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New Brain-Like Chip Uses Light to Go Blazingly Fast

Deep learning is having a serious moment right now in the world of AI. And for good reason. Loosely based on the brain’s computing architecture, artificial neural networks have vastly outperformed their predecessors in a variety of tasks that had previously stumped our silicon-minded comrades. Show More Summary

Black Friday Bloodshed: When Deep Discounts Lead To Riots, Assaults, and Death

last weekNews / Crime : Crime Feed

Every year, it seems that Black Friday brings us headlines of chaotic crimes that resemble a scene from "The Walking Dead" - if you replace the craving for brains with big-screen TVs and phones. The post Black Friday Bloodshed: When Deep Discounts Lead To Riots, Assaults, and Death appeared first on CrimeFeed.

How yoga and meditation can cure addiction

How yoga and meditation can cure addiction. Meditation helps bring inner calm and peace to the body and mind together, deep, regular breaths not only bring more oxygen into the body and brain The post How yoga and meditation can cure addiction appeared first on, Health News, News, Health Magazine, Health in Natural ways, Holistic Health, Yoga, Ayurveda.

22 Times When Tumblr Went Way Too Deep

last weekHumor : eBaum's World

They may be total stoner moments, but that doesn't mean these little observations won't enter your brain like a worm and destroy all you know and love.

A First Look At Oakley's New Mod 3 And Mod 5 Helmets

Brain buckets. There was a time in the not-so-distant past that skiing or riding without one seemed the thing to do. That massive head traumas were something that happened to other people and that carving huge lines in deep powder weren’t negated by whether or not you had your head right, so to speak. Show More Summary

What Parents Are Telling Their Daughters after the Election

In the days after Donald Trump was elected to be the next U.S. president, many fathers and mothers racked their brains and dug deep into their psyche trying to explain to their sons and daughters "How America selected a racist, sexist...Show More Summary

Electric fields can stimulate deep in your brain without surgery

Deep brain stimulation might help treat obesity and depression, but requires extreme brain surgery. Now researchers have managed to use electric fields instead

Mars-bound astronauts might fall victim to ‘space brain

Radiation exposure on a deep space journey to Mars could cause long-term brain damage, based on research from the University of California-Irvine School of Medicine. Continue reading ? The post Mars-bound astronauts might fall victim to ‘space brain’ appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

Game Design Deep Dive: The folktale structure of Burly Men at Sea

"Of the many elements that helped establish what we describe as a "folktale adventure," three contributed most to our design: length, tone, and moral." - Brooke Condolora, co-founder of Brain& Brain...

Show Up … Brain On!

After several days of reflection, including a perhaps alcohol-fueled weekend of deep angst (or maybe glee), you’ve had a chance to absorb the meaning of President-elect Donald Trump for your organization, its mission and its fundraising needs. Now it’s Monday. Time to grab yourself by the shoulders, slap cold water in your face, gulp a […]

Neuroscientists call for deep collaboration to 'crack' the human brain

(JLM&A, SA ) The time is ripe, the communication technology is available, for teams from different labs and different countries to join efforts and apply new forms of grassroots collaborative research in brain science. This is the right...Show More Summary

How Donald Trump took residence in our anxious brains

In a way that feels unprecedented in modern politics, Trump has burrowed deep into our psyches, stimulating anxiety that will remain even if he loses After the incredulity, the despair, and then the cautious return to optimism, the presidential campaign has entered a phase of almost intolerable anxiety. Show More Summary

The Senate

Is everyone huffing glue to kill their brain for the next 5 days? I could hardly blame you. And with the inevitable Democratic freakout in the days prior to the election in full effect, let’s all take a deep breath and note the generally positive news coming out of the Senate races. With less than […]

Bob Saget Is Deep in a Mid-Life Crisis in the Fuller House Season 2 Trailer

Trailers are magical. This one almost made me want to sink into the festive mundanity of Fuller House Season 2, with a montage of falling balloons, campfires and first kisses. Just let my brain flicker and fade out as the sun sets over the Golden Gate bridge. Read more...

Balancing time & space in the brain: New model holds promise for predicting brain dynamics

(University of Pittsburgh) A team of scientists has extended the balanced network model to provide deep and testable predictions linking brain circuits to brain activity.

Sharing Mayo Clinic: Deep Brain Stimulation Helps Pilot Return to Flight

As a commercial airline pilot, Tyrone Nanton spends his days in a standard blue-and-white uniform. But in his off-hours, Tyrone’s creativity emerges in two favorite hobbies: creating colorful, elaborate costumes for carnival in his native Antigua, and painting. From 2006 to 2015, though, a tremor that got progressively worse made his hands shake so much […]

Electrotherapy: Shock value

last monthAcademics : Nature

Deep brain stimulation is a proven treatment for Parkinson's disease. The only thing left to find out is how it works.

UAB Receives Prestigious BRAIN Initiative Grant for Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease

UAB has received a BRAIN Initiative grant of $7.3 million from NIH to study new technology that could improve outcomes from deep brain stimulation. UAB investigators will assess next-generation DBS technology which can direct current in specific directions in the brain, allowing for a more tailored approach to DBS.

Short Term Memory Boosts Google Learning AI

Google has tweaked its “deep learning” AI to use an external memory bank. It’s an attempt to replicate the way human brains use short term memory to simplify reasoning. The company demonstrated the approach by having the system teach itself the London Underground (subway) map and figure out the quickest route between stops. Show More Summary

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