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Secrets of surfaces' wrinkling, folding, creasing and delaminating are unraveled

The process of wrinkle formation is familiar to anyone who has ever sat in a bathtub a little too long. But exactly why layered materials sometimes form one kind of wrinkly pattern or another -- or even other variations, such as creases, folds, or delaminated buckles -- has now been explained at a fundamental level.

Wrinkle predictions: New mathematical theory may explain patterns in fingerprints, raisins, and microlenses

As a grape slowly dries and shrivels, its surface creases, ultimately taking on the wrinkled form of a raisin. Similar patterns can be found on the surfaces of other dried materials, as well as in human fingerprints. While these patterns...Show More Summary

Candles, Books, Maps, & Feathers

Moving right along. Blocked in the upright books, and the creased and folded map.Placed the book beneath the candelabra. It's actually a leather bound volume of poetry by Sir Walter Scott. The cover is patterned, and stamped with red and gold. Show More Summary

Vespertilio – corrugated paper bat

My partner Ioana Stoian recently created this wonderful model of a bat, using origami corrugations – her first origami design! I’m very pleased with this model and helped her to create a simple set of diagrams and a crease pattern, which you can download via her site: You can see it also folds flat [...]

Not Even a Robot Would Find These Polygonal Pillows Comfortable [Pillows]

3 years agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Designer Mika Barr apparently took their inspiration for these angular faceted pillows from the patterned creases seen when you unfold an origami creation. And even though they actually can't feel, we doubt even a robot would find these comfy. More »

Review: X-Doria SmartStyle for iPad 2/iPad (3rd-Gen)

3 years agoTechnology / Mobile : iLounge

The lid is made of real leather, although it’s thin and flattened—definitely not the nicest stuff we’ve seen. Running down the two creases that allow it to fold are repeating patterns of small and large dots, framed by stitching. Although...Show More Summary

Moorish Stars Crease Pattern

I’ve had this pattern in my head for a long time now, and only recently was I able to realize it in a way that was satisfactory to me. It uses a combination of the hinged-pleat flagstone style and the traditional straight-pleat style that origami folders are used to. It’s based on a traditional Islamic [...]

Mostly Well Played, Amanda Righetti

Other than the odd creases at the bottom, I like this. It’s a cool pattern — it reminds me, in a favorable way, of leafing through the photos in my mother’s old needlepoint book, looking at all the funky stitches people did on their elaborate projects, blissfully unaware that attempting the same would be an Read More...

dodecagon flagstone CP

dodecagon flagstone, originally uploaded by EricGjerde. Here’s a basic crease pattern for a dodecagonal flagstone pattern, overlaid on top of a triangular grid. The spacing between the hinges is not equal all around the dodecagon, but the actual tessellation itself … Continue reading ?

Origami Creators Sue Artist For Copyright Infringement Concerning Crease Patterns

4 years agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Wow. Via Joy Garnett, we discover the latest in a long line of ridiculous copyright lawsuits. Apparently six "origami artists" have sued painter Sarah Morris for using their origami patterns as inspiration for some paintings she did....Show More Summary

Folded Friends

I'm really loving these origami critters made and designed by Uruguayan artist Román Díaz. Of the fox, he writes, [She] is made from folds mostly at 22.5 angles and a CP [crease pattern]... that comfortably conveys almost 100% of the folds in the model. Show More Summary

Steel Grocery Bag

A new pattern for folding bags! From Proceedings of the Royal Society A: In this paper, a new crease pattern has been proposed that allows a tall box-shaped bag with a rectangular base to be rigidly folded flat. Rigid folding conditions are established, and solutions that meet these conditions are found numerically. Show More Summary

Fly Tying Video: Crease Fly

4 years agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

In this week's Working Guide's Fly Tying video, Michael Yelton ties a Crease Fly, a thoroughly modern pattern that takes advantage of synthetic materials to produce something fun to tie and fish....

dodecagon flagstone CP

dodecagon flagstone, originally uploaded by EricGjerde. Here’s a basic crease pattern for a dodecagonal flagstone pattern, overlaid on top of a triangular grid. The spacing between the hinges is not equal all around the dodecagon, but the actual tessellation itself is the proper dual of the 12.12.3 tessellation (two dodecagons and an equilateral triangle.) What that means is [...]

Origami alphabet

5 years agoHumor : Boing Boing

If you're into origami and/or the alphabet, you'll love this template that shows you how to fold 3D letters of the alphabet out of paper. It appears to be part of a computational puzzle series designed at MIT. The crease pattern by itself provides a kind of encoding of a maze, which can be decoded by folding. Show More Summary

Envelope Origami

5 years agoHobbies / Crafts : Zakka Life

I'm not sure if "envelope origami" really exists but for my amusement lets pretend it does.Envelope origami - to create a likeness of an object using geometric folds and crease patterns preferably without gluing or cutting the paper, and using only one envelope.In this case, I folded an envelope into a box. Show More Summary

PaperKraft site offers plenty papercraft creations for gamers

FROM GAMERTELL - These artists take colored paper or printed patterns, add a few well-placed folds and creases and turn them into 3D masterpieces. Some even offer patterns for you to make them at home… MORE » Full Story » | Written by NEWS for Appletell. | Comment on this Article »

How Blue Can You Get?

For those who can’t be bothered with ranting: Barack Box Crease Pattern (2.5 MB) It’s been a while since we launched into one of our trademark political rants and indeed, the evil of these times has been so oppressive that our obligation to denounce the manifold sins and wickedness of the present administration sometimes slips [...]

Tumbling Dice

  I was rooting around in my file cabinet, looking for some piece of prose about Wendy that I had written during the Pliocene or the Pleistocene, and I came across this crease pattern. I remember drawing it — it was probably for Imagiro, an APA I belonged to, once upon a time. The model itself [...]

Crease Patterns from Ligne Roset

Even if you don’t know how to fold origami, the crease patterns on Gregory by Ligne Roset will give you the illusion that you do! This awesome crease pattern creates a little table which also doubles as a rug. It is ideal for those who love novel and creative ideas or great for someone who [...]

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