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New Discoveries at From the Jehol Biota Lagerstatte

The Jehol Biota, an Early Cretaceous terrestrial Lagerstätte: new discoveries and implicationsAuthor:Zhou Abstract:The study of the Early Cretaceous terrestrial Jehol Biota, which provides a rare window for reconstruction of a Lower Cretaceous terrestrial ecosystem, is reviewed with a focus on some of the latest progress. Show More Summary

Tirotherium aptum: a new tribotherian Boreosphenid Mammal From Santonian/Campanian Cretaceous Alberta

A new tribotherian (Mammalia, Boreosphenida) from the late Santonian to early Campanian upper Milk River Formation, AlbertaAuthors:Montellano-Ballesteros et alAbstract:A new tribotherian mammal, Tirotherium aptum gen. et sp. nov., is...Show More Summary

A Walk Through Dinosaurland

Jim Lawson of Paleo: Tales of the Late Cretaceous has a new comic project called A Walk Through Dinosaurland. It looks great! The funding goal has been met, but that shouldn't stop you from grabbing some perks. Hat tip to Palaeoblog for the catch.

Evidence of Mammals Scavenging Theropod Corpses in Cretaceous Patagonia

Bioerosion trace fossils on bones of the Cretaceous South American theropod Buitreraptor gonzalezorum Makovicky, Apesteguía and Agnolín, 2005 (Deinonychosauria)Authors:Gianechini et alAbstract:The ichnological record provides valuable information on the lifestyle, behaviour, and other palaeobiological and palaeoecological aspects of the biota. Show More Summary

Dwarf, Freshwater Elasmosaurs Found From Campanian/Maastrichtian Patagonia?

Late Cretaceous reptilian biota of the La Colonia Formation, central Patagonia, Argentina: Occurrences, preservation and paleoenvironmentsAuthors:Gasparini et alAbstract:Cropping out on the southeastern margin of the Somún Curá Plateau,...Show More Summary

An Unique Mammalian Assemblage From Early Cretaceous Siberia

Mammal remains from the Lower Cretaceous Bol'shoi Terekhtyul' locality in West Siberia, RussiaAuthors:Averianov et alAbstract:Four mammalian taxa have been identified based on upper molariform tooth and edentulous dentary fragments from...Show More Summary

Dinosaurs wiped out rapidly in Europe 66 million years ago

Island life in the Cretaceous - faunal composition, biogeography, evolution, and extinction of land-living vertebrates on the Late Cretaceous European archipelago. 2015. Csiki-Sava Z, et al. ZooKeys 469: 1-161. Dinosaurs flourished in...Show More Summary

Evidence of a new Abelisaurid Theropod From Campanian Cretaceous Patagonia

New abelisaurid remains from the Anacleto Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Patagonia, ArgentinaAuthors:Gianechini et alAbstract:New theropod remains with abelisaurid affinities from the Upper Cretaceous (Anacleto Formation, lower Campanian), NW Patagonia, Argentina, are here described. Show More Summary

Evolution of Prehensile Digits in Non-Anomodont Synapsids

Range of Movement in Ray I of Manus and Pes and the Prehensility of the Autopodia in the Early Permian to Late Cretaceous Non-Anomodont Synapsida Authors:Kümmell et alAbstract:The mobility of ray I was analysed in seventy-eight Early Permian to Late Cretaceous specimens of non-mammalian Synapsida and one extant mammal. Show More Summary

Carbon Isotopes at Onset of Miocene Climatic Optimum Mimic Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic

Global perturbation of the carbon cycle at the onset of the Miocene Climatic OptimumAuthors:Holbourn et alAbstract:The Miocene Climatic Optimum (MCO; ca. 17–14.7 Ma) represents one of several major interruptions in the long-term cooling trend of the past 50 m.y. Show More Summary

Discovery Of Dinosaur "Death Trap" Suggests Utahraptors Hunted In Packs

3 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Paleontologists working in Utah have stumbled upon a remarkable Cretaceous scene preserved in sandstone. It appears that an entire pack of Utahraptors — a species closely related to Velociraptors — got stuck in quicksand and died together while hunting. Read more...

The Paleoenvironment of Barremian/Albian Cretaceous East Asia

Environment and ecology of East Asian dinosaurs during the Early Cretaceous inferred from stable oxygen and carbon isotopes in apatiteAuthors:Amiot et alAbstract:During the cold Late Barremian–Early Albian interval, terrestrial environments in East Asia were populated by rich and diverse vertebrate faunas characterized by a strong provincialism. Show More Summary

Week of Vintana: Dental Enamel Morphology Compared to Other Gondwanatherians

Enamel Microstructure of Vintana Sertichi (Mammalia, Gondwanatheria) From the Late Cretaceous of MadagascarAuthors:von Koenigswald et alAbstract:The enamel microstructure of the molariform cheek teeth of Vintana sertichi (Gondwanatheria,...Show More Summary

Week of Vintana: Sudamericid Gondwanatherian Vintana's Dental Morphology

Dental Morphology of Vintana Sertichi (Mammalia, Gondwanatheria) from the Late Cretaceous of MadagascarAuthor:Krause Abstract:The cranium of Vintana sertichi preserves the first associated upper dentition of a gondwanatherian mammal....Show More Summary

Week of Vintana: Did the Modern Mammalian Ear Evolve Before the Allotherian/Cladotherian Mammal Split?

Endocranial and Inner Ear Morphology of Vintana Sertichi (Mammalia, Gondwanatheria) from the Late Cretaceous of MadagascarAuthors:Hoffmann et alAbstract:We present the first digital reconstruction of the endocranial cavity and endosseous...Show More Summary

The Paleoenvironment of the Coniacian–Maastrichtian Cretaceous Bauru Basin, Brazil

Evolution and palaeoenvironment of the Bauru Basin (Upper Cretaceous, Brazil)Authors:Fernandes et alAbstract:The Bauru Basin was one of the great Cretaceous desert basins of the world, evolved in arid zone called Southern Hot Arid Belt. Show More Summary

Week of Vintana: Vintana had Much Better Senses (hearing, Smell, etc) Than Other Mesozoic Mammaliaformes

Sensory Anatomy and Sensory Ecology of Vintana Sertichi (Mammalia, Gondwanatheria) from the Late Cretaceous of MadagascarAuthors:Kirk et alAbstract:Living mammals are distinguished from other extant tetrapods by adaptations for improved senses of hearing, touch, and smell. Show More Summary

The Environment and Ecology of Santonian Cretaceous Hungary

Taphonomic and paleoecologic investigations of the Late Cretaceous (Santonian) Iharkút vertebrate assemblage (Bakony Mts, Northwestern Hungary)Authors:Botfalvai et alAbstract:The Iharkút vertebrate locality, an open-pit mine in the Bakony...Show More Summary

Week of Vintana: Vintana had Twice the Bite Force of a Modern Nutria

Dental Function and Diet of Vintana Sertichi (Mammalia, Gondwanatheria) from the Late Cretaceous of MadagascarAuthors:Schultz et alAbstract:The nearly complete and well-preserved cranium of Vintana sertichi provides an opportunity to investigate its dietary adaptations. Show More Summary

Evidence of Shallow Water Hydrocarbon Seeps From Maastrichtian Cretaceous Antarctica

Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) shallow water hydrocarbon seeps from Snow Hill and Seymour Islands, James Ross Basin, AntarcticaAuthors:Little et alAbstract:Fossil hydrocarbon seeps are present in latest Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) volcaniclastic shallow shelf sediments exposed on Snow Hill and Seymour Islands, James Ross Basin, Antarctica. Show More Summary

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