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Daily Kos Elections 3Q 2016 House fundraising reports roundup

Quarterly fundraising reports for federal candidates, covering the period from July 1 to Sept. 30, were due at the Federal Elections Commission on Saturday night. Below is our list of fundraising numbers for House candidates in all key 2016 races, largely following the list of contests that Daily Kos Elections has rated as competitive. Show More Summary

Daily Kos Elections 2016 forecast: These three states will decide control of the Senate

At this point, it’s looking pretty clear that Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president. The Daily Kos Elections model currently gives her a? 95 percent  chance of winning the election two and a half weeks from now. Even if you...Show More Summary

Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 AM ET!

So, this election thing is still happening. Looks like we’re going to have to go through with it, after all. We’ll catch up with all the latest, plus fill in what background we can. But we are quickly running out of dumpsters to burn. Listen LIVE right here at 9:00 AM ET! Oh, right! It’s probably time to craft a new shtick for this middle part, here. Show More Summary

Daily Kos Elections 2016 forecast: Where should Clinton expand the map?

Hillary Clinton’?s odds of winning the presidential race are nearly as high as the Harlem Globetrotters’ odds of winning their next matchup against the Washington Generals: currently 96 percent, according to the Daily Kos Elections model. Show More Summary

10 Teachers of the Year slam Trump’s candidacy — and say they can no longer remain neutral

5 days agoNews : The Raw Story

Ten of America’s best teachers say they can no longer remain on the sidelines of the 2016 election. Per Daily Kos, ten winners of assorted state “Teacher of the Year” awards have written a joint letter opposing Donald Trump’s candidacy, while saying that they could no longer...

Morning Digest: Remember 'I'm not a witch'? Pat Toomey does—a little too fondly

Leading Off: ? PA-Sen: With Donald Trump far behind in Pennsylvania (the Daily Kos Elections polling average gives Hillary Clinton a 48-41 lead), both Senate candidates recognize that he can wreck Republican Sen. Pat Toomey's re-election chances. Show More Summary

Gun-toting Trump supporters 'protest' at office of Daily Kos candidate Jane Dittmar

This is terrifying, and exactly what Donald Trump is  setting the stage ? for, with all his talk of rigged and stolen elections. Two Trump supporters spent an entire day sitting outside the campaign office of Jane Dittmar, a Democratic House candidate in Virginia. Show More Summary

Daily Kos Elections 2016 forecast: So what about retaking the House?

Remember a few weeks ago when people were all “OH NO DONALD TRUMP IS GOING TO WIN HOW IS THIS HAPPENING TO US AAAAAAGGGGHGH?” No, really, it was literally just a few weeks ago! The peak of that sentiment was right around September 21,...Show More Summary

Daily Kos Elections 2016 forecast: You know, I'm starting to think Hillary might actually win this

Hillary Clinton’s odds of winning the presidential election that’s now less than a month away currently stand at an all-time high of? 94 percent, according to the Daily Kos Elections model. That’s higher than at any point during her post-Democratic convention bounce. Show More Summary

Morning Digest: Maggie Hassan wants to make Kelly Ayotte pay for calling Trump a role model for kids

Leading Off: ? NH-Sen: Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte is locked in a tough re-election fight, but she's largely been able to put some much-needed distance between her and Donald Trump. While the Daily Kos Elections polling average gives Ayotte just a 46-45 lead over Democrat Maggie Hassan, Hillary Clinton has a 46-40 edge in New Hampshire. Show More Summary

Daily Kos Elections 2016 forecast: Hillary Clinton's victory odds now back up to 83 percent

What a difference a week makes! When we looked at the model on Monday, September 26, (the day of the first presidential debate), Hillary Clinton’s odds of winning were 64 percent. There had been some subtle improvements in the previous...Show More Summary

Daily Kos Elections 2016 forecast: Clinton's odds continue to tick back up

We’ve seen enough polls in the last week to know that Hillary Clinton won a decisive victory in the first debate of the presidential general election. Polls that asked specifically about the debate gave her the win, almost always by double-digit margins. Show More Summary

Hillary campaign advisor Vivek Viswanathan is here to answer questions about college affordability

This is the first in a planned series of live Q&As with Hillary for America policy advisors that Daily Kos plans to feature in the weeks leading up to the election.  Vivek Viswanathan, who focuses on college affordability and student debt for the campaign, graduated with a B.A. Show More Summary

Daily Kos Elections 2016 forecast: Senate numbers jump thanks to North Carolina

One question that we get a lot about our forecast model (and that wasn’t answered as part of our model Q&A that we had a few weeks ago) tends to come from people who look at our map first and start counting electoral votes from there. Show More Summary

Daily Kos Elections 2016 forecast: Now we have a page for every state!

Daily Kos Elections is pleased to roll out an important new feature for our 2016 election forecast model: a page for each state! We’d been displaying day-to-day trendlines for Hillary Clinton’?s overall odds, as well as the median number...Show More Summary

A fascinating look inside the making of a poll

Here at Daily Kos Elections, we pay a lot of attention to polls. Part of that is paying attention to the errors in polls, so that we can tell the difference between normal poll-to-poll variations and changes that actually mean something. Show More Summary

Daily Kos Elections 2016 forecast: Who will aggregate the aggregators?

I may overuse the parable about the? blind men describing the elephant when talking about polling and pollsters, and why we aggregate … but that’s because it’s a great metaphor for what’s going on. Think of the electorate as the elephant,...Show More Summary

Daily Kos Elections 2016 forecast: What's the matter with Ohio?

If you’ve spent any time perusing maps of different presidential elections, you’ve probably noticed that, historically, the map would often change wildly from one election to the next. Even in recent history, we’ve seen some presidential maps that seem almost inconceivable right now. Show More Summary

Daily Kos Elections 2016 forecast: Polling day from hell has little effect on the bottom line

Conventional wisdom is that Wednesday was a bad day for Team Blue on the polling front; it started out with a surprising poll for Bloomberg (by Selzer, who are considered the “gold standard” in Iowa but are less proven elsewhere) showing Hillary Clinton trailing by 5 in Ohio. Show More Summary

Daily Kos Elections 2016 presidential forecast: Presidential race stable, Senate chances take hit

If you were hoping for a nice, politics-free weekend, well, guess again; instead you got two days of constant Sturm und Drang, in increasingly absurd ways. If you’re more interested in the polls than the latest pundit derp, though, there wasn’t much change at all in the big picture. Show More Summary

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