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Ask LH: What's A Good $10 Secret Santa Gift Idea?

Dear Lifehacker, With the silly season round the bend, many workplaces are doing Secret Santa. Can you suggest a handful of $10 presents that would be good for gifting co-workers? The geekier, the better. More »      

Ask LH: What's A Good $10 Secret Santa Gift?

Dear Lifehacker, With the silly season round the bend, many workplaces are doing Secret Santa. Can you suggest a handful of $10 presents that would be good for gifting co-workers? The geekier, the better. More »      

Ask LH: Can I Force My Ex-Girlfriend To Give Back My Family Heirloom?

Dear Lifehacker, I have split from my ex-girlfriend whose home was in her name. A few months after moving out, I asked her to return an heirloom which she claimed she no longer had. After two years, my daughter discovered this very piece at her home. What are my rights to retrieve my possession back? More »      

Ask LH: Where Am I Allowed To Point My Security Camera?

Dear Lifehacker, I own my apartment in NSW. I have installed two security CCTV on my balcony (first floor) pointing directly down to where my car is parked. Because of the angle, the building across the street is also captured, along with anyone who passes on the footpath. What is the law for this? Is it illegal? More »      

Ask LH: Can I Use My Foreign Licence To Dodge A Driving Suspension?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m 29 and have a P1 drivers licence in NSW. I recently had my licence suspended for driving 6km over the limit (harsh I think.) I’m going back to the UK for a month and was thinking of getting my UK licence. If I do come back to Australia, am I able to drive on this licence even though my NSW license is suspended? More »      

Ask LH: Should I Upgrade My PC Piece-By-Piece Or All In One Go?

Dear Lifehacker, My current desktop is on its last legs and I’m looking at upgrading. I bought it in 2008, so it’s definitely time to move on! The problem is I’m on a very tight budget. I was wondering if you had any advice on whether I should upgrade my components in increments, or try to save up and buy the whole thing in one go? More »      

Ask LH: What's The Point Of Incognito Mode And Other 'Secret' Browsers?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve noticed that most internet browsers have a “secret” or “incognito” mode in their options. I was just wondering what the benefits of using this mode are? Does it hide my browsing history from everyone, or just people who use my computer? More »      

Ask LH: Is My Vintage Comic Collection Worth Anything?

Dear Lifehacker, Too many decades ago, I used to collect comics. I always thought they might eventually be worth something so I have quite a number of heavy boxes which have followed me through the years. There is no way I am ever likely to read them again and my kids are not interested so it would seem about time to get rid of them. More »      

Ask LH: How Can I Find Out How Much My Old Games Collection Is Worth?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a lot of Atari 2600 games and a few consoles that are still in working order. I would like to find out what they may be worth and how to sell them in a lot as I don’t want to split them up. I also don’t know if any are rare. Any advice? More »      

Ask LH: How Do I Change A Heat Lamp In My Bathroom?

Dear Lifehacker, My bathroom at home currently has one of those heat-lamp and light fixtures with an inbuilt vent. The light in the center has died! How do I go about changing this? Where do I buy a new lightbulb that will fit in that? I am completely new to it and have zero experience changing lightbulbs. More »      

Ask LH: How Can I Stay Motivated for The Gym?

Dear Lifehacker, I recently joined up at the gym (again) and had a few regular weeks of working out, until other things seemed to get in the way of going consistently, and now I haven’t gone in three weeks! How can I stay motivated to keep going after the initial thrill is gone? From Gym Junkie Wannabee More »      

Ask LH: Should I Move Off The Grid In Australia?

Dear Lifehacker, Is it more difficult to live an ‘off the grid’ lifestyle in Australia? From intensitycamel More »      

Ask LH: How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

Dear Lifehacker, I’d love a clear explanation of caffeine and how much is good/healthy/safe for a typical adult. I love coffee and tea but have moderated my intake for concern of its affect on my health. From davo10101 More »      

Ask LH: Do Detox Diets Work?

Dear Lifehacker, Detox diets – good for you or just another pseudo-science? Does your body really build up toxins that affect you health and does a detox get rid of them? From quark35 More »      

Ask LH: Is Solar Or Wind Power Better For Home Installations?

Dear Lifehacker. Solar or wind Power: which is more efficient for the home user? Is the Tesla Powerwall any good? From ollateatakai More »      

Ask LH: Should I Buy A PC Or A Laptop For Gaming?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a $1000 budget and I like gaming, but I have no idea if I should buy a laptop or a PC. I don’t know what specs I need to be able to play this year’s games on normal quality. Please help! From PRS. More »     ...

Ask LH: How Do I Get Security Clearance For A Job?

Dear Lifehacker, Can employment agencies make it a requirement of an applicant to have a security clearance? I’m looking for work at the moment, but a lot of the jobs that I’m actually qualified in state that already having a security clearance is essential. Show More Summary

Ask LH: Am I Allowed To Resell Concert Tickets On Ebay?

Dear Lifehacker, I bought four general admission concert tickets for an international singer coming to Melbourne. I originally bought an extra two in case my friends were interested but they pulled out. I’ve now realised I might be able to sell them at a higher price — but I know there are lot of issues around this. Show More Summary

Ask LH: Is The PlayStation 4 Really Better Than The Xbox One?

Dear Lifehacker, after six years of faithful service, my Xbox 360 finally contracted the Red Ring Of Death. I’ve decided to upgrade to the next generation, but I’m unsure which console to buy. Most of my friends claim the PS4 is superior, but I’ve been an Xbox (and Halo) gamer my whole life. If I get the Xbox One will I be disappointed? More »      

Ask LH: How Can I Build A Home Theatre In A Small Space?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m moving into a small apartment and I don’t have a lot of space for a big TV or huge living room speakers. I also don’t have heaps of extra equipment to hook up. Even so, I want the things I do use to look and sound good when I use them. Do you have any tips to help me make the most of my space without spending a lot of money? More »      

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