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If a Buddha were running a Dharma center

If the Buddha were here today running a Dharma center, there would be nothing physically extraordinary about him. We wouldn't see any thirty-two marks (which are immaterial, e.g., the ninth mark which is having the torso like a lion's, actually...

EBMC brings diversity to dharma

In the late 90s, a group of Buddhist teachers and practitioners began talking about the need for a new meditation center in Oakland, California. The post EBMC brings diversity to dharma appeared first on Lion's Roar.

New Article at Religion Dispatches: “Who Would the Buddha Bomb?”

My latest article for Religion Dispatches looks at a few disparate conversations about the Dharma, war, and peace that are currently taking place in American Buddhist circles — including one that has come out of last week’s historic gathering of Buddhist leaders at the White House. Here’s a snippet: In his book An Introduction to […]

We’re Almost Home – Guest Post

The following comes from the pen of Rev. Caitlin who is part of the community at Great Ocean Dharma Refuge in Pembrokeshire Wales. This article was written for the Portobello Buddhist Priory Newsletter and is published with kind permission. Show More Summary

Finding Gratitude: It's in the Eyes of Beholder

On a hot summer day I was walking on a street with my dharma teacher. Although we walked at an easy pace, sweat ran down my face. Not being in the most desirable condition, I felt irritated and almost resentful towards the hot weather. Show More Summary

What's a Black Bodhisattva to Do?

4 weeks agoReligion / Buddhism : IDP Blog

For some, taking refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha is not abstraction. It’s front-and-center reality. But what if that refuge is breached? read more

BG 358: Befriending the Human Experience

Episode Description: Dr. Reggie Ray is an author, teacher, and the Spiritual Director for the Dharma Ocean Community. In the conclusion to a recent conversation with host Vincent Horn, Reggie shares his thoughts on technology and human development, transhumanism, and the danger of not being human enough. Show More Summary

BG 006: You Can Do It!

Episode Description: We’re joined this week by Daniel Ingram, MD, an authorized teacher in the Theravada tradition and an avid fan of out-right honesty with regards to the spiritual path. In this episode Daniel (aka “Dharma Dan???)...Show More Summary

BG 019: On Being a Dharma Bum

Episode Description: In the first part of our interview with Insight Meditation teacher John Travis, he shares the story of his many years of practice and seeking in India, as well as the time after that in which he had to bring what he had learned back to America. We hope you enjoy this personal […] The post BG 019: On Being a Dharma Bum appeared first on Buddhist Geeks.

BG 020: Leave the Pot on the Stove

Episode Description: In this final episode with Vince Horn, he continues to share his reflections and experiences of a two-month meditation retreat he recently completed. In this podcast, he discusses the relationship between dharma study and mindfulness practice. Show More Summary

BG 021: Buddhism is Something that Old Folks Do

Episode Description: Anyone that’s had the chance to study with Brad Warner knows he’s young(ish), funny and knowledgeable about the Dharma. Warner’s new book, Sit Down & Shut Up, chronicles the life and times of Dogen, author of the Shobogenzo. Show More Summary

BG 025: It’s Like Phil Donahue!

Episode Description: At 87, Nishijima Sensei, Brad Warner’s teacher, loves the fact that he can blog. In this episode, Gwen and Brad discuss the pros and cons of using the “tech factor” to spread the Dharma. In the comment section,...Show More Summary

BG 040: How Do You Sell the Dharma?

Episode Description: In our final segment with meditation instructor Ethan Nichtern, he shares his perspective on selling the dharma, transforming culture, the Shambhala tradition, and the need for more dharma teachers who aren’t necessarily enlightened. Show More Summary

BG 045: What Happens to the Dharma when the Boomers Die Out?

Episode Description: Diana Winston, insight meditation teacher and author, took a break from a busy day of work from the UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center to join us in a discussion on Buddhism and youth. After sharing someShow More Summary

BG 050: Being Human and Suffering Less Along the Way

Episode Description: Noah Levine, Buddhist teacher and dharma punk, shares the intimate details of his early lifestyle of punk rock, drugs, and jail and his climb out of a harmful way of living that was facilitated in part by meditation practice. Show More Summary

BG 052: The Spiritual Radical

Episode Description: We continue our discussion with spiritual teacher and dharma punk Noah Levine, and cover several more areas of interest, including the traditional Theravada ideal of enlightenment. We also discuss what it looks like to live as a Spiritual Rebel, Revolutionary, and finally a Spiritual Radical. Show More Summary

BG 357: Shikantaza Practice

Episode Description: Dr. Reggie Ray is an author, teacher, and the Spiritual Director for the Dharma Ocean Community. In this conversation with host Vincent Horn, Reggie discusses the Shikantaza practice he has developed. He describes...Show More Summary

BG 068: Dive-bar Dharma: Making it Fresh or Sensationalizing it?

Episode Description: Join the Geeks of the Round Table as we discuss an article published on entitled, Dive-bar Dharma. The geeks explore several questions, sparked by this article, including whether or not we should update...Show More Summary

BG 069: Every Generation Creates the Dharma Anew

Episode Description: The Round Table Geeks continue their exploration of Whitney Joiner’s article, “Dive-bar Dharma”. In a flurry of paradox, perspectives, humor, and exploration they tackle questions of integrating dharma into...Show More Summary

BG 074: Analytical Meditation: Going Beyond Coffee Table Dharma

Episode Description: The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, one of the foremost teachers in the Nyingma and Kagyu schools of Tibetan Buddhism, joins us to discuss his efforts in creating a genuinely Western form of the traditional shedra tract of Buddhist learning. Show More Summary

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