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Law & Disorder: Criminal Justice & Policing | Collection Development, July 1, 2016

According to a 2015 report, violent crime is about half of what it was in 1991, and property crime is down by over 40 percent. Still, public scrutiny of the system and those who work within it may be at an all-time high. These 31 resources, with more on the web, paint an eye-opening picture of our criminal justice system and policing that readers need to see.

Prisoners Report Significant Mental and Physical Problems

Prisoners Report Significant Mental and Physical Problems Editor’s note: Anyone working with people caught up in the criminal justice system are astounded by the number of people with physical and mental health problems. Crime takes an enormous toll on those involved with many (most?) having physical or psychological injuries from a criminal lifestyle. The inability […]

How Sonia Sotomayor Brought Racial Justice Back To The Supreme Court

More than just a voice of criminal defendants who are often pushed around by a system designed to empower law enforcement, Sotomayor has also embraced Thurgood Marshall's role as the Court's teller of difficult truths about race. The post How Sonia Sotomayor Brought Racial Justice Back To The Supreme Court appeared first on ThinkProgress.

White Privilege? Shady Stanford Judge To Sentence Latino Immigrant 3 Years For Similar Crime As Brock Turner

Judge Persky To Sentence Latino Immigrant More Prison Time Than Brock Turner For Similar Sexaul Assault C’mon now! If THIS isn’t a tell-tale sign that this judge and the criminal justice system is completely fed then we don’t know w...

Broken Windows Policing Is Racist, and Doesn't Work, Unless...

Unless, the goal is mass incarceration and pushing millions into the criminal justice system. Between 1993 and 2005, the number of summonses handed out by New York City police rose from 160,000 each year to a high of 648,638. That period...Show More Summary

Everybody Else Is Reading This

Parenthood And The Criminal Justice System Above The Law Appeals Court Upholds Texas' Hazlewood Veterans Benefits How Appealing 16 Providers And Vendors Join IBM Watson Health In Medical Imaging Collaborative MedCity News Corporations Directly Buying Renewable Power On The Rise Breaking Energy

Parenthood And The Criminal Justice System

Parenthood is a slow process of watching the world kill what’s sacred and special in your children.

My white privilege meets Sonia Sotomayor's scathing attack on police power

In what’s being touted as a turning point in the way the Supreme Court considers the factor of race in the criminal justice system, Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Monday delivered a scathing dissent in Utah vs. Strieff, a 4th Amendment case about police searches. The court ruled in a 5-3 decision that...

Why Is Chemical Castration Being Used on Sex Offenders in Some Countries?

How do such interventions fit in the criminal justice system? Are they likely to be successful? Following a horrific act of sexual violence against a 14-year-old girl, the president of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, recently signed a decree...Show More Summary

"Marry the state, jail the people": On Hillary Clinton's Carceral Feminism.

'Writer Yasmin Nair examines the cost and consequences of carceral feminism - a reliance on the criminal justice system to correct crimes against women - and explains how expanding America's surveillance and incarceration apparatus not...Show More Summary

Fees and Fines: Punishing the Poor

The people who gathered in Montgomery, Alabama last month had come from across the country. Advocates sat with researchers, professors talked with political organizers, top minds on the criminal justice system and experts in city budgets joined lawyers for juvenile offenders and campaigners for people experiencing poverty. Show More Summary

America still disproportionately incarcerates people of color

A new report on racial disparity in state prisons indicates that our troubling historical trend of racism in the criminal justice system continues. The report, produced by the Sentencing Project and titled “The Color of Justice: Racial...Show More Summary

The Tragic Killing of Ollie Lee Brooks Is Exhibit A in the Case for Ending America's Drug War

Predatory policing in Tulsa results in one man's demise--and raises questions about how, and for whom, the criminal justice system works. A poor, elderly black man with a heart condition was sitting in his room at a cheap Tulsa, Oklahoma,...Show More Summary

‘Kalief’s Law’ Passed in NYC to Honor Teen Tortured on Riker’s Island

In what could be viewed as some semblance of justice for Kalief Browder, the young man who became the poster child for everything wrong with New York City’s broken criminal justice system and its jails, the lower house of the New York legislature recently passed a bill known as “Kalief’s Law,” to ensure that persons […]

White Privilege Isn’t Tainting the Criminal-Justice System. It Is the Criminal Justice System

A lot of people are saying that white privilege is rampant within the criminal-justice system. Let me correct that. White privilege is the criminal-justice system. And the recent case involving a privileged college student convicted of sexual assault with a whiny father is just one of many of white men getting the benefit of the […]

That's the Purpose of Jail

Did we miss something? Inmates at the Cook County Jail served more than 200 years’ worth of unnecessary time behind bars last year thanks to an overworked criminal justice system.[...]The wait for a case to reach conviction can be so...Show More Summary

Infrastructure: Hillary Clinton's Big Idea and Best-Kept Secret

Hillary Clinton talks about many important issues on the campaign trail including reforming the criminal justice system, immigration reform, providing affordable college education, raising the minimum wage, providing equal pay for women, protecting Social Security and Medicare and a whole host of foreign policy initiatives. Show More Summary

Chicago Justice System Is So Bad Inmates Spent 218 Years Longer in Jail Than Actually Sentenced

Chicago’s beleaguered criminal justice system was exposed once again on Wednesday with a Daily Beast report that the process of securing a conviction is so long that criminal offenders often end up spending more time in the Cook Country Jail due to systemic inefficiency than they ultimately are sentenced to serve in prison. Show More Summary

Goldilocks Once Again Violates Restraining Order

The Three Bears family has reported that Goldilocks has once again violated her restraining order. "We feel hunted," Papa Bear admitted. "A restraining order is only as effective as the criminal justice system that enforces it. Goldilocks'...Show More Summary

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