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Researchers can work out your location based on who you talk to on Twitter (TWTR)

Researchers from Cornell University have worked out how to track Twitter users' locations — even when they have location services disabled. A paper from Ryan Compton, David Jurgens and David Allen explains a new method for tracking the location of Twitter users to around 6km based on who they interact with. Show More Summary

Cornel West joins boycott of Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign over Salaita firing

Dr. Cornel West has cancelled a high-profile lecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign in support of a boycott of the university over the firing of Professor Steven Salaita. In a statement West said, “My change of mind in regard to my cancellation of my lecture constitutes a line in the sand I could not cross,. Show More Summary

Zombie Apocalypse Simulator Proves That You Should Leave The City When The Dead Walk

2 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Thanks to Cornell University researchers, we can now simulate the spread of a zombie disease outbreak. And thanks to their new zombie apocalypse simulator, we can confirm what we already knew: Stay out of cities if you don't want toShow More Summary

College Campus Update

President Barack Obama wants Americans to dig deeper into our pockets to expand college education. Let’s update college indoctrination done in the name of education. Cornell University assistant professor Russell

NYC Rats Now Carrying Same Fleas That Spread Bubonic Plague

For the first time in 90 years, researchers have conducted a thorough study measuring the fleas and lice crawling around on the backs of New York City rats. The joint Cornell and Columbia University study, published yesterday in theShow More Summary

It's Time to Go Alien Hunting on Titan

5 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Move over Europa, there's another moon out to claim the title of first place we'll discover extraterrestrial life. New research from Cornell University finds that alien microbes could, just maybe, eek it out on Saturn's largest moon, Titan. But these critters wouldn't be like anything we've ever seen before—not even close. Read more...

Methane-Based Aliens May Exist on Saturn's Moon Titan

Researchers at Cornell University have come up with "the first concrete blueprint of life not as we know it."

Methane-based life may exist on Saturn’s moon Titan: researchers

6 days agoNews : The Raw Story

Researchers from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York modeled a new type of life form that depends on methane for its survival. The theorized anaerobic life form, which is capable of performing reproduction and metabolism in a manner similar to that of life on earth, indicates that life is capable...

Why The Best Place To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse Is The Rockies

6 days agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Where should you flee when the inevitable zombie apocalypse pops off? A group of statistical mechanics students at Cornell University did the legwork and came up with a pretty appealing answer, since it happens to be a place we'd like to visit anyway: the Rocky Mountains. Read more...

Saturn's Titan ---"Life Not As We Know It"

A new type of methane-based, oxygen-free life form that can metabolize and reproduce similar to life on Earth has been modeled by a team of Cornell University researchers. Taking a simultaneously imaginative and rigidly scientific view, chemical engineers and astronomers...

Life 'not as we know it' possible on Saturn's moon Titan?

Azotosome. Credit: Cornell University A new type of methane-based, oxygen-free life form that can metabolize and reproduce similar to life on Earth has been modeled by a team of Cornell University researchers. read more

Zombie outbreak? Statistical mechanics reveals the ideal hideout

A team of Cornell University researchers focusing on a fictional zombie outbreak as an approach to disease modeling suggests heading for the hills, in the Rockies, to save your brains from the undead. Reading World War Z, an oral history...Show More Summary

The best place to hide during a zombie apocalypse

Cornell University study says chances of surviving zombie outbreak depends largely on location, but "we are largely doomed"

Zombie Apocalypse Hiding Spots Revealed By Cornell University Researchers

Where is the best place to hide from zombies during a zombie apocalypse? Cornell University researchers believe they have figured out the answer, but also admit the human race would likely still be doomed. If a zombie apocalypse happens, rush as quickly as you can to the Rocky Mountains, according to the Cornell University researches. Show More Summary

Calling Maker Pros for the Pitch Your Prototype Challenge

last weekHobbies / Crafts : Makezine

If you’re a Maker Pro—a tinkerer interested in going to the next level by bringing an invention to market—consider entering your design in the Pitch Your Prototype Challenge, a collaboration between Make: and Cornell University with the goal of digging up promising prototypes from the Maker community. The winning individual or team, which will […] Read more on MAKE

This is where you should go to survive the zombie apocalypse, according to science

last weekNews : The Raw Story

A team of Cornell University researchers has determined the best place to hide during a zombie apocalypse. A graduate statistical mechanics class was inspired by a reading of “World War Z,” a fictional oral history of a zombie war, and decided to explore what might happen in an actual zombie...

The Telluride Association’s Silence And The Transphobic Harassment Of Meredith Talusan

It’s been almost three months since I started looking into the case of Meredith Talusan, a trans scholar at Cornell University who had a housing scholarship through the Telluride Association, “a nonprofit organization that creates and...Show More Summary

Melissa Harris-Perry: I Hope Trayvon ‘Whooped the Sht Out of George Zimmerman’

last weekNews : Mediaite

During a speech at Cornell University earlier this week, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry said she hopes Trayvon Martin "whooped the sht out of' George Zimmerman during the fatal confrontation that led to Martin's death in 2012.

Study Pinpoints Safest Place to Hide From Zombies

If a zombie outbreak were to strike US shores, East Coasters should head west ASAP. That recommendation comes by way of Cornell University researchers, who have modeled the statistical mechanics of, yes, zombies and will present their findings at a meeting of the American Physical Society on March 5 in...

Pitch Your Prototype… And Win $5,000

2 weeks agoHobbies / Crafts : Makezine

Want a chance to win $5,000 and be featured at MakerCon New York this September? If so, consider entering the Pitch Your Prototype contest, a collaboration between Make: and Cornell University with the goal of digging up promising prototypes from the Maker community. Maybe you’ve been working on a wearable, or […] Read more on MAKE

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