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America's budget deficit this year will be the lowest since 2007

Goldman Sachs thinks that the federal budget deficit this fiscal year will be the lowest it's been since the start of the financial crisis. The Congressional Budget Office's most recent estimate from March puts the deficit for the year...Show More Summary

Obamacare and Work

Jonathan Chait, writing about the same Bush remarks I discussed earlier, revisits the debate about Obamacare and jobs. Conservatives loudly trumpeted the  Congressional Budget Office’s prediction  that Obamacare would lead to fewer hours worked. Show More Summary

Estimates and the Economy: Let the Buyer Beware

The CBO, the ACA, and the economy: Precision doesn’t mean accuracy. Last Friday, the Congressional Budget Office projected that repeal of the Affordable Care Act would add $137 billion to the national debt over 10 years but boost the economy. Show More Summary

CBO Has No Idea What Repeal of the ACA Means for the Economy or the Deficit

This is what the Congressional Budget office really said about the budgetary and economic effects of repealing the Affordable Care Act: It has no idea. That, of course, it not what the political partisans are saying in the wake of CBO’s Friday release of a report on this exceedingly controversial topic. Show More Summary

CBO once again tells GOP Obamacare repeal will increase national debt

For all of the disputes and controversies over the Affordable Care Act, one thing has been consistent. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has repeatedly forecast that Obamacare would reduce the national debt. Nevertheless,...Show More Summary

Obamacare reduces the deficit. Let's move on.

The Congressional Budget Office has released a report on the effects of repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Bottom line: full repeal would blow up the long-term federal budget deficit - and leave a lot of people without insurance.

CBO Obamacare Report Shows Deficit And Debt Are Phony Issues

This absolutely is not a criticism of the Congressional Budget Office, which last week issued a report on the costs of the Affordable Care Act that had heads (and communications directors) spinning inside the Capital Beltway. As I’ve said many times before, CBO is one of the most important, most [...]

Here’s Why Repealing Obamacare Would be a Financial Disaster

This past Friday, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Joint Committee on Taxation reviewed the main provisions of President Barack Obama’s healthcare plan, formally known as the Patient Proection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). The CBO found repealing the ACA would increase the federal deficit by at least $137 billion, while leaving 19 millions [...]Show More Summary

Repealing Obamacare will add $353 billion to the federal deficit: study

last monthNews : The Raw Story

Obamacare Repeal Price Tag: $353B A new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis found that repealing the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare or the ACA, would likely leave 19 million Americans uninsured by 2016 and add some $353 billion to the federal deficit over ten years. This...

Mixed Effects Are Seen on an Affordable Care Act Repeal

2 months agoHealth : NYTimes: Health

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said repealing the Affordable Care Act would increase federal deficits and the number of uninsured Americans, but it would also raise economic output.

It Doesn't Matter Whose Math You Use: Repealing Obamacare Would Be Very, Very Expensive for the Government

With the Supreme Court getting ready to render a decision that could, theoretically, deal a crushing blow to the Affordable Care Act and throw the U.S. heath care system into chaos, the Congressional Budget Office has just released a helpful estimate of what would happen if Republicans got their wish and repealed the law entirely. Show More Summary

Here's how much it would cost to repeal Obamacare

Repealing the Affordable Care Act would bring higher employment but also higher deficits, according to the Congressional Budget Office. On Friday, the CBO along with the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) released a report outlining the...Show More Summary

Obamacare Repeal Would Swell The Deficit Even Using GOP's New Math, Budget Office Says

2 months agoNews : Huffington Post

The economist that Republicans handpicked to run the Congressional Budget Office just told Republicans that one of their favorite arguments about Obamacare is wrong. According to a report the CBO released Friday, repealing the Affordable Care Act wouldn't reduce the deficit, as Republicans have long claimed. Show More Summary

No Matter How You Slice It, Obamacare Reduces the Federal Deficit

We now live in the blessed era of dynamic scoring, something that Republicans have lusted over for decades. When the Congressional Budget Office makes economic projections, it can no longer just look at spending and taxes and subtract one from the other to get deficits. Show More Summary

Repeal of health law would drive up deficit by $137 billion

2 months agoHealth : Booster Shots

Repealing the Affordable Care Act, as many congressional Republicans still pledge to do, would drive up the deficit by $137 billion over the next decade, according to a new report from the independent Congressional Budget Office, which for the first time employed an estimating method that Republicans...

New CBO Report Offers Yet Another Reason to Expand Social Security

CO-AUTHORED BY ERIC KINGSON Will today's children inherit a nation with even greater income inequality than we have now? The Congressional Budget Office thinks so. CBO just released its 2015 Long-Term Budget Outlook, which includes projections about the future of Social Security. Show More Summary

The Federal Reserve is saving the US billions by keeping interest rates low

Janet Yellen is taking her time with the inevitable rate hike, and taxpayers may need to thank her for it. The Congressional Budget Office released its 2015 Long-Term Budget Outlook on Tuesday, in which forecasts for interest expenses...Show More Summary

CBO: Debt Will Be 107% of GDP by 2040

U.S. government debt held by the public is expected to rise to 107 percent of the economy in 2040 from 74 percent this year, the Congressional Budget Office said, citing an aging population and rising health-care costs. With debt "already...Show More Summary

Some Troubling Numbers From The CBO

In its latest long-term budget outlook, the Congressional Budget Office has some troubling numbers. According to the CBO, the long-term budget picture of the US, having seen a modest rebound in recent years, is about to take another big step down driven primarily by the US demographic shift. Show More Summary


The Congressional Budget Office today released its annual Long-Term Budget Outlook, showing that Social Security's long-term funding gap has more than quadrupled since 2008.  But don't hold your breath waiting for reform to happen. The CBO measures the Social Security 75-year funding shortfall at 4.4 percent of taxable payroll. That means that [...]

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