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UAB Receives Prestigious BRAIN Initiative Grant for Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease

UAB has received a BRAIN Initiative grant of $7.3 million from NIH to study new technology that could improve outcomes from deep brain stimulation. UAB investigators will assess next-generation DBS technology which can direct current in specific directions in the brain, allowing for a more tailored approach to DBS.

Short Term Memory Boosts Google Learning AI

Google has tweaked its “deep learning” AI to use an external memory bank. It’s an attempt to replicate the way human brains use short term memory to simplify reasoning. The company demonstrated the approach by having the system teach itself the London Underground (subway) map and figure out the quickest route between stops. Show More Summary

Artificial intelligence: Deep neural reasoning

The human brain can solve highly abstract reasoning problems using a neural network that is entirely physical. The underlying mechanisms are only partially understood, but an artificial network provides valuable insight.

Not So Fast: Astronauts Going to Mars Could Suffer Brain Damage

A study that subjected mice to the same levels of cosmic radiation encountered in space finds evidence of brain damage. As plans to go to Mars ramp up, the risks of deep space travel might be followed bymajor health risks.

This 5-Minute Exercise Melts Anxiety Away

Feel like you haven’t taken a deep breath in eons? That’s because you probably haven’t, says Belisa Vranich, clinical psychologist and author of Breathe: 14 Days to Oxygenating, Recharging, and Fueling Your Body & Brain, who’s taught everyone from Fortune 500 employees to SWAT teams how to breathe for stress relief and endurance. Show More Summary

Deep Learning 101: The What, Where, and How

Researchers have tried for decades to create computers capable of learning. Recently, using the human brain as a model, they have had some success. Complicated algorithms have been developed, allowing computers to learn on a limited scale. Show More Summary

"Space brain" could make manned trips to Mars rather forgettable

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

If getting to Mars isn't hard enough, scientists at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) say that cosmic radiation could cause astronauts on long deep space missions to develop symptoms of dementia. Rodent tests indicate that exposure...Show More Summary

You May Be Able To Train Your Brain To Be Fearless

2 weeks agoNews : Huffington Post

All your fears, stresses and anxieties have one thing in common. They are sensed by a pair of pea-sized patches of neurons, called the amygdala, sitting deep inside your brain. So what if you could control your amygdala? What if youShow More Summary

Duke neurosurgeons test Hololens as an AR assist on tricky procedures

One of the several things that makes brain surgery so difficult is that the brain isn’t transparent. So if you want to get at something deep inside, you either have to peel off a few layers or make an educated guess based on other imagery. But augmented reality may offer a third way. Read More

St. Jude Medical Gets FDA Green Light for Infinity Deep Brain Stimulation System for Parkinson’s, Essential Tremor

St. Jude Medical is launching in the U.S. its Infinity deep brain stimulation (DBS) system for patients with Parkinson’s disease or essential tremor, following FDA approval. The implant comes witha  DBS directional lead, the first such lead to receive FDA approval. Show More Summary

Developing brain regions in children hardest hit by sleep deprivation

Sleep is vital for humans. If adults remain awake for longer than usual, the brain responds with an increased need for deep sleep. This is measured in the form of "slow wave activity" using electroencephalography (EEG). In adults, these...Show More Summary

The Surprise Risk Factor In Sleep Apnea? Your Ethnicity

Obstructive sleep apnea can have a notable impact on brain health. In reducing the quantity of oxygen the brain receives during sleep, sleep apnea can cut down on the amount of nourishing “deep sleep” a person gets each night, something that can impair memory and increase the chances of depression. Show More Summary

Music Review: Bellows - Fist & Palm

"S taring out your car window, I feel my size." The opening line from the Bellows' single "Thick Skin" evokes a certain turn of feeling, an external bolt of stimulus that sits deep in the brain, a note both small and powerful.

Danny McBride's Shroom-Fueled Vision Quests Yielded Deep Insights About UFOs and His Brain

Danny McBride has a group of close friends that he works with on every project. To stay creative, and expand their minds, they used to take retreats—or in McBride's words, "vision quests"—to Joshua Tree, where they would do what you do on a vision quest: trip on mushrooms. Looking back ... More »

Nest Gives Its Security Cameras Brains Using Google's Computer Vision Software

2 months agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Nest is starting to give its security cameras the ability to understand the world with the help of Google's deep learning software.

How To Train Your Brain To Do More ‘Deep Work’

2 months agoIndustries / Law : Above the Law

In our busy and demanding world, how do we create the space to engage in work that creates real value?

Sleeping brain's complex activity mimicked by simple model

Researchers have built and tested a new mathematical model that successfully reproduces complex brain activity during deep sleep, according to a new study.

Making memories stronger and more precise during aging

When it comes to the billions of neurons in your brain, what you see at birth is what get -- except in the hippocampus. Buried deep underneath the folds of the cerebral cortex, neural stem cells in the hippocampus continue to generate new neurons, inciting a struggle between new and old as the new attempts to gain a foothold in memory-forming center of the brain. read more

SCIENCE: Pea-size brain structure may make beer cravings. The findings suggest that if you really…

SCIENCE: Pea-size brain structure may make beer cravings. The findings suggest that if you really want a drink right now, the source of your craving may be a pea-sized structure deep inside the right side of your brain. After tasting the beer the participants reported increased desire to drink beer, whereas the sports drink did […]

Addiction cravings may get their start deep in the right side of the brain

If you really want a drink right now, the source of your craving may be a pea-sized structure deep inside the right side of your brain, according to scientists.

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