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Beat the Press: David Brooks says we live in the best of all possible worlds Naked Capitalism: building a dystopia to control low-wage workers Truthout: Blue Cross pushed its executives to donate to a Michigan Democrat running for governor...Show More Summary

Tottenham begin negotiations for highly rated striker, hoping to agree a fee soon

2 weeks agoSports / Football : Soccerlens

Tottenham begin negotiations for highly rated striker, hoping to agree a fee soon - originally posted on Tottenham are looking to sign the highly rated Sheffield United striker David Brooks at the end of this season. The...Show More Summary

The Radical Dishonesty of David Brooks

The question is not whether we are better off today than we were 60 years ago. It would be incredible if we were not better off. The question is by how much.

David Brooks Radical Dishonesty

We would usually expect that a 12-year-old kid would be taller than a 6-year-old kid. However, if a 12-year-old had only grown one inch over their last six years, we would probably be somewhat worried. David Brooks devotes his most recent...Show More Summary

NRA's Website Still Hosts '10 Reasons To Own An AR-15'

Noting Mr. David Brooks capitulating to the soft-testicled carriers of weapons of mass murder, and got it into my head to visit the NRA's website. Under the heading "Trending on NRA Publications" was a link to an article "10 ReasonsShow More Summary

The One-Way Empathy Ratchet

This is a great point by E.J. Dionne, presumably in response to David Brooks’s silly concern trolling: What’s less funny is that on gun control, liberals (and their many allies who are moderate, conservative and nonideological) have been told for years that if they do take their own side in the argument, they will only […]

No, Smug Liberals Aren’t the Reason We Lack Sane Gun Laws

Contra David Brooks, liberals haven’t alienated half of America; Congress has just ignored the will of nearly all of it.

David Brooks: Moral Idiocy Incarnate

And here is David Brooks' "How To Negotiate With Monsters" as it works in the real world. (Caution: This is a violent clip that contains a major Breaking Bad spoiler.) [embed eid="28191" /] As America's Leading Brooksologist, after 13...Show More Summary

David Brooks: Still Clueless After All These Years

David Brooks’s latest column advises us gun control advocates that we’ll make better progress toward enacting gun control laws if we stopped being so mean to gun-rights people. This has been an emotional week. We greet tragedies like the school shooting in Florida with shock, sadness, mourning and grief that turns into indignation and rage. […]

And The Red States Shall Lead Them — A Steaming Heap Of Bullshit From Flyover Prophet David Brooks

Let us dissect, examine and mock the New York Times's summary of this bullshit David Brooks thinkpiece.

David Brooks Wants To Teach The World To Sing In Perfect Harmony

.@nytdavidbrooks writes that he's been thinking this week about a group that’s in the trust and respect business. Better Angels is a nonprofit that finds members of the Red and Blue Tribes and brings them together for long, humbling conversations. Show More Summary

David Brooks thinks the two-party system is doomed. He’s right — and wrong.

On Tuesday, New York Times columnist David Brooks described the U.S. political party system as having devolved into an unsustainable “us versus them” mentality in which “the ends justify the means.” Unless something changes, he wrote, decent people will say enough is enough and “we could end up with a European-style multiparty system.” In some ways, we’re […]

David Brooks Thinks He Can Solve All Our Problems

It's simple. All we need to do is stop fighting each other and adopt a European-style multiparty parliamentary system.

The End of the Two-Party System?

David Brooks: “All of this would be survivable if the mentality was going away in a few years. But it is not going away. The underlying conditions of scarcity are only going to get worse. Moreover, the warrior mentality builds [...]

The Left's War Against The New York Times

Here is more proof that the Left eats its own. The leftist Rag of Record under attack by leftists? Hard to believe, but I love it. May the extremists devour each other. David Brooks writes a half-way sensible column and...

Slate vs. David Brooks on Late-Term Abortion

David Brooks recently wrote that liberals were sacrificing important goals—such as winning elections—in order to keep abortion free from legal restriction even late in pregnancy. Cheryl Axelrod responds in Slate: Late-term abortion is worth protecting whatever the cost. Show More Summary

Robert Putnam Distorts His Own Diversity Research

In last week’s column arguing against restricting immigration, David Brooks writes: What about the rise of social distrust? Restrictionists often cite a 2007 Robert Putnam study finding that more diversity leads to less trust. But Putnam tells me they are distorting his research. Show More Summary

What David Brooks Misunderstands About Abortion

To: David BrooksFrom: One of Many Democratic WomenRe: Comprehensive Medical Care for half the population Dear Mr. Brooks, You are a scholar. I have read your commentary for years and while I often disagree with you, I respect your civility and academic perspective. Show More Summary

What David Brooks Doesn’t Understand About Abortions After The Second Trimester

As much as New York Times columnist David Brooks likes to distance himself from President Donald Trump’s brand of republicanism, there is at least one thing the two men have in common: They both have a horribly inaccurate picture of why women get abortions after 20 weeks, what the procedure entails and the toll abortion restrictions take on women.

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