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The World of Horror Has Lost Its Master, Wes Craven Has Died

I really can’t handle the news about Wes Craven’s death. He was such a huge part of my childhood that I cannot imagine the world of horror without his influence. I could easily argue that my love for the genre … More » The post The World of Horror Has Lost Its Master, Wes Craven Has Died appeared first on EveryJoe.

'Til Death Do Us Part: It's Your 2015 VMAs Liveblog! 

WELCOME TO THE TERRORDOME! Tonight we’ll be liveblogging every painstaking performance, every Miley tongue-wag, every moment Taylor Swift debuts her new video which was shot on an African safari! (TRUE!) It’s what you spent your summer looking forward to: the MTV VMAs, baby! Read more...

Human Trafficking and its Context

Griff Witte and Anthony Faiola, 'Smugglers who drove migrants to their deaths were part of a vast web', Washington Post August 29 2015 The smugglers responsible for driving 71 migrants to their deaths in the back of a cramped, unventilated...Show More Summary

Oliver Sacks has died

3 days agoAcademics : Pharyngula

I have been increasingly conscious, for the last 10 years or so, of deaths among my contemporaries. My generation is on the way out, and each death I have felt as an abruption, a tearing away of part of myself. There will be no one like us when we are gone, but then there is…

'Amusing Ourselves to Death' Part 2: The Story of Donald Trump and Sarah Palin

A satirical play starring two of America's biggest comic characters. TRUMP’S chopper is landing at the Iowa State Fair Grounds for the Best Tasting Tomato competition.  HE clears the blades and he is escorted quickly to a platform where he is greeted by a crowd and an introductory welcome from SARAH PALIN. Show More Summary

Smugglers Who Drove Migrants To Their Deaths Were Part Of A Vast Network

4 days agoNews : Huffington Post

The smugglers responsible for driving 71 migrants to their deaths in the back of a cramped, unventilated truck in Austria were part of a vast international syndicate that has been a subject of multiple criminal investigations, a leading European law enforcement official said Saturday. Show More Summary

Austrian van death toll rises to 70 — EU migrant crisis

In Serbia, officials banned an anti-migrant rally, saying that the government “will not allow any kind of gatherings against people forced to flee poverty and wars”. “It’s an important part of our investigation that we can eventually say who these people were, who met a tragic death here”. Investigators stand near a truck parked on

Innocent Remarks by TV Reporter Angered Her Killer

The words are a part of everyday conversation -- "swinging" by an address and going out in the "field." But in the twisted mind of Virginia gunman Vester Lee Flanagan II, they were pure racism -- and saying them became a death sentence for Alison Parker. Show More Summary

Cairo car bomb wounds 29

Images carried by state-run Ahram Gate news website showed windows of the security building shattered and a major part the perimeter wall destroyed. No deaths have been reported. Locals said glass from blown-out windows was strewn across several streets nearby. The explosion was caused by three bombs that were planted near the building, security officials

In A Summer Of Protest, Kendrick Lamar Hits The Black Soul The Hardest

WASHINGTON -- It's been a traumatic year for black people in America. We've been bombarded with deaths -- and thanks to social media, every time another black person is killed for, essentially, being black, we can all take part in the horror, the anger and the grief of people and communities we don't even know. Show More Summary

The Part of California With the Highest AIDS-Related Deaths May Surprise You

Turns out cities you'd expect to have high death rates, like San Francisco and Los Angeles, simply don't. read more

Where is our Responsibility to Protect the North Korean People?

No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main...any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee. Show More Summary

Ukraine's Twilight War Zone, Part Two: Bodies on the Front Line

last weekVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

“What is the value of my life? You in America only care about death if it involves your allies?” a young pro-Russian soldier at a funeral for a fallen comrade plead his case. He smelled of tobacco, gunpowder and booze. Tears streaked his face. His uniform: mismatched camo pants and shirt. Read more...

Racism is part of the landscape in the southern Israeli town of Dimona

To American sensibilities, the Negev town of Dimona, Israel recalls the Jim Crow south. Throughout through the town of 33,000, racist graffiti can be seen in abundance on signs, walls and buildings. “Death to Arabs” is a common sight, and stickers promoting Lehava, the state-funded anti-miscegenation group, are posted around town.

The culture that is Dutch fact of the day

In 2013, euthanasia accounted for one of every 28 deaths in the Netherlands, three times the rate of 2002. In the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, one of every 22 deaths was due to euthanasia in 2013, a 142 percent increase since 2007. Belgium has legalized euthanasia for children under 12, though only for terminal physical illness; […]

Mysterious Killer Sinkhole Opens Up Again in Florida

On February 28th, 2013, a massive sinkhole opened underneath a house in Tampa, Florida. The 30-foot-wide hole collapsed a part of the house where Jeffrey Bush was sleeping, pulling him into the abyss to his death. His body was never found. The house and those on either...

Stunning underwater video by Jose Lachat at Aeon shows you major milestones in the life of an Austra

Stunning underwater video by Jose Lachat at Aeon shows you major milestones in the life of an Australian flamboyant cuttlefish: including birth, courtship, and egg-laying before death. If you want to skip right to the sexy part, the mating dance starts at 2:19. Read more...

Dr. Dre and Ice Cube Want Their Names Removed From the Suge Knight Wrongful Death Lawsuit 

Dr. Dre and Ice Cube want no parts of the wrongful death lawsuit that was filed against Suge Knight by the wife of the man that Knight is accused of killing.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Extra Watched King Joffrey ‘Choke To Death A Dozen Times’

Felipe Ferri, a self-proclaimed “hardcore Game of Thrones fan”, was one of the lucky extras to take part in the long-awaited results of the Season 4 Purple Wedding scene. Ah, the satisfaction of being the right fan in the right place at the right time. Show More Summary

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