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Did Medical Darwinism Doom the GOP health plan?

By MICHAEL L. MILLENSON “We are now contemplating, Heaven save the mark, a bill that would tax the well for the benefit of the ill.” Although that quote reads like it could be part of the Republican repeal-and-replace assault against the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it’s actually from a 1949 editorial in The New York

Charles Darwin handwritten page from "The Origin of Species" to be auctioned

yesterdayArts : Artdaily

A signed manuscript from the landmark ?The Origin of Species? by Charles Darwin will be auctioned by Nate D. Sanders Auctions on March 30. Interested bidders may participate in the auction online. Darwin wrote the handwritten page from the conclusion chapter from the book?s first edition in 1859. Show More Summary

Thinking About Galapagos (10): Finding God in Galapagos

The Charles Darwin Mural on Charles Darwin Avenue in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz IslandOn the last day of our tour, the Cormorant was anchored in Academy Bay, the harbor of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. In the morning, we went to see...Show More Summary

For at least $675,000, you can own a handwritten page from Charles Darwin’s manuscript of 'On the Origin of Species'

If you are among the scant 33% of U.S. adults who believe that humans and other living things evolved solely by a process of natural selection, it might be time to put your money where your mouth is. No, this is not a political fundraising pitch. It’s a notice of the impending sale, by auction,...

The 100 best nonfiction books: No 60 – On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin (1859)

Darwin’s revolutionary, humane and highly readable introduction to his theory of evolution is arguably the most important book of the Victorian era When Charles Darwin first saw On the Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection,...Show More Summary

Cristobal Colon Arrives in Sydney

HMA Ships Darwin, Melbourne and Parramatta have escorted the Spanish Armada's Cristobal Colon into Sydney Harbour as part of her role in providing platform and familiarisation training to Australian personnel. Over the next three months the…

The Cognitive Story: IBM algorithmist changes lives in a positive way

During IBM Interconnect 2017 this week, “The Cognitive Story,” a project that partners IBM with the Darwin Ecosystem, LLC, held a presentation on their research.  The compelling story is about a 29-year-old woman who suffers from Rhett’s Syndrome, a rare disease that mainly affects women. Show More Summary

Darwin’s Unfinished Symphony

In one kind of book, a smooth talker who has published many books takes a fraction of a year to explore a topic that has newly piqued their curiosity. In another kind of book, someone who has spend a lifetime … Continue reading ?

Quote of the Day

It is not the strongest or most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change. - Charles Darwin

Darwin Would Have Loved the Cliffs of Newfoundland, Where 500-Million-Years-Old Fossils Reside

Step back in time half a billion years to a world of mysterious sea creatures that would have thrilled Darwin

Thinking About Galapagos (9): Darwin's Snails

If I had had the opportunity to hike the highlands of Floreana, I would have looked for land snails, which are said to be abundant there in some spots. There are seventy species of Bulimulus land snails that are endemic to Galapagos....Show More Summary

Business Class $894-$943 Dubai DXB to Australia/NZ

Philippine Airlines has discount Business Class fares from Dubai DXB to Auckland, New Zealand and several cities in Australia, including Brisbane BNE, Cairns CNS, Darwin DRW, Sydney SYD. These flights route via Manila and some flights are two stops via Manila and Cairns. Show More Summary

Quote: Darwin on chimpanzees and other primates using tools

Charles Darwin, in Descent of Man (1871) pp. 51–52: It has often been said that no animal uses any tool; but the chimpanzee in a state of nature cracks a native fruit, somewhat like a walnut, with a stone. Rengger easily taught an American...Show More Summary

Review: Love vs. science in Stoppard's 'The Hard Problem' at Court Theatre

Next time you're accused of being selfish, try this Stoppardian rejoinder: Darwin really doesn't do sentimental. Or try putting it another way: We're all hard-wired to be out for ourselves. Some of us are just cleverer than others when it comes to the concealing thereof. If you want to be unpopular,...

That Time Jason Kander TOTALLY Owned Richard Spencer

Twitter is often a time-sucking, troll-filled, angry social media platform. But yes, I am addicted, as are hundreds of millions of other people. Sure, those cute cat posts are funny. I love a good Darwin Award post where people show just how stupid they are. Show More Summary

Thinking About Galapagos (8): Darwin's Mockingbirds

In the afternoon of Day 6, our tour group went snorkeling in Gardner Bay of Espanola. My wife and I, however, stayed on the boat to recover from our overexposure to the heat and the equatorial sun over the previous two days. This was...Show More Summary

Budgeting Social Darwinism

There has been much chatter about President Trump’s proposed “America First” budget as well as the roll out of Trumpcare, which has been designed to replace The Affordable Care Act. Beyond the debatable specifics of these budget andShow More Summary

Darwin’s Unfinished Symphony

Darwin’s Unfinished Symphony: How Culture Made the Human Mind is a new book on cultural evolution in humans from a biological perspective. This is an interesting book and a good book, and I recommend it, but I need to add a strong caveat. The author could have made a more compelling argument had he more…

The Trail is Darwinism in Action

But not in the sense of “survival of the fittest”. You survive by being able to adapt. We were forced to be adaptable from the start of our thru-hike. Our planned start date was March 7th but a series of thunderstorms made us push it back to the 8th. Show More Summary

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