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READING DAVID BROOKS IN ALTOONA: At Commonweal, Matthew Sitman, who grew up just outside Altoona, Pe…

READING DAVID BROOKS IN ALTOONA: At Commonweal, Matthew Sitman, who grew up just outside Altoona, Pennsylvania (100 miles east of Pittsburgh) writes: Blair County, where I was raised and where my parents still live, overwhelmingly went for Trump in the recent Pennsylvania primary, giving him 61 percent of the vote. A few neighboring counties delivered […]

MICKEY KAUS: Why is Trump Overperforming His Polls? “Certainly with David Brooks, George Will, and…

MICKEY KAUS: Why is Trump Overperforming His Polls? “Certainly with David Brooks, George Will, and others banishing Trump voters (‘tainted forever after’ … ‘quislings’) and others vowing to maintain blacklists, there are plenty of reasons for at least upscale Republicans to not want to confess Trump symphathies to strangers. I’m not saying this means Trump […]

David Brooks: Poor people don’t understand “the anatomy of decision-making” like I do

"We should have explicit decision-making curriculums in all schools," especially those that service the poor

Great Artists: Troubled Personalities

I usually start my mornings with a cup of coffee while browsing the newspapers for the latest in politics and culture. Several days ago I was surprised to find an article by David Brooks in the Opinion Pages of the N.Y Times where he wrote with particular eloquence about Hemingway, while visiting his house in Cuba. Show More Summary

David Brooks' Tour Outside Bourgeois Strata Should Start In Healthcare

The NY Times' David Brooks and other GOP elites are reflecting on the seeming inevitability of Donald Trump being the GOP standard bearer. Brooks has a good perspective on the issue and has decided he needs to venture outside of his “bubble.” I’d like to propose where he can start [...]

David Brooks has driven me mad: His wacky New York Times mea culpa is a master troll’s finest moment yet

"I’ve slipped into a bad pattern, spending large chunks of my life in the bourgeois strata." It only gets better

David Brooks Admits He Lives in Wealthy Bubble

WARNING! David Brooks has admitted that he lives in a wealthy bubble and to rectify that he plans to break out of his New York Times cocoon and travel down the Heart of Darkness to mix with the hoi polloi. What caused Brooks to issue his bubble admission was the rise of Donald Trump whom he had previously discounted. Show More Summary

David Brooks Vows to Study America’s Suffering Masses

One of the small dramas that has accompanied the improbable rise of Donald Trump to the brink of the GOP presidential nomination has been a very public meltdown afflicting New York Times columnist David Brooks. Brooks has hurled lightning bolts at Trump for many months. He's called for a "conspiracy" to ... More »

2:00PM Water Cooler 4/29/2016

Today's Water Cooler: CFR on trade, Trump reality sinking in, Clinton/Sanders rapprochement narrative, from greed towards fear, David Brooks

Threading the Needle

It’s instructive in a “compare and contrast” sense to read today’s NYT columns from David Brooks and Paul Krugman. Brooks is contemplating the Trumpocalypse and what it all means for professional plutocracy apologists like himself. He warns us to gird ourselves for more Applebees salad bar stories, as Doug points out downstairs, dog help us. […]

They’re all like David Brooks: The mainstream media will never understand middle America

The disconnect goes beyond geography. Most journalists have never known the economic hardship on which they report

David Brooks frets mightily about the horrors “that can afflict a successful person”

Brooks seems very, very worried that undeserved success can leave writers floundering in their own filth

PBS's Brooks: NC Bathroom Law 'So Bad Now I Have to Praise Donald Trump'

On Friday's regular "Shields and Brooks" segment on the PBS NewsHour, pretend conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks slammed the North Carolina bathroom law -- which tries to protect women and girls from men intruding into...Show More Summary

David Brooks: The future of Cuba is exceeding bleak — but unlike Americans, at least Cubans still read poetry

He wonders if the "U.S. malaise has something to do with the way we have lost touch with our own national poets"

Report: Wizards Hire Scott Brooks As Head Coach

last weekSports : Deadspin

The next head coach of the Washington Wizards will be former Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. He reports that the deal is for five years and $35 million, and David Aldridge reports that all five years are guaranteed. Read more...

David Brooks Does Name Calling Against Bernie Sanders

Okay, he does it against Donald Trump as well, but the theme of his column is to denounce both of them for pushing a "single story" for the difficulties confronting working people. While Sanders blames an economy rigged to favor theShow More Summary

Hate Speech At Whole Foods?

(Steven Hayward) It is hard to imagine a more cosmopolitan establishment these days than Whole Foods, where, David Brooks joked, the checkers all look like they’re on loan from Amnesty International. But a gay preacher is alleging that...Show More Summary

Well I dreamed I saw the knights in armor coming

It’s hard for me to imagine that the Republican party isn’t thinking about a white knight candidate who can appeal to non-wingnuts, give David Brooks a boner, etc.  Given how bad Cruz and Trump will be in general election, it’s clearly the smart move.  (On the other hand, we all know what happened to Tessio. […]

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