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Here’s a New Way to Judge Your State’s Schools

Last time I called Diane Ravitch, our country's leading education historian and one of the most vocal voices in education reform, she was on another call with the producers of The Daily Show. It was 2011, and The Daily Show was about to air a segment about the low salaries that teachers earn and Wisconsin's Republican Gov. Show More Summary

Books: New Yorker Writer's Year Embedded In High School English

You might know David Denby for his writing in the New Yorker about movies among other things, but he's also interested in education. He wrote a big profile of Diane Ravitch four years ago. Now, the Washington Post's Valerie Strauss has...Show More Summary

Ravitch Revisionism

It has taken just over a month since the passage of the god-awful rewrite of ESEA for Diane Ravitch to begin revising the history of her earlier enthusiastic support for the piece of dreck legislation that Gary Orfield and others ha ve noted will turn back education policy in this country by more than a half century. Show More Summary

While Calling for Unity, Ravitch Lies About Critics

Diane Ravitch's capacity for subtle manipulation has allowed her to put together an army of bloggers and commenters, all of whom would, doubtless, march off against the corporate education reformers if talk had legs. Just like the pronouncements...Show More Summary

Lamar's Office Answers Diane's Questions about ESSA

Diane Ravitch's close relationship with Lamar Alexander goes back at least to the early 1990s, when Diane was a leading testocrat at ED for George Herbert Walker Bush. This was the period when Diane used her office as Assistant Secretary...Show More Summary

In Defending FairTest, Ravitch Inadvertantly Opens Door to the Truth

Diane Ravitch has posted a response by FairTest to recent commentary by Emily Talmage that shines a light on the close connections among FairTest, Citizens for Public Schools, the Center for Collorative Education, AFT/NEA, and corporate cash. Show More Summary

Ravitch's Blinding Insight

Diane Ravitch was a staunch supporter of the rewrite of ESEA until it was passed. Ever since last April, Ravitch and various neoliberal groups that she fronts for have maintained a steady stream of enthused propaganda about the ESEA rewrite. Show More Summary

And So Begins the Ravitch Dissembling on ESSA

Even as Obama's signature was barely dry on this god-awful continuation of the NCLB testing and privatization onslaught, Diane Ravitch was already revved into "Randi Protection Mode" (RPM): The Every Student Succeeds Act was released...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Blue Nation Review - sustainable seafood anyone? Clarissa's Blog - the good girl syndrome; Diane Ravitch's Blog - do you want a Monsanto education? Horizons - this is excellent news for John McCain; Just Above Sunset - blacks, refugees,...Show More Summary

NPE Turns "Opposition" to ESEA into Fund-Raising Opp

For months now, Diane Ravitch has pretended that the new corporate ESEA is the "a far better bill" than she or anyone else might have hoped for. In April she said, One may quibble with details, but the bottom line is that this bill defangs the U.S. Show More Summary

Why is Diane Ravitch Celebrating?

No one outside the cabal of corporate education reformsters and their stooges in the U. S. Congress knows the dirty details in the secretive Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), and no one will know until a few hours (if we are lucky) before the Congress votes on this ESEA sequel to No Child Left Behind. Show More Summary

You know he’s great

Here are two sentences about Raj Chetty: “The unintended consequence of Chetty’s work is a tremendous demoralization of teachers,” said New York University educational historian Diane Ravitch. It’s funny how you don’t need to know more there.  And this one: He says he won’t register to vote because he thinks that could bias his “laboratory […]

Thompson: @TheChalkface Is A Must-Read [Last Call For JT@TWIE!]

[Editor's note: After something like 8 years as a contributor here, John Thompson (@drjohnthompson) is taking his talents to Diane Ravitch's blog. This is his last post, officially. For an archive go here. You can read his latest post here. Show More Summary

All that CCSS “material” and TEST prep and then this?

All that CCSS “material” and TEST prep and then this? SAT “COLLEGE READINESS” SCORES DECLINE AGAIN DEMONSTRATING FAILURE OF TEST-DRIVEN K-12 SCHOOLING FROM DIANE RAVITCH and FairTest. SAT scores for high school seniors dropped again this year continuing a ten-year trend, according to data released today. Show More Summary

Petrilli and Ravitch Blame Team Obama for What Bush's Hacks Cooked Up

Even though much has changed about Diane Ravitch's rhetoric over the past few years, some things have not. For instance, she has never explained the role of her conservative policy pals in the miseducating testing accountability policies...Show More Summary

Protest against Eli Broad's charter putsch by Voices Against Privatizing Public Education

The activists comprising Voices Against Privatizing Public Education, whose efforts were recently highlighted on Professor Diane Ravitch's blog, are holding a rally/protest in front of the Broad Foundation's headquarters. This is inShow More Summary

Ravitch Finds Solace in Bernie's Education Policy Ignorance

Diane Ravitch uses some of her best reverse logic to try to justify the NPE/AFT/NEA/Fairtest embrace of the federal capitulation on ESEA to states rights proponents and paternalistic corporate welfare kings. Yes, Bernie signed on to the Alexander/Murphy public education giveaway. Show More Summary

Quotes: Worst Schools = The "New" Plantation

There is no hokum that Diane Ravitch can write that will absolve her of her destructive support of this new slave trade... No monograph Karen Magee or S.O.S. soccer moms in Westchester’s leafy burbs can offer that trumps their doublespeak about educational opportunity for all…while they hoard it for themselves. Show More Summary

What Is Bringing Together Republicans and Teachers Unions

In 2010, Diane Ravitch, an activist for the most militantly anti-reform wing of the teachers-union movement, wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed proposing that Republicans use their newfound control of the House of Representatives to roll back the Obama administration’s education reforms. Since then, the union backlash against the Obama... More »

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