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Ask LH: Should I Leave A 'Password Will' For My Loved Ones?

Dear Lifehacker, I nearly became road kill on the weekend when a bus zoomed past as I was crossing the road. This close brush with death got me thinking: should I make a will containing all my digital passwords? My loved ones will obviously need to access my bank account if I die uexpedtedly. Show More Summary

Ask LH: How Long Should My Laptop Be Covered For Replacement Or Repair If It Fails?

Dear Lifehacker, I remember reading on your site a while ago a great article on the new Australian Consumer Laws, stating that if a device breaks in an ‘unreasonable’ time then a consumer has a right to ask for a repair or replacement. Show More Summary

Ask LH: What's A Good 'Non-Gamer' Chair For Gaming?

Dear Lifehacker, I just bought a new one-bedroom apartment and I want to put a gaming chair in the lounge room. The problem is that my girlfriend won’t suffer anything that looks like your typical “XtrEme!” gaming chair and it needs to double as a single-seater for when we have visitors. Show More Summary

Ask LH: What's The Best SIM Card For European Travel?

Dear Lifehacker, I am travelling to France for a couple of weeks, then getting on a cruise moving from France to Italy, Spain and then Malta. I have my phone with Telstra and I really only require data. Would you please advise which SIM card you would recommend please? More »      

Ask LH: Is Connecting To NBN FTTN A Waste Of Money?

Dear Lifehacker, I recently had NBN FTTN made available at my house. My questions are: Do I bother signing up for FTTN and get stuck on outdated tech? I realise I shouldn’t complain about getting faster internet, but I feel that getting the FTTN right now is bad timing. Show More Summary

Ask LH: Should I Upgrade The Processor In My Tablet?

Dear Lifehacker, My phone’s screen and battery are still great, but the dual-core processor is getting long in the tooth. Is there any way I can either upgrade the processor, or get it to draw on the much more powerful processor in my phone? More »      

Ask LH: Should I Bust My Mate For Doing Illegal DIY?

Dear Lifehacker, I need advice about a friend who likes to do dangerous DIY work around his house. He recently did major plumbing work without having a licence (the main water line from the street to his house). He’s now installing an electric stove in his kitchen also without a licence. Show More Summary

Ask LH: Are Wikipedia Donations Tax-Deductible In Australia?

Dear Lifehacker, Wikipedia frequently runs annual funding drives, which makes me wonder: are Wikipedia donations tax deductible within Australia? And should I be donating to the main site or the Australian chapter? More »      

Ask LH: What Tax Rules Do I Need To Know For My Online Store?

Dear Lifehacker, I recently started up an Etsy store selling handmade stickers, as a side-hustle to my main salary, and also as a creative release. It’s only small, but I’ve already made sales and have plans to continue to expand my inventory. Show More Summary

Ask LH: What's The Best Way To Restore A Previous Version Of Windows?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m looking for some advice when it comes to upgrading to Windows 10. As a few blogs have reported, it will soon stop being free which has actually made me consider doing it. However, I’m not sure if I’ll like it. My...Show More Summary

Ask LH: Are Grocery Stores Allowed To Sell Expired Food?

Dear Lifehacker, I frequently visit my local general store due to the convenience and lovely customer service. They have a discount bin which is populated with out-of-date items such as biscuits and chips. Usually, the products are a week or two old, but the other day they had things in the bin that expired over a month ago. Show More Summary

Ask LH: Where Can I Find Free Beta Testers?

Dear Lifehacker, I am putting the finishing touches on an iOS game which I am hoping to release fairly soon. However, before I put it up on the iTunes App Store, I wanted to get a few more beta testers to check it out and provide some feedback to make sure I’m not missing anything. Show More Summary

Ask LH: How Much Is My Atari 2600 Worth?

Dear Lifehacker, I was wondering how much I could get for an Atari 2600 in good condition? It comes with everything needed to get up and running (cables, joysticks, etc.), plus 23 games. I’ve has a look online, but no two prices are the same. I subsequently have no idea what to ask for! More »      

Ask LH: How Can I Get My Money If Someone Declares Bankruptcy?

Dear Lifehacker, My father started a family-owned business from the ground up in 1999. We had a customer that owes us a lot of money but has gone bankrupt. My father spent years building this business and I’d hate to see him lose the money he has earned. Show More Summary

Ask LH: How Do I Stop My Boss From Spamming My Personal Email Address?

Dear Lifehacker, One of my bosses frequently sends work-related emails to my private email address instead of my work one. (Our private emails are in the system for electronic payslip purposes.) I’ve asked a number of times for her to stop this but whenever she is typing an email address she selects the first auto-fill suggestion without reading it. Show More Summary

Ask LH: Can Cops Fine Me For A Traffic Offence Without Any Proof?

Dear Lifehacker, I was recently disqualified from driving for six months and haven’t driven my car since. The other day, the police rocked up to my house out of the blue, handed me a fine for unlicensed driving and confiscated my plates for seven days. Show More Summary

Ask LH: Will Smoking Ruin My Looks If I'm 'Hot'?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve been a smoker since I was 14. I’m now 22 and I consider myself to be smoking hot (pun intended). I’ve heard that cigarettes can age you prematurely, but judging by the photos I’ve seen, most of these people were...Show More Summary

Ask LH: Should I Tweak My Resume When I'm Already On The Shortlist?

Dear Lifehacker, Much of your advice around resumes is all about getting you in the door — past the auto-screeners and the six second glances. But what if I’m already in the door? I’m being referred for a job, and I’m wondering if you’ve got any advice for this situation. I figure they’ll spend a bit longer looking at it since they’re giving me an interview. More »      

Ask LH: How Can I Watch My Google Play Movies On My TV?

Dear Lifehacker, I like Google Play, I get all my music, apps, docs, mails, news, books, all sorts of things through there, and after reading your article on Game of Thrones, I am considering looking into the movie/video side of things. Show More Summary

Ask LH: Will I Be Fined For Torrenting Season Six Of Game Of Thrones?

Dear Lifehacker, The next season of Game Of Thrones kicks off this Monday and it’s one of my favourite shows. Unfortunately, I’ve had to cancel my $50 subscription to Foxtel due to financial difficulties. I know plenty of Australians watch the show for free by using sites like The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents. Show More Summary

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