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Diane Ravitch Urges Boycott of Standardized Tests, Saying They Do Nothing for Kids But Make Testing Companies Rich

"Defend Your Child. Defend Learning. Opt Out." I am very glad that I attended public school during a time when we seldom, if ever, took a standardized test. On the rare occasion when we did, there were no consequences attached to our test scores. Show More Summary

The real world

Via Diane Ravitch’s`blog comes this bit of news…the real world is business is a meme underlying our conversations in politics. Well, this is good news! Ohio Governor John Kasich’s proposal that teachers should be required to “job shadow” a business to learn about “the real world” has been shot down (thanks to Ohio Algebra Teacher for […]

NEA and AFT among Leaders of Blended/Personalized Learning

If you have been wondering why NPE, FairTest, BATs, Diane Ravitch's Basecamp, etc. have had almost nothing negative to say about the brave new world of competency-based, personalized blended learning, then you might want to sit down for a moment and follow the links below. Show More Summary

NPE Action Helps Halt Dead Bill

The NEA/AFT support group at NPE are declaring victory over a Congressional bill that had been shelved weeks before Diane Ravitch rallied the unwary and naive to sign an online letter to stop what was already dead.Ravitch, in the meantime,...Show More Summary

What Ending Regulations on ESSA Will Mean

Yesterday, Diane Ravitch had this bit of news at her blog:....The Senate also voted to roll back an Obama administration rule to “hold schools accountable,” which passed by only 50-49, over vociferous Democratic opposition. Frankly, I don’t know which rule this is. Show More Summary

Meanwhile this is still going on during the week….

From Diane Ravitch’s blog: While we’re consumed 24/7 with the Trump/Russia psychodrama, Republicans are quietly, under the cover of darkness and diversion, introducing these new bills in the House: HR 610 Vouchers for Public Education — (The bill also repeals basic nutrition standards for the national school lunch and breakfast programs) HR 899 Terminate the […]

States Use ESSA to Accelerate Online and Blended Classrooms

When the ESEA was boiled down into a racist states rights version, labeled ESSA, and quickly passed, it was Diane Ravitch and her loyal ghostwriters who hailed the new law as a huge success. She even gave Lamar Alexander's office nine...Show More Summary

Lamar Alexander Assures Diane Supporters about DeVos

When Diane Ravitch wanted her flock to be herded into supporting the federal charter school expansion legislation known as ESSA, she called upon Lamar Alexander's office to offer a nine-part spin session (see below) designed to mislead, obfuscate, and soothe any remaining skeptics. Show More Summary

Dialogue from a UFT Meeting

Me—Why can’t we have an evaluation system that isn’t nonsense?UFT—Well, just because you think it’s nonsense doesn’t make it nonsense.Me—It’s not only me, it’s also the American Statistical Association and Diane Ravitch.UFT—Well, Diane Ravitch isn’t God.Me—Then why do I have her statue on the dashboard of my car?

Critic of Trump’s Education Secretary Proclaims That School Choice ‘Destroys Communities’

The latest attack on Donald Trump’s incoming education secretary Betsy DeVos is coming from academia’s foremost public-school activist Diane Ravitch, who characterizes DeVos’s reforms as a “hoax.” In an interview with Chicago’s WBEZ, Ravitch sets out in no uncertain terms her ideological commitment to secular, government-run education. Show More Summary

Fight to the Finnish

We wrap up Finland Week with a tribute to the impeccable timing of Diane Ravitch, who picked this day of all days to repost this paean to Finland’s school system, written by William Doyle, a scholar-in-residence at the University of Eastern Finland. Donald Trump is promoting “school choice” as he vows to improve the American … Continue reading "Fight to the Finnish"

DeVos Will Make Democrat's Charter Plan Easier to Sell

A few years back Diane Ravitch was forced to admit openly what the opponents of testing accountability knew when No Child Left Behind became law: the ridiculous goal of 100% percent student proficiency in reading and math could never...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Diane Ravitch’s Blog: Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education Betsy Devos has some bad lessons for America’s public schools. Eclectablog: Meanwhile, back in her home state, Governor Rick Snyder is poisoning minds and bodies by denying...Show More Summary

Ravitch's Pick, Betsy Devos, Is Also Trump's Pick

When Diane Ravitch came out with a statement of support (satirical, was it?) for Betsy Devos as Secretary of Education, I had just finished reading Jay Mathews' column that celebrates the coalescing of his and Diane's views on charter schools. Show More Summary

Seeking common ground with charter critic Diane Ravitch

We still differ, but her support for creative educators might bring peace and understanding.

Irrelevant Ravitch Finds Silver Lining in Trump Election

For the past months, Diane Ravitch has turned her blog over to promoting the DNC's failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. (By the way, the Democratic Party has decided that the humiliating loss is Clinton's fault, even though...Show More Summary

FairTest Fumes and Obfuscates

There was much disgust expressed when Diane Ravitch promoted FairTest's NEA-supported report, Assessment Matters: Constructing Model State Systems to Replace Testing Overkill. In the report, FairTest managed to do some major league pimping for the New Hampshire competency-based child plug-in learning model and competency-based assessment pilot. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Bark Bark Woof Woof - it's how they got Capone (and maybe even Trump); Diane Ravitch's Blog - will Putin pick our next president? PERRspectives - will Big Pharma pay the EpiPenalty? The Consumerist Manifesto - Stumpf not stumped; The...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Crooked Timber - discipline Glenn Reynolds? Diane Ravitch's Blog - demonstrate at the debate! Feministing - punishing Chelsea Manning; Lawyers, Guns & Money - Trumpites and the stars and bars; The New York Crank - why hasn't the Wells Fargo CEO been indicted? Steve in Manhattan (@blogenfreude) blogs infrequently at and... Show More Summary

Publishing My Email Exchanges with D. Ravitch, Part 2

Since Diane Ravitch has chosen to slime me in her most recent blog post, I have decided to publish some of the dozens of emails that I have exchanged with Ravitch since her highly advertised conversion from neoconservative elitism to neoliberal elitism. Show More Summary

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