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David Brooks is a Stalinist

Like any other week, the opinion pages of the New York Times two weeks ago brought us another rip-roaring David Brooks piece, wherein he pontificates about moral fibers and “the Cost of Relativism.” If Americans would just get back to enforcing social norms and usher in a “moral revival,” Brooks suggests, somehow we would be better off […]

David Brooks’s horrible plan to fight antisemitism: NY Times columnist’s new pro-war excuse

In one of the worst pieces of his career, Brooks makes one of the most-terrible arguments for bombing Iran ever

David Brooks: Netanyahu Is ‘Nixonian,’ Mostly in the Negative Way

last weekNews : Mediaite

New York Times conservative columnist David Brooks had surprisingly harsh words for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week, calling him "Nixonian" in a mostly negative light.

David Brooks Pushes For Means Testing Social Security

If anyone needed proof that PBS can be just as bad as the rest of our corporate "news" media when it comes to having a conservative bias and with having fake "liberals" on for "balance" to supposedly represent "the left," here you go. As...Show More Summary

Reaping the Harvest of Relativism

The social cost of relativism has been on the minds of some folks at The New York Times. Columnist David Brooks ran an excellent piece last week entitled "The Cost of Relativism," while Ross Douthat penned a piece entitled "For Poorer and Richer."

A dangerous idea on how to fix the economy

College graduates are entering the work force with horrible job prospects, into an economy of stagnating wages, and owing an average of $33,000. What’s the solution? Doubling down on school and on debt, says David Brooks in a column that only a 1 percenter could love. Show More Summary

Willfully Blind

Conor Williams takes on David Brooks over poverty and character:So when Brooks writes, "It’s not only money and better policy that are missing in these circles; it’s norms," he's being willfully blind. Stable marital norms are difficult to develop, refine and maintain at any income. Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls: Poor stories from Brooks and Douhat

A group of boys hang out on Sullivan Street in Brooklyn in the 1930s. Helaine Olen at The Baffler writes Poor Stories from Brooks and Douthat: An excerpt: In the past week, New York Times columnists David Brooks and Ross Douthat have taken on the issues of personal behavior and social norms among people less economically fortunate than themselves. Show More Summary

Can Delaying Pregnancy Significantly Reduce Child Poverty Rates?

Robert Putnam’s book on poverty in America has spurred a lot of interesting debate online. David Brooks writes that low income people need a reintroduction of norms that “were destroyed by a plague of nonjudgmentalism, which refusedShow More Summary

April Fools' Festival Day VI: Our Fool Today Is David Brooks

Noah Smith: [Americans Are Better Behaved]( "David Brooks thinks... less affluent Americans are losing their morality.... >Crime... teen drug and alcohol abuse... Show More Summary

The Ghettoside Response to David Brooks

Last week, David Brooks scribbled something very silly about values and poverty–Noah Smith points out the straightforward rebuttal, so I’ll leave that bit up to him. But Matt Taibbi also makes a very good point in “For David Brooks, the … Continue reading ?

David Brooks, religious clown: Debunking phony Godsplaining from the New York Times’ laziest columnist

David Brooks wants us atheists to appreciate his magic book and silly myths. Let's try some actual facts instead

David Brooks, The Morality Police

Hey, poor people! Get your shit together and have some morals, says David Brooks in a recent New York

New York Times’ poverty blind spot: How Nicholas Kristof & David Brooks blew it this week

Paper of record's star pundits insist on blaming poverty on "norms." Here's why that's self-serving bunk

Speaker for the Poor

David Brooks of the New York Times says that poor people need to learn to behave themselves, and Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig of What Remains of the New Republic is having none of it. “If the problems plaguing poor communities persist after...Show More Summary

Assorted links

1. Birds that bring gifts. 2. High parental income means high patent rates (pdf). 3. Here is a weak Elizabeth Bruenig critique of David Brooks on culture and poverty.  She should try to make all of the same points, but using the ethnic Japanese in Brazil as her example.  Or Mormons, or Armenians and education, […]

Poor People Don't Need Better Social Norms. They Need Better Social Policies.

In his Tuesday column, "The Cost of Relativism," The New York Times’ David Brooks cites a new book of research on "the growing chasm between those who live in college-educated Americ

“Voices from everywhere saying gently: This we praise. This we don’t.”

One of America’s leading political columnists, David Brooks, has just come out with a column called “The Cost of Relativism” about the growing chasm between college-educated America and those who write for major newspapers. It’s got a definitive collection of data about this divide. Show More Summary

David Brooks' Moral Revival and the Federal Reserve Board

David Brooks' used his column today to bemoan the fact that the vast majority of children of parents with just school degrees grow up in single parent families. By contrast, the vast majority of children with college educated parents grow up in two parent families. Show More Summary

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