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Daily Deal: The Complete MATLAB Mastery Bundle

10 hours agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and programming language that is frequently used by engineering and science students. The key benefit of MATLAB is how it makes programming accessible to everyone, allowing you to resolve complex problems with less complex code. Show More Summary

Hilary Mason sees progress in machine learning, but it’s not ready for prime time

IBM is making big bets on machine learning, with recent announcements about moving its cognitive computing platform Watson to the mainframe and combining its Data Science Experience (DSX) with Hortonworks’ big data management platform. Show More Summary

IBM Advances Unified Governance, Data Science to Help Manage GDPR Readiness

by Angela Guess A new press release reports, “IBM today announced sweeping advances to its data governance and data science initiatives designed to help developers and analysts tap into the power of cognitive computing. Through new solutions...Show More Summary

A scalable time-series database that supports SQL

The O’Reilly Data Show Podcast: Michael Freedman on TimescaleDB and scaling SQL for time-series. In this episode of the Data Show, I spoke with Michael Freedman, CTO of Timescale and professor of computer science at Princeton University. Show More Summary

UTA to develop solution ensuring better user experience with data center optimization

(University of Texas at Arlington) Hao Che, a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The University of Texas at Arlington, and Hong Jiang, the Wendell H. Nedderman Professor and department chair of CSE, believe they have a mathematical solution that will allow outstanding user experiences while balancing computing and network resource allocation.

Reconstructing chromosomal rearrangements of placental mammals over millions of years

(—A team of researchers from South Korea, the U.K. and the U.S. has used computational methods to follow chromosomal rearrangements in seven genomes. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,...Show More Summary

How Transistors Work [Science Video]

Modern computers are revolutionizing our lives, performing tasks unimaginable only decades ago. This was made possible by a long series of innovations, but there’s one foundational invention that almost everything else relies upon: the transistor. Show More Summary

Unlock molecular secrets with mobile game BioBlox2-D

(Imperial College London) BioBlox2D is a new free mobile computer game inspired by tackling one of the hardest problems in biological science -- how molecules fit together.

The Future of Work and Artificial Intelligence – Talent Economy – Medium

The Future of Work and Artificial Intelligence – Talent Economy – Medium: Moshe Vardi, an esteemed computer science professor from Rice University in Houston, grabbed media attention in February when he boldly predicted to attendeesShow More Summary

YC-backed Py is a Duolingo style learn-to-code app

Teaching people to code in bite-sized, gamified chunks delivered via mobile app is Py’s mission. The fledgling startup is the brainchild of two friends and college computer science majors who found themselves repeatedly asked for advice on how to learn to Read More

Canada Seeks to Take Advantage of US Political Disarray

  Canada’s Tech Firms Capitalize On Immigration Anxiety In The Age Of Trump   For years, Canada’s tech industry has watched in frustration as Microsoft and Google hired the country’s top computer science grads for high-paying jobs in Seattle and Silicon Valley. Show More Summary

Learning with light: New system allows optical 'deep learning'

"Deep Learning" computer systems, based on artificial neural networks that mimic the way the brain learns from an accumulation of examples, have become a hot topic in computer science. In addition to enabling technologies such as face-...Show More Summary

Free MIT video lecture series: Introduction to Python

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing Interested in learning Python? You can watch all 38 videos for MIT 6.0001 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python from Fall 2016, for free on YouTube. [via]

Computational linguistics in three acts

Towards the end of April, I gave a short presentation at the Penn Science Café  in a session on “The past, present, and future of AI“. I mentioned this in a comment on an xkcd cartoon in “Machine Learning“, 5/17/2017, where I also reproduced my opening Science Café slide: Over the weekend, Fernando Pereira posted a wonderful […]

HKBU award-winning invention detects and alerts sleepy drivers

(Hong Kong Bapstist University) To reduce accidents caused by fatigue driving, Hong Kong Baptist University Computer Science scholar Professor Cheung Yiu-ming and his team have developed a system that detects drowsy drivers and alerts them simply using a generic smartphone.

Get a crash course on Alan Turing in just 13 minutes

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

From his career to his personal life to the machine and test named after him, Crash Course offers, well, a crash course on the father of computer science, Alan Turing.

Why More Students Are Getting Their Programming Reports Outsourced

last weekTechnology : Fromdev

Many computer science students are asked to submit a detailed programming report that is professionally formatted. Many teacher and colleges use these report to grade the students. Most of the student's reports are far from professional work life. Show More Summary

A physicist who always dreamed of working in the US says it’s no longer the ‘global center of science

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Tucked into a corner of physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed’s otherwise very cerebral-looking office is a computer with the ’90s TV show, “Twin Peaks,” paused midscene. The cult classic is constantly on in the background as Arkani-Hamed works on physics problems at the Institute for Advanced Study in...

3 ways AI is making your life easier

Unless you work in computer science, chances are artificial intelligence (AI) still seems like a vaguely sci-fi-ish phenomenon. But the reality is that AI is already working its way into our daily lives through the apps and businessShow More Summary

New MacBook Pro teardown: Meet the old boss

Apple's "new" MacBook Pro lineup hit stores today, which means it's time for an old tradition: ripping apart the brand-new hardware in the name of science and computer porn. iFixit has taken its favorite collection of prybars to the new machines, and as you might've guessed, not much has changed. Show More Summary

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