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How to Win the Trust and Loyalty of Today’s Mobile Customer

Brand loyalty was the sole bread and butter of company revenue until the mobile phone all but sealed the fate of brand loyalty. Is this the final nail in loyalty’s proverbial coffin? The post How to Win the Trust and Loyalty of Today’s Mobile Customer appeared first on

Stop Measuring Clicks and Start Measuring Value

Can making things too easy for your customers lead you to fail? Peter Arvai, CEO of Prezi, explains why building an inspirational user experience is the key to customer loyalty.

Three Ways To Build Brand Loyalty

Along with having fantastic logos, successful brands must build loyalty among their customers so they will keep coming back for more. Here are three ways to gain that trust.

Boost Your Customer Retention Rates With Loyalty Marketing

Are you looking to use loyalty marketing as a way to increase customer loyalty to your brand? Here's what loyalty marketing is, what's new in the industry, and all the loyalty marketing best practices you can handle. The post Boost Your Customer Retention Rates With Loyalty Marketing appeared first on

Personalized healthy fast food offers via Bristol store’s app

Friska's new loyalty app creates personalized offers for each customer using their previous buying patterns.

10 Customer Retention and Loyalty Techniques for Mobile Apps

Keep Customers Wr‘APP’ed Around Your Fingers! In an era where the number of choices exceed the number of consumers, competitive prices abound and where innumerable offers and discounts catch one’s eye faster than a shooting star, brand loyalty among web … The post 10 Customer Retention and Loyalty Techniques for Mobile Apps appeared first on  - Snyxius.

Starbucks will give you coffee rewards if you use Lyft to get around

Starbucks wants to add some caffeine to your commute. Starbucks on Wednesday announced Lyft as the newest member of its growing loyalty program Customers that use the ride-hailing service will be able to earn credit in the My Starbucks Rewards program that the coffee chain has been bolstering through partnerships with other companies. Show More Summary

4 Ways to Preserve Customer Loyalty When Call Volume Spikes

Remember those sandcastles you built as a kid? Constructing sandy towers and driftwood drawbridges was a blast. That is, until a powerful, unexpected wave swept the beach and water flooded that little kingdom. Only those prepared with a deep and expansive moat remained safe.

London: The Price of Customer Loyalty? At The Mandeville, It's a Sandwich

Last summer when we had the customer service experience to end all customer service experiences at Claridge?s, we said that we couldn't imagine many other London hotels being so pro-customer and ultimately ensuring our repeat visits. Well now it?s time to add another London hotel to the amazing, out-of-the-ordinary service list: The Mandeville.

Slimcard: The Only Card You Need in Your Wallet

Every retailer, restaurant, coffee shop, chain store, and nightlife venue seems to have their own flavor of a customer loyalty, discount, or rewards card these days, and those little plastic cards can take up way too much space in your wallet or key chain. Show More Summary

Comcast BusinessVoice: How To Build Customer Loyalty

According to the Harvard Business Review, the average business loses 50 percent of its customers every five years. This stat suggests there is a need to nurture existing customers to avoid this costly proposition. Every company strives for higher customer retention, but often focuses more time and energy on gaining new [...]

Beyond Remarketing: Powerful Ways to Leverage Audience Data

There's so much data available that it can be overwhelming. Beyond Google and Facebook, marketers can use that data to develop loyalty, remarketing lapsed customers, and cross-sell.

The Ultimate Sign of Customer Loyalty: Their Identity

When customers willingly hand over their data to you, it’s the ultimate sign of trust in your company and your intentions—a true reflection of the belief that you have their best interests at heart. No pressure, but that gives your business a lot to live up to. If customer data [...]

Make Your Customers Feel Like You Know Them (Without Being Creepy)

Online customers come to you through different paths for myriad reasons. The clues they leave behind can help you get to know them and improve their experience, build their loyalty and repeat business, and boost revenue. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

The Secret to Building Customer Relationships

Find out what keeps small businesses from building customer loyalty — and learn how you can create lasting customer relationships. The post The Secret to Building Customer Relationships appeared first on

Find your ‘halo’ moments and skyrocket your brand love

VB EVENT: How can you satisfy and delight customers who are getting more selective and looking for instant gratification from their loyalty program? Learn more at MobileBeat.

GoPro is making massive investments in video (GPRO)

Camera maker GoPro is making big investments in digital video content. The company's goal appears to be to reinforce loyalty among its customers, composed primarily of extreme sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Secondly, the content could...Show More Summary

How to Boost Your Product Loyalty with Add-Ons

Customers love low prices, but that doesn't build loyalty like add-ons can.

Customer commitment has many faces, differs globally

Companies that want to increase customers' loyalty and get their repeat business would do well to understand the nuanced ways in which and reasons why a customer is committed to that company, according to a recent study. The research provides a strategic blueprint for developing customer commitment.

Harness the Power of YouTube to Capture and Connect With Customers

YouTube offers an incredible marketing opportunity, as well as an online customer service channel. With it you can bring in new customers, build brand loyalty, and answer questions before they’re asked -- all in the name of customer service. The post Harness the Power of YouTube to Capture and Connect With Customers appeared first on

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