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GOP Lawmakers Blame Trump "Distraction" For Why They're Getting Nothing Done, Fears Debt Ceiling Debacle

Despite years of gridlock, this year's legislative achievements are de minimus to say the least, and according to at least one congressman, it's all Trump's fault. As The Hill reports, Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) says President Trump...Show More Summary

Now that McConnell and Ryan have failed on Trumpcare, what happens to the debt ceiling

While the Republican Congress is dealing with the death throes of Trumpcare, there's a really big thing that really has to be passed looming. And Republicans are divided on that, too. Republicans are divided over whether to raise the...Show More Summary

Could The US Default Due To A Complexity Catastrophe?

Ddefinitely.Front page story in today's Washington Post by Damien Paletta reports that "Treasury chief huttles toward fiasco," the fiasco being a failure to raise the US debt ceiling in time to avoid a default. Trump has declared that...Show More Summary

Gold Prices Rise 3rd Day as US Debt Ceiling 'Blocks Fed Rate Hikes', Dollar Falls

By Adrian Ash – Gold prices rose sharply for the third session running in London on Tuesday, gaining as world stock markets fell, commodities rose, and interest rates on major government bonds retreated to new lows for July.

Mnuchin Is Hurtling Towards His First Fiasco

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s “struggles to win support in Congress or the White House for his strategy to raise the federal debt ceiling are casting doubt on whether the political neophyte has the Washington clout to win approval of a [...]

Brodsky: This Is A Red Flag Warning

Authored by Paul Brodsky via, Red Flag Warning Two identifiable dynamics may signal significant market shifts imminently: 1. The US debt ceiling will be debated soon and signs point towards a messy outcome. 2. Recent...Show More Summary

The Case for Spending Caps

(John Hinderaker) The Budget Control Act of 2011 resolved the purported “debt ceiling crisis” of that year, when it was widely (but falsely) alleged that the U.S. would go into default if the debt ceiling were not increased. Hardly anyone liked the sequestration that resulted from that budget compromise, but I did. Show More Summary

Will Trump Use Obama's "Secret Debt Ceiling Plan" To Avoid A U.S. Treasury Default?

After voting to repeal and replace Obamacare 60 times under the Obama administration, Senate Republicans, now that it counts, are locked in a heated civil war over how or if they should even modify the controversial legislation. As proven...Show More Summary

Expect Congress to Work at Least Part of August

Playbook: “There are 13 legislative days scheduled until the August recess. Obamacare repeal is in a tough spot. Congress is extremely unlikely to lift the debt ceiling before the August recess. And we can’t see any agreement on the horizon [...]

The Demise of the Deficit Hawks

Jonathan Swan, Axios: Conservatives are curiously zen about the debt ceiling hike, which points to a tectonic shift in the politics of debt now that we've entered the Trump Era. Not a single major conservative outside group is demanding...Show More Summary

The Demise of the So-Called Deficit Hawks

Jonathan Swan: “Conservatives are curiously zen about the debt ceiling hike, which points to a tectonic shift in the politics of debt now that we’ve entered the Trump Era. Not a single major conservative outside group is demanding the White [...]

US Continuing to Issue New Debt Despite Debt Ceiling, Is A Time Bomb

The Federal Government has continued to issue new debt despite the debt ceiling. It has done so by using its big pile of cash to pay down the debt it owes to Social Security and to government and military pension fund beneficiaries. That internal debt is included in the debt subject to limit. Show More Summary

Tax Reform Is Hard (#TRIH)

With the looming deadline on both the debt ceiling and the tax reconciliation bill (not to be confused with the ACHA reconciliation instructions), taxes and, hopefully, tax reform are moving to the top of the legislative agenda. The rhetoric of tax reform is heating up. Yesterday Paul Ryan tweeted: Speaker...

GOP leaders already behind the eight ball on debt ceiling hike, giving Democrats key leverage point

The last two times the House has approved a debt ceiling hike to keep the U.S. from defaulting on its debts, Democrats have carried the weight on both votes. In 2015, incoming House Speaker Paul Ryan was one of just 79 Republicans who joined 187 Democrats to raise the debt ceiling as part of an overall budget package. Show More Summary

And Now the Trump Presidency Begins to Fail for Real

It's not just health care and tax reform that are in peril. If Trump attempts to raise the debt ceiling using nothing but Republican votes, he will fail, too. If he tries to pass appropriations bills without any Democratic support, the government will either shut down or be funded on continuing resolutions that keep Obama's priorities in place. Show More Summary

GOP Lacks Votes to Raise Debt Ceiling

The Hill: “If the debt ceiling is raised with a clean hike — a distinct possibility given Democratic demands and the narrow, 52-seat majority for the GOP in the Senate, Republicans will need at least 24 members of their own [...]

New Bill Would Bring Back Subsidized Law Student Loans, It’s a Stretch, But Law Students Could Get Subsidized Loans Again: Subsidized government loans for graduate students became a casualty of the 2011 debt ceiling crisis, but law school proponents are pushing to resurrect them with the help of sympathetic lawmakers. Bringing back subsidized Stafford loans would knock about...

CBO says Congress has until mid-October to raise the debt ceiling and avoid an economic disaster

Congress will need to raise the nation's debt limit and avoid defaulting on loan payments by "early to mid-October," the Congressional Budget Office said in a report on Thursday. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has encouraged Congress...Show More Summary

The GOP Can’t Compromise, So What Happens Next?

The GOP can't raise the debt ceiling or keep the government open without Democratic votes.

Household Debt Growth YoY Now Equals Federal Public Debt Growth (Thanks To Debt Ceiling On Feds)

Yes, the US public debt is temporarily frozen at the statutory debt limit (with the exception of fiscal shenanigan with public debt held by investors versus intragovernmental lending). The post Household Debt Growth YoY Now Equals Federal Public Debt Growth (Thanks To Debt Ceiling On Feds) was originally published at The Wall Street Examiner. Follow the money!

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