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Wild Inside the National Zoo: The Future of Maned Wolves

After three years of being paired, maned wolves Echo and Zayda produce two new pups at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Ornamental plants for conserving bees, beneficial insects

(American Society for Horticultural Science) A new study provides a detailed and systematic assessment of pollinators and biological predators on plant species. Visual observations and sampling via sweep nets showed that hoverflies,Show More Summary

EcoAlert --New Research Shows Wind Energy Fields Fatal to Golden Eagles and Migratory Birds (VIEW VIDEO)

According to the study published in the journal Conservation Biology, a team of researchers from Purdue University has discovered that wind energy fields could kill birds not local to the area including large species including endangered golden eagles. In order...

26 jaguars killed in Panama so far this year

Ricardo Moreno, research associate at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) in Panama and director of the Yaguará Panamá Foundation, reported at the 20th Congress of the Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation held recently in Belize that the number of jaguar killings in Panama is on the rise.

The Strange Reappearance of the Once-Vanished Green Sea Turtle

It's a conservation biology riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a hard shell

The Origin of Extreme Ideas

Recently, I had a conversation that disturbed me. Perhaps what was most disconcerting was that it was with someone who is extraordinarily intelligent and a successful expert in their field, conservation biology.

Why birds matter: New book shows the many ways birds keep ecosystems healthy

University of Utah ornithologist and biology department professor Cagan Sekercioglu presents a new book, "Why Birds Matter," this week at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Honolulu. Held every four years, this is the world's largest conservation event. Show More Summary

Conservation biology: Lazy bustards live longer

2 months agoAcademics : Nature

Migration in great bustards seems to be on the decline because many of those that do migrate die in collisions with power lines.Carlos Palacín at the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid and his colleagues captured and radio-tagged 180 male great bustards (

Group wants state to study reintroducing grizzly bears

A conservation group is asking state officials to study reintroducing the grizzly bear to the Sierra Nevadas. The Center for Biological Diversity, based in Oakland, filed a petition last year with the California Fish and Game Commission to conduct a feasibility study on grizzly reintroduction....

Liberal vs. Conservative: A Neuroscientific Analysis with Gail Saltz

'What the difference in brain structure between liberals and conservatives? And where do our political convictions come from: rational deliberation, or biological determinism? Psychiatrist Gail Saltz explains.'

Conservation Research: Aiming at the Wrong Target?

Six years ago, the Convention on Biological Diversity adopted a Strategic Plan for Biodiversity, which included 20 specific goals, known as the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. In a recent PLOS Biology Perspective, Kerrie Wilson and colleagues

Man-Eating Crocodiles Have Invaded Florida

Huge, man-eating crocodiles may be hiding throughout the Florida wilderness, according to a study published last month in Herpetological Conservation and Biology. The Orlando Sentinel reports that DNA testing on three young crocodiles caught between 2009 and 2014 confirmed them to be Nile crocodiles native to Africa. Nile crocodiles can...

Bison: A Symbol of Hope - That We Can Save Species Facing Extinction

(The title of this piece is a reference to an article published in Conservation Biology. That editorial by Kent Redford, Keith Aune and Glenn Plumb inspired this post.) Members of the U.S. House and Senate took a key step this week to declare the American bison the U.S. Show More Summary

Why We Can't Afford To Forget About Evolutionary Biology In Wildlife Conservation

6 months agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Is evolutionary biology essential for conservation of biodiversity? This question was originally answered on Quora by Jesse Gray.

Links 4/7/16

Links for you. Science: Biological specimen troves threatened by funding pause: Decision by US National Science Foundation could hamper research on conservation biology, climate change and invasive species. (yes, it will) This scientist found a way to make battery parts … Continue reading ?

Sea Otters Restoring the Balance: 5 Question for Dr. Brent Hughes

In Star Wars, The galaxy desperately needs heroes who can restore balance to the Force - from Luke Skywalker to the new heroine, Rey, in Episode VII. In the world of conservation biology, a similar quest is underway to find species who can restore the balance to the forces of nature where they are deteriorating. Show More Summary

Over 45 Advocacy Groups Urge Obama to End US Offshore Fossil Fuel Leases

Tens of conservation and indigenous organizations have signed a legal petition urging President Barack Obama to end all offshore fossil fuel leases of the US coasts, environmental watchdog Center for Biological Diversity said in a statement.

Trade in rare plants on social media must be monitored

A study conducted by the University of Kent's Dr Amy Hinsley and Dr David Roberts, and published by Conservation Biology, represents the first large-scale global survey of wildlife trade via a social-media site, using the orchid trade as a case study. read more

Jefferson researchers find highly active gene in aggressive human lung cancer

(PHILADELPHIA) -- Scientists believe that "conserved" genes -- those found in life forms that range from bacteria to plants, insects and humans -- perform vital biological functions across species. And limited research on one of those genes, Nitrilase 1 (Nit1), suggested it acts to inhibit cancer development. read more

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