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The Big Box Content Farm Wants to Be Boutique Again

Mass-audience sites are getting angsty as their dragnet audience strategies start to fail.

Why Heritage Companies Are Looking To New Mediums To Tell Brand Stories

Piano company focuses marketing strategies on video content to showcase 160 year-old history and sell instruments

Southern Strategy

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Reducing the sodium content of packaged foods: How does Canada measure up?

In 2010, as part of a national sodium reduction strategy, a multi-stakeholder working group published Canada's Sodium Reduction Strategy. This strategy was meant to act as an essential public health intervention to address the high levels...Show More Summary

The ocean’s content strategy

Featured photo by Joel Magalnick Annie Crawley didn’t grow up near an ocean. The Chicago native had Lake Michigan just a few miles from her home in the city’s working-class Northwest side, but the first time she put on a scuba suit, in her early 20s, something shifted inside her. Show More Summary

Content Strategy Do’s and Don’ts: You’re a Content Wizard, Harry

Know your people, people. The best way to boost organic traffic is to obtain a Freud-like status on knowing your intended audience even better than they know themselves, to an annoying, egotistical degree. Okay…maybe not at Freud-level, but you should be quite intimate with the wants and needs, behaviors and concerns of your ideal customers…more

Marvel Games Arms For 'Civil War' With New Content, Characters

Marvel Games announces new content and characters across its titles and platforms, part of Marvel's strategy to immerse fans in the story universe that moves forward next week with Captain America: Civil War.

Seven Things To Remember When Shifting Marketing Dollars From Advertising To Content

Content and advertising each serve their own unique purpose in your brand marketing strategy: while advertising works well as a lead gen tool, content provides a platform in which to best engage with your audience. When deciding whether to shift your marketing dollars from advertising to content, consider your core focus [...]

Action Content: Turn Fans into Customers [Plus a Free Bonus for You]

This article is part of our series on the 4 Essential Types of Content Every Marketing Strategy Needs. Make sure to get your special free bonus at the end of the article. So far, we’ve covered Attraction, Authority, and Affinity content. Show More Summary

Creating A Strategy For Your Social Media Content

"Key Elements for Building a Content Strategy" identifies five archetypes for marketers to choose from to best solve its problem at hand. Social media can play a key role in any of them.

Affinity Content: The Key to Growing Your Community

This article is part of our series on the 4 Essential Types of Content Every Marketing Strategy Needs. Due to its potential to generate large amounts of traffic, but result in low conversion rates, bare-bones Attraction content is kind...Show More Summary

Seven Reasons Your Business Must Have A Sound Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has been on the rise as a way for brands to connect with their target market in a meaningful way that offers educational information, rather than just selling a product or service. While it may be tempting to jump on the bandwagon and start creating content, your efforts [...]

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Launch Trailer

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, the space real time strategy game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe disembarks tomorrow on PC. Focus Home Interactive today have unveiled its Launch Trailer that is as spectacular in content as it is in realisation. Plunge into a vertiginous sequence-shot, straight to the heart of massive and intense battle between the...

Leaked Trump Memo Reveals Secretive Campaign’s Inner Workings

An internal Trump campaign memo was leaked today, and the contents give a peek inside the New York billionaire’s strategy and path to the Republican nomination. The leaked memo contains talking points for all Trump campaign surrogates, which angles to emphasize, which stories to push, and which words to use: the Trump campaign wants surrogates... Show More Summary

Announcing the “Doctor Neighbor” Sitcom Reboot!

Television execs have developed an incredible new strategy for producing original video content—rebooting TV shows of yore. Whether it be “Fuller House” (Netflix), “The X-Files” (Fox), or “Twin Peaks” (Showtime), television tastemakers are looking to the past to program the future. Show More Summary

Authority Content: Build an Audience that Builds Your Business

This article is part of our series on the 4 Essential Types of Content Every Marketing Strategy Needs. In a famous 1963 experiment at Yale University, psychologist Stanley Milgram learned that people’s duty to authority runs pretty dang deep. Show More Summary

The Buzzfeed Approach to Social Media Strategy

last weekInternet / SEO : SEOmoz Blog

Posted by Daniel_Marks [Estimated read time: 6 minutes] I initially started writing a post about how BuzzFeed tailors its content to different social networks. What image sizes do they use? What type of content works on one network but...Show More Summary

Unsplash Redesign Concept

Don't get me startled on this but I am not a fan of Redesign Concept because a lot of time (Not trying to be general), designers tend to forget many aspects of what's behind a redesign like: Content Strategy, Copywriting, Information Architecture, UX practices, Interactions and more. Show More Summary

Attraction Content: The Foundation of a Smart Content Marketing Strategy

This article is part of our series on the 4 Essential Types of Content Every Marketing Strategy Needs. Let’s start at the beginning: you need to attract people to your content. Creating Attraction content is the first step in a successful content marketing strategy and the focus of our first lesson. Show More Summary

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