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Heidi Heitkamp-Backed President Proposes $4.2 Billion Tax On North Dakota Oil

When video of Heidi Heitkamp calling then-candidate Obama “amazing” at the 2008 national Democrat convention showed up in the 2012 election cycle it was quickly sent down the memory hole. A member of the North Dakota Demcorats’ executive committee threatened legal action against anyone posting the video. The why of that is obvious. Barack Obama...

Highlighting Bernie Sanders’ Broad Appeal, Former NAACP Head Readies Key Endorsement

3 days agoNews : Truthdig

By Deirdre Fulton / Common Dreams A growing list of black supporters could be key to running a campaign that will take Sanders to July’s Democratic National Convention.

A Reminder To Ted Cruz: Iowa Often Gets It Wrong

5 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Iowa may be the first in the nation to vote in the presidential primaries, but that doesn't always mean it's right. In the months between the Iowa caucuses and the Republican and Democratic conventions, a lot can change. Since 1972 --...Show More Summary

Democratic candidates debate whether to hold unsanctioned debate

After months of grassroots anger at the Democratic National Convention for its limited schedule of awkwardly timed debates, NBC News and New Hampshire’s Union Leader said screw it, and announced they’d be holding an unsanctioned debate between the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. Show More Summary

How the Iowa caucuses work — a confusing election process explained

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

The four-stage contest begins on 1 February, building to a national convention in the spring – but Republicans and Democrats each have different systems The Iowa caucuses are perhaps the most important yet mysterious contest in American politics. The concept of an election is familiar to everyone –...

When Is The Next Democratic Presidential Debate? Final Three Dem Debates Schedule — Start Time, LiveStream, TV Channel

When is the next Democratic presidential debate and how many primary debates remain before the Democratic National Convention in July? A total of six primary debates were scheduled by the Democratic National Committee, half the amount the Republican party scheduled for 2015-2016. Show More Summary

Obama learns that there may be ‘two Americas,’ after all

THE MORNING PLUM: Barack Obama first rose to national prominence with a speech at the 2004 Democratic convention that proclaimed that there is one America: “there isn’t liberal and conservative America; there is the United States of America.” President Obama’s final State of the Union Speech last night was suffused with an optimistic faith that […]

Sanders announces the support of a superdelegate. It’s his 11th. Clinton has 32 times as many.

Democratic White House hopeful Bernie Sanders is touting a new endorsement from a leading advocate for women in politics -- and a superdelegate to the Democratic convention. Erin Bilbray, a member of the Democratic National Committee from Nevada, said she had been leaning in the direction of Hillary Clinton -- who would be the country’s […]

Republican convention organizer: Here's the most surprising part of setting up our big 2016 event

Preparing for the 2016 Republican National Convention is no easy task. The Republican Party is set to officially nominate its presidential and vice-presidential candidates next July in Cleveland, Ohio. Like its Democratic counterpart,...Show More Summary

America's Plurality

When Barack Obama broke onto the national landscape at the 2004 Democratic convention, he talked optimistically about one America. It was a rallying cry for pluralism and a belief in the basic decency and good in the American people: There's not a liberal America and a conservative America -- there's the United States of America. Show More Summary

Democrat Faith/Republican Faith

During the 2012 Democratic National Convention, some right-wing pundits declared that the Democratic Party was officially godless. That claim was absurd because plenty of Democrats are anything but godless. In his post The Merits of the Democratic Party, this author states, “Contrary to what anti-Democrat zealots would have everyone to believe, plenty of Democrats are [...]Show More Summary

Clinton: Trump chief recruiter for ISIL; Sanders: Take out Daesh First, Assad Later

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – – The second Saturday-night Democratic debate had a lot of discussion on foreign policy. It is a shame that the Democratic National Convention put…

The Democrat Party Wants You To Pay For Their Convention

The Democrat National Committee (DNC) is facing a cash crunch. There are a lot of reasons for this, mostly having to do with the way Obama's personal fundraising apparatus has vacuumed large quantities of cash that would have made its way to the DNC. Show More Summary

Democrat Party is Broke – Wants US Taxpayers to Fund Their 2016 Convention

The party of handouts want’s a taxpayer handout. Democrat National Committee Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz drafted a plan demanding US... The post Democrat Party is Broke – Wants US Taxpayers to Fund Their 2016 Convention appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Is this a Joke? ABC's Quantico: Democrats are the Party of Family Values, U.S. Creates Terrorists

Last night’s winter finale of the new ABC drama Quantico and was chockfull of unrealistic politics – and unintentional comedy! The present day storyline of the episode “Inside” had the Democratic National Convention starting in New York City the day after Grand Central Station was bombed and over 100 people were killed. Show More Summary

Media’s First Look at Where Democrats Will Nominate a Presidential Candidate

Philadelphia hasn't hosted a Democratic National Convention since 1948, though it did welcome the Republican National Convention in 2000. The post Media’s First Look at Where Democrats Will Nominate a Presidential Candidate appeared first on The Good Men Project.

AP Exclusive: Democrats see Rubio and Kasich as 2016 threats

The Associated Press contacted all 712 superdelegates to the Democratic National Convention next summer, and asked them which Republican they thought would be their party's strongest opponent in the general election. Offering a window...Show More Summary

Clinton Has Commanding Lead in Superdelegates

Hillary Clinton “has locked up public support from half of the Democratic insiders who cast ballots at the party’s national convention, giving her a commanding advantage over her rivals for the party’s presidential nomination,” the AP reports. “The 712 superdelegates [...]

AP delegate count: Clinton has early, commanding edge

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton has locked up public support from half of the Democratic insiders who cast ballots at the party's national convention, giving her a commanding advantage over her rivals for the party's presidential...Show More Summary

DNC Offers #BlackLivesMatter a Town Hall But Organization Says It Wants a Debate

The Democratic National Convention is vying for the seal of approval from two organizations that are both at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement. First, there’s the Black Lives Matter organization itself, which was started by Patrice Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi. Show More Summary

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