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Ask LH: Are Grey Import Smartphones Safe To Buy?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve been waiting for the LG G4 since the early teasers and have just seen that it won’t be in Australia until mid-July. Or I can order a grey import today for about $200 cheaper. Assuming I buy from a reputable vendor...Show More Summary

Ask LH: Can I Still Be Fined If I Cancelled A Torrent Halfway Through?

Dear Lifehacker, The other day my friend started downloading a torrent of Game Of Thrones on my home computer. I discovered this a few minutes into the download and quickly deleted it. Can I still be fined? Technically I didn’t download anything. More »      

Ask LH: What Happens To The Bond When The House I Rent Is Sold?

Dear Lifehacker, We don’t have a lease on the hour we are renting. Our landlord is now going to sell the house that we are in. What happens with the bond once she sells the house? Does she keep it or return it? More »      

Ask LH: Which Smartwatches Are Available In Multiple Sizes?

Dear Lifehacker, I am quite a small guy with a very small frame, and that means I have small wrists. I’d love to get a smartwatch but I’m worried that the wristbands and faces will look ridiculous and/or won’t fit. Any recommendations for a more compact smartwatch? More »      

Ask LH: How Can I Transfer Files Directly Between Macs?

Dear Lifehacker, Is it possible to transfer files directly and securely between my two Macs without using software and/or going via a storage server like Dropbox? Thanks, Johnny H Filetransfer More »      

Ask LH: Will Accepting A Lower Salary Make Me Less Attractive To Recruiters?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m unhappy in my current line of employment and have come to the conclusion that money isn’t everything. How does being prepared to take a salary cut in order to change industry or profession look to recruiters? More »      

Is Netflix Australia Showing Censored Versions Of Movies?

Dear Lifehacker, Movies and TV shows broadcast in Australia often have subtle (or not-so-subtle) cuts when compared to the overseas versions, mainly due to censorship. With Netflix now in Australia, I was wondering whether they’re streaming Australian edits, or the original version? More »      

Ask LH: How Can I Watch State Of Origin In HD?

Dear Lifehacker, Is there any chance I’ll get to watch State Of Origin live in HD on my TV this year? More »      

The Best Birthday Present Ever Given By A Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner, but rather than looking at gifts to give your own dear Dad, there’s... The post The Best Birthday Present Ever Given By A Dad appeared first on Lifehack.

Ask LH: How Can I Improve My Indoor Phone Reception?

Dear Lifehacker, Using my mobile, I have 3-bar service in my workshop until I close the doors, then there is none. Is there a cheaper way of dragging a bit of signal through the tin wall other than the expensive extender option? Would a passive repeater system work? Any thoughts? More »      

Ask LH: Can An Employer Require Me To Have A Driver's Licence?

Dear Lifehacker, I am short-sighted and cannot obtain a driver’s licence. Many ICT-based jobs I am applying for state in their requirements: “must have own vehicle and licence”. Is this discrimination? Can I do anything about it? More »      

Ask LH: How Often Should I Be Varying My Workout?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve heard that I should be “mixing it up” and changing up my workouts at the gym. My friend, who’s a bodybuilder, told me that this is called “muscle confusion” and will force them to grow. I only know a few exercises at the gym so changing seems even more difficult. What do I do? More »      

Is It Okay to Switch Up My Workout Once In Awhile?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve heard that I should be “mixing it up” and changing up my workouts at the gym. My friend, who’s a bodybuilder, told me that this is called “muscle confusion” and will force them to grow. I only know a few exercises at the gym so changing it up seems even more difficult. What do I do? Read more...

Is Microsoft Edge Any Good?

Dear Lifehacker,I heard that Microsoft is releasing a new browser with Windows 10. What’s new? Should I bother using it instead of Chrome or Firefox? Or is it just Internet Explorer with a new paint job? Read more...

Ask LH: Do Email Disclaimers Have Any Legal Validity?

Dear Lifehacker, Almost every business email has a disclaimer telling people not to forward it or read it if it has been sent accidentally. Often this is a compulsory part of your email signature. Do these terms have any legal standing? More »      

Ask LH: Can You Speed Up To Match Speed Limits Before You Pass The Sign?

Dear Lifehacker, Is it legal for me to begin acceleration when a speed increase sign is visible or does it have to be readable? I drive on the Mitchell in Perth five days a week taking the same route. I start in an 80 zone and know exactly where the increase to 100 sign is. When that spot is visible I begin acceleration. More »      

Should I Let a Robo-Advisor Manage My Investments or Do It Myself?

Dear Lifehacker,I keep hearing about automated investment services like Betterment and Wealthfront. They seem great and the easiest way to invest. But are these so-called robo-advisors better than the DIY approach? Read more...

How Safe Are Artificial Sweeteners, Really?

Dear Lifehacker,Everyone’s been saying artificial sweeteners like aspartame are bad for you, and now Diet Pepsi is removing it. Should I worry about how much diet soda I’ve been drinking? What health hazard have I been exposing myself to all these years? And should I worry about the new sweetener that’s replacing it? Read more...

Can I Be Overweight and Still Healthy?

Dear Lifehacker,I’m an overweight man who has struggled to lose weight my entire life. My doctor tells me that my BMI is in the “overweight category.” To be honest, I’m happy with my body. I don’t have any medical issues and I try to live healthily as much as possible. Is it possible to be overweight and still healthy? Read more...

How Long Will My Hard Drives Really Last?

Dear Lifehacker,I know hard drives can fail, but how long do they really last? Will they last longer if I don’t use them as often? Read more...

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