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Blizzard Caught In Legal Fight With Game Cheating Company

Last week, Blizzard filed a lawsuit against the team behind a series of bots called “Buddy,” which allow users to cheat at games such as Heroes of the Storm, Diablo III and World of Warcraft. This week, the creators of those bots are hitting back at Blizzard, claiming the company has stolen their code. But Blizzard says they’re not wavering. Read more...

Diablo 3 Patch Added A Fallout Easter Egg

It's not often that references to other games pop up in something like Diablo III but, following the game's latest patch, old-school Fallout fans will have something to grin about thanks to a new Easter egg hidden within the description of a new item.Click To Continue Reading

There's A Cool Fallout Easter Egg In Diablo III's New Patch

With Fallout 4’s release the folks at Blizzard might have gotten a bit nostalgic, which could be the reason for this item in patch 2.4—a legendary gem to be exact—being full of Fallout puns. Read more...

Diablo III On Consoles Has A Cheating Problem

A big part of Diablo III is playing with other people, whether it’s friends or strangers. Many consoles owners have given up on strangers, though, thanks to cheaters doing a fantastic job of making the game tough to enjoy. Read more...

After Diablo III's Set Items, Get Ready For... Set Dungeons

Adventures in Diablo III didn’t end with patch 2.3. There’s a new, similarly large content patch coming soon with enough new things packed in to make it worth going back and gain a few more Paragon levels. One of the most exciting things will be a feature called set dungeons. Read more...

Diablo III's 2.4.0 Patch To Bring New Rift Options, Revised Sets And A New Zone

Blizzard really picked up its game with Diablo III‘s 2.0 update and each major patch since has continued to deliver the goods. 2.4.0 looks no different, promising a new zone, expanded areas, extensive set piece revisions and more. More »      

Blizzard won't bring their next game, Overwatch, to the Mac

One of the biggest supporters of Mac gaming has been Blizzard Entertainment. In the past, the developer has released its major PC games for the Mac at the same time as their Windows counterparts, including StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone and most recently Heroes of the Storm. Show More Summary

Blizzard wants to restore StarCraft, Diablo II, and Warcraft III

Based on a job listing, Blizzard plans to revisit some its past games. The company is searching for a senior software engineer to help bring StarCraft, Diablo II, and Warcraft III up to date. "Evolving operating systems, hardware, and...Show More Summary

Blizzard hint that they are remaking their classic games for modern audiences

3 weeks agoGenres / Fantasy : The Wertzone

Blizzard Entertainment have posted some job vacancies indicating that they are working on remakes of some of their most popular older titles. It appears that Diablo II, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and the original StarCraft are all being updated to work better on modern machines. Show More Summary

Art From Blizzard, League of Legends & Capcom

Trent Kaniuga is a veteran artist who has worked extensively in both video games and comics. Blizzard fans especially might recognise his contributions, where he’s been involved in everything from vanilla WoW to Diablo III to Hearthstone. Read more...

Deadmau5 Loses Top Hardcore Diablo III Character Due To Server Issues

Well this is how perma-death and Hardcore mode works in Diablo III. You’re not safe, even if you’re a famous electronic music producer with a very high ranked Demon Hunter. Whether it’s lag or bad luck, if your character dies, it’s gone forever. Read more...

Today's Best Gaming Deals: Blizzard Sale, Networking and Storage Gear, and More

For a limited time, Amazon is taking 50% off select Blizzard PC titles, including World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, and Diablo III. [Several Blizzard Entertainment Titles are 50% off at Amazon] Read more...

Bombshell Is Top-Down Action RPG Shooter From 3D Realms

Bombshell is an upcoming 2015 Action RPG that plays out like the top-down Contra levels from Contra III: The Alien Wars, or in more modern times, like a more action-shooter-style Diablo III or Torchlight. Bombshell is in development by Interceptor Entertainment (makers of 2013’s “Rise of the Triad” FPS reboot) and published by 3D Realms...

This Crusader (Diablo III) Cosplay is Absolutely Glorious! [Pics]

Cosplayer Naomi Von Kreeps looks super badass in her self-made Crusader costume from Diablo III. Photo by Rebel Photography. “I’ve probably lost years of my life playing Diablo 2 and 3 and I have been wanting to make a cosplay based on a d3 class since it came out in 2012. Show More Summary

One Of The Most Popular Builds Of Diablo III Is Back

With the new items and gameplay changes of Diablo III’s superb 2.3 patch, one of the coolest builds of old times, the Archon, is back and got stronger for Season 4. Read more...

Today's Best Gaming Deals: Diablo III, SteelSeries Headset, and More

If you still haven’t tried out the console version of Diablo III, it’s only $25 today on PS4 and Xbox One, and $15 on previous generation platforms. [Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition $15-$25] Read more...

Hearthstone’s Increasing Card Count a Cause for Concern?

Blizzard Entertainment isn’t known for making content quickly. It has never been able to keep World of Warcraft stocked with fresh content. The StarCraft community was starved for 12 years. Diablo III’s been a bit better, but again, a huge wait between games/expansions. Show More Summary

'Diablo 3' Season 4 Goes Live Over the Weekend

"Diablo III" Season 4 is now live after launching on PC and Mac over the weekend, opening new challenges and opportunities for players.

Diablo III's New Hardest Difficulty Looks Brutal

Diablo III’s latest patch is now live, and among other things, it introduced four new difficulty levels to the game. While Torment VI wasn’t that tough, the new hardest setting, Torment X, when played properly, makes the game look like a bullet hell shmup instead of a hack and slash RPG. Read more...

Diablo III's massive 2.3.0 patch is live on current consoles and PC

Blizzard has dropped its 2.3.0 patch for Diablo III, which brings a number of enhancements to the current-gen and PC versions of the game. You'll find the new area the Ruins of Sescheron, new difficulty levels, ability and monster tweaks,...Show More Summary

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