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Rebekah Brooks Rejoins News Corp

News Corp today confirmed what Deadline reported last week — that Rebekah Brooks is rejoining the company as chief executive of News UK. She will be joined by David Dinsmore as COO and Tony Gallagher as editor-in-chief of The Sun, Britain’s...Show More Summary

Trailer Hits for 'Concussion' Starring Will Smith

Sony Pictures has released the trailer and poster for Concussion, the upcoming football drama stars ring Will Smith, Alec Baldwin, Luke Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Arliss Howard, Paul Reiser, David Morse and Albert Brooks The film is based on the David vs. Show More Summary

The Islamic State grows stronger

David Brooks on a threat the Left fails to fully understand or even acknowledge, let alone fight: The ISIS atrocities have descended…

No Escape: The ISIS Effect

David Brooks had a coruscating op-ed piece in the New York Times Friday morning about the philosophy and meaning of ISIS. It leaves you terribly pessimistic about the world's ability to understand, let alone, respond to this threat. But never fear. Show More Summary

Why David Brooks Is Dead Wrong on the Iran Deal

David Brooks has done with common-sense conservatism what his New York Times colleague Tom Friedman has done with taxi-driver conversations in foreign capitals: made a career of it. He does it well, too, often coming across like one of the rare grown-ups in the rumpus room of contemporary U.S. Show More Summary

We Know Less Than We Think We Do: Why David Brooks Is Not a Pariah But a Harbinger of Hope

I am surprised to find myself rooting for -- eagerly awaiting -- something that many would consider highly improbable: a retraction and an apology by New York Times conservative columnist David Brooks for his July 17 opinion piece, “Listening to Ta-Nehisi Coates While White.”

David Brooks: GOP Is Not In A Governing Mode, It's In A Protest Mode

While discussing the Republican debate on Fox last week and the GOP's Donald Trump problem, and predicting that Trump is not going to continue to rise in the polls on this Sunday's Meet the Press -- which had host Chuck Todd asking if...Show More Summary

WHEN YOU’VE LOST DAVID BROOKS. . . Wars, military or economic, are measured by whether you achiev…

WHEN YOU’VE LOST DAVID BROOKS... Wars, military or economic, are measured by whether you achieved your stated objectives. By this standard the U.S. and its allies lost the war against Iran, but we were able to negotiate terms that gave only our partial surrender, which forces Iran to at least delay its victory. […]

When You’ve Lost David Brooks. . .

(Steven Hayward) I know reader opinion here about David Brooks is... divided (full disclosure—oh hell, you don’t need to be told, but I will add that if you ask Charles Krauthammer who his favorite liberal columnist is, he’ll say “David Brooks”), and it is certainly true that Brooks tends to give Obama the benefit of the doubt too much of the time. Show More Summary

David Brooks' Pro-Oligarch Worldview

The columnist can't help but reveal his biases. The catalyst for a recent column by David Brooks was a speech delivered by his New York Times colleague Anand Giridharadas at the Aspen Action Forum. (Giridharadas writes the Letter from...Show More Summary

Oprah Shares Her Tried-And-True Recipe For Relaxation

I think I've got it down, this relaxing thing. Not quite a master yet, but getting there. Not long ago, I spent an afternoon reading David Brooks's new book, The Road to Character. It wasn't just taking time for a nourishing read -- which, for the record, is my favorite way to relax -- it was creating the energy of relaxation. Show More Summary

Capitalism and Climate Change: A Partnership That's Working?

In his op-ed piece "Two Cheers for Capitalism," conservative columnist David Brooks quotes fellow New York Times writer Anand Giridharadas about why capitalism isn't working: "The rich are to be praised for the good they do with their philanthropy, but they are never to be challenged for the harm they do in their businesses.... Show More Summary

If You Don't Get Donald Trump's Appeal, You Really Need to Catch Up on Your "Celebrity Apprentice" Viewing

What's the source of Donald Trump's appeal? 1 Responding to one of David Brooks' periodic psychoanalysis sessions of the American voting public, Greg Sargent makes a wacky counterproposal: "What if a key source of his appeal is that a lot of Republican voters agree with what he’s saying about the issues?" That's a thought. Show More Summary

Morning Plum: Large majority of Republicans trusts Donald Trump on illegal immigration

Why, oh why, does a self-promoting buffoon like Donald Trump continue to lead the GOP field among Republican voters? There’s been a great deal of pundit hand-wringing about this question. David Brooks argues this morning that Trump’s “allure” is rooted in how voters “feel,” i.e., “alienated,” “frustrated,” and “angry.” No doubt that has something to […]

David Brooks Is Confused, Thinks God Created Patents

And the Fed and corporate governance structures. That is the implication of his column where he describes the debate over inequality as a debate "between people who think you need strong government to defeat oligarchy and those who think...Show More Summary

Hearing Ta-Nehisi Coates While White: a Response to David Brooks

Ryan Williams-Virden explains how denying the truth about whiteness is standing in the way of progress against racism. The post Hearing Ta-Nehisi Coates While White: a Response to David Brooks appeared first on The Good Men Project.

David Brooks: ‘I’m for Doing All the Gun Control You Can Think of’

Appearing on Friday’s PBS NewsHour, New York Times columnist David Brooks reacted to the tragic shooting at a Louisiana movie theater last week by immediately calling for “doing all the gun control you can think of.”

California Inc.: Rebooting Microsoft with Windows 10

Welcome to California Inc., the weekly newsletter of the L.A. Times Business section. I'm assistant Business editor Nancy Rivera Brooks filling in for David Lazarus. Subscribe to the newsletter Here's a rundown of upcoming stories this week and the highlights of last week. Looking Ahead Covering...

David Brooks Fails on Climate Change

The same day that David Brooks accused Pope Francis of doom-mongering about the threat of climate change, Al Jazeera reported that over 700 people died during the first three days of a heat wave in Pakistan. In a recent New York Times column on climate change, David Brooks gets everything wrong. Show More Summary

No Wonder He Thinks White Liberals Are Dicks…

Stanford University Professor David Palumbo-Liu wrote a column at Salon about how much white liberals suck, using David Fucking Brooks as an example of a white liberal who sucks:I’m not familiar with this columnist’s work. I confess I didn’t read the whole thing once I’d ascertained that yes, the author really, really does seem to [Read more...]

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