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My five nights with U2

The final tally: 123 songs. This includes five performances each of "Sunday Bloody Sunday," "Beautiful Day" and "With or Without You," earworms that have now burrowed deep inside my brain and sought asylum. I attended all five shows of U2's Chicago residency - nearly 12 hours of Bono & Co. in the...

Who Will Pay for All the New DBS Implants?

Recently, Science and Nature had news features on big BRAIN funding for the development of deep brain stimulation technologies. The ultimate aim of this research is to treat and correct malfunctioning neural circuits in psychiatric and neurological disorders. Show More Summary

Calcium channel essential for deep sleep identified

A specific calcium channel plays a crucial role in deep, slow-wave sleep, scientists have discovered. This is a key step toward understanding both normal and abnormal waking brain functions.

Scientists identify a calcium channel essential for deep sleep

Sleep seems simple enough, a state of rest and restoration that almost every vertebrate creature must enter regularly in order to survive. But the brain responds differently to stimuli when asleep than when awake, and it is not clear what brain changes happen during sleep. Show More Summary

The Psychological Impulses That Make Us Want to Spend Money

It’s always interesting to learn how our shopping behaviors are influenced. Sure, advertisers manipulate our habits, but our brains go with it, because deep down, we have a desire to consume. There are a few natural impulses that make us want to spend more. Read more...

? Listen: Sunk Heaven - Mirrored Confines

lol @ “songs,” amirite? And “music,” too. Deep belly lol there. Like, I like a nice cohesive verse-chorus-verse type thing as much as the next person, but my brain really starts to fire when any semblance of structure breaks apart before me into a mass of raw material closer to some hideous sculpture with sharpened metal protrusions than a song. Show More Summary

The International Neuromodulation Society Names a Giant of Neuromodulation

Clinatec chairman Alim-Louis Benabid, MD, PhD -- considered the "father of deep brain stimulation " -- receives the International Neuromodulation Society's third Giant of Neuromodulation award at its 12th World Congress in Montreal

Relief of Dystonia Symptoms Is Sustained in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Deep Brain Stimulation

Children and adolescents who received deep brain stimulation for generalized dystonia maintained significant symptom relief for up to eight years, according to a study presented today at the 12th World Congress of the International Neuromodulation Society.

U.S. space program researchers develop potential nano-tools for deep brain stimulation

The ability of a carbon nanofiber pad to detect changing neurotransmitter concentrations was demonstrated in a proof-of-principle collaboration between engineers and neurosurgeons. The active area was one-tenth the size of current deep-brain-stimulation electrical contacts.

Autonomous Audi uses 'deep learning' to mimic human brain

4 weeks agoVehicles / Cars : Leftlane

The company suggests machine learning will help autonomous technology quickly progress from prototype to production.

Medical News Today: 3D map of human brain stem could make deep brain stimulation safer

Researchers from Duke Medicine have created a high-resolution map of the human brain stem that they say could help guide surgeons during deep brain stimulation.

MRI technology reveals deep brain pathways in unprecedented detail

A 3-D map of the human brain stem has been produced at an unprecedented level of detail using MRI technology. In a new study, the researchers unveil an ultra high-resolution brain stem model that could better guide brain surgeons treating conditions such as tremors and Parkinson's disease with deep brain stimulation.

MRI Technology Reveals Deep Brain Pathways in Unprecedented Detail

Scientists at Duke Medicine have produced a 3-D map of the human brain stem at an unprecedented level of detail using MRI technology. In a study to be published June 3 in Human Brain Mapping, the researchers unveil an ultra high-resolution...Show More Summary

Deep Brain Stimulation Devices Market for Parkinson’s Disease Expected to Reach USD 3.21 Billion Globally in 2020

According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research “Deep Brain Stimulation Devices Market for Parkinson’s Disease – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2014 – 2020” the global deep...Show More Summary

Pogo: Forget

Pogo’s latest remix is comprised of sound bites from a wide variety of animated and live-action motion pictures. Like many of his tunes, this one will crawl deep into your ears, and not let go of your brain as it works its way to your heart.

Microscope created allowing deep brain exploration

A team of neuroscientists and bioengineers has created a miniature, fiber-optic microscope designed to peer deeply inside a living brain. The laser-scanning microscope, a prototype which will be further refined, uses fiber-optics and a tiny electrowetting lens. Show More Summary

Space radiation may permanently harm astronauts’ brains

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Flying people to deep space — like Mars or an asteroid — is high on NASA’s wish list, but research on mice suggested Friday that extended radiation exposure permanently harms the brain. Central nervous system damage and cognitive impairments were observed in lab animals that were...

CP+B Scandinavia Drills Deep Into Your Brain for Boxer

CP+B Scandinavia took a unique approach to its latest campaign for Boxer, a Swedish TV channel provider. Here’s the angle: the client currently offers customers a “bundle” of 16 channels as a subscription package. When faced with such...Show More Summary

Gurus, Brain-Typing, And All That Goes Into Training Quarterbacks

New York Times best-selling author Bruce Feldman on picking Winston or Mariota in the NFL Draft and on his latest book - The QB. With deep reporting on brain typing, military challenges, and a focus on leadership skills, those interested in leadership development will come away with quality insights.

Implanted micropump could deliver epilepsy drugs right into the brain

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

A promising new treatment for epilepsy directly targets the nerve cells, deep within the brain, that cause seizures. The treatment uses an electronic micropump and an anticonvulsant drug to inhibit the relevant areas of the brain without affecting healthy brain regions. Show More Summary

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