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Egypt cancelled daylight savings time three days before it was due to start

2 weeks agoNews : BlogPost

On Monday, Egypt's cabinet announced that it was abolishing daylight saving time this year. Such a move may strike many around the world as logical: The practice of moving the clocks forward by one hour during the summer months so that the evening daylight lasts longer is widespread throughout much of the world, but it is surprisingly […]

Three U.S. times zones instead of four - it would be better than daylight savings time

To the editor: Your opinion on eliminating daylight savings time is wholly practical, but why stop there? Why not move our time zone boundaries to the Mississippi River and the Continental Divide, thereby reducing our four time zones to three? (“The madness of daylight saving time. And how not...

The madness of daylight savings time. And how not to fix it.

Twice a year most Americans do some minor time traveling – suddenly losing an hour in the spring, and then repeating the same hour twice in the fall. Somehow we survive this biannual ritual of daylight saving time, though it throws off our circadian rhythms, causes confusion and missed appointments...

Time Zone Lab II: Exploring the DST Adjustment Rules

When I needed to compute the Daylight Saving Time transitions for any year, I had to dig a bit deeper into the time zone information stored in the Windows Registry.

Daylight Savings Time Could End in California

Let’s never do the Time Warp again Is it time to spring forward? Or fall back? Or how about the clocks just stay still from now on, because that’s the easiest plan? Well, that’s the suggestion that California Assemblyperson Kansen Chu...Show More Summary

CA Senate Committee Strikes Blow Against The Scourge Of Daylight Saving Time

"I cannot believe that anybody would like to do this fall backward, spring forward thing twice a year." [ more › ]

Now the Commies Have Gone Too Far: California Trying to Axe Daylight Saving Time

Now if they wanted to eliminate Standard Time in California, I’d be all for it. But this is a step too far: With little debate, a bill to end California’s observance of daylight saving time cleared its first committee on Monday. Assembly Bill 385 could make California the third state not to observe daylight saving […]

John Oliver Wants to Know Why We Haven’t Yet Invented Bread Pants, Which Is a Good Question

In the past, Last Week Tonight has always asked, “How is this still a thing?” to question the continued existence of practices that are either terrible, like whitewashing, or kind of useless, like daylight saving time. To switch it up...Show More Summary

Watch: John Oliver needs these things to be invented immediately

In his regular HBO show that features “the fewest games and the least impressive thrones,” John Oliver has a segment in which he tries to understand why some things still exist, like daylight savings time or the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Show More Summary

Save Time and Increase Efficiency with Intelligent Grading

Event status: Not started ( Register ) Date and time: Tuesday, May 3, 2016 1:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00) Change time zone Duration: 1 hour Description: Did you know that 94% of..

How I Avoid Jet Lag With Six Tips

3 months agoTravel / Air Travel : The Gate

“How come you do not suffer from jet lag?” was a question asked by reader caveman in response to a statement I posted in this article pertaining to Daylight Saving Time where I said “I do not suffer from jet lag; so changes in time zones...Show More Summary

This Turning-The-Clocks-Back Nonsense Needs To Stop

Daylight saving time ends tomorrow, a fact which will cause many of us to groan as we think forward to the Monday evening commute home in darkness. While many have argued that daylight saving time is pointless and should be abolished, I’d like to firmly disagree with that sentiment: Saving daylight is awesome, and we should do it all year. More »      

Costs of daylight savings time

Putting the clocks forward tonight might be expensive in terms of health, wealth and happiness, according to three separate pieces of research. First, Laurence Jin and Nicolas Ziebarth have found “evidence of mild negative health effects when clocks are set...

Cars May Soon Warn Drivers Before They Nod Off

4 months agoNews : Huffington Post

The dangers of drowsy driving have been widely documented. Most recently, a study found that car crashes become more likely in the few days after we adjust our clocks for daylight saving time and lose an hour of sleep. But it's difficult...Show More Summary

Storm Clearing in California's Great Valley

4 months agoAcademics / Geology : Geotripper

The onset of Daylight Savings Time, an anachronism if there ever was one, has meant that I'm headed to work before sunrise once again, a miserable time for a night owl like myself. There are occasional benefits though, such as seeing the sun rise. Show More Summary

Still Grumbling About DST?

It was 98 years ago today that the US Congress established time-zones and approved daylight savings time, two years after Germany and Austria-Hungary organized the first implementation, which began on April 30, 1916. A good history of daylight savings time is over on Wikipedia. Interesting facts include it was first conceived by a New Zealander, […]

Daylight Savings Time 2016: Tips for Transitioning Smoothly

On Sunday, Daylight Savings 2016 officially started in majority of states around the United States and with the confusing and sometimes frustrating effects that the time shifting offers, some experts suggest a number of tips to help ease the transition.

Will California Jump Ship on Daylight Saving Time?

A bill has been introduced into California halls to undo a law that has been bothering Californians since 1949: daylight savings time. If the bill makes it to the ballot and passes, Californians will no longer have to wrangle with "Spring forward, fall back." Unfortunately, the Assembly bill still has......

Hear Margo Price's Aching 'Hands of Time'

Although most of us moved our clocks ahead one hour for Daylight Savings Time, all singer Margo Price wants to do is turn them back. In her newly-released "pseudo video" for "Hands of Time" — and throughout her upcoming solo debut album, Midwest Farmer's Daughter — Price channels some of...

Bad news continues to accumulate for “pH Miracle Living” quack Robert O. Young

Last night was one of those nights where, for whatever reason, I ran out of steam. Whether it was residual effects from the change to daylight savings time this weekend or just a day in the operating room, I don’t know, but I crashed on the couch hard, at least until lighting and thunder from…

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