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Reformy Chalkbeat Peddles the Moskowitz Book

A few years ago, I used to write for Chalkbeat, nee Gotham Schools. I wrote a review of Diane Ravitch's book, The Death and Life of the Great American School System, which I loved. There was a very lively comment section, and for reasons not shared with me, Chalkbeat deleted it. Show More Summary

I'm off today...

...but you can read a piece I wrote about the ATR over at Diane Ravitch's Blog.

All the Cluelessness That's Fit to Print

A few days ago, Diane Ravitch wrote about the NY Times and Trump. They oppose him, both on their editorial and op-ed pages. Ravitch gives particular attention to Charles Blow. Sometimes I like him, but not always. Ravitch herself wrote about him and how misinformed he is on the topic of reforminess. Show More Summary

Mayoral Control Is a Lose-Lose

I've opposed mayoral control since its inception, originally because it went to uber-reformy Michael Bloomberg. During his seemingly endless tenure, I learned more about it. I think Diane Ravitch wrote in Death and Life of the Great American School System that it was a reformy tool designed to bypass democracy. Show More Summary

Ravitch for "eventual absorption" of Charter Schools

Diane Ravitch's Network for Public Education (NPE) recently published a position statement on charter schools that directly challenges her widely-heralded commitment to quality public schools for all children who choose them. NPE's new...Show More Summary

Here is Andrew Coulson Series on Virtues of Privatization

Diane Ravitch offers more on schools in America: Here is Andrew Coulson Series on Virtues of Privatization by dianeravitch Watch libertarian Andrew Coulson’s film, now showing on some, not all, PBS stations around the nation. It was paid for by libertarian foundations that support privatization. The lead funder–the Rose-Mary and Jack Anderson Foundation– is a […]

Blue Dogs in NY State Legislature.

Diane Ravitch points to the New York State legislature in her blog this week. NY is a Blue State having gone Dem in presidential elections; however, the state legislature is divided with the Dems controlling the Assembly and Repubs the Senate. What makes the New York state legislature interesting is the emergence of a Blue […]

Critique of School Inc. Illustrates Why Airing It Is Right

Stalwart public schooling defender Diane Ravitch does not like what she saw in School Inc., a three-part documentary series created by former Cato education analyst Andrew Coulson. Of course, she is welcome to disagree with it. But her...Show More Summary

Big Education Ape: Schools Matter: Diane Ravitch's Very Selective Bla...

Big Education Ape: Schools Matter: Diane Ravitch's Very Selective Bla...: Schools Matter: Diane Ravitch's Very Selective Blame Game : Diane Ravitch's Very Selective Blame Game Jim Horn Until just a few y...

Diane Ravitch's Very Selective Blame Game

Diane Ravitch's Very Selective Blame Game Jim Horn Until just a few years ago, no one would have guessed that Diane Ravitch would ever become the unofficial spokesperson for the NEA and AFT’s corporate education empowerment project. Diane was viewed as a conservative historian and policy insider, and as such, she was hostile to union priorities. Show More Summary

Diane Ravitch: Betsy DeVos Is a Monster the Democrats Helped Create

The policy analyst argues school reform has brought public education to the brink of destruction. $10.6 billion—that's the amount the Trump administration plans to slice from the Department of Education, according to its latest budget proposal. Show More Summary

Diane Ravitch Urges Boycott of Standardized Tests, Saying They Do Nothing for Kids But Make Testing Companies Rich

"Defend Your Child. Defend Learning. Opt Out." I am very glad that I attended public school during a time when we seldom, if ever, took a standardized test. On the rare occasion when we did, there were no consequences attached to our test scores. Show More Summary

The real world

Via Diane Ravitch’s`blog comes this bit of news…the real world is business is a meme underlying our conversations in politics. Well, this is good news! Ohio Governor John Kasich’s proposal that teachers should be required to “job shadow” a business to learn about “the real world” has been shot down (thanks to Ohio Algebra Teacher for […]

NEA and AFT among Leaders of Blended/Personalized Learning

If you have been wondering why NPE, FairTest, BATs, Diane Ravitch's Basecamp, etc. have had almost nothing negative to say about the brave new world of competency-based, personalized blended learning, then you might want to sit down for a moment and follow the links below. Show More Summary

NPE Action Helps Halt Dead Bill

The NEA/AFT support group at NPE are declaring victory over a Congressional bill that had been shelved weeks before Diane Ravitch rallied the unwary and naive to sign an online letter to stop what was already dead.Ravitch, in the meantime,...Show More Summary

What Ending Regulations on ESSA Will Mean

Yesterday, Diane Ravitch had this bit of news at her blog:....The Senate also voted to roll back an Obama administration rule to “hold schools accountable,” which passed by only 50-49, over vociferous Democratic opposition. Frankly, I don’t know which rule this is. Show More Summary

Meanwhile this is still going on during the week….

From Diane Ravitch’s blog: While we’re consumed 24/7 with the Trump/Russia psychodrama, Republicans are quietly, under the cover of darkness and diversion, introducing these new bills in the House: HR 610 Vouchers for Public Education — (The bill also repeals basic nutrition standards for the national school lunch and breakfast programs) HR 899 Terminate the […]

States Use ESSA to Accelerate Online and Blended Classrooms

When the ESEA was boiled down into a racist states rights version, labeled ESSA, and quickly passed, it was Diane Ravitch and her loyal ghostwriters who hailed the new law as a huge success. She even gave Lamar Alexander's office nine...Show More Summary

Lamar Alexander Assures Diane Supporters about DeVos

When Diane Ravitch wanted her flock to be herded into supporting the federal charter school expansion legislation known as ESSA, she called upon Lamar Alexander's office to offer a nine-part spin session (see below) designed to mislead, obfuscate, and soothe any remaining skeptics. Show More Summary

Dialogue from a UFT Meeting

Me—Why can’t we have an evaluation system that isn’t nonsense?UFT—Well, just because you think it’s nonsense doesn’t make it nonsense.Me—It’s not only me, it’s also the American Statistical Association and Diane Ravitch.UFT—Well, Diane Ravitch isn’t God.Me—Then why do I have her statue on the dashboard of my car?

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