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Let’s Congratulate Pfizer On The Birth Of Its New Baby Tax Rate

Merry Black Friday, America! Don’t forget what’s hot this season: In: Stupid watches. 9/11. Adele. Out: Clocks. Unregistered drones. Luxury vacations with David Brooks. Also Always In: Pills. Lots and lots of pills. Or so say us and our friends at Big Pharma. Pfizer hopes to find pot of tax gold at end merger Hey Pfizer, what’s good?

All My Children's David Canary Is Dead At 77

For years, ABC?s All My Children was a staple on daytime TV. Characters like Erica Kane, Brooke English, Adam Chandler, Tad Martin and Dixie Cooney have found fans across multiple generations over the years, even after the series ended just a few short years ago.Click To Continue Reading

Citizen Science: A Pathway for Citizen Engagement and Innovation

Photo Credit © 2010 David Moss By: Dr. Hollie Russon-Gilman, Beeck Center Fellow. Originally appeared on Brookings "Tech Tank" in 2014. Sometimes macro level policies like those targeted at climate change, can feel unwieldy for every day citizens to effectively engage with and understand. Show More Summary

Is David Brooks Pushing For Another Vietnam?

Submitted by Chris Rossini via, A few years ago, New York Times columnist David Brooks wanted the U.S. government to wave its magic wand and turn the Syrian civil war into a Vietnam for Iran: We should be trying to turn the Syrian civil war into Iran’s Vietnam. Show More Summary

David Brooks’ sanctimonious piffle: Sad trees die for gauzy, Hallmark-card nonsense

Brooks on ISIS, religion is apologetic twaddle that misstates the dangers of fundamentalism. Let's go line by line

David Brooks Shows America's Kids How To Bury The Lede Like A Pro

Mr. Brooks devoted 80% of his column today to praising Hillary Clinton's ISIS policies. Of course, for Mr. Brooks, all experiences pale in comparison to his crack-high, career-making, priapistic delight at being a charioteer in Dubya's...Show More Summary


DAVID BROOKS ON OBAMA, COMPASSION, AND THE REFUGEE CRISIS: For Democrats, I think there’s a sense of responsibility here. You know, President Obama waxed self-righteous about the Republican bill and the Republican behavior, but he’s made a series of cold and, to me, amoral decisions over the past five years to allow this genocide. And […]

Leadership sentences to ponder

This sounds like a combination of a David Brooks column and a Robin Hanson blog post, and what could be better than that?: Surprisingly, the most effective leaders did not have the highest level of self-awareness. Indeed, the more they underrated themselves, the more highly they were perceived as leaders. We assume this is caused […]

NYT Writer David Brooks, Without Explanation, Links Secularism to “Nationalism, Racism”

In one of his most slippery columns to date, New York Times columnist David Brooks opines on the peace that, for many, can be found within holy texts. Mining wisdom and contentment from a religious book is, of course, fine as far as it goes. Show More Summary

Simplify your life: A philosophy that should be applied to weight loss

I was intrigued by David Brooks’ column in the New York Times recently.  It speaks to a renewed interest in an old idea: simplifying life. Living in a less complicated way is not a new concept (think Walden Pond), but it has gained a greater magnetism in the setting of the hugely complex and acquisitive world in […]

Mike's Blog Round Up

Today we look at the media, because sometimes one must analyze the analyst. You Might Notice A Trend takes on the Green Room Commandos. The Rectification of Names opens a value-sized can of whoop-ass on David Brooks. Strangely Blogged...Show More Summary

New International Trailer Hits for Will Smith's NFL Drama 'Concussion'

Sony Pictures has released a new international trailer for "Concussion," the upcoming football drama stars Will Smith, Alec Baldwin, Luke Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Arliss Howard, Paul Reiser, David Morse and Albert Brooks The film is based on the David vs. Show More Summary

David Brooks And Jeremy Paxman To Judge The Golden Giraffes”

I don’t think I have much of a chance here, not because of the judging—I’d trust Brooks and Paxman to recognize good writing—but because the competition includes some heavy hitters, including Dan Davies with a meta-blog-post called The Verjus Manifesto, Sara Paretsky on The Detective As Speech, and Charles Pierce with... Show More Summary

"Many readers wanted to know the arrangements behind David Brooks’s participation on part of a $120,000 luxury trip..."

"... which he wrote about for T: The New York Times Style Magazine. Many on Twitter and elsewhere charged that this must be a junket — a free trip for a journalist, which is, of course, an ethical no-no. (Others objected in strong terms...Show More Summary

The New York Times paid for David Brooks’ lavish vacation story

The New York Times Fear not, media ethicists: When columnist David Brooks enjoyed two bottles of champagne on a ritzy assignment for T Magazine, he wasn’t being courted by the subject of the story. That’s according to New York TimesShow More Summary

What David Brooks discovered about the rich on a $120,000 vacation

View post on Among the world's developed countries, the United States is the only one in which employers are not required to offer their workers paid time off. The typical American worker received about 10 days of vacation and six holidays in 2012, according to research from the liberal Center for Economic and Policy Research. Among the quarter […]

DAVID BROOKS GONNA DAVID BROOKS. “[T]hey were socially and intellectually unpretentious. They treat…

DAVID BROOKS GONNA DAVID BROOKS. “[T]hey were socially and intellectually unpretentious. They treated the crew as friends and equals and not as staff. Nobody was trying to prove they were better informed or more sophisticated than anybody else. There were times, in fact, when I almost wished there had been a little more pretense and […]

It's not the most poorly timed NYT article ever, but this David Brooks article — "My $120,000 Vacation" — was published yesterday.

"Thanks to the Four Seasons’ new 24-day, round-the-world fantasy trip, you get all the indulgences of travel without any of its hassles. But like all fantasies, is this too much of a good thing?" Ugh. How embarrassing to find yourself — you, the moralizing columnist — asking that question on the day of the Paris attacks. Show More Summary

PBS Panel Suggests Only 'Moderate' GOPer Can Win After 'Repudiating' Deportation

On Friday's PBS Newshour, during the regular "Shields and Brooks" segment, the trio of Judy Woodruff, liberal Mark Shields and right-leaning Michael Gerson sitting in for David Brooks all suggested that, because of all the talk of deporting...Show More Summary

My $300,000 vacation was just awful

2 weeks agoNews : ComPost

You may have read recently of how David Brooks went on a vacation that cost $120,000 and did not enjoy it as much as he could have. That is nothing, David Brooks. I recently went on a vacation that cost $300,000 (note to editor: I didn’t, but I would) and I, too, have complaints. First, […]

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