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Current Testing Regimes Are Managerial, Not Pedagogical: Why NY Fears Opt-Out

Despite what some might think, I’m not the biggest Diane Ravitch fan. She’s a Johnny-Come-Lately (albeit an influential one), and her ability to assess quantitative data is somewhat limited. That said, as a historian, she does have a good grasp … Continue reading ?

There’s no diagnostic value in locked-down summative assessments

Diane Ravitch said: It’s totally inappropriate to compare opting out of testing to opting out of immunization. One has a scientific basis, the other has none. The tests that kids take today have nothing to do with the tests that we took when we were kids. When we were kids, we took an hour test [...]

Union Heads & Ravitch Meet In Chicago

Happy Monday -- the big news of the weekend is the gathering of AFT, NEA, and CTU heads in Chicago for Diane Ravitch's NPE conference.  There was some (half-hearted?) talk about a national teachers strike, lots of speculati0n about how...Show More Summary

Teacher explains how standardized testing is hurting her first graders

A New York teacher has written a remarkable letter to Diane Ravitch explaining how the focus on standardized testing is hurting her students. Her first-grade students. Even though these kids won't be taking Common Core tests for twoShow More Summary

Why the debate between Diane Ravitch and Merryl Tisch was remarkable

Diane Ravitch, the former assistant secretary of education who has led a national revolt against standardized-test-based school reform, sat down next to Merryl Tisch, the chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents, this week to “debate” policy and practice on the MSNBC show “All In With Chris Hayes.” The event was remarkable, and […]

Can God save the children from #PARCC?

The prolific Diane Ravitch picked this up as well, asking her national readers if they had anything to top it. Promoted by Rosi. Cross-posted with Marie Corfield This is the worst PARCC story I've heard: A friend of mine who lives in...Show More Summary

ASD's Mentor, the RSD, Is Near the Bottom in ACT Scores, Even in Louisiana

Mercedes Schneider recently took a brief furlough from plumping Diane Ravitch's pillows and celebrating their many accomplishments to do what Mercedes does best when she is not, otherwise, preoccupied with imagining herself as the next grande dame of anti-reformy talk groups. Show More Summary

NJ parents say PARCC stinks like CCRAP!

Which stinks more? Our garbage dumps or the PARCC Test? Credit: NJ Spotlight Four years ago I attended the very first Parents Across America meeting in New York City where I heard Diane Ravitch, Leonie Haimson, Karran Harper Royal, Andrea...Show More Summary

Ravitch Continues to Dissemble and Mislead on ESEA

Yesterday Diane Ravitch, who has been leading the lemmings to support Alexander's NCLB Lite, posted a letter by UOO on their position on ESEA. Ravitch closed with this:Senator Alexander conducted his first hearing on January 21 and plans another hearing on January 27. Show More Summary

Diane Ravitch, former adviser to Lamar Alexander, sends him new NCLB advice

You may not remember (if you knew at all) that education historian and activist Diane Ravitch, who as much as anybody else led the movement in recent years against No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top, once worked for Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander, who now chairs the Senate education committee but was once […]

AFT and NEA's Politics of Appeasement and Capitulation

At a time when parents and teachers and students have begun to make an impact on bringing an end to the education genocide that began in earnest in 2002 with NCLB, the corporate unions and their chief enabler, Diane Ravitch, have decided that their places at (or under) the Corporate Education table have to be protected, testing resistance be damned. Show More Summary

Those Who Cannot Remember the Past

The past is never dead; it's not even past.--Wm. Faulkner Yesterday Diane Ravitch gave space for Peter Greene and Catherine Gewertz to have their say on Common Core proficiency targets, which have been arbitrarily adjusted to match the impossibly high proficiency targets of NAEP. Show More Summary

Education Reform Is Making All Public Schools Worse

Education is really not worse (or better) now than in previous generations. Diane Ravitch and others have made that case with abundant evidence. But the political hand-wringing over low achievement in poor urban schools has unleashed a torrent of really bad policy and practice that is washing over schools everywhere. Show More Summary

Cuckold, Jonathan Pelto, Soldiers on for Diane and Randi

I received a letter from Jon Pelto last evening expressing his, um, anger I guess, at my recent post on the Ravitch and Cody April NPE talkathon coming up in Chicago, this year featuring both corporate misleaders of AFT and NEA. Here...Show More Summary

Ravitch and Cody Announce the Imminent Demise of CorpEd With No Evidence to Back It Up

On December 16 Diane Ravitch reported, incorrectly as it turns out, that Teach for America has closed its New York offices. The next day Anthony Cody took that incorrect news to spin a tale about the impending collapse of CorpEd's empire. Show More Summary

Conservative Revolutionaries and Revolutionary Tories

As someone who spent most of her career on the wrong side of the education history that she wrote about through the rose-colored glasses of a pampered conservative, Diane Ravitch has found real solace, I think, in acknowledging the truth laid bare by the facts that she could no longer deny. Show More Summary

Why Does Diane Ravitch Continue to Support Charter Schools?

About 1 in 6 charter schools is the for-profit variety. By a wide margin, most of the damage, destruction, and abuse is being done by the 5,000 or so "non-profit" charter schools. The vast majority are more segregated even than the public...Show More Summary

Thompson: In Defense Of Calling It "Corporate Reform"

Diane Ravitch and Larry Cuban aren't just two of education's all-time greatest experts; they are among the world's wisest social scientists. They are largely in agreement on the substance of what Cuban calls the "business-driven, technocratic...Show More Summary

Ravitch Backs AFT Corporate Innovation Fund Grants to Keep Common Core Alive

For those who have denied the danger that Diane Ravitch represents to the testing resistance movement, have a look at this latest attempt to garner support among for Weingarten's latest efforts to keep alive the maggot-infested body of Common Core. Show More Summary

You MUST Vote Tomorrow

I don't think I've made it a great secret that, along with Diane Ravitch and others, I support Howie Hawkins for Governor. Cuomo is an ogre, an abomination, a bizarro version of his dad. He's said public schools are a monopoly that needs to be broken. Show More Summary

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