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On the Market: One of the Oldest Pieces of LA Television History is Up For Sale on Mt. Wilson

Image via Radcliffe Dacanay / Creative Commons Mt. Wilson is easy to pick out of a mountain lineup; it's the one with all the antennas. (It's also home to an incredible observatory, but that's harder to see from afar.)...

See How Photographers Would Photoshop Before Photoshop Existed

Don’t you just love the creative freedom and post-processing power that digital photography and Photoshop allow? A couple of weeks ago a 12-year-old budding photographer asked me how Photoshop was used when shooting film was common practice. This video, created by Lynda in tribute to 25 years of Photoshop, answers that exact question. If you [...]Show More Summary

Curbed Maps: Eight Downtown Los Angeles Landmarks Hidden in Plain Sight

LA's oldest sculpture via Downtowngal / Creative Commons This week, the city of Los Angeles and the Getty Conservation Institute launched a new website, HistoricPlacesLA, that allows users to search thousands of historically significant sites across Los Angeles, filtering...

Fun & Games: Pre-Disney San Bernardino Theme Park Santa's Village Will Reopen as an "Adventure Park"

Santa's Village via Pretty Little Things / Creative Commons The San Bernardino Mountains could soon see the reopening of the long-shuttered, totally awesome Santa's Village theme park, but don't get out your ugly Christmas sweater just yet: it will...

10 Great Titles to Say 'Come Along, Spring'

Photo by coniferconifer, Creative Commons, via Flickr. It was one degree outside my door the other day -- as in, thirty-one degrees below the freezing point. An unusually hard winter, again. If it weren't for the lengthening hours of...Show More Summary

LAUSD Aborts 'Computer Per Student' Program with Apple Computers

(Image Credit: PhotoPin, Creative Commons License) Former LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy insisted it was a civil rights and educational imperative to make technology available to all students. But the implementation of the Common Core...Show More Summary

19 Wacky Ideas That Were Perfectly Acceptable in the 1960s

last weekHumor : Neatorama

Jiggly salads? Groovy. | Image: Flickr/wanderingmagpie / Via Creative Commons It's nothing short of mind boggling what dangerous, politically incorrect and otherwise unacceptable items used to pass muster in our lifetimes and those of our parents. Show More Summary

A man invented vibrators because doctors were tired of giving orgasms

c. 1891 Front cover of the C.H.Liedbeck's A Description of the Vibrator and Directions for Use. Image: Wellcome Library, London (Creative Commons Attribution only license CC BY) The Shelton Vibrators are used in the finest homes in America. Show More Summary

Worth a Thousand Words: Melk Staircase

Stift Melk, staircase near church, photographed by David Monniaux, Creative Commons licensing I first saw this gorgeous piece of architecture in Art: A New History by Paul Johnson. I could look at this all day.

What Scripture and Jazz Have in Common

Resolving two difficult issues regarding the Bible's inspiration. Since the first century, Christians have claimed that the Bible is inspired by God. Nowadays, we use the word inspired for almost any creative feat—a poem, a song, a lecture, even a touchdown. Show More Summary

Watch Octopuses Meet for Blind Date, Tricky Sex

Image courtesy of Creative Commons/Michael Bentley/Flickr On February 14, Hazel and Franklin will meet for a blind date. There is a good chance things will get heavy; it will likely be the first -- and possibly the last -- chance either has for sex in their adult lives. Show More Summary

What a Cup of Tea Looks Like in 22 Different Countries

2 weeks agoHumor : Neatorama

Turkish cay tea is served with every meal and often in between. The black tea does not take milk and can be served with or without sugar. It is usually brewed in a two-chamber teapot.Image: Flickr: 10527553@N03 / Creative Commons I've never taken to drinking coffee, likely as a result of spending time in England and Scotland as a kid. Show More Summary

Common's Advice for Up-and-Coming Creative Talent at the Tanqueray Trunk Show

Photo Courtesy of Team Epiphany New York City is deep in the throes of Fashion Week - designers are hustling to put the finishing touches on their collections, fashion bloggers darting from one presentation to the next, and the clinking...Show More Summary

Politically Correct Language Isn't Just About Being Polite—It's About Survival

Photo by Phillipe Leroyer (Creative Commons). Two weeks ago, Jonathan Chait published the lengthy essay "Not a Very P.C. Thing to Say" in New York magazine. In his piece, Chait attempts to articulate the ways in which moderate liberal...Show More Summary

The Great Elephant Census Aims to Count Every Elephant in Africa

Image by guido da rozze via Creative Commons On the continent of Africa it’s estimated that 100 elephants die every single day. While some deaths are natural—old age, disease, an unfortunate encounter with a pride of lions—a large portion of the...Show More Summary

Is Boston the Greenest American City?

The first Sustainable Cities Index ranks 50 of the world's leading cities by their social, economic, and environmental value. Boston Public Garden (Rick Harris, Creative Commons) You've seen the statistics: Today, for the first time in human history, more people live in cities than don't. Show More Summary

The Many Definitions of Love

Klearchos Kapoutsis / Flickr Creative Commons L'amour. Liebe. Sarang. Ai. Hubb. Love. There may be just one word for love in every language, but there are myriad meanings. It just depends on who you ask. See below for some of the most...Show More Summary

10 of the most creative perks offered to tech company employees

(Business) Perks are a common way brands attempt to retain top talent, and the tech sector does it better than most. Here's a sampling of what many tech employees enjoy. Follow The American Genius on Facebook for exclusive & breaking business stories Get more Business News at AGBeat

The University of Vermont Officially Recognizes ‘Neutral’ as a Gender

Wish schools would ditch the tired gender binary already? Fret not, trans and genderqueer rights crusaders. The University of Vermont is leading the way. Image via Creative Commons As reported by The New York Times, the famously progressive “Groovy...Show More Summary

10 Tantalizing Poetry Titles for Your Valentine

Photo by Subharnab Majumdar, Creative Commons, via Flickr. Yes, Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but there is still time to treat your Love to one or more of these tantalizing poetry titles. And as any good lover knows, true...Show More Summary

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