the past. Streaming video content has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, but unfortunately so has its bandwidth requirements. Show More Summary

SpaceX launches super-computer to space station

SpaceX on Monday blasted off its unmanned Dragon cargo ship toward the International Space Station, carrying a host of science experiments and the most powerful computer ever sent into orbit. Three minutes after launch, the rocket separated...Show More Summary

"I have known, worked for, and taught countless men who could have written the now-infamous Google 'manifesto' — or who are on some level persuaded by it."

"Given these facts, I’d like to treat it — and them — with some degree of charity and try to explain why it generated so much outrage."Writes Cynthia Lee in "I'm a woman in computer science. Let me ladysplain the Google memo to you" (Vox).Read that. Show More Summary

Malicious code written into DNA infects the computer that reads it

In a mind-boggling world first, a team of biologists and security researchers have successfully infected a computer with a strand of DNA. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s very real — although you probably don’t have to worry about this particular threat vector any time soon. Show More Summary

Computer 'anthropologists' study global fashion

Each day billions of photographs are uploaded to photo-sharing services and social media platforms, and Cornell computer science researchers are figuring out ways to analyze this visual treasure trove through deep-learning methods.

ISRO Results for Scientist Engineers 2017 Out – Check your Marks!

Indian Space Research Organisation has just announced the Result for Scientist Engineers exam which took place on 7th May 2017. This year ISRO has released 87 vacancies to recruit Engineers from Computer Science, Electronics and Mechanical branches for the post of Scientists/Engineers. Show More Summary

UTA researchers earn grant to design robot-based vocational assessment, training

(University of Texas at Arlington) Fillia Makedon, a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The University of Texas at Arlington, is leading a team of researchers who will use a National Science Foundation...Show More Summary

Tiny terahertz laser could be used for imaging, chemical detection

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) For more than 20 years, Qing Hu, a distinguished professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT, and his group have been working on sources of terahertz radiation that can be etched onto microchips. Show More Summary

Paper-based battery is fueled by spit

Batteries powered by bacteria could prove highly useful in providing spurts of electricity where it isn't readily available, such as running low-energy diagnostic devices in the developing world. Seokheun Choi, a Computer Science Assistant...Show More Summary

Rise of the racist robots – how AI is learning all our worst impulses

There is a saying in computer science: garbage in, garbage out. When we feed machines data that reflects our prejudices, they mimic them – from antisemitic chatbots to racially biased software. Does a horrifying future await people forced...Show More Summary

New method for organ transplant monitoring promises better care for patients

(PLOS) Using a combination of DNA sequencing and computer science techniques, a team of researchers has developed a new method for monitoring the health of organ transplant patients -- one that promises to provide life-saving clues to diagnose organ rejection at an early stage.

Important Books for GATE Computer Science 2018

GATE 2018 Exam is a brilliant opportunity for the candidates who plan to get admission in a leading college or a reputable PSU. Any Engineer after completing graduation dreams of getting recruited in a PSU. Moreover, the dream of pursuing...Show More Summary

System automatically retouches cellphone images in real-time

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) This week at Siggraph, the premier digital graphics conference, researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Google are presenting a new system that can automatically retouch images in the style of a professional photographer. Show More Summary

New tool increases adaptability, autonomy of 'Skyrim' nonplayer characters

(North Carolina State University) Computer science researchers at North Carolina State University and Universidade de Lisboa have developed a tool for use with the game Skyrim that can be used to create nonplayer characters that allow for more variability and flexibility in game play. Show More Summary

Researchers use science to help you snap 26% better selfies

Snapping aesthetic selfies is an art form in itself these days – but now researchers from the University of Waterloo are trying to turn this art into a science. Computer science professor Daniel Vogel and his former student Qifan Li teamed up to develop an app that offers tips to people on how to take the perfect selfie. Show More Summary

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