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The Meta-Problem

Maybe there’s a better strategy on consciousness? An early draft paper by David Chalmers suggests we turn from the Hard Problem (explaining why there is ‘something it is like’ to experience things) and address the Meta-Problem of why people think there is a Hard Problem; why we find the explanation of phenomenal experience problematic. While […]

What Machines Can’t Do

Here’s an IAI debate with David Chalmers, Kate Devlin, and Hilary Lawson. In ultra-brief summary, Lawson points out that there are still things that computers perform poorly at; recognising everyday real-world objects, notably. (Sounds like a bad prognosis for self-driving cars.) Thought is a way of holding different things as the same. Devlin thinks computers […]

Susan Blackmore on the Hard Problem of Consciousness

How can objective things like brain cells produce subjective experiences like the feeling that ‘I’ am striding through the grass? This gap is what David Chalmers calls ‘the hard problem.’...It is a modern version of the ancient mind/body problem – but it seems to get worse, not better, the more we learn about the brain... Show More Summary

David Chalmers and the Purely Theoretical Conception of Philosophy

John Horgan reports in Scientific American on a conversation with David Chalmers. (HT: the ever-helpful Dave Lull) There is some discussion of the so-called 'hard problem' in the philosophy of mind. The qualia-based objections are supposed to pose a 'hard'...

Why Isn't There More Progress in Philosophy?

An article by David J. Chalmers. (HT: Dave Lull) I read nine pages into it before I got bored. And this despite my fascination with metaphilosophy. So I went back to reading Klavan's memoir. I am now on p. 173...

Grunts And Greens: How The US Gun Lobby Greeted An Australian Politician

In town to study up on US gun policy, NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge soon gained a surprise following. Max Chalmers reports. A Denver gun range isn’t the first place you’d look in search of a NSW Greens MP, but that’s where David Shoebridge found himself amid a recent tour of the United States. An [...]Show More Summary

The Challenge of Consciousness

The Challenge of Consciousness: Tim Parks discusses consciousness with Riccardo Manzotti: Parks: I remember David Chalmers, a philosopher we’ll no doubt be talking about at some point, defining consciousness as an internal flow of images, “a movie playing inside your head,” and probably a lot of people would agree with him. Show More Summary

New model reveals adaptations of world's most abundant ocean microbe

Researchers from David Karl's laboratory at the University of Hawai'i at M?noa (UHM) and from Professor Jens Nielsen's laboratory at Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden, developed a computer model which takes into account...Show More Summary

Shotgun Politics: Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘Gun Week’ Was Worse Than You Think

Whether any deal with David Leyonhjelm ever comes to fruition or not, Malcolm Turnbull has demonstrated he’s not capable of leading a sensible discussion on gun laws, writes Max Chalmers. Overshadowed by the (admittedly beautiful) spectacle of Tony Abbott’s attempted political drive-by – an intervention that turned into a self-inflicted wounding – Malcolm Turnbull has [...]Show More Summary

How can panpsychists sleep?

OUP Blog has a sort of preview by Bruntrup and Jaskolla of their forthcoming collection on panpsychism, due out in December, with a video of David Chalmers at the end: they sort of credit him with bringing panpsychist thought into the mainstream. I’m using ‘panpsychism’ here as a general term, by the way, covering any […]

The Dance of Life

What is experience? An interesting discussion from the Institute of Art and Ideas, featuring David Chalmers, Susana Martinez-Conde and Peter Hacker. Watch more videos on Chalmers seems to content himself with restating the Hard Problem; that is, that there seems to be something in experience which is mysteriously over and above the account given […]

"In 1998, the philosophers Andy Clark and David Chalmers introduced the idea of 'the extended mind'..."

"... arguing that it makes no sense to define cognition as an activity bounded by the human skull. Humans are masters of mental outsourcing: we archive ideas on paper, we let Google Maps guide us home, and we enlist a spouse to remember...Show More Summary

Washington Opened The Gates Of Hell In Iraq: Now Come The Furies

Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, The late, great critic of the American Imperium, Chalmers Johnson, popularized the salient concept of “blowback”. That is, the notion that if you bomb, drone, invade, desecrate and slaughter - collaterally or otherwise - a people and their lands, they might find ways to return the favor. Show More Summary

D. M. Armstrong on Religion

(Photo credit: David Chalmers via Andrew Chrucky) I posted on Armstrong's naturalism yesterday, and that got me to thinking whether he ever said anything anywhere about religion. A little searching turned up the following 2002 interview of Armstrong by Andrew...

Consciousness and Other Stories -- the Making of a Thriller, Part III

So, when we left off last time we had been marveling at the hoops philosophers like John Searle and David Chalmers seemed willing to jump through in hopes of proving that mind is not simply reducible to gross materiality. And we closed...Show More Summary

Monstering Inc.

Mirror David Cameron's postcards home from his TWELVE holidays in three years Like Judith Chalmers (in a drag outfit of dark polo shirt, shorts and loafers) he’s been chillaxing for England Getty The Daily Mail newspaper does a hatchet...Show More Summary

Lebron, Wade, Chalmers, and Allen All Expected to Sit Out Today Against Bobcats

Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs earlier this season were fined and then subsequently sued for sitting their starters against the Miami Heat. David Stern felt that it was a disservice to fans who had paid for tickets to see the Spurs ‘Big Three’. Yet, here we are, in early April and the Miami [...]

Chalmers Reply #2

In April 2010 I commented on David Chalmers’ singularity paper: The natural and common human obsession with how much [robot] values differ overall from ours distracts us from worrying effectively. … [Instead:] 1. Reduce the salience of the them-us distinction … Continue reading ?

Julia's Picks

by Julia Galef David Chalmers’ The Matrix as Metaphysics is a great read if you haven’t already discovered it – he makes a pretty convincing case that being a brain-in-a-vat wouldn’t actually be as big of a deal as we might have thought. Show More Summary

The Singularity

The latest issue of the JCS features David Chalmers’ paper (pdf) on the Singularity. I overlooked this when it first appeared on his blog some months back, perhaps because I’ve never taken the Singularity too seriously; but in fact it’s an interesting discussion. Chalmers doesn’t try to present a watertight case; instead he aims to [...]

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