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BG 181: Exchanging Dharma – The Consumer Mindset

Episode Description: We’re joined again this week by Buddhist teacher and scholar Hokai Sobol, to continue our exploration of the hidden mindsets and cultural forces that shape Western Buddhism. In this episode Hokai explores a tradition...Show More Summary

BG 182: Exchanging Dharma – Client and Colleague Mindsets

Episode Description: We’re joined by Buddhist teacher and scholar Hokai Sobol, as we continue exploring the different mindsets that we often take, while exchanging Dharma here in the West. In the last episode he described the Consumer mindset, and in this one goes on to speak about the Client and Colleague mindsets. Show More Summary

Dharma makes a difference for prisoners

We've just packed up and sent out our second annual collection of copies of Shambhala Sun and Buddhadharma, as well as some select Buddhist books to the Los Angeles County penal system. The post Dharma makes a difference for prisoners appeared first on Lion's Roar.

BG 355: The Approaching Dharma Cloud

Episode Description: Susan Piver is a Buddhist teacher and a New York Times bestselling author. In this talk from the 2014 Buddhist Geeks Conference, Susan relates the genesis of The Open Heart Project, dispels common misconceptions about meditation practice, and shares her insights on the development of online practice communities. Show More Summary

Ethan Nichtern and Kenneth Folk Added to Conference Line-Up

We’re thrilled to announce two new speakers to Buddhist Geeks | The Conference: Shambhala teacher (Shastri) and Founder of The Interdepdendence Project, Ethan Nichtern and Pragmatic Dharma teacher Kenneth Folk. Both Ethan and Kenneth...Show More Summary

An Agile Approach to Dharma?

I had a dream recently wherein I was trying to merge the areas of Lean Startup and Agile development methods with dharma teaching—hey, what else would a Buddhist geek dream about? The core insight of the Lean Startup movement and of Agile software development, as I understand it, is found in rapid iterative development cycles. Show More Summary

BG 230: The Internet is Not Your Teacher

Episode Description: This week’s episode comes from the recent Buddhist Geeks conference where Ethan Nichtern, a Buddhist teacher in the Shambhala tradition, speaks about ways in which the internet falls as a an aid in dharma. He uses...Show More Summary

BG 231: The Dark Side of Dharma

Episode Description: We’re joined this week by Brown University neuroscience researcher Willoughby Britton. In this episode Dr. Britton shares some of the details of a research project that she’s working on called, “The Difficult...Show More Summary

Original Faces: Buddhists Books Go Pop!

A select visual history of Dharma books designed for the masses from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The post Original Faces: Buddhists Books Go Pop! appeared first on Lion's Roar.

BG 236: The Art of Dharmic Embrace

Episode Description: Terry Patten–spiritual teacher and author–joins us to speak about some of the challenging issues involve in teaching and practicing an empowering form of dharma. We begin the conversation by exploring his history with infamous teacher Adi Da. Show More Summary

BG 266: Mindful Binge Drinking and Blobology

Episode Description: Willoughby Britton, contemplative scientist and neuroscience researcher, spoke at the Buddhist Geeks Conference 2012 about mixing Dharma with scientific enterprise. Scientific research of meditation is undoubtedly one of the forces behind the proliferation of the Dharma, and offers much promise as a “Dharma technology”. Show More Summary

Exploring the Limitations of DIY Dharma

Episode Description: What are the limitations of DIY and online dharma? In this video clip taken from the Buddhist Geeks Conference 2011, Ethan Nichtern – Buddhist teacher and founding director of the Interdependence Project – explores...Show More Summary

Dharma and dhamma

Generally, the Sanskrit word 'dharma' (in Pali dhamma) is often translated by the English word 'law' as in the order and law of the universe. But this is by no means dharma's only meaning. Dharma is one of those protean...

A Brief History of the Buddhist Geeks Conference

The Buddhist Geeks Conference is one of the only events on the planet where you can participate at the intersection of Buddhism, technology, and emerging global culture. We like to think of it as the place “Where Dharma and Technology...Show More Summary

The Dharma of Distraction

It goes a lot deeper than how many times a day you check your phone. According to Buddhist teacher Judy Lief, distraction is the very foundation of ego. The post The Dharma of Distraction appeared first on Lion's Roar.

Newswire: Chuck Lorre finally catches a break, CBS renews Mom and Mike & Molly

Lovable underdog TV writer Chuck Lorre, known for creating such cult hits as Dharma & Greg, Grace Under Fire, and the short-lived Two And A Half Men, is finally getting the well-deserved recognition that has, thus far, eluded him. According...Show More Summary

The Intention of Digital Dharma

Episode Description: How do we integrate the heart principle with our technologies? In this video clip taken from the Buddhist Geeks Conference 2011, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche – a Buddhist teacher and an advocate of Western Buddhism – explores the intention of digital dharma. Show More Summary

BG 281: Mahamudra in the Modern World

Episode Description: Dr. Reggie Ray is an author, teacher, and the Spiritual Director for the Dharma Ocean Community in Crestone, Colorado. He has forty years of study and intensive meditation practice within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in the lineage of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Show More Summary

BG 282: Specializing in Letting Go

Episode Description: Dr. Reggie Ray is an author, teacher, and the Spiritual Director for the Dharma Ocean Community in Crestone, Colorado. In this episode Reggie and host Vincent Horn conclude their conversation by discussing the recurring cycle of conflict between “authentic lineages” and “institutional lineages” in the world’s religions. Show More Summary

Interview with the Author of The Power and Intelligence of Karma and Reincarnation

Here is an interview with Dharma, the author of the book itled “The Power and... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.]

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