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Teeing up Obamacare again

Court rulings involving Obamacare are beginning to work their way through the legal and political systems. This is likely the start of more intensive rounds of litigation and debate. On the abortion-inducing contraception mandate, the administration reportedly is giving up, according to The Hill: The White House is developing a workaround to let religious nonprofits […]

What progressives fundamentally don't get about traditional Christians

From Christian colleges challenging ObamaCare's contraception mandate to the Catholic bishops protesting gay marriage, Christians are among the most unyielding opponents of sexual liberation. Progressives working towards greater public...Show More Summary

White House revises contraception opt out

(CNN) – The Obama administration announced revisions to the Obamacare contraception mandate so that nonprofit religious organizations can opt out of signing a release form to avoid covering birth control and workers for those nonprofits are able to obtain separate contraception coverage without a copay. "This is part of ensuring that all women have access […]

Whole Foods: Shoppers Can ‘Vote With Their Dollars’ On Pro-Life Eden Foods

Eden Foods is on the receiving end of backlash thanks to its CEO's decision to fight Obamacare's contraceptive mandate, with regional grocery co-ops and individual petitioners deciding to look elsewhere for their soy milk.

Eden Foods hit by backlash for fighting Obamacare’s contraception mandate

Angry customers are organizing boycotts, signing petitions, and pushing Whole Foods to stop carrying Eden products.

Despite Liberal Howls, Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Ruling Was Right

Senate and House Democrats are outraged by the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of Hobby Lobby in the firm’s lawsuit seeking exemption from the Obamacare mandate that employers provide, free of charge, contraceptives to employees. Senate...Show More Summary

Updates: SS Marriage, Contraception Mandate and Gay Conversion Therapy

As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act this year, our country still has a long way to go. One look at the Third Circuit -- and the cases making headlines this week alone -- is proof enough. Today, we'll be looking at the latest movements......

A Mandate Hobby Lobby Can Believe In

Hobby Lobby may not approve of a contraception mandate, but it will sure fight for a 4-year Bible study course in public schools mandate.

Anti-Christian Bigotry Explodes After Hobby Lobby as Dem Bill Threatens Religious Liberty

Multiple media outlets and far-left groups have savaged faithful Catholics and Protestants over this past week after the Supreme Court held that Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA)....Show More Summary

Democrats Draft Bill To Reinstated the Contraception Mandate For All Businesses

I wrote this a few days ago, but forgot to post it. Still relevant. We knew this was coming. The Democratic proposal, in short, is to simply say RFRA does not apply to the contraception mandate at least insofar as...

The Legacy of the Hobby Lobby Case: Protecting Anti-Gay Discrimination?

In his majority opinion in the recent Hobby Lobby case, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito took pains to frame the ruling, exempting companies from complying with Obamacare's contraceptive mandate if it violated the religious beliefs of their owners, as a narrow one. Show More Summary

Lawmakers To Try Undoing SCOTUS Hobby Lobby Ruling

In response to the recent Supreme Court decision that gave Hobby Lobby and other closely held private companies the ability to get around the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate by claiming a religious objection, a group of lawmakers...Show More Summary

Obama's Contraception Mandate: Still Punking the GOP

It's always strange when a piece you wrote two years ago suddenly surges to the day's "most read" list, but that's exactly what is happening with a post I wrote in February 2012 titled "Obama Punks the GOP on Contraception." The piece...Show More Summary

SCOTUS Grants Emergency Injunction in Form 700 Case

Last week, the Supreme Court decided that closely-held corporations had religious rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act ("RFRA"), which were violated by the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act ("ACA"), in the much-publicized Hobby Lobby decision. In reaching that decision, the Court noted that filing a Form......

NOW Calls Little Sisters of the Poor “Dirty,” Claims Nuns Use Religion to Attack Women

The National Organization of Women (NOW) has compiled a list of what they’re calling the “Dirty 100” — organizations who have filed suit against the HHS Contraception Mandate. One of the “Dirty 100? organizations that NOW claims is simply “using religion” to discriminate against women, is, in fact, a group of Catholic religious sisters called […]

The Hollow Promise of Justice Alito's Plan B

On Monday, in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, the Supreme Court relied heavily on "less restrictive alternatives" when it exempted closely-held corporations from the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive mandate. Justice Alito stressed that such alternatives would have "zero" effect on their employees. Show More Summary

Conservatives Are Hoping These 10 Words Will Finally Destroy Obamacare

"...through an Exchange established by the State under Section 1311." Last week the Supreme Court weakened Obamacare's contraception mandate, but that was only a very minor setback for the laws. However alive and well in the courts is...Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh: Men who support the contraceptive mandate are “pajama boy types” who just want “sex, sex, sex”

The right-wing talk radio star also complained about how back in his day people knew "sex has consequences"

Gitmo Detainees Cite Hobby Lobby in New Court Filing. Read It Here.

In a new court filing, attorneys for two Guantanamo Bay detainees have invoked the Supreme Court's controversial decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, which allowed certain corporations to ignore the Obamacare contraception mandate if their owners object to it on religious grounds. Show More Summary

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