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Ask LH: Which New LCD TV Should I Buy?

Dear Lifehacker, I am looking for a new TV and thought you may be able to help. I’m considering either a Samsung UA60H7000 (factory second with 5yr warranty) for $1850, or an LG 60LF6300 new, with 1 year warranty for $1800. I can’t work out which is the better buy! Would you be able to help me? Cheers, Sam. More »      

Should I Upgrade to Mac OS X El Capitan?

Dear Lifehacker, OS X El Capitan is out today. It looks good, but it’s still an upgrade, and any upgrade has a chance of going bad. You guys have been using it; what do you think? Is it ready for prime time, or should I wait for the next patch to fix the bugs people will inevitably find? Read more...

Ask LH: Any Tips For Making DIY Bean Bags?

Dear Lifehacker, I am a uni student living on my own who regularly has friends over for movie nights. Unfortunately my living room is rather small so there are limited seating options — no way I could fit another couch in there. I was thinking of buying some bean bags but they are so expensive! $80 for a one-seater, generally. Show More Summary

Ask LH: Is It Safe To Hang Out In An Office Toilet?

Dear Lifehacker, When work is getting too busy or stressful, I’ll often use my “potty break” as a chance to unwind. Once my business is done, I’ll regularly stay on the toilet for another ten to 15 minutes and just vegetate. Sometimes I’ll even get some work done on my smartphone. So my question is: is staying in the cubicle longer than necessary bad for my health? More »      

Ask LH: Are Bugs Like Shellshock And Heartbleed Really Serious, Or Just Hype?

Dear Lifehacker, There seems to always be a new, threatening bug on the horizon that has the potential to break the internet. Last year is was Shellshock and before that it was Heartbleed. So far, the internet is still standing. Do I...Show More Summary

Ask LH: What's The Best Way To Get Music In My Old Car?

Dear Lifehacker, I recently bought a used car which unfortunately only came with a CD player and radio for entertainment. I was wondering if it was worth buying a new car radio with bluetooth or aux cable capabilities, or if I should just buy a portable speaker and mount that to my car? More »      

Ask LH: Can I Take Unused Equipment From My Workplace Without Asking?

Dear Lifehacker, am I allowed to take things from my workplace that have been thrown out for disposal? I’m often asked to throw things into a skip that I think still have some value. Can I legally “save” them? More »      

Ask LH: What Batteries Will I Need For The Steam Controller?

Dear Lifehacker, I am patiently awaiting the release of the Steam Controller for PC gaming and have just found out it runs on AA batteries (how annoying!) I know next to nothing about battery types as this would be the first product I need that requires them. Show More Summary

Ask LH: How Can I Blog About My Crappy Workplace Without Them Finding Out?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m planning on starting a blog mainly to vent about issues surrounding the niche industry I work in. While I won’t be doing anything illegal, it would certainly not go down well with my current employer and clients. Do you have any tips for remaining anonymous? More »      

Ask LH: How Can I Stop My Suits From Creasing During Travel?

Dear Lifehacker, I will be starting a new job soon which requires me to wear a business suit every day. I want to look immaculate, but the job involves frequent commuting, including air travel. Can you recommend any garment bags that aren’t too expensive? Or is there an obvious solution that I haven’t thought of? More »      

Ask LH: How Can I Change My Windows OS From Korean To English?

Dear Lifehacker, Some years ago, I purchased a Windows 7 Pro upgrade licence from the It’s Not Cheating promotion, which provided a download link via Digital River. I downloaded the software and burnt the ISO disc – unfortunately I used an ei.cfg tool and it messed up my disc, but I didn’t discover it until now… More »      

Ask LH: Are Police Allowed To Harass Me On My Property?

Dear Lifehacker, Last night, I was driving home at 3am on a provisional licence. As I entered my driveway the police pulled up and started grilling me about why I was driving outside of the P plate curfew. I have an exemption for work which I immediately showed to them. Show More Summary

Ask LH: How Do You Complete A Project When You're Afraid Of Failure?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a habit of coming up with an idea, and then not actually following through with it. I have a specific project that I have really wanted to do for a long time, but I have never actually made an effort to make it happen. Show More Summary

Ask LH: How Can I Mute My Facebook Video Uploads?

Dear Lifehacker, I made a peaceful video of clouds on my phone and put it on Facebook. However, when I viewed it there was a bunch of talking and car noises in the background. I want it to play in serene silence. Is there any way I can delete the sounds so I can put it back on Facebook? More »      

Ask LH: Am I Allowed To Scrape Designs From A Company I Used To Work For?

Dear Lifehacker, In my previous job I developed some Intellectual Property in the form of an online fitness challenge. I’m pretty proud of the work and wanted to get access to the files again. However I’m worried that I might be violating the code of conduct by trying to regain access to the material. More »      

Ask LH: Should I Install The iOS 9 And OS X El Capitan Betas?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m not a developer or anything, but I’m really excited about the new improvements in iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan. Is it safe to install the betas for them? What’s the experience going to be like if I do? More »      

Ask LH: Is There A Cheap Way To Own Two Cars?

Dear Lifehacker, Is it possible to cheaply own a second car? I’m not so concerned about purchase price and petrol. I’m more worried about CTP, rego and comprehensive insurance options. This is just a car for occasional use by my wife, so $1250 a year minimum (my estimates for NSW) before it even leaves the driveway seems a bit much. Show More Summary

Ask LH: Do I Need To Apply For A New Licence After My DUI Suspension?

Dear Lifehacker, I recently copped a 30-day driving suspension for a DUI in Queensland while on a road trip to Western Australia where I’m staying for work. Does my suspension also apply here in WA or can I still drive? My other question is when my suspension is over. Show More Summary

Ask LH: How Can I Check If My Copy Of Windows 10 Is Genuine?

Dear Lifehacker, I have bought an online digital code for Windows 10. Is there a website I can use to verify if it’s genuine? Obviously I know that when installing the software it asks for the code and if you pass that point it is valid, but I’m thinking of checking a code before installing to verify its authenticity. More »      

Ask LH: Are Diet Microwave Dinners Actually Healthy?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve decided I want to get healthier and shed some excess weight. I’m pretty time-poor, so I’ll be mainly relying on diet microwave dinners from the supermarket (Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine, McCain Healthy Choice, etc.) My question is: will these products actually help me lose weight? And are they considered healthy? More »      

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