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Deep learning startup Neurala raises $14 million to build brains for drones, autonomous cars, and more

Neurala, a software and services company that helps bring artificial intelligence (AI) to drones, robots, cars, and consumer electronics, has announced a $14 million series A funding round led by Pelion Ventures, with participation from...Show More Summary

The Eye In The Sky Gets A Brain That Knows What It's Seeing

Deep learning and AI are turning millions of satellite images of Earth into usable data, helping insurers and aid groups alike to do their jobs. Deep learning and AI are turning millions of satellite images of Earth into usable data, helping insurers and aid groups alike to do their jobs. Show More Summary

Keys to hunting behavior tucked deep into vertebrate brain

(Yale University) The origin of hunting behavior may come from two sets of neurons tucked deep in the forebrain of most vertebrates, a new Yale University study suggests.Activating these neurons in living mice prompt them to pursue never-seen-before...Show More Summary

Computer Chips Evolve to Keep Up With Deep Learning

Innovation is flourishing in the semiconductor industry, at startups as well as at companies like IBM, whose TrueNorth chip is patterned after the human brain.

Tumor-seeking salmonella treats brain tumors

(Duke University) Genetic tweaks to salmonella turn the bacteria into cancer-seeking missiles that produce self-destruct orders deep within tumors. Tests in rat models with extreme cases of the disease showed a remarkable 20 percent survival rate over 100 days -- roughly equivalent to 10 human years -- with the tumors going into complete remission.

Parkinson's Therapy Gets Fresh Look From Device Makers

Medtronic is facing new competition in supplying devices for deep brain stimulation, an established therapy for moderating the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Scientists Hacked an Old Brain-Zapping Treatment for Parkinson’s

Deep brain stimulation can be more efficient, and safer, by using the computer-generated pattern, the study showed.

Evolving deep brain stimulation patterns

(Duke University) Duke University biomedical engineers have used computational evolution to develop temporal patterns of deep brain stimulation used to treat Parkinson's disease. The new energy-saving patterns could reduce the number of battery replacement surgeries needed during a patient's lifetime and lead to patterns tailored to treat specific symptoms.

THE MOST 21ST CENTURY HEADLINE EVER: The World’s Largest Hedge Fund Is Building an Algorithmic Mod…

THE MOST 21ST CENTURY HEADLINE EVER: The World’s Largest Hedge Fund Is Building an Algorithmic Model of its Founder’s Brain. Deep inside Bridgewater Associates LP, the world’s largest hedge-fund firm, software engineers are at work on a secret project that founder Ray Dalio has sometimes called “The Book of the Future.” The goal is technology […]

Rice, Baylor team sets new mark for 'deep learning'

Neuroscience and artificial intelligence experts from Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine have taken inspiration from the human brain in creating a new "deep learning" method that enables computers to learn about the visual world largely on their own, much as human babies do.

Designing an animal-like brain: black-box “deep learning algorithms” to solve problems, with an (approximately) Bayesian “consciousness” or “executive functioning organ” that attempts to make sense of all these inferences

The journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences will be publishing this paper, “Building Machines That Learn and Think Like People,” by Brenden Lake, Tomer Ullman, Joshua Tenenbaum, and Samuel Gershman. Here’s the abstract: Recent progress in artificial intelligence (AI) has renewed interest in building systems that learn and think like people. Show More Summary

Deep brain stimulation fails to improve memory in new study

New findings temper the hope that deep brain stimulation might also be useful in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Deep Brain Stimulation Fails to Improve Memory in New Study

The findings highlight how nuanced and complicated modulating cognition can be, according to the researchers.

Optical probes overcome light scattering in deep-brain imaging, says Neurophotonics report

(SPIE--International Society for Optics and Photonics) A solution to the issue of light scattering in neural tissue that hinders illuminating areas deep within the brain in optogenetic procedures has been reported by researchers from...Show More Summary

Deep brain stimulation doesn't improve memory - it hurts it

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) of areas in the brain known to be involved in making memories does not improve memory performance, according to a new study. Deep brain stimulation is an invasive technique that involves the implantation of electrodes deep into the brain and then running current through them to electrically stimulate nearby neurons. read more

New Brain-Like Chip Uses Light to Go Blazingly Fast

Deep learning is having a serious moment right now in the world of AI. And for good reason. Loosely based on the brain’s computing architecture, artificial neural networks have vastly outperformed their predecessors in a variety of tasks that had previously stumped our silicon-minded comrades. Show More Summary

Black Friday Bloodshed: When Deep Discounts Lead To Riots, Assaults, and Death

2 months agoNews / Crime : Crime Feed

Every year, it seems that Black Friday brings us headlines of chaotic crimes that resemble a scene from "The Walking Dead" - if you replace the craving for brains with big-screen TVs and phones. The post Black Friday Bloodshed: When Deep Discounts Lead To Riots, Assaults, and Death appeared first on CrimeFeed.

How yoga and meditation can cure addiction

How yoga and meditation can cure addiction. Meditation helps bring inner calm and peace to the body and mind together, deep, regular breaths not only bring more oxygen into the body and brain The post How yoga and meditation can cure addiction appeared first on, Health News, News, Health Magazine, Health in Natural ways, Holistic Health, Yoga, Ayurveda.

22 Times When Tumblr Went Way Too Deep

2 months agoHumor : eBaum's World

They may be total stoner moments, but that doesn't mean these little observations won't enter your brain like a worm and destroy all you know and love.

A First Look At Oakley's New Mod 3 And Mod 5 Helmets

Brain buckets. There was a time in the not-so-distant past that skiing or riding without one seemed the thing to do. That massive head traumas were something that happened to other people and that carving huge lines in deep powder weren’t negated by whether or not you had your head right, so to speak. Show More Summary

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