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Everything’s Horrible Anyway, So Let’s Watch Cats Getting Brain Freeze

2 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Summer is here, which means we're deep in a sticky sea of frozen treats. Ice Cream! Slurpees! Froyo! With all the delectable options, it’s easy to get carried away, eat too quickly, and then feel the inevitable sharp pain in your head. Show More Summary

St. Jude’s Infinity Deep Brain Stimulation System Launched in Europe

St. Jude Medical is launching in Europe its Infinity Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) System and directional DBS lead for treatment of Parkinson’s, tremor, and dystonia. The system was designed to allow for a more targeted approach that can lead to better results for patients. Show More Summary

Deep Learning Isn’t a Dangerous Magic Genie. It’s Just Math

Pundits often describe deep learning as an imitation of the human brain. But it's really just simple math executed on an enormous scale. The post Deep Learning Isn't a Dangerous Magic Genie. It's Just Math appeared first on WIRED.

Can Scientists Hack Sleep For Better Memory?

New brain research reinforces the connection between deep sleep and memory. One of the benefits of sleep is its contributions to memory. People with sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea or chronic insomnia, who may experience little non-rapid-eye-movement (non-REM) sleep—the deepest level of sleep—tend to have impaired memory functions. Read Full Story

Medical News Today: Binge eating trigger point located deep inside brain

Rats' excited and speedy responses to cues for sugar - akin to binge eating - became more subdued when certain neurons in their brains were turned off.

Mimicking deep sleep brain activity improves memory

It is not surprising that a good night's sleep improves our ability to remember what we learned during the day. Now, researchers have discovered a brain circuit that governs how certain memories are consolidated in the brain during sleep. Show More Summary

Mimicking deep sleep brain activity improves memory

It is not surprising that a good night's sleep improves our ability to remember what we learned during the day. Now, researchers at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan have discovered a brain circuit that governs how certain memories are consolidated in the brain during sleep. Show More Summary

The Solid Verbal: Yogi Roth takes you deep into the QB brain

So much more than gripping and ripping (though that's part of it). Subscribe to The Solid Verbal: iTunes | RSS Follow Us: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud Yogi Roth of the Pac-12 Network, Elite 11 QB competition, and the Live...Show More Summary

University Hospitals Case Medical Center Neurosurgeon Studying if Deep Brain Stimulation Can Help Bipolar Disorder Sufferers

A neurosurgeon who specializes in deep brain stimulation (DBS) is seeking a target in the brains of bi-polar disorder patients for possible DBS implantation to provide help to them.

How the Internet works: Submarine fibre, brains in jars, and coaxial cables

A deep dive into Internet infrastructure, plus a rare visit to a subsea cable landing site.

Roast Your Lemons First for Delicious, Flavorful Lemonade

Using an oven to make lemonade may create some cognitive dissonance in your brain box, but by roasting the tart citrus fruit, you can draw out complex, deep flavors you wouldn’t usually find in the sweet and sour beverage. Read more...

Our Brains Are Not Computers And Don’t Work Like Them (Why Do Some People Find This Hard To, Er, Process?)

“Our shoddy thinking about the brain has deep historical roots, but the invention of computers in the 1940s got us especially confused. For more than half a century now, psychologists, linguists, neuroscientists and other experts on human behaviour have been asserting that the human brain works like a computer.” Robert Epstein reminds us of the […]

Deep Trump thoughts: Oakland and Ferguson are 'among the most dangerous' places in the world

Yet another day's worth of tidbits from the brain of Donald J. Trump, presumptive Republican nominee for the presidency of the United States. On the TV, Fox had moved on from the election to footage of the smoky aftermath of a bombing in Baghdad. Show More Summary

Google using romance novels to train its artificial intelligence to write fiction

Google is using romance novels to teach its artificial intelligence (AI) system to better understand how people communicate. Researchers at Google Brain, the company's AI-focused deep learning project, presented a paper earlier thisShow More Summary

Watch as Parkinson's Treatment Calms a Man's Tremors in Seconds

2 months agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

(Video Link) This new treatment for Parkinson's Disease is called Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). It begins with the surgical implantation of electrodes that send signals to specific parts of the brain. The eletrodes are regulated by a pacemaker-like device in the chest. Show More Summary

Brain Tester: Can You Solve These 21 Fiendish Puzzles?

Puzzles of logic are one of the best ways to measure your intelligence, quick wits and ability to think outside the box. The following selection of riddles, brain-teasers and numeric sequences are designed to separate the deep thinkers from the dunces. They start off easy and get progressively harder — best grab a pen and paper! More »      

SLEEP … The Underused Secret Weapon to Maintain and Improve Health

By Dr. Kevin Purcell, DC Over decades I have find when I begin to experience a loss of motivation I am usually tired. Not traditionally tired; I mean deep Central Nervous System (CNS) fatigue. Our brains have built in survival and protective mechanisms that will attempt to over ride ‘things’ when it needs to. Survival [...]Show More Summary

How the brain consolidates memory during deep sleep

How long-term memory is formed is not well understood, and remains a central question of inquiry in neuroscience. Now researchers report they may have an answer to this question.

Deep Brain Stimulation: Unproven treatment promoted with a conflict of interest in JAMA: Psychiatry [again]

“Even with our noisy ways and cattle prods in the brain, we have to take care of sick people, now,” – Helen Mayberg “All of us—researchers, journalists, patients and their loved ones–are desperate for genuine

Great Job, Internet!: Read This: How The Americans gets made, from brain to screen

TV: We watch it, we love it, but do we really know where it comes from? Well, maybe in the vaguest sense that it’s written, filmed, edited, and broadcast, but Vox’s (and A.V. Club alum) Caroline Framke takes a deep dive into the world of television production in a fantastic new in-depth piece. Show More Summary

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