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Captain America and Maria Hill disagree on neutralizing threats in what could be a teaser for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.

Paige's Boyfriend Writes Her a Super-Sweet Song (But She Isn't Having It)—Watch the Total Divas Bonus Clip

Paige's boyfriend Kevin Skaff is totally smitten over the wrestling star, and he's ready to let her know! In this deleted scene from the latest episode of Total Divas, Kevin...

Nikki and Brie Bella Almost Attacked by Monkeys?! Watch the Total Divas Deleted Scene for the Funny Story

Can Nikki Bella and Brie Bella escape a pack of spider monkeys? In this deleted scene from the latest episode of Total Divas, the Bella Twins reveal their terrifying...

Police threaten to take camera from BBC journalists covering Virginia shootings

PRI | The Daily Beast Police ordered a journalist from the BBC to delete footage taken from the scene of the arrest of Vester Flanagan, the gunman who fatally shot two journalists earlier today while they were covering a feature story. BBC...Show More Summary

‘Friends’ Deleted Scene Nearly Aired, Pulled At Last Minute Due To September 11 [Video]

Friends deleted scenes do not surface everyday, and when they do, fans of the decade-long sitcom don’t waste much time in helping the videos go viral on the internet. So it was a big surprise when Friends fans rediscovered an eight-year old Friends deleted scene doing the rounds. Show More Summary

This Deleted Friends Scene is Going Viral… and Offers Real Truth About Air Travel

Friends sent Monica and Chandler off on their honeymoon in the episode where Rachel sold Ross she's pregnant. It was scheduled to air shortly after 9/11, so they replaced a scene at airport security where Chandler makes a joke about a bomb and winds up in questioning. Continue reading This Deleted Friends Scene is Going Viral… and Offers Real Truth About Air Travel...

'Friends' fans uncover airport security scene deleted after 9/11

The online Friends fandom has uncovered a deleted scene from "The One Where Rachel Tells All," an episode from the hit sitcom's eighth season. In the sequence, Chandler and Monica are in the airport on the way to their honeymoon when Chandler makes an off-the-cuff bomb joke. Show More Summary

Naomi Throws the Ultimate Party—Watch the Total Divas Bonus Clip

Can't everyone just get along? For Naomi Knight and Jonathan Fatu, things are never that easy! In this deleted scene from the latest episode of Total Divas, Naomi plans a...

I Am Cait: Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner Kicks It At The LA LGBT Center… [Video]

The E! star meets LGBT youth in learn about the hard struggles facing the community. Watch her touching visit in this “I Am Cait” deleted scene.

‘Friends’ Deleted Scene ‘Friends Airport Security’ Uncovered On YouTube – Deleted Due To Chandler Bing’s Bomb Joke [Video]

A deleted scene from the sitcom Friends has swelled to more than 3.6 million views on YouTube. Included along with the viral Friends video is the rationale behind why it was deleted in the first place — because it would have aired very soon after the 9/11 tragedy. Show More Summary

Deleting this scene from 'Friends' because of 9/11 was a really good call.

last weekHumor / odd : Happy Place

Remember Friends? That sitcom from the nineties about a group of twenty-somethings getting mistakenly accused of planning to hijack planes? (Go to 1:25 to get right to the bomb jokes) You wouldn't...Show More Summary

The Bella Twins Sweat It Out in Barre Class—See the Total Divas Deleted Scene!

In this deleted scene from the latest episode of Total Divas, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella bring their mom to check out their latest business venture, a barre studio. "I...

Ali Stepka Struggles to Get Ashley Hamilton to Leave the House—Watch the Stewarts & Hamiltons Deleted Scene

Everything moves slower in L.A.—including Ashley Hamilton. When Ashley's girlfriend, Ali Stepka, tries to get the singer to step out of his comfort zone—and...

'Friends' Deleted Scenes Reveal Bomb Joke That Never Made It On Air

"Friends" fans, this one's for you. The show's been off the air for 11 years, but an old video of deleted scenes is making its way 'round the interwebs.  The clip, which was originally uploaded to YouTube in 2007, was meant to be featured...Show More Summary

Mad Max Deleted Scene: Watch Max And Furiosa Ride Into Battle

It's still possible a movie will come out of nowhere and dethrone George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road as the best action movie of the year (some may give that title to Mission: Impossibleâ??Rogue Nation, but I beg to differ), but that seems unlikely. Show More Summary

Watch the secret “Friends” scene that was hastily deleted after September 11

The creative team pulled the scene, premised on a series of airport bombing jokes, in fear it'd be in poor taste

Ashley Hamilton Reveals Shocking Way He Lost His Virginity—See the Hilarious Stewarts & Hamiltons Deleted Scene

Talk about a TMI dinner conversation! Pablo Vazquez gets beyond candid over dinner when Ashley Hamilton brings up the topic of how Pablo lost his virginity. Of...

The Thing Could Have Had a Lot More Clobberin’ Time in Fantasic Four

The bottomless well of Fantastic Four gossip just keeps on springing leaks: Today's juicy details involve one of Josh Trank's deleted scenes that controversially got cut from the final film. But it wasn't just more awkward flirting between Kata Mara and Miles Teller that Fox allegedly axed; it was an... More »

Early Addition: The Journey Your Suitcase Takes At The Airport

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'Friends' find! Deleted scene reveals hilarious gag fans never saw

There's still no reunion in the works, but there is good news! Instead of new "Friends" scenes, there's an old one that never aired.

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