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Daniel Suelo, The Man Who Quit Money, On Living And Traveling For Free

5 years agoLifestyle / Travel : Gadling

Daniel Suelo is easily the most famous homeless person in America. His story has been featured in Details, ABC News, BBC, The Daily Mail, the Guardian, the Oregonian, and a host of other publications. And last year, a division of Penguin...Show More Summary

The Man Who Quit Money: Of Parasites and Men

Living without an income is not the same as "quitting money." But the Obama-loving anti-capitalists who applaud Daniel Suelo's New-Age parasitism would have you equate the two -- and lose your wallet in the process.

This German Woman Has Been Living Without Money For 16 Years

By Mandi Woodruff As we edge closer to a cashless society, some consumers are quietly challenging the idea of money in the first place -- by giving it up completely. Daniel Suelo, 50, traded his nine-to-five for dumpster diving and a cozy cave in Utah's canyonlands back in 2000. But even before Suelo, there was Germany native Heidemarie Schwermer. Show More Summary

The Man Who Quit Money: An Interview with Daniel Suelo

“Money only exists if two or more people believe it exists.” – Daniel Suelo When I first heard the story of Daniel Suelo, I was immediately intrigued. After all, Daniel lives entirely without money and has done so for the past 12 years. In 2000, he put his entire life savings in a phone booth, walked [...]

Buzz: No money, no jobs, no retirement

Have you ever had enough of the grind, and dreamed of chucking it all and live off the grid? No bills. No tax man. No boss. And no money. Daniel Suelo did exactly that. Twelve years ago, Suelo had $30 to his name. He left it in a phone booth and walked away from normal society. H …

Happily broke: One man's quest to be penniless

Daniel Suelo is 51 years old and broke. Happily broke. Consciously, deliberately, blessedly broke.

"I don't use or accept money or conscious barter - don't take food stamps or other government dole."

"My philosophy is to use only what is freely given or discarded and what is already present and already running (whether or not I existed)." All right, fine for you. Daniel Suelo. Live that moneyless life. But this video about you, connecting you to larger economic issues, with an insufferable music track, is just awful:

He 'quit money' and is still living a happy life

Daniel Suelo hasn't made a penny in 12 years. He hasn't spent a penny either. Suelo is the subject of the book "The Man Who Quit Money," by Mark Sundeen. In 2000, Suelo had $30 dollars to his name. He left the money in a phone booth and never looked back. Since then, Suelo has l …

The Man Who Quit Money

A few months over a year ago I experimented with bartering, and living without money. I hitchhiked 3,000 miles. I lived outside the system but realized there's no way to survive without money. Maybe I was wrong. Daniel Suelo has lived... Read more

The Man Who Quit Money

Daniel Suelo quit money in 2000. He lives in caves, harvests food and dumpster dives. But he didn’t quit on life and is still an active member of his community. Made by David Eckenrode for the BBC. Hat Tip Link More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: Don’t Quit: Uncharted 2The SlipQuit Job Quit [...]

Daniel Suelo, The American Who Quit Money to Live in a Cave

6 years agoHumor : Laughing Squid

“The American who quit money to live in a cave” by David Eckenrode is a short BBC video on Daniel Suelo, a man who has lived a moneyless existence in a cave in Utah since 2000. The video is told from the perspective of Mark Sundeen, a longtime acquaintance of Suelo, who was inspired to [...]

Meet Daniel Suelo: The Man Who Gave Up Money

Twelve years ago, Daniel Suelo left his last $30 in a payphone and walked off into the desert. Daniel had decided that money was “an illusion” and no longer wanted to be a part of the capitalist financial system. So he decided to live off the grid — way off the grid — surviving off [...]

The American who quit money to live in a cave

6 years agoHumor : Boing Boing

David Eckenrode made this short film for the BBC about Daniel Suelo, a man who stopped using money in 2000. I wrote a bit about Daniel in 2009, and had a brief email exchange with him (he uses a computer at a library within walking distance from his cave). Mark Sundeen, the author of book, [...]

See How One Man Turned His Back On Currency For Good

More than a decade ago, Daniel Suelo, just shy of 40 at the time, took his entire life savings – $30 in cash – and dumped it all inside a phone booth. Then he turned his back on currency for good. Living off the land, Suelo's managed...Show More Summary

The Man Who Gave Up Money

6 years agoHumor : mental_floss

In 2000, Daniel Suelo opted out of the cash economy. For the past dozen years, he hasn’t used money, hasn’t paid taxes, and hasn’t used government financial assistance services. He eats roadkill, rummages through dumpsters, and lives in caves. And what’s weirder, he has a blog. In addition to his blog, he maintains an amusingly [...]

The Man Who Quit Money

Daniel Suelo quit money 12 years ago. He’s been living in a cave in Utah, surviving by eating wild food and roadkill. He has no job, doesn’t take welfare, and he doesn’t ever use money. The BBC took a closer look at Suelo’s life and talks to Mark Sundeen, the author who wrote a book about Suelo. It’s such a fascinating story, and it’s almost unbelievable that Su...

The Man Who Quit Money [Video]

6 years agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Daniel Suelo quit money 12 years ago and has been living in a cave in Utah and survives by eating wild food and roadkill. He has no job, doesn't take welfare and doesn't ever use money. More »

The Man Who Quit Money

6 years agoHumor : Neatorama

In 2000, Daniel Suelo (previously on Neatorama) pulled his life savings - all $30 - from his pocket and put it inside a phone booth and walked away for good from money. He has since lived without using any currency. That's right - Say hello to the The Man Who Quit Money.: Daniel Suelo lives [...]

Books: Book Review: Mark Sundeen: The Man Who Quit Money

In late 2000, Utah native Daniel Suelo traveled by bus, ferry, and foot from Seattle, where his sister lived, to a remote Nova Scotia outpost called the Gandhi Farm, an organic, off-the-grid commune deep in the woods. Suelo, almost 40,...Show More Summary

The Measure of a Moneyless Man

In Mark Sundeen’s latest book, The Man Who Quit Money, we meet Daniel Suelo, a man who has chosen to live a radically austere life.Throughout his writing, Mark Sundeen seeks out what makes a Man of men, particularly, as he puts it, “in this age of talking toasters and the programmable toothbrush.” His essays, articles, [...]

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