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Should Historic Districts Change? Why One Michigan Lawmaker Says Yes

A home in Indian Village, a historic district in Detroit. Creative Commons image by gab482 Preservationists are up in arms over a proposed rule change. A recently submitted bill meant to change how Michigan historic preservation districts work has...

The 15-Second Films Taking Instagram By Storm

Why Instagram was the creative medium of choice for the filmmakers behind Shield 5. Shield 5 is a captivating new thriller that follows a wrongfully accused man on the run, desperate to clear his name. It has a lot in common with shows like Homeland and 24, except for one tiny thing: Each episode is only 15 seconds long. Read Full Story

You Can Be a Feminist and Not Support Hillary Clinton

HIllary Rodham Clinton, Election 2016 Sarah Mirk Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire back in 2007. Photo by Marc Nozell (Creative Commons). Two feminist icons landed in hot water over the weekend after encouraging young women to vote for...Show More Summary

Five Ways Sexism Colors Public Perception of Hillary Clinton

Election 2016, HIllary Rodham Clinton Everett Maroon Photo by Mike Mozart (Creative Commons) My partner, who studies public policy, calls this time of the election cycle “the mean season.” It’s that time when campaigns begin their final push to win over primary voters and caucusgoers as the nomination process for each party crystallizes. Show More Summary

Hey NRA! Stop Using Sexual Assault As a Way to Push Guns on Campus

Saina Behnejad Photo of a 2011 protest against a campus carry law in Virginia. Photo by Michael Tefft (Creative Commons). When I first moved to Florida from the United Kingdom, for college, the concept of knowing someone who had been raped was foreign to me. Show More Summary

Studies: Creative Brains Work Differently

“The common traits that people across all creative fields seemed to have in common were an openness to one’s inner life; a preference for complexity and ambiguity; an unusually high tolerance for disorder and disarray; the ability to extract order from chaos; independence; unconventionality; and a willingness to take risks.”

Should Los Angeles Really Be Arresting Homeless People For Being Homeless?

Image via Jimmy Baikovicius / Creative Commons Los Angeles has made a very public effort to address the issue of homelessness in the city—in response to the growing problem of people having to live on the streets, the city...

Creative Commons Torpedoes Copyright Industry Lies

The copyright industry keeps repeating the mantra that the copyright monopoly is somehow "necessary". Creative Commons proves conclusively that it isn't. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services.

The Tricky Subject of Breastfeeding -- Why We Do It and What We Need!

Photo Credit: Benjamin Magaña (Creative Commons) I am one in the 16% of mothers in Sweden who are still breastfeeding their baby at 12 months, compared to 34% in Norway and only 1% in the UK. The numbers are over 80% in low and lower-middle-income countries. Show More Summary

Columbus, Indiana, a Modernist Mecca, Updates Historic Preservation Efforts

Eero Saarinen's North Christian Church in Columbus, Indiana, built in 1964. This classic design is a National Landmark, but much of Columbus's modern heritage lacks protection. Creative Commons image by Hans Kundnani For those who aren't familiar, Columbus, Indiana,...

Will a Bike, a Car, or a Bus Get From Downtown LA to Santa Monica First?

Image via Bike SLO County / Creative Commons Bikes, cars, and buses share space on LA's roads (and sometimes compete for it), but in a recent competition pitting the three against each other in a race from Downtown LA...

The Violence Behind the Words “Be A Man”

Katherine Marrone Photo by Caden Crawford via Creative Commons. When a man shot and killed nine of his college classmates at Umpqua Community College last October, people questioned the number of guns he owns and the depths of his loneliness. Show More Summary

Ashes to ashes — David Bowie’s Buddhist death ceremony

Photo via Creative Commons, by iluvrhinestonesIn the time since the passing of the great David Bowie, we’ve seen the influence of Buddhism in his life and work, and shared words of appreciation from Bowie’s friend and onetime Buddhist teacher. Show More Summary

Janese Talton Jackson's Murder Reminds Me That Entitlement Kills

Kari Mugo Photo by Paul Burnett (Creative Commons)  “If I was a lesbian, I’d be with you,” she said, her arms reaching around my waist as she leaned in closer to me. Too close, I thought, my body moving reflexively backwards. I’m not...Show More Summary

354 Million Creative Commons Photos for Web Designers from Visual Hunt

Finding just the right image for that new marketing campaign or website design can be challenging, especially if you’re working with a client with a limited budget – or a client who doesn’t understand the point of original photography. Show More Summary

The Top 10 Emerging Trends Shaping Real Estate in 2016

Austin, one of the "18-hour cities" that the 2016 Emerging Trends survey suggests is a Best Bet for 2016. Creative Commons image by David Wilson. A crashing Chinese economy, sinking commodity prices, and other factors have made the 2016...

The Top 10 Emerging Trends Shaping Real Estate in 2016

Austin, one of the "18-hour cities" that the 2016 Emerging Trends survey suggests is a Best Bet for 2016. Creative Commons image by David Wilson. A crashing Chinese economy, sinking commodity prices, and other factors have made the 2016...

Republicans: Stop Holding a U.S. Ambassador to Norway Hostage

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons, Garry Skidmore Norway has been without an American ambassador for more than 850 days. It is time for Ted Cruz and his fellow Senate Republicans to allow crucial nominations to pass. More than two years have passed since the American ambassador to Norway, Barry White, completed his tour and left the country. Show More Summary

A Bluefin Tuna for $118,000: Going, Going ... Gone?

Bluefin Tuna, photo credit Tom Puchner, 2008 via Creative Commons Bluefin tuna is one of the ocean's most prized fish, an icon of both modern and classic civilizations and a key predator in the ocean's delicate food chain. And yet its...Show More Summary

Texas Grand Jury Indicts Two Members of Group That Targeted Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Sarah Mirk A Texas rally against abortion rights restrictions. Photo by Beth (Creative Commons) Today in delicious irony, a Texas county grand jury that was called to investigate alleged misconduct by Planned Parenthood...Show More Summary

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