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Bitcoin Exchange 'Ramps-Up' OBITS Cryptocurrency Profits For Future Buyback

2 months agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

The cryptocurrency exchange behind the recently launched OBITS currency initiative, CCEDK, is increasing the future payouts derived from profits and fees generated through user registrations on OpenLedger and other associated revenues - including profits from a start-up ‘crypto’ casino project. As a sweetener over Black Friday it is offering the [...]

Obama and Post-Constitutional America

Actions that infringe on the Constitution and compromise civil liberties are now a troubling feature of American public life. Most derive from the collective terror psychosis; others are associated with the undue influence of financial interests. Show More Summary

Major US Banks Rule Ukrainian Default is Inevitable

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) announced that its Determination Committee has ruled that a moratorium was instituted on Ukraine’s debt, triggering payouts on default insurance.

Wall Street Prepares To Reap Billions From Another Main Street Wipe Out

On Monday evening, we noted that market participants are reducing the size of their trades and turning to derivatives in order to avoid the perils associated with what are increasingly illiquid markets. While we’ve been pounding theShow More Summary

Home Builders Optimistic Despite Decline in Traffic; Housing Market Index Declines

The National Association of Home Builders' Housing Market Index once again reveals positive builder sentiment even though new home sales are weak. The HMI is Derived from a monthly survey that NAHB has been conducting for 30 years.The...Show More Summary

Thoma-Sea Launches US-flagged OSV

Technology Associates, Inc. (TAI) of New Orleans, La., announced that another derivative of a vessel built from TAI’s EnviroMax designs was launched.   Thoma-Sea Marine Constructors,

Vineyard's soil microbes shape grapes' microbial community

In the first study of an entire wine grapevine's microbiome, researchers have found that the microbes associated with the grapes, leaves and flowers are largely derived from the soil microbes found around the plant's roots. The findings could help dissect how microbes affect a wine's properties and pave the way for biotechnological advances for producing hardier crops.

Gene networks for innate immunity linked to PTSD risk

Researchers have identified genetic markers, derived from blood samples that are linked to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The markers are associated with gene networks that regulate innate immune function and interferon signaling.

AFFTA Fisheries Fund Announces First Grant Recipients

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association and the AFFTA Fisheries Fund board are pleased to announce the inaugural gifting recipients. The Fisheries Fund was established with revenue derived from the International Fly Tackle Dealer show to support fisheries conservation and education efforts. Show More Summary

Banks accept derivatives rule change to end 'too big to fail' scenario

The $700 trillion financial derivatives industry has agreed to a fundamental rule change from January to help regulators to wind down failed banks without destabilising markets. The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA)...Show More Summary

Swaps Panel Delays Payout Auction on Argentine Bonds

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association, the industry body that helps oversee the credit default swaps market, has postponed the auction that will set the exact amount at which swaps on defaulted Argentine bonds will pay out.

Argentina Default Is Ruled a Credit Event for Swaps

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association says Argentina’s failure to make a payment on its bonds earlier this week will activate credit default swaps on the country’s debt.

Argentine Bonds Sink After Default; Swaps Holders Seek Ruling

``The International Swaps & Derivatives Association said it will rule on whether credit-default swaps on Argentina have been triggered. The nation missed a deadline yesterday to pay $539 million in interest after two full days of negotiations in New York failed to produce an accord with creditors from its last default in 2001. Show More Summary

A Revolving Door Farce: CFTC Commissioner Bails To Head Regulator's Biggest Opponent

There is no better way to describe what the recently departed CFTC commissioner Scott O'Malia just did when he bailed from the commodity watchdog to become the new head of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, aka ISDA,...Show More Summary

Former Trading Regulator to Lead Derivatives Group

Scott D. O'Malia, formerly a commissioner on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, has been named chief executive of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association.

"A memorable name like Purple Haze or Maui Waui can resonate for decades."

"It can also make the difference in today's crowded field of expertly grown pot, where one high is often as good as another."All marijuana is derived from two parent strains: indica, which is associated with a sleepy body high, and sativa, which is believed to make users more energetic. Show More Summary

Thoma-Sea Launches Two TAI Designed Ships

Technology Associates, Inc. (TAI) of New Orleans, La., announced that two derivatives of vessels built from TAI’s EnviroMax designs were both launched this week.

Alabama Texas fact of the day

 ”Revenues derived from college athletics is greater than the aggregate revenues of the NBA and the NHL,” said Marc Edelman, an associate professor at City University of New York who specializes in sports and antitrust law. He also noted that Alabama’s athletic revenues last year, which totaled $143 million, exceeded those of all 30 NHL […]

Does Your Logo Mean Anything?

Summary: Your logo is the symbol of your company. It derives its meaning from the association it takes to your company or product. Many good logos also have hidden meaning in the negative space. Some logos have such rich meaning and heritage in their background. Show More Summary

The Inspirations Behind 20 of the Most Well-Known Luxury Brand Logos

As Graphic Designer and Art Director Paul Rand once said, “It is only by association with a product, a service, a business, or a corporation that a logo takes on any real meaning. It derives its meaning and usefulness from … The Inspirations Behind 20 of the Most Well-Known Luxury Brand Logos is a post by Alec Banks on Highsnobiety.

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