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Congressional office to release House healthcare bill analysis May 24

3 days agoNews : The Raw Story

The Congressional Budget Office expects to release its analysis of the U.S. House of Representatives’ healthcare overhaul legislation on May 24, the agency said in a statement on Friday. The Republican-led House passed its bill earlier this month without a final CBO analysis, or...

What in the World Is Going On with the Health-Care Bill?

Last night, Bloomberg came out with a heck of a scoop: The House’s American Health Care Act has not been sent to the Senate, and in fact, if the Congressional Budget Office scores the bill poorly, the House will have to vote on it again. Show More Summary

Paul Ryan pooh-poohs his incompetent handling of Trumpcare, possibility of needing a revote

In Speaker Paul Ryan's frenzied rush to shove Zombie Trumpcare through the House, he decided to forego getting a Congressional Budget Office score of the legislation, because the more information members had about the bill the harder it would be for them to vote for it. Show More Summary

Analysis: 6.3 million people with pre-existing conditions would pay more under Trumpcare

We're still waiting for the updated Congressional Budget Office score on the Zombie Trumpcare bill the House passed and sent over to the Senate, but even with that score (due next week) it's clear that should the deeply flawed bill become law, many people will be royally screwed. Show More Summary

How incompetent is Paul Ryan? The House might have to revote on Zombie Trumpcare

What does this make it? Zombie Trumpcare 4.0? But who's counting? The Congressional Budget Office, that's who! And it turns out that because House Speaker Paul Ryan pushed the bill through the House without a CBO score, it hasn't yet been sent to the Senate because there could be problems with it on that side. Show More Summary

Official Damage Assessment for House Trumpcare Bill Due the Week of May 22

The Senate’s stalled on Trumpcare until the Congressional Budget Office’s official estimate of how the House bill affects the budget and the public.

Has the Congressional Budget Office Scored the American Health Care Act?

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Snopes

The CBO scored previous versions of the health care bill, but has not yet scored the one the House of Representatives voted on in May 2017.

AHCA Is A Disaster For Your Health and Wallet

The bipartisan Congressional Budget Office has yet to analyze the bill. But analyses by the Wall Street Journal, Kaiser Permanente and AARP indicate that the AHCA will reduce overall healthcare access while also raising health insurance premiums.

The House Passed Its Health Care Bill. Now the Scorekeepers Will Weigh In.

The Congressional Budget Office’s verdict, expected next week, may influence the future of the political debate.

Did Republicans just score a win on health care — or lose?

The GOP-led House passed a partial repeal of the Affordable Care Act by a 217-to-213 margin, sending it to the Senate, where GOP members were already throwing cold water on a bill passed with no Congressional Budget Office score or real understanding of its implications. The picture of House Republicans wildly celebrating the bill, which […]

Republicans will vote for Trumpcare, taking away health care for millions ... but exempt themselves

House Republicans are voting on Zombie Trumpcare today, a bill most of them haven't read, that they don't understand, that hasn't been scored by the Congressional Budget Office, and that only 17 percent of the American public supports. Show More Summary

CBO: House GOP Obamacare repeal saves $3 billion by killing people early

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler discovered an interesting tidbit buried in the Congressional Budget Office analysis of the earlier House GOP Obamacare repeal bill, that isn’t that much different from this one. According to CBO, House Republicans will save $3 billion in Social Security payments because more people will be dead after the bill passes: The […]

The GOP Says AHCA Protects People With Pre-Existing Conditions. This Analysis Says It Falls Perilously Short.

House Republicans might not be waiting around for the Congressional Budget Office to tell them what the latest version of the American Health Care Act will actually do, but that hasn't stopped outside experts from trying to illustrate what an unruly mess the legislation will be. Show More Summary

How Does Congressional Budget Office Scoring Work?

A conversation with a former director of the agency on the American Health Care Act vote and how health-care legislation is appraised by the federal government

Senate Must Protect Healthcare Coverage for Millions of Americans

Today, HRC released the following statement strongly condemning a vote by the House of Representatives to pass the American Health Care Act (AHCA). While the Congressional Budget Office has yet to score this version of the legislation,...Show More Summary

Why the Congressional Budget Office's Rating of the Health Care Bill Is So Crucial

The House just passed the new health care bill to replace the Affordable Care Act. It’ll now move to the Senate, but it’s already gotten a lot of opposition, and rightfully so: it’s pretty awful and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) didn’t even score it. Here’s what that means and why you should care. Read more...

House Republicans Say They Will Vote On Their Health Care Plan

2 weeks agoNews : Huffington Post

WASHINGTON ? After weeks of false starts and negotiations, House Republicans are set to vote on their health care plan Thursday, without a review by the Congressional Budget Office or a clear sense that they have enough votes to pass...Show More Summary

Still No CBO Score

Sarah Kliff: “House Republicans are hurtling toward a vote on a bill that is disliked by most Americans, opposed by nearly every major health care group, and not yet scored by the Congressional Budget Office.” “This is an unusual situation, [...]

Reminder: Zombie Trumpcare is not about health care, it's about tax cuts for the rich

Nothing has substantially changed in Trumpcare since March, except that iterations 2.0 through 3.1 (the latest scam from Rep. Fred Upton) have made it worse. All the stuff that the Congressional Budget Office predicted would happen—24 million uninsured in a decade, skyrocketing premiums for older people, devastating Medicaid cuts—will still happen. Show More Summary

Comparing the Pay of Federal and Private Sector Employees

The Washington Post ran an article about a new study from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) comparing the pay of federal government employees with their counterparts in the private sector. The study found that less educated employees...Show More Summary

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