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“How Disturbing!”

Nothing Diane Ravitch says or does will adversely affect her image in the eyes of her acolytes, but for an academic historian she seems incurious about information that doesn’t fit with her worldview. Case in point: Yesterday Ravitch trumpeted the opposition of the Massachusetts NAACP to Question 2, a ballot measure that would allow the […]

Thank you John Oliver for exposing how charter schools steal from children

“Fraud is a feature of deregulation, not a bug. When no one is looking, some people steal. Not everyone steals, but many do. That is why Ohio, Florida, Michigan, and California are scamming taxpayers.” — Professor Diane Ravitch The vile...Show More Summary

Keeping Readers Ignorant to Protect Diane

From reading Diane Ravitch, it is hard to tell how much our neoliberal matron of anti-reformy complaining does or does not know about the real threat that competency based education (CBE) or "personalized learning" represents to public schools, children, and teachers. Show More Summary

Is Education “Privatization” Really Just Devious Deceit?

Education historian Diane Ravitch is against charter schools, voucher programs – any sort of education “privatization.” And that’s fine. I just wish she would bring more to bear in opposing such measures than accusations about privatizers’...Show More Summary

What Does A Social Justice Agenda For Schools Really Look Like?

Last night on Twitter there was some disagreement about whether folks like Diane Ravitch qualify as "social justice" advocates. Ditto for school reform advocates like, say, Arne Duncan. What I learned from the discussion was that people...Show More Summary

Morning Video: At SOS, Ravitch Crows Over Reform Departures/Failures

If you happened not to catch it at the time, you really should watch Diane Ravitch's speech at last weekend's SOS Rally, via Anthony Cody. Or, read Jeff Bryant's writeup in the Progressive, which notes that the rally was much smaller this year than the big showing in 2011.

Hamilton, Hillary, and Diane Ravitch

Just a week ago Diane Ravitch was pitching a petition drive by some Florida teachers urging Hillary Clinton to meet with Ravitch to get straightened out on education reform issues. One petition signer left this comment at Ravitch's blog: Ellen Lubic July 6, 2016 at 3:16 pm I signed and added this comment. Show More Summary

Why the Opt Out Movement is Crucial for the Future of Public Education

2 months agoNews : Truthdig

By Diane Ravitch The most powerful tool parents have to stop this madness is to refuse to allow their children to take standardized tests.

Mike's Blog Round Up

Cutting Through the Crap: Brexit equals Trump. Diane Ravitch: The speech Democrats should give. Lawyers, Guns & Money The security state and history. Naked Capitalism: White-collar crime. This installment by Batocchio. E-mail tips to mbru AT crooksandliars DOT com.

Do ESSA Regulations Reflect ESSA Statute? Short Answer--Yes

Since the 192 pages of ESSA regulations were posted recently for public comment, FairTest, AFT/NEA, and Diane Ravitch have been pretending that the regulations do not uphold and, otherwise, overstep the intent of the 1000+pages of federal statute that comprises ESSA. Show More Summary

Breaking News: Diane Ravitch Supports Clinton

With the main news feed in the U. S. having declared Clinton the Democratic winner on the day before primary elections in California, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, and New Jersey, the media had done its part to suppress the vote in the last six states in the primary cycle. Show More Summary

Time for Sanders, or Diane Ravitch, to Pack It In? Part 2

Near the end of a recent commentary at Huffington Post, Diane Ravitch declared: If Trump is elected, I fear for the future of our nation and the world. And that is why I will not join in the vicious quarrels between partisans of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Show More Summary

Time for Sanders, or Diane Ravitch, to Pack It In? Part 1

This post is about Diane Ravitch's recent smears against Bernie Sanders, which she posted first at her blog. I will speak specifically about her remarks in the next part of this piece, but first a few preliminaries.Many of the postsShow More Summary

If You Want to Close Schools, You Don't Want My Vote

I have never in my life, before Obama, seen a Democratic President who was anti-public education. Diane Ravitch wrote that he gave GW Bush a third term in education. I'd argue he went well beyond that. To me, it was a Nixon goes to China thing. Show More Summary

Charter Schools Week, Part 2: ESSA's Crucial Support Role

In April 2015 Diane Ravitch, AFT, NEA, and FairTest surrendered after a brief skirmish against NCLB 3.0, which came to be known as ESSA before it passed with flying colors in December 2015. It was in April 2015 that Ravitch declaredShow More Summary

Charter Schools Week, Part 1: Ravitch Rewrites Shanker

In some recent email snuggling between hedge fund kingpin and KIPP supporter, Whitney Tilson, and Diane Ravitch, Dr. Ravitch attempted to educate Whitney on some of the early rationale for charter schools. Instead, she muddied the historical waters with a bizarre and inaccurate recollection of some of the early developments. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

alicublog - Trump Derp; Diane Ravitch's Blog - what happens when teachers aren't paid? d r i f t g l a s s - today in Republican detachment disorder; New York Crank - Dada politics; The Rectification of Names - poor Jonah.... blogenfreude...Show More Summary

Diane Ravitch: Why Every Child Should Opt Out of Standardized Testing

The tests today are pointless and meaningless. Want to end the obsession with standardized testing? Opt your children out of the state tests. Ignore the threats from state and federal officials. The tests today have taken over too much of the school year. Show More Summary

Thompson Gives Ravitch Credit for Opt Out Movement

Following NPE's very late “call” for “a national opt,” it is not surprising to see the history of the opt out movement already being revised to give credit to education’s “American Idol,” Diane Ravitch. John Thompson writes at Huffington...Show More Summary

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