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UK Defense Chief Warns SNP Not to Play ‘Political Games’ Over Nuclear Sites

The Scottish National Party (SNP) compromises UK nuclear deterrent by playing "political games" around the UK Ministry of Defense control over Crown Estate land in Scotland, used for military purposes, UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said Saturday.

Let’s Play ‘Hide The Story,’ But The Danger Is Real

“What they are doing now is making it more likely that there will be a bigger, more disastrous catastrophe for the United States,” said David Sedney, who resigned in 2013 as deputy assistant secretary of defense for Afghanistan and Pakistan. That...Show More Summary

ADDING TO THE DIVERSITY OF THE DEMOCRATIC FIELD: Jim Webb Announces White House Candidacy. His m…

ADDING TO THE DIVERSITY OF THE DEMOCRATIC FIELD: Jim Webb Announces White House Candidacy. His message touts his military experience as a company commander in Vietnam and as an assistant secretary of defense and secretary of the Navy. He also directly takes on Clinton’s record by arguing he would not have voted for the Iraq […]

UK Pushing to Bomb Syria as Defense Chief Labels ISIL Strategy 'Illogical'

The British government has seemingly taken a step towards expanding its aerial bombing campaign against ISIL into Syria, after defense secretary Michael Fallon described the UK's current strategy as "illogical."

US Must Fund Urgent $270Bln Nuclear Weapons Upgrade Plan

The United States has to spend $18 billion a year for 15 years to modernize its entire nuclear deterrent force or risk losing it entirely, US Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work told the House of Representatives House Armed Services […]

Lieutenant General Robert B. Neller nominated for Commandant of Marines Corps

According to the Washington Post, Lieutenant Robert B. Neller has been nominated by the Secretary of Defense to be the Commandant of the Marine Corps today; Neller is known as a no-nonsense leader and a student of military history. He served for the past year as the commander of Marine Corps Forces Command in Norfolk, […]

Power Grid Vulnerable To Cyber Attack, Former Defense Secretary Says

The power grid is vulnerable to a terrorist attack, former Secretary of Defense William Cohen. A direct assault on the electrical system would cause chaos and civil unrest throughout the country, the former government official said.Show More Summary

To Save NATO, Don't Enlarge It

Evan Gottesman Security, Europe "The staying power of NATO’s founding principles is no guarantee that the alliance will endure." U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter embarked on a weeklong European tour on June 21 to reaffirm America’s commitment to the NATO alliance. Show More Summary

Gorgeous photo of America's mighty M1 tank firing rounds in Eastern Europe

In a move to unnerve Russian aggression, US Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced plans to deploy 250 M1 Abrams tanks, Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, and artillery to the Baltics and Eastern Europe. Earlier this week, US soldiers...Show More Summary

NATO Is Presiding Over Putin’s Division of Europe

last weekNews : Newsweek: US

NATO has a new sense of purpose. At least, that’s the message coming out of the latest meeting of the alliance’s 28 defense ministers, who gathered in Brussels on June 24 to 25. Ash Carter, the U.S defense secretary, speaking in Berlin...Show More Summary

For Australia, era of tough choices dawns

On 15 May, the day I arrived in Australia to begin work at the Lowy Institute, Prime Minister Tony Abbott was dousing a media bushfire. The spark was the apparent revelation by US Assistant Secretary of Defense David Shear that US B-1...Show More Summary

Southeast Asia Links: SLD15, Myanmar census, boat crisis, 'friends' of Thailand and more

The Shangri La Dialogue occupied discussions in the region this week, made more timely by the release of China's white paper on military strategy. Opening remarks by Singapore's PM (below) and US Secretary of Defense set a tone of tougher talk on the South China Sea. Show More Summary

Shangri La Dialogue: Ash Carter strikes determined, reasonable tone

[youtube:oQtGHpS_LGI] The much-anticipated speech by US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore today struck an intelligent note of US determination regarding security in the South China Sea, without being needlessly confrontational. Show More Summary

Through a glass, darkly: 'Transparency' over-sold at Shangri-La Dialogue

The 14th Shangri-La Dialogue may have disappointed headline writers by failing to produce the anticipated heated US-China exchanges. As noted by Rory Medcalf, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter's tone was firm and measured. The brief...Show More Summary

GAO: Air Force A-10 Abandonment Divorced from Financial Reality | DoD Refiguring Satellite Control | Russia Receiving New SU-34 Fullbacks

Americas Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work has announced his intention to stand-up a joint intelligence-military operations center for satellites, allowing all intelligence and military satellites to be controlled from a single location. Show More Summary

Russia’s ‘Saber-Rattling’ Confirms Need to Upgrade US Nuclear Forces - DoD

Russian nuclear threats had backfired, but they underlined the need for the United States to push ahead with its nuclear modernization program, US Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work told the House Armed Services Committee on Thursday...

US Must Fund Urgent $270Bln Nuclear Weapons Upgrade Plan – DoD Official

According to US Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work, the US necessary modernization of the US nuclear deterrent force will cost $18 billion a year from 2021 through 2035.

US Refuses to Give Guarantees to Russia on Missile Defenses in Europe

US Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance said that Washington will not provide any guarantees to Russia that its missile defense systems in Europe are not directed at Russia’s strategic nuclear deterrent.

US Without Plans to Deploy Ballistic Missile Defense Ships in Black Sea

According to US Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control Frank Rose, United States has no intention of permanently deploying Aegis ballistic missile defense warships in the Black Sea.

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